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  1. I'd settle for new games in existing franchises - specifically PilotWings, but also Starfox and a new 3D N64-style Zelda. This, sadly, is the main difference between Nintendo and Sony and the reason why the PSP will probably slaughter the DS at retail. Sony's looking to produce a new Ridge Racer, a new GTA and a new Metal Gear game. Nintendo just re-release an old Mario game everyone's already played to death. I'd have loved a brand new Mario adventure instead.
  2. My wife would like to claim the following: Puzzle Panel: 46 Which Wiggler? : 9 Mix-a-Mug: 103 Puzzle Panic: 13 Shuffle Shell: 2200 Bounce & Trounce: 296 Shell Smash: 64290 Snowball Slalom: 14"81 Bingo Ball: 11000 Slots Shot: 51900 And I personally can claim: Psyche Out: 16
  3. Garwoofoo

    The Mod Scene

    Well, I didn't. I had one network card into which my broadband modem plugged. Everyone else I know with broadband has a similar setup. Getting my Xbox online was a major hassle which involved wireless network cards, wireless access points and Internet Connection Sharing. It works, but it wasn't exactly easy. Getting the PS2 online was even more of a hassle, mostly thanks to Sony's "let's use random ports" policy which makes any kind of secure firewall setup a bit hit and miss. You can do it. But for a lot of people it's not exactly simple... and not necessarily cheap.
  4. Garwoofoo

    The Mod Scene

    Until you want to take them online, which requires, for most people, a second network card and a length of networking cable of the correct specification, together with much tomfoolery with firewall settings. A lot of people feel the need to buy a router as well with all the configuration hassles that entails. Those with larger houses or a dislike for enormous lengths of cable have to go down the wireless network route, and if you've ever tried to get a console online over wireless you'll know it's not much fun. Plus, of course, if you're talking PS2 then you'll need a network adaptor in the first place. At least with a PC, the device you're playing the games on tends to actually be online in the first place....
  5. The PC Engine was a pretty terrible name, mostly because it wasn't a PC and it wasn't an engine.
  6. Garwoofoo

    The Mod Scene

    I think official DLC will take the place of mods. You're never going to get user mods or maps for Halo 2, but as long as Bungie provide a steady trickle of new playlists and maps, the community will continue for a while. I'm not sure online gaming on consoles will EVER be as successful as PC online games, simply because (even with the relative simplicity of something like Xbox Live) it's still quite a hassle to get working for most people.
  7. I replayed MI1 recently and found I'd forgotten almost all of it - the last time I played it was on release over ten years ago. However, I still found it remarkably short and easy. I breezed through it with barely a second thought. Still great entertainment but I remember being stuck for much longer first time around. Maybe I've just had more practice at obscure puzzles in the intervening years. Onto MI2 next. I do remember this being far longer and far harder than the first so I'm looking forward to it. A word of advice: use ScummVM to play these and experiment with the various graphic filters. It's remarkable how much better the game can look.
  8. Still didn't fix the stuttering for me. Some people are reporting some success though.
  9. And the remake flood continues....
  10. A truly great game. There's a BIG patch coming out for it (mid-January apparently) which will resolve a lot of outstanding issues and level out a few of the units a little. Might be worth keeping an eye out for that as I'm sure it'll make a difference.
  11. Tried playing it last night with two players and was rather unconvinced to say the least. The game looks fun but having two Links under your control makes the game rather fiddly, which detracts from the spontaneous Force Gem grabbing which seems to be the point of things. I'll probably put this back on the shelf until I can get four players and the requisite five hundred pounds of Nintendo hardware together. The two-player mode definitely seems like a compromise, and it's a shame they couldn't have rejigged the levels slightly to make them more suitable for two.
  12. I use the little thumb strap thingy and Touch mode. I don't have any problem with it whatsoever, in fact I think it's quite ingenious.
  13. Not particularly. Its writing style is average at best, it's poorly edited, seems to contain more than its fair share of factual errors, gives bizarrely high scores to mediocre games, has reviewed at least one major game on a bare minimum of playtime and thereby missed the point somewhat, and has just petulantly decided to ignore the biggest game of the year because it didn't get to review the game in the way they wanted. Sadly, that still makes it better than just about everything else on the market apart from EDGE.
  14. Yeah, that's a real problem. Originally thought I was missing something but no, it definitely doesn't save the scores. A strange decision that completely undermines the not-inconsiderable technical achievement of getting this feature to work in the first place. Means I'll never use it, basically.
  15. Had to spend Christmas this year with the in-laws so took Singstar round hoping it might kill half an hour or so after dinner. My wife's family played this for FIVE SOLID HOURS. Went through every song on both discs, most of them more than once. My ears were bleeding by the end of it, but it was the most fun I've had on Christmas Day since the tree caught fire in 1998.
  16. Hardest ones for me are (from both versions): The Darkness: I Believe In A Thing Called Love - my falsetto is non-existent; Deee-Lite: Groove Is In The Heart - talkie ones are always really difficult; The Beautiful South: A Little Time - the guy's voice is just completely different to my own flat growl; Ashford and Simpson: Solid - squeaky bloke alert! And of course a couple that I simply don't know, like Blue Cantrell and Lemar. Most of the rest are OK though....
  17. How can Halo be "close to perfection" when half the game is a straightforward rehash of the other half, without the good bits? Yes, it's a great game, but it's pretty damn far from perfection.
  18. Yes, very good. Anyone got any idea why I can't see these?
  19. Am I missing something? I logged onto Halo 2 for the first time in a week or so last night and the playlists were exactly the same as they'd always been. No Team Slayer. Has it been removed?
  20. That's nice to know. No-one talks about LV much, I'd figured it was kind of an end-game thing.
  21. I'm still struggling with the San Fierro missions. Not that they're that hard, I just think the game's lost a bit of direction since Los Santos. I can't get excited about Jizzy, Mike Toreno and co in the same way that I enjoyed the missions with Big Smoke and Ryder. It's all gone a bit "generic GTA". I'm sure it'll pick up... need to get back to it.
  22. My personal favourite was Rocket Ranger, although it did require the player to spend more time playing around with the cardboard code wheel than actually playing the game. I thought the black and white intro was astounding for the time though. Lords of the Rising Sun was a surprisingly decent strategy game too. Playing Pirates! this week has really brought it back to me. It's not Cinemaware, but the combination of simple strategy and multiple minigames is a real blast from the past.
  23. It works for ranked games too. My friend and I were playing split-screen, with two other people online as a party of four, playing Team Skirmish ranked games and both getting ranked for it. Although my friend was signed in using his Xbox Live account - maybe that makes a difference.
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