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  1. The guestbook should be a terrible, immersion-breaking idea but somehow it’s just perfect, a massive outpouring of love and delight from the fans that suits this game perfectly. I went into the Niaowu pawn shop last night and dear god there are a lot of move scrolls to collect and just an incredible amount of stuff to find and do. I’m already a bit hooked on looking for the hidden chickens in each shop.
  2. There’s DLC as well - practically a guaranteed purchase for everyone who backed the game I’d imagine.
  3. What proportion of this game is spent in Bailu Village? Because it feels like I’ve been playing for ages and I’ve only just made it to the second area. Admittedly I did get a bit distracted with all the various side activities! (Whoever owns the Firefighter capsule machine is now a millionaire, thanks to me). Is it roughly 50/50 in terms of time spent in the two areas?
  4. Aaargghhh! I accidentally pushed the storyline forward too fast in Bailu Village and now I've missed out on completing a couple of side quests. I'm getting the "finish up your business before moving on" message and now one character is nowhere to be found and another quest I was three quarters of the way through has ended. Silly me. Am I right in thinking that not all the move scrolls in the pawn shop are actually obtainable in Bailu? Some of the item sets seem to require items that are nowhere to be found. I want to at least get all the ones I can before moving on. *shovels more money into capsule machines*
  5. I've been a PS4 gamer for most of this gen but having come latterly to the Xbox One X it's completely won me over. Thanks to GamePass I'm 90% sure I'll be going with Microsoft first next gen, and if they manage to keep the same build quality with Scarlett as they've done with the X then it's a done deal. My X is a silent powerhouse, my PS4 Pro is a roaring, creaking mess. Genuinely not too fussed about the Switch. I don't play it half as much as I thought I would: genuine Nintendo exclusives that aren't just Wii U ports have been thin on the ground and I get all the indie games I could possibly want through GamePass. And while I've got a capable gaming PC, I'm less and less inclined to sit at a desk to play games as I get older.
  6. It's often like that though when you're watching an adaptation of something you know really well. It's been years since I read the books, long enough that I've forgotten pretty much everything about them, and I'm absolutely loving this.
  7. It's a bit disturbing, in a way I can't really express. It's got a very oppressive atmosphere. The music is relentless and some of the bosses can be a bit scary despite also being almost entirely abstract. It's particularly intense in VR, but it's a fantastic game however you play it.
  8. Not really. It doesn't have the Virtua Fighter-inspired combat system from the previous two games, it's been replaced by a different system that's more about spacing and timing and using the move scrolls you've obtained to perform special moves. I still think it's pretty fun though, and it ties into the general theme of Shenmue III by giving you a reason to engage with all the various systems the game offers - levelling up your endurance, collecting the move scrolls, sparring to master them, and so on.
  9. I've been reading The Institute. It's a fair-to-middling late-period King page-turner - a good read but I don't think anything he's done in the last few years has matched the power of his earlier works. The central story, about a bunch of psychic kids trapped in some kind of experimental facility, is decent, and King still writes about kids better than almost any other author, but it suffers a bit from a surfeit of interchangeable goons and it's all a bit predictable. I'm glad he's still writing, he's as prolific as ever and I've not read a King book I haven't enjoyed in some way, but I do miss his wilder flights of fancy a bit.
  10. I was a bit distracted by trying to work out how the bear managed to get its own armour on. Then I realised that in a world where the same bear was apparently also a blacksmith, it was just something I was going to have to roll with.
  11. Go back and watch the series from 2005. Today’s Who really isn’t much like that at all. I’d love a return to RTD’s genuinely family-friendly show.
  12. New enemy confirmed for S12!
  13. I’m too full of garlic and raw onions. And I can completely understand why Shenhua doesn’t want to sit opposite me at a table. Ryo looming awkwardly over Shenhua while they have their evening chats is the most Ryo thing ever.
