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  1. Virginia is one of the most frustrating games I played last year. I can't disagree with you about the lack of interactivity but that didn't bother me. Most of the time I spent with it I wasn't sure if I could call it a game but whatever this "thing" was it was a hell of a thing and I was fully on board. Then I sat through the final chapter which was a massive letdown. There was stuff there I liked but I felt like they didn't stick the landing. I still want to sit through it again at some point as I think the PS4 version has VR support.
  2. I was going for a tongue in cheek comment but didn't want to over egg it just in case people thought I was defending some of the godawful behaviour we have seen over the last few years.* Setting aside the reaction from customers I wonder how the likes of EA, Epic and Activision reacted to the original plan. They can't have been happy about the idea that their big free to play games were still going to be locked behind the Gold paywall. The fact Microsoft are getting rid of that barrier would seem to indicate that. *Typing that made got me curious about how long
  3. Is there much of a write-up on the Amico? I'm curious about that thing even though I'm not the target audience.
  4. Does this mean gamer outrage is a force for good and something to be encouraged?
  5. When they announced that GPU subscribers were getting EA Play and Cloud Gaming added to their subscription it seemed like they were gearing up to get rid of Gold entirely as they seemed like good enough value adds to justify paying a bit extra to get Ultimate over regular GamePass. As things stand people will be able to get Halo Infinite multiplayer on Steam, for free, and then use Xbox Live to play against Xbox owners, who'll be paying $120 a year to play online using the same service.
  6. I think Destiny 2 is free to play so you could just sign into Stadia now and play with other people. Resolution is limited to HD unless you pay for Stadia Pro. That subscription gets you 4K streaming and access to their version of Games with Gold.
  7. What category would you put Stadia in? I know it's a different delivery method but multiplayer isn't behind a paywall.
  8. Huh? The vast majority of posts and posters are being very critical of Microsoft. I'm sure you'd find one or two people justifying the PS Plus increase in that thread.
  9. Add in their push towards game streaming and it makes even less sense. If I play Halo Infinite through an app on my TV will multiplayer be free but will I have to pay for multiplayer if I play the game through an Xbox connected to the same TV?
  10. https://www.polygon.com/2021/1/22/22244203/xbox-live-gold-price-increase-subscription It might make Gamepass Ultimate look like even better value but this is just rotten from Microsoft. The multiplayer paywall should be be going away, not being raised even higher.
  11. Going off on a complete tangent here but is anyone interested in some of those Mad Catz SFIV controllers? I found them today while cleaning and I'm not sure if I should just bin them.
  12. Was it ever actually verified that the scalper group got 2000 PS5s from Game? I'm sure they got plenty of them but giving publicity to that sort of claim is the sort of thing that would lead to genuine customers not even bothering to try and buy one from Currys etc. which then makes it easier for scalpers to secure more stock.
  13. My copy showed up today. Time to get stuck in to that Yakuza review.
  14. It sounds like Gamexplain is a bit of a horror show. This seems the most suitable thread. https://www.vice.com/en/article/bvx555/former-workers-allege-youtube-gamexplain-was-exploitative-workplace
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