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  1. Hmmmm. The Wii U was a bad name because the Wii U concept was almost the opposite of the Wii because of just how complicated the controller was. And the marketing was utter shite. This just looks like it's going to be another Xbox. The names a bit boring but it's not some indecipherable puzzle.
  2. That controller has a new button. I'm assuming it's a dedicated share button. Series X for Anaconda, Series S for Lockhart maybe?
  3. 12 Teraflops to do 4K versus 4 Teraflops to 1440p doesn't seem quite right (based entirely on my highly scientific approach of looking at a picture comparing screen resolutions) but I'm guessing the article is vauge enough that the base model might be a fraction higher than that so the numbers could line up perfectly. I'm curious to see just how cheap a 1440p next-gen console could be. I'm assuming it won't have an optical drive so could they release the Lockhart console for $299?
  4. The FAI is done. I don't think there's anyway the organisations reputation can be restored.
  5. I guess I'm just a little wary of raw eggs as we all got years of warnings about raw egg being dangerous and bad. I guess the smart thing to do is just make the eggnog and let people know it's got raw egg in it so they can decide themselves if they want to try it. In hindsight this thread is a bit silly on my part as I've made mayonnaise in the past using raw eggs, naturally enough, and that's been fine.
  6. Brad Sams is saying the whole "Lockhart" concept isn't fully dead. It's hard to believe that they'd still pursue the idea of a releasing an underpowered version of Scarlett so I'm guessing this is going to be an entry point into their Xcloud/Gamepass system for less than $100. EDIT:Not sure how I typed acting instead of saying originally.
  7. bear

    Google Stadia

    Wheres the evidence Google are going to be such a big player when it comes to financing games? Not trying to be a dick here but if you look at the last 18 months or so it's hard to believe Google are going to become a big player in terms of financing games very quickly. Sony-Bought Insomniac. Apple-Threw a great big pile of cash at games for Apple Arcade. Microsoft- Bought seven studios and opened two more. Facebook- Financed a bunch of Occulus exclusives and recently bought the Beat Saver developers. Google- Launched a new platform with one exclusive with very little exclusive content announced and recently started at least one new studio. Obviously as someone inside the industry you'll be more clued in to what sorts of moves Google are making behind the scenes (I'm not asking for trade secrets or anything like that here) but as someone on the outside looking in it's hard to see Google producing an Uncharted or Zelda level exclusive in the near future.
  8. Each year in the run up to Christmas I spend a bunch of time looking at Eggnog recipes and then never bother making Eggnog. Because I'm just too busy lazy every year I never bother. Anyway I've found this video demonstrating an eggnog you make entirely in a blender but it uses a raw egg. I know you can buy pasteurised eggs in the US but they aren't a thing over here. Would the alcohol in the recipe be enough to pasteurise the egg or would I have to try and pasteurise them myself?
  9. So did the Arsenal board wait until now to sack Emery because last night was legitimately the final straw or were they just waiting for the Mourinho option to be taken out of play? Either way it seems like a decision they should have taken weeks ago. Golden opportunity to get back in the top 4 and they look to have blown it.
  10. There was a story in last week's Sunday Times by Mark Tighe, whose reporting earlier this year led to Delaney's departure, about money paid to Delaney's ex girlfriend. Apparently it was paid to an account she didn't have control of, which backs up her earlier denial of having received the €60,000 in question. There's still people out there going to bat for Delaney.
  11. bear

    Google Stadia

    Since E3 how many of the negative posts have been about attacking the concept of game streaming? In general the negativity has moved away from people poopooing the concept and instead it's people who are just negative about Google shipping a product that clearly isn't ready for a full release.
  12. bear

    Your future gaming

    Realistically I'm going to end up with all of the next gen machines so it really comes down to what order I purchase them in. At the moment it's probably Scarlett first then PS5 because I have Gamepass untill 2022.
  13. bear

    Avoiding Spoilers

    In fairness the EVO stuff is news. I wouldn't expect the result of a football match to be treated as a spoiler. I try to only watch trailers for movies or games in incognito/private/justhidethefactimlookingatfilth mode as it seems to be the only way to stop Youtubes algorithms popping up a video explaining the ending of something within 11 seconds of it's release. Blocking Polygon from any social media feed helps as well.
  14. https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/turkey-recipes/bbq-and-grilled-turkey-recipe I've cooked a turkey before on a Weber kettle using the snake method following those instructions. One thing I would say is that there's way too much liquid in that gravy recipe. I had to use one of those disposable turkey trays to hold it all and that completely messed up the flow of air through the kettle. That meant I couldn't get it up to 325°F so the cook ended up taking almost two hours longer than it should have. Still nice in the end but obviously not what it should be. And the turkey gravy was too smoky for anyone to enjoy. The second time I just used a standard drip sized drip tray half filled with water. Got the kettle up to temp, and holding temp, way easier so the bird cooked on time and was delicious. Not what I'd consider a traditional BBQ taste but universal thumbs up. No gravy that time but I'm sure there's good recipes out there for using the giblets and trimmings to make a cook gravy. Fake Edit: I see they've added instructions for using a slow n sear. Which is nice.
  15. 10000 tickets reserved for members. Take out the fans/touts with at least 13 games who'll have secured tickets already and optimistically you are looking at maybe 3000 tickets per game between every other member. They've already passed the point where they should let new people buy memberships.
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