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  1. Well.... The Bourne contest on Machinima.com tells me otherwise: Machinima.com Bourne Competition 2nd place The Movies movie 3rd place The Movies movie
  2. Sam81

    Fable 2

    Yeah! 10 years Lionhead! We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary and released a new Episode in the Video Diaries! I'll save all the PR stuff (you can read it here) but to cut to the chase, you can download it from; The Marketplace lionhead.com/diaries Feedback is always welcome as well (on these videos).
  3. Well, speaking from the den I can sortof add the following: The "Totem": And not really relevant but Ron loved to draw this whenever there was a presentation:
  4. People saying that "the game became pointless" crack me up! You play games because you enjoy them, not to find your point in life! Oh and Comrade - relax a bit about 'your' forum, it's my privilige to post here just as much as you. Dirty pirate! We're currently not working on any console versions of this game (but Feral is working on a Mac version). That includes no 360 version. I don't really expect to see it for consoles either.
  5. A lot of news for you all. First: The Movies Online site movies.lionhead.com has re-launched on 31st May with a brand new design, a host of new features and new pages devoted to the upcoming The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack, which is due to ship 6 th June in North America and 9 th June in other parts of the world. You can read the full press release with all the details over here. The most important bit is probably that The Movies Online site users will have extra disk space (10meg) and registered The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack owners will get even more disk spa
  6. Sam81

    Fable 2

    Nice feedback, good stuff. Make sure you actually vote on that poll I linked to as well!
  7. Sam81

    Fable 2

    Guys over at Lionhead are interested in hearing your opinion about something regarding Fable and Fable 2. Only for those of you who played the game!
  8. No we haven't!!! The Movies Online is still going, lots of competitions, Expansion Pack etc... In regards to the animations and stuff; the modding community seem to be working on this and they're making progress. Which is good.
  9. So aeh, we've had the announcement of the expansion pack called Stunts & Effects and the release of the demo (for those of you who just like to try it out). But today we've seen even bigger news: FREECAM will be a feature in the upcoming expansion pack. Yes that's right, the most requested feature and the argument for those movies-nay-sayers is now confirmed and will be part of The Movies!!!! AWESOME if you ask me. You can read it here: http://www.lionhead.com/news/278
  10. Not sure if anyone is still interested in The Movies but I thought I'd give you all another update. First Activision and Machinima teamed up and bring you Slightly Later Man: In an effort to break through the fourth dimension and control time, Dr. Lloyd Wexler created the Time-U-Later. But a mysterious lab accident caused the Time-U-Later to explode, bombarding Dr. Wexler with dangerous "time waves" and causing him to miraculously exist seven seconds in the future. Dr. Lloyd Wexler realized that he must use his new found powers to fight evil and become: Slightly Later Man! And if you want to
  11. And today again some news! I'm glad to FINALLY be able to answer the question: Yes The Movies is coming out for Mac! YOu can read it all here!
  12. Activision will not be publishing the console version of The Movies but that does not mean the project is dead. I'd like to add that PC sales for 2005 have been dissapointing (especially during Christmas) for everyone in this industry. Rest assured that the team at Lionhead Studios are as dedicated to The Movies as they've ever been; an expansion pack is currently in development (which will be announced very shortly) and we are continuing to support The Movies Online! For all of you who don't know The Movies, there is a demo which you can download here.
  13. And again a small update from me today on The Movies! We announced the WARRINGTON FILM FESTIVAL competition for The Movies Online which is exciting! Good luck to all participants in the contest! Oh and if you'd like to see a new (good) movie created ingame check out Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus!
  14. I don't want this to turn into a Ghost Topic! And seeing as there is some actual news, I'm posting it now! There's been a big announcement on the website, about a big competition by Chrysler around The Movies. For all the details visit movies.lionhead.com.
  15. Well yes! Of course the game has only been out for nearly two months now so it's way to early to start comparing with The Sims' community for example - however, The Movies' community is extremely active and growing. We get around one million unique visitors to the website per month (seeing as it's only been online for 2 months that's good) and the rate at which new studios register and movies are being uploaded exceed my personal expectations. This translates into something like 8 million pageviews (HTML ones) per month, and some movies (like The French Democracy) have been viewed over 100'000
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