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  1. I think he was spouting off stats about how the game had reached some massive amount of players and making it sound like it had sold way more than most people had previously thought. When people looked more closely at his phrasing it became clear he was including people claiming it through PS Plus in his sales figures.
  2. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/days-gone-director-blames-middling-reviews-on-woke-reviewers-and-tech-issues/ Well then is he right? Did wokery blind reviewers to the masterpiece Bend had created? Or is this guy a dumbass?
  3. Call of Duty would be some form of cloud version right?
  4. I suppose the logic is that if you don't put the price up for Starfield then you'll need to wait for Elder Scrolls 6 to put them up. "Starting with our 50 hour epic Avowed the price of Microsoft Studios games will increase to $70" "$70 for a 50 hour game? You robbing cunts, I played Starfield for 300 hours and that cost me $60. Avowed should be $10 tops because it's so short."
  5. So I'm not a whiskey person but my father sort of is, he doesn't drink anything fancy but it's his spirit of choice. Normally it's some Irish whiskey, Jameson mostly, with just a splash of water, very occasionally lemonade ( ). I'm thinking of getting him a bottle of a Japanese whiskey this year just to be a bit different and was drawn to the Nikka "From the Barrel" which seems highly rated and the bottle is different looking, which is a bonus. Would that be a good entry point into Japanese Whiskey or is it a bit funky? If it's an acquired taste then what would people recommend for €70ish? Probably buying from here. https://www.celticwhiskeyshop.com/index.php?route=common/home
  6. For what little it's worth I don't believe they will. I think Xbox need to be cheaper than Sony if they want to compete outside of the US.
  7. Remember at not-E3 where they said Ultimate subscribers would be able to stream purchased games later this year? They've said nothing since have they?
  8. I have it and yesterday posted about playing through Firewatch because it was leaving Gamepass soon. I just don't think they can realistically talk about increasing prices until they are at a point where they are consistently releasing high quality first party games throughout the year. They don't need to release a game every month but there can't be massive stretches between releases like we got this year. They obviously control first party releases so they're the games they can promise are coming to Gamepass in 6, 12 or 18 months. By all accounts the majority of deals for third party games get done much closer to the time they appear on the service so they can't be trumpeted as far in advance. Maybe you'll see that as moving the goalposts as I didn't place enough emphasis on the first party element but in my defence, it was getting on and I wasn't arsed to write a longer reply.
  9. Might as well clarify this. I meant specifically their first party output which hasn't been great this generation, especially when you compare it directly to what Sony have managed to put out since the release of PS5. Their first party output is supposed to be the bedrock Gamepass is built upon and while it's great getting smaller stuff like Grounded and Pentiment it's also hard to think of a platform holder with a weaker set of releases in a calendar year than MSs lineup for 2022.
  10. I feel they need to establish a decent track record in terms of delivery quality games on a consistent basis before they can up the price of Gamepass.
  11. Firewatch leaving soon was what finally got me to play through it despite hearing nothing but praise of it for years. I'm not sure if I'll try and play through Lake this week or not.
  12. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/microsoft-says-first-party-xbox-series-x-s-games-will-cost-70-starting-in-2023/ The full statement is in the linked article. Its a little odd that the article frames it as a console thing but considering how their first party stuff is crossbuy now it seems safe to say that prices will also increase for PC gamers. So, a precursor to Gamepass getting more expensive or is the plan to make that service look even better value by making it cost less than two first party games each year? I know this has been mentioned in the megathread but I felt it was worth its own topic.
  13. Sorry, its just that people using the word journalism and applying it to every type of outlet covering games is a pet peeve of mine. Its plainly ridiculous that a seven gets categorised as mixed under Metacritics system and really highlights how few outlets use the full breath of their scoring scales.
  14. Reviews have never been journalism, always criticism. It's a different discipline.
  15. The PS4, Xboxone and Switch release dates aren't confirmed yet. Sometime in 2023.
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