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  1. When the aliens were first introduced I was sure the Doctor called them The Skidmarks so that’s their official name now.
  2. I had this problem with my original potato edition Xbox One. Never managed to fix it. Same controller works fine on my Xbox One X though. So it must have been the console rather than the controller. I appreciate this probably isn't what you want to hear though!
  3. I’m playing this at the moment and I’m using the white dots, mostly because otherwise I’m forever going back and forth to the world map to orient myself. Of course that does mean that I’m peering at the mini map a lot of the time but it’s still better than diving into the menus every twenty seconds. I wish there was a more elegant solution but hopefully once I’ve accustomed myself to Novigrad I won’t be so dependent on them.
  4. I assume that’s because people are used to getting bombarded with questions and pop ups when using computers, and when asked a question usually press “no” to make it go away, without reading it. Do you want this? No, bugger off. (The exception to this is my Dad, who always without fail presses Yes. I think he’s just eager to please, but it explains why I have to clear his PC of malware at least once a month). To be honest I think that’s a UI failure on the part of the self-service checkout machine. A simple screen with “Press this if you’re still here and want to continue” would have solved this more elegantly.
  5. Can you even do that on a Pro? I thought access was through the top panel. I’ve cleaned out the vents and the fan but there wasn’t much dust in there really and it didn’t make any difference.
  6. My PS4 Pro makes a horrendous racket when playing anything even remotely demanding. God of War, Hitman 2 and Shenmue 3 all make it sound like a vacuum cleaner. I’ve taken the top off and given it all a good clean and it’s made absolutely no difference at all. I’m not sure I have the nerve to do the whole thermal paste thing. For the meantime I’m pretty much using my Xbox One X for everything instead, it’s basically completely silent.
  7. He's got an oxygen tank But it's a pile of wank You know I can't take many more of these Oh-oh-oh-oh B-b-b-Benni and the Dregs
  8. GamePass is even better than it sounds.
  9. That was genuinely awful. Up there with the very worst episodes of modern Who.
  10. I tend to use the mobile app to find stuff I want to watch, you can filter on Prime only there and it’s all a lot snappier than the set-top version.
  11. Really enjoying the James May thing and as a fan of the Yakuza series it was great seeing him visit Osaka and it being... well, exactly as I’d expected. I kept waiting for someone to come up and try and twat him with a bicycle. The first episode judders like mad for me but the others have all been perfectly fine.
  12. I cannot do Warm 2. I’ve tried over and over because people keep saying it’s the most accurate but it’s just so damn yellow. It’s the piss filter setting. I’m on Warm 1 and that’s where I’ll be staying.
  13. I still think three companions is too many. This was greatly improved by just removing them from the main plot and letting the Doctor take centre stage for once.
  14. That was absolutely superb. It felt like the first episode in years that's got the tone of Doctor Who just right. Ambitious, nutty, and entertaining, it's starting to feel like a family show again. I hope we see a lot more of the Master this season, he stole the show every time he appeared. The bit where was about as perfect a Doctor Who scene as you could ask for.
  15. So if I’m already on Ultimate, do those 3 month Game Pass codes give me 2 months extra Ultimate, or are they essentially worthless?
  16. I've been listening to this and I think it's a big improvement. I'm never going to be a massive fan of Momentary Lapse but this is clearly the better version and in places now it even actually sounds like a Pink Floyd album rather than a Gilmour solo project. The big problem with both this and The Division Bell remains Gilmour's honking vocals.
  17. Garwoofoo

    Outer Wilds

    The first hour of this is really bloody boring, walking around talking to what seems like an endless number of tedious villagers before you're even able to get in your ship and explore. When I played it before I was so fed up by the time I actually got the ship that I managed to smack it straight into the nearest planet and never went back to it. I need to give it another go.
  18. I'm just going to pop up here to say that I finished this yesterday, and thought it was absolutely phenomenal. Much much better than S1 and undoubtedly the best "Telltale-type" game I've played. The way in which Daniel and Sean's relationship is built upon hundreds of tiny little choices you make is brilliantly done. I think it helps to be a parent. My son's currently around Daniel's age, so that makes a difference, and while Daniel's dialogue isn't always that convincing for a 9-year-old, he's pretty convincing as a kid - and being aggravating is definitely part of that. The age gap between Daniel and Sean is also pretty much exactly the gap between me and my little brother, and I remember us being those ages very clearly (and it wasn't an easy time for our family, although of course we didn't go through anything like the events of this game). So a lot of this game hit me quite hard. I genuinely cared about these characters, and those around them (Chris FTW) and while I didn't get the ending I perhaps expected, in retrospect it was absolutely the ending I deserved.
  19. Brilliant work as ever. I didn't contribute this year as I really haven't listened to much new music at all lately but will definitely be using this list as a guide to what I need to catch up on. I always really enjoy this thread. I'm always pleased and surprised by how diverse people's tastes are, even given the fairly homogenous nature of this forum's membership. It's a real contrast to the usual professional "best of the year" lists which always seem to adhere to a certain critical consensus and mostly feature the same ten albums in a slightly different order. In particular we've got folk here who seem to listen to nothing but metal, and others who listen to nothing but electronic instrumental music, and are all incredibly enthusiastic about what they love. That's fantastic. I hate to point out errors but I did notice that the album Dogrel is in there twice, once under Fontaines DC (the correct name) and again under DC Fontaines. Combining these two entries would bump it up the list.
  20. Well that was great. Actual energy and enthusiasm from everyone and a fantastic reveal. Compared to last year’s deathly New Year’s special it’s like a different show.
  21. I've bought Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U (plus all the DLC), then on the 3DS (plus all the DLC) and finally on the Switch. I regret nothing.
  22. Garwoofoo

    Hitman (3?)

    That's pretty much what we got for Hitman 2 - all the levels at launch but then new Elusive Targets, escalations and DLC over the course of a year or so. I'd be happy with either this or a more episodic approach, I've had so much fun out of Hitman 2 I am pretty much on board with whatever this team wants to do. It is quite notable still though that Paris, the very first level from Hitman 1, is probably still the most polished and ambitious of all the levels from either game so far, so maybe the episodic approach does allow for a bit more iteration on the individual levels. I don't know. One thing I would like though is for H1/H2 progress to be carried across this time, the thought of having to unlock everything all over again is very daunting.
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