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  1. No, Neochrome you could only display 16 colours on screen at once (so, yes, my terminator image is only 16 colours). Neochrome Master allowed you to have different palettes for blocks of the screen (full horizontal) meaning you could get up to 512 colours on screen. As I said, I've got a version of the above image in Neochrome Master format where the Terminator logo has it's own palette and looks far better.
  2. This was done in Neochrome on my ST. I have a Neochrome Master version but can't find anything to display it properly on a PC yet.
  3. See, with Wii Sports Resorts been out and stuff, yeah, wouldn't it make sense to make use of the Wii Motion Plus in a Tron 2.0 Wii game. You have you discs, yeah, which have been proven in Resorts (proven that I'm shit at it, but that's another story) then by simple turning the controller on it's side and, say, pressing up on the d-pad, lo and behold you are then transformed into the lightcycle for you to potter about in. Obviously there's other stuff, but since no-one seems to know much about plot for Tron 2.0 there are definite potential thinking about the games from the original Tron. Man, that'd be pure aces.
  4. I don't remember going up against the Son of God. 'Samus?!? Fire up the JUDAS BEAM!'
  5. OK, both Spectrum versions of Chase HQ and R-Type have quite rightfully been mentioned. Then, there's the Spectrum version of Midnight Resistance and the Spectrum version of Flying Shark...then, of course, there's the Spectrum version of Bomb Jack. M'lud, I rest my case. Thank you and good night.
  6. Christ, you people. You'd think you would've learned by now.
  7. And can you play the games with a GC controller?
  8. Slowly managing to get some of my 18 year old artwork off my Atari ST disks and transferred to PC. Here's the first one.
  9. That's right! I remember dropping him an email when I found out he was using it...not to ask him not to use it, oh no, but he had resized it all funny and it looked a bit out of proportion and fuzzy. If someone wants to use my artwork as an avatar then feel free just make sure they resize it correctly without making an arse of it. I'd post up the artwork I did for Edge 205 but there's no way it can be resized unless the forum allows a larger avatar.
  10. Nope, it's just that when that SirClive1 forumite person appears in the magazine, he has my Sir Clive Sinclair designed head as his avatar. This meant it was a double whammy this month where my artwork appeared in 2 magazines.
  11. Yeah, but it wasn't a patch on Melbourne Draw.....
  12. Hey I can see that your art editor is on holiday - what happened to the Pssst screenshot?
  13. I've got a hefty Spectrum collection (well, it was more then the Spectrum collection a couple of issues ago )
  14. Yep, and it was genuinely curiosity why I asked you. I like it (of course) but I'm not going to go all Paradigm on you and go in the huff and get all aggressive and lose sleep. Like I said, each to their own. No hard feelings. YOU BASTARD!!
  15. Oh well, can't please everyone, I suppose.
  16. What just the covers or the illustrations? Have you not seen the illustration for 'The Sir Clive Vs The BBC'?
  17. I see the article is now simply called 'Sir Clive Vs The BBC' rather than 'Syntax Error'.
  18. Yeah, but I bet the Syntax Error article looks good* *I hope. I don't even know if the article is still called 'Syntax Error'
  19. Yeah, I know...but, hey, I'll read a thread about something I don't like anymore maybe because I'm bored and that (but, wait, there's plenty of other threads that I am interested in, I'll read and post in them), but I'm not going to say post and in it every month to say that and blabber on about why I think it's rubbish again. So, Staplehead, YOUR REPLY JUST DOESN'T WASH WITH ME, SONNY JIM! And then people like me come in and say what I've just thread. Everything to do with this subject is just like the Mobius.
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