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  1. bear

    Google Stadia

    https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/02/25/stadia-pro-subscribers-get-grid-steamworld-dig-2-and-steamworld-quest-for-free-in-march/?amp A decent set of games in fairness. I'm just curious about how many people are still subscribing to Stadia Pro. It's far enough past the launch that people's trial period will be expiring.
  2. Brad Sams has done a video based on what Microsoft have revealed and adds a few little bits of stuff he has heard. He uses the phrase "ace in the sleeve" a couple of times which doesn't sound right to me and I didn't like it. He just seems a bit hyper in general in those video. Few key points: -1TB SSD is likely, higher capacities might also be offered -Plan seems to be for quick resume to sync between between your console and Xcloud -Lockhart (likely Series S) might not launch alongside the X Nothing revelatory but there you go.
  3. After the huge success of the Pancake Day 2019 thread its time for this years edition. So what style of pancake do you go for on this most momentous of days? The classic crepe, maybe served with a jug of chocolate sauce that some slob has spilled on the table? https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/pancakeswithchocolat_76457 An american style fluffy pillow pancake with blueberries? https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/american_style_pancakes_94634 A scotch pancake, which despite the name contains no scotch? https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/drop_scones_38257 Some Asian style of pancake that I don't know anything about because my knowledge of Asian cuisine is so poor?
  4. Going off on a wild tangent here but isn't that technically illegal, at least in the EU? Theres not much wiggle room for retailers given the margins involved but I don't think console makers are supposed to be allowed to control the price.
  5. . Maguire gave Batshuayi a kick in the dick. Never mind a red card, that should be an automatic 15 match suspension. If he meant it, 26 matches.
  6. The World Ends With You handled grinding well by exposing the numbers behind everything. If you wanted to grind to get a particular badge then you could tailor the game towards achieving that goal. Nice and user friendly. Really contrasted with Castlevania:Order of Eccelsia on the DS which was the drizzling shits by comparison. Oh you need item X for this villager? Well after quick check on Gamefaqs (because the game won't tell you) you know to go kill the giant Placeros on this corner of the map over and over again until the random number generator says you win. Might have to kill 500 of them, might be lucky and only need to kill one, who can say? Not your luck stat anyway. That's piss all use as an indicator.
  7. How many UEFA clubs made profits before they brought in FFP? I'm not disagreeing with your assessment of why big clubs wanted FFP brought in but from UEFAs perspective they wanted to a)stop clubs racking up losses and building up huge amounts of debt and b) stop owners like the Glazers coming in, buying clubs and then passing the cost of the takeover on to the club. Both of those points could be boiled down to UEFA wanting to keep as much of the money generated by European football circulating inside European football instead of going into banks. Based on that criteria FFP has been a success for UEFA as well as the big clubs. The system does need tweaking in order to let clubs with wealthy backers grow. The issue is how to legislate for the difference between the investment we saw at Leeds under Risdale and Chelsea after Abramovich took over.
  8. Just to throw some properly wild predictions out there. -High quality educational games for consoles. A lot of gamers are parents now so why not produce good games that can play with their kids to help them learn about numbers, letters, global warming and growing your own food,just in case? -An Ubisoft version of Kinect. Camera tech has gotten cheaper and better, people aren't afraid of microphones in the living room thanks to Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, people like Just Dance. Why not have a Ubi powered version of Kinect that just works with their fitness and dancing games. Let them scan your face to use as an NPC in the next Division game and you'll get special gear in Watchdogs. Killer feature is a big flap that covers the lens when you are not using it.
  9. Based on what's been said about the new consoles I think rapid switching between games is going to be something people get used to very quickly. Xbox have mentioned that the console should support multiple games being put on standby so I'm assuming Sony will offer that as well. It's not very exciting as a next big thing though.
  10. Hope they haven't booked their tickets for the Leinster match. https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-union/51415778
  11. When Phil Spencer got promoted in 2017 he went from being "Head of Xbox" to "Executive Vice President, Gaming". A quick look at his profile on the Microsoft site says "Spencer is accountable for leading Microsoft’s gaming business across all devices and services." His job title and description seems to have shifted from just selling games to the public and instead to selling both Azure services to developers and games to the public. The Protocol article mentions that Activision recently signed a big deal to use Google's cloud services and broadcast eSports on YouTube. There's currently no sign of their games showing up on Stadia so it's not something that looks like it'll affect consumers anytime soon but it's still obviously a win for Google to get a company like that using their services. Microsoft under Nadella have been consistently bigging up the cloud as the future of the company. That doesn't need to be consumer facing products. Amazon are making money off Fortnite because it runs on AWS. Sony and Nintendo aren't in as good a position as Microsoft to compete for that market.
  12. The original articles grand in fairness. No shocking new information or revelations but as a basic summary of the position of the big technology companies when it comes to games it's fine. Some of the articles quoting Spencer are clickbaity but the people who went out and got the quotes can't be blamed for that.
  13. In the context of backend services powering games then Amazon and AWS are the market leaders. Google and Microsoft are the best placed to challenge them. Sony and Nintendo don't have the infrastructure.
  14. Based on the email Nvidia sent out you can still use it for an hour at a time. If you pay them you get unlimited session lengths and it seems to imply that you get to play at higher quality settings. You also get a 90 day trial of the premium service if you were in the Beta.
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