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  1. bear

    Xbox One Console Thread

    They did announce a plan to license their wireless tech to peripheral makers, as well as PC and motherboard makers almost two years ago but it hasn't really gone anywhere. I think a few of Lenovos gaming PCs and some Surface devices include support for wireless Xbox peripherals without needing a dongle but that's about it.
  2. bear

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I bought one for the novelty of having one, a lot like the way I bought a SNES mini even though there are better ways to play SNES games on a modern TV. Not a good reason to buy anything but that's my explanation.
  3. bear

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Just for the record, Owen Hargreaves is an absolutely terrible analyst and co-commentator. He is the Tyson Tomko to Michael Owens Captain Charisma. And Michael Owen is shite.
  4. bear

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I think they'll start with a strong enough team against Stoke. A win leaves them within one point of securing a top four spot and it might even be secured on Saturday if Chelsea don't beat Swansea. Don't want to be going to Chelsea needing a result.
  5. bear

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Don't think Rodgers should be on the comedy list at all. I've said it before but a massively underrated achievement of his time at Liverpool is that he made the club fun to support again. They played great football under him and if the club hadn't cocked up moves for Sanchez and Dele Alli then he could still be in charge today.
  6. My father and brother are both terrible for heavily salting their meals first and then tasting. It doesn't matter what sort of meal they get, from scrambled eggs to roast beef, it's always salt first, then eat. With them it's just a bad habit and I've seen both salt ham and corn/salt beef without thinking. It's unhealthy behaviour and it's easier to "forget" putting salt on the table than it is to point out their behaviour. My mother's followed my lead and started using a salt shaker with most of the holes blocked in order to limit my father's intake of salt. He doesn't notice any difference between the half blocked shaker and the regular shaker. It's literally a habit where he shakes the container 8 or 9 times regardless.
  7. Normally (I'm sure there are exceptions) you are better off adding salt during the cooking process as you end up using less of it compared to seasoning at the table. I do find it annoying when someone covers a meal with salt before they have even tried it so sometimes I just don't put the salt grinder on the table at all. Maybe I'm a monster.
  8. I was interested until they showed the game. It just looks like a bad GTA mod.
  9. bear

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    I made the mistake of committing to barbecuing a turkey on the Monday after Easter without making sure the weather was going to be very nice so I ended up outside on a cold day trying to control a temperamental Weber Kettle. I attempted to follow Meathead Goldwyns recipe from the Amazing Ribs website but my big mistake was trying to make a full batch of the turkey gravy that is part of the recipe. I had to use a disposable turkey roasting tray to hold all the ingredients for that and there simply wasn't enough room in the barbecue for that size of a tray so it affected the airflow and the amount of water in the tray almost certainly hindered my attempts to get the barbecue up to the desired 325°F, it was closer to 250°F throughout. After around three hours the bird was probing at around 60-65°C so I gave up and transferred it to a gas oven in order to get it to a safe 75°C. I think technically if I held it 65°C for a longer period of time it would have still been safe to eat but I wasn't taking any chances and it would have been dried out entirely. The turkey was nice but it could have been better. When I give it another go I think I'll just make the gravy on the hob and use one of the regular sized drip trays in the barbecue. The Simon and Garfunkel rub in the recipe is good so I'm going to try roasting a chicken the old fashioned with some of that seasoning.
  10. bear

    The Bread Thread.

    This is for a basic sandwich loaf. 250g Strong White Flour 250g Strong Wholemeal Flour 300-350ml water 1 sachet yeast 25g melted butter/olive oil 1 and a half teaspoons table salt 1 tablespoon sugar/honey/molasses 2 tablespoons milk powder The butter/oil is optional but the loaf keeps better if it's included. You can go with all wholemeal flour if you want but in my experience the loaf is too heavy if you do. The half and half mix is just nicer. There is a lot of sugar in that recipe so if you want you can easily dial that back a bit but it will take slightly longer to rise. Anywho, the method. Put all the dry ingredients in the bowl then combine them using the dough hook. Add 300ml of the water and the butter/oil. As long as the water isn't above 55°C then you won't kill the yeast but it doesn't need to be warm at all. Using warm water just makes it rise faster. Cold water works fine and is probably better as a longer rise gives a better flavour. Knead using the dough hook for 10-15 minutes adding the remaining water bit by bit if you think the dough looks dry. It won't be a wet dough just slightly sticky. Cover the bowl and let it rise until doubled in size. Knock it back either by hand or using the dough hook on the mixer. Transfer it into a 2lb loaf tin dusted with flour/semolina/polenta (press the loaf well down into the tin) and let it rise again until doubled in size. The second rise won't take as long. Bake at 220°C for 25-30 minutes. I like to let it go for about 25 then take it out of the loaf tin and put it on something like a cooling rack before placing the loaf back in the oven for another 5 minutes baking to help get a better crust. Transfer the baked loaf to a cooling rack. Some people like to rub a little butter on the top of it to give it a better appearance. I'm lazy so I don't.
  11. bear

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    And boom goes the Honda.
  12. bear

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Seriously? I'm not defending for one second what Carragher did but if someone elbows you and makes proper contact then they can break your bones. Spitting is disgusting but I've never heard of it breaking bone.
  13. bear


    Rodgers would be great at Arsenal considering the mood around the club at present. It all went a bit arseways for him at Liverpool when the club failed to secure Sanchez as a Suarez replacement but he did a good job at the club. He gets slaughtered because he is addicted to talking shite but he turned Liverpool around. He didn't win any trophy but he made being a Liverpool fan fun again. After the mess of Hicks and Gillett, Hodgson and the frankly dour football of Dalglish Rodgers came in and made simply watching Liverpool an enjoyable experience. That's something he never got enough credit for.
  14. bear

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    The Echo had a story recently enough saying the club had dropped their interest in Lemar which seems a bit odd but it's probably right.
  15. bear

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Isn't infrastructure spending like stadium improvements exempt from FFP? Their wage bill alone was £5million higher than their total income for the year in question. And that includes the trestellar deal boosting their income.

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