  14. Just using up and down on the left stick to increase or decrease the distance, I think. On a separate note, one of the things I really like about Shenmue is how wholesome it is. I've got no problems playing this when my 10-year-old is around - in fact he's become completely enthralled by all the mini-games and is very happy to spend some time chopping wood or playing Lucky Hit to raise me some cash. In fact he was the one who worked out how to pretty much guarantee success on the gambling games without save scumming and it's quite nice having a little worker carrying out the mundane tasks for me every now and again. Ryo's an unrelenting good guy, very little happens in the game by surprise and even if a story event does happen unexpectedly the combat's always bloodless and it all has a certain Saturday morning TV show vibe to it. I'm happy to leave him bumbling around Bailu safe in the knowledge that he's not going to see anything unsuitable. It's the complete contrast to Yakuza, where he'd probably equally enjoy the mini-games but you're only ever a few seconds away from someone yelling out the F word or trying to stave your head in with a crowbar.
  15. Are you using 5Ghz wifi? I find the standard 2.4GHz option to be almost useless on the Switch no matter how close I am to the router but the 5GHz connection is usually OK.
  16. This is basically it. The last series had a lot going for it, on the face of it - it looked tremendous, was ambitious in many ways, and I thought Jodie Whittaker was great - but the writing absolutely sucked pretty much throughout. With the exception of the Rosa Parks episode, and possibly the one with the frog, all the episodes were an uninspiring mush of half-baked ideas and uninspiring endings written by people who didn't seem to understand the character of the Doctor at all. It hit an all-time nadir with the one where she boldly saved Space Amazon. Plus yet another long break between series has really harmed it. There doesn't seem to be much buzz around this at all. If they sort out the writing, it could be great, but I'm not holding out much hope.
  17. Anyone got any tips for Pail Toss? I really want that football but I can barely get the ball in the red bucket, let alone the blue one right at the back.
  18. You don’t even need to stump up for the Atmos codex. Selecting Windows Sonic as the headphones option gives you really decent virtual surround on any pair of headphones plugged into the pad.
  19. So is there an end date to this, ie a point at which the game stops and gives you a bad ending? There was in the first two games, although it was pretty long IIRC. I’ve already settled into a nice daily rhythm of training, herb collecting, wood chopping, chatting to grannies and fishing and I’m in no hurry to move on. Getting all those move scrolls from the pawn shop is no small undertaking, either. Although Bailu Village reminds me of Dobuita in terms of size and general vibe, the game has quite a different feel. In Shenmue 1 I often struggled to fill my time, which gave me an impetus to progress the story. In Shenmue 3 I have more things to do than I can fit into each day. It’s like a Kung Fu Animal Crossing.
  20. I think it’s often a gorgeous-looking game but it has its issues. I’m not keen on the more cartoony-looking NPCs (the more realistic ones, which is most of them, look great) and there are lots of issues with cut-scene transitions, awkward jump cuts and so on. I also wish the framerate was locked on the PS4 as it’s pretty inconsistent and causes unfortunate stutters pretty much all the time (PC players won’t have this problem of course). But in general what they’ve done with the budget is remarkable, and coming straight from Shenmue II’s potato people it’s a revelation.
  21. Ryo’s complete lack of surprise when he travels hundreds of miles to a remote village in rural China, has a go on a capsule toy machine and gets a model of himself is genuinely hilarious.
  22. It worked pretty well for me. I chucked some money at it, largely forgot all about it for a few years, and now someone's posted a new Shenmue game through my door.
  23. So I guess the question now is: do we ever get Shenmue 4? Fans seem delighted with this instalment, the team and the game engine is all ready to go, it would likely be straightforward (at least compared to what they had to go through to get S3 off the ground). And I'm sure Yu Suzuki wants to see his story through. But I'm not sure this game will reach that many people who weren't already invested in it, so if it doesn't make much money over and above what it raised for the Kickstarter then it's going to be a tricky thing to pull off. I guess they could do another Kickstarter but I can't see it getting the same level of support, funding "the next Shenmue chapter" doesn't have the same kind of appeal to people as "resurrecting this legendary game franchise". Especially given the reviews.
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