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  1. All I want is a Giantbomb video of Vinny trying to use one of these.
  2. The flip side of that is what happens to whatever deals Sony have made for co-marketing, exclusive games or timed exclusives on DLC? If they have told their publishing partners that the console will ship this Christmas what happens if it doesn't? Do they pay Activision more money to hold back the release of any Call of Duty DLC on the Series X?
  3. I know the whole rumour is centred around Japan and the potential power of Segas brand there compared to Microsoft but it would be fascinating to see just what Microsoft would do with Sega if they bought them. It hasn't been mentioned much but buying Sega, in addition to their recent acquisitions, would certainly leave Microsoft as the PC storefront operator with the strongest set of studios. GamePass on PC is edging towards essential territory with the actual store being the weakest part of the whole package but adding Sega to GamePass would certainly help. I'm assuming that exploiting Segas existing IPs would be part of the reason MS might acquire them. Do they go for big FF7 style reimagining or would it be more like a steady stream of smaller titles like Sonic Mania and Streets of Rage 4. Could Double Fine bring back Bug? It'll probably all come to naught. I like silly rumours though.
  4. If they did a Sega branded Xbox for Japan then that'd probably be the Series X I'd want beside my TV. I know it's completely irrational as I've owned more Microsoft consoles than Sega, have spent longer playing games on various Xboxes than Sega platforms and have more interest in games like that rumoured new Fable than Sega's upcoming releases. I hate my brain sometimes.
  5. Because reality is a nightmarish hellscape and speculating wildly about Microsoft buying Sega and getting Rare to make Ristar 2 is more fun?
  6. The Xbox has that copilot feature so in theory at least you could set up a race wheel and an adaptive controller together with Logitechs variable trigger accessories assigned to handle throttle and brakes. https://www.logitechg.com/en-roeu/products/gamepads/adaptive-gaming-kit-accessories.943-000339.html Purely in theory mind.
  7. What's the official name for Dead or Alive 6? I bought it for the Xboxone and it's showing up as DoA6:Core Fighters? Is that the norm now? I was halfway decent on DoA3 back on the Xbox but it's been so long that I am struggling to get back into the swing of this game. I suppose I am not helping myself by jumping between fighting games and only giving them a half hour now and again. Graphically it's not a patch on stuff like Tekken or MK. The mission mode stuff seems neat. Haven't touched the story mode yet. I'm just hoping it's sufficiently daft.
  8. Stating the obvious but there are very few games or genres that wouldn't be improved by faster load times. I'm dipping my toe into Tekken 7 at the moment and the load times are just long enough to be irritating. If next gen means that Tekken 8 goes from the character select screen to starting a fight in less than 3 seconds then both consoles will be a bargain. More than 4 seconds and they can get in the fucking bin.
  9. Two quick notes. I've used Dime bars instead of whatever brand he is using there as they were easier to get. I chopped up some decent chocolate instead of trying to get those chocolate wafer things as they only seem to be available in 1kg size bags. I couldn't be trusted with that much chocolate in the place.
  10. I don't mean to criticize your parenting or tell you how to raise your children but have you tried beating him with a big stick? He's costing you a fortune.
  11. How long does it normally take him to ruin a controller?
  12. I set my Stadia controller up to work with my PC last night. The setup process is slick so they got that right and I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft or Sony released controllers with that sort of WiFi functionality. I'm running Edge as my main browser and didn't encounter any major issues. Loaded up Steamworld Dig 2 so I could compare it to playing natively on the Switch. It was fine at first but after I unlocked the first achievement in the game it went haywire and eventually booted me from the game saying my connection wasn't up to scratch. Odd. The controller is nice though and I like how much oomph the rumble has.
  13. bear

    Xbox Series X

    Will they market it at a casual audience? It seems to be designed around getting enthusiasts all hot and bothered. The Series S, if its really a thing, seems like the console that'll be marketed towards a casual audience.
  14. bear

    Xbox Series X

    I get that but going forward Xbox is going to be competing against PlayStation and Stadia/Amazon, instead of just PlayStation today so their offerings will need to compare favourably to both. Based on my limited experience of Xcloud and Stadia the biggest advantage Microsoft have is that Xcloud ties into their existing ecosystem. Signing into the service and being able to load up my existing Forza 7 save and bring up my friends list is neat. If the Series X works as intended and I can suspend a session on my console before resuming exactly where I stopped on my phone that'll be even neater. I think that once Xcloud formally launches that Microsoft needs to offer a free tier similar to Stadia for games you purchase outright. That purchase should cover the console and streaming version of the game a bit like PlayAnywhere covers PC and console, for first party stuff it should cover all three. They also need to offer feature parity with Stadia which means that you can play online while streaming the game. For something like a possible Forza 8 that'd mean people who buy the game could end up in the following situations: If you play on PC then you can play online with no extra charge. If you play on Xcloud you can play online with no extra charge. If you play on an Xbox you need to pay extra to play online. If Microsoft succeed in getting the Xcloud app onto Smart TVs and devices like Apple TV then someone who buys Forza 8 might end up in a scenario where if they play the game through the app on their TV then they can play online for free but if they load it up on the Xbox connected to their TV they need to pay for online play. I'm not sure if thats a smart strategy going forward. "Free" online play would also make the Series S/Lockhart console look like an even better value proposition and outweigh the cons of possibly not having a disk drive.
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