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  1. The main problem seems to be that no-one apart from tech geeks and hardcore gamers actually knows what the hell a 60Hz mode actually IS or whether their telly supports it. So putting a sticker on the box won't actually mean anything to most of the people who are going to buy this game. They'll either buy it regardless or (more likely) assume they don't have this 60-hertz-whatever-the-bleeding-hell-that-is and, like Alex W, spend the money on Xbox games instead. A sticker saying "WORKS ON WIDESCREEN TVs ONLY" wouldn't be so much of an issue, because at least people would know before they bought it whether or not they could play it... but 60Hz is meaningless to most people.
  2. Why's everyone so down on Condition Zero? I played around with it for a few hours and it seems like a great way to work out how Counter Strike works. Even if I just play around with bots, I get to learn the maps and suss out a few tactics. Plus it doesn't look *that* bad - not as good as Source, obviously, but better than the original Counter Strike or the other Half Life mods. Seems like a good bonus to me, and certainly the game I've spent the most time playing out of all the stuff I got with the HL2 Silver package.
  3. Original Bard's Tale: a flick-screen turn-based dungeon crawl requiring copious amounts of graph paper. This: a 3D title featuring "one of the movie industry's funniest front men" and a PR campaign that's already bordering on the desperate. Can't see the series progressing by taking the piss out of itself, sorry.
  4. This looks set to have nothing in common with them whatsoever, apart from the name.
  5. The Bard's Tale looks set to be the equivalent of a really dull man who laughs uproariously at his own jokes, but *isn't funny at all*. They're spending so much time and effort in promoting how wacky this game is that I can't see it being anything other than truly dire.
  6. I've just been on for half an hour or so and as usual I got my arse kicked. I think I managed one kill in the entire time and my record was being gunned down within three seconds of starting. Why oh why am I so rubbish at Counter Strike?
  7. Final Fantasy XI - Chains of Promathia expansion pack: I've got the US release of this so I had to import the expansion separately. It's still the best game I've ever played and it's still seriously eating into the time available for other games. Beyond Good & Evil - picked it up second-hand. After about eight hours it's kind of fun in a twee kind of way but it's all a bit small and linear for my tastes. I'll probably struggle through to the end but I can't say it's grabbed me much. Champions of Norrath - saving this for a two-player run-through with my brother. Played it for the first time this weekend and it was great. Just BG:DA with knobs on but you can't beat co-op play.
  8. I used to run a gaming website and we had a sponsorship deal with Simply Games where they awarded a game to our forum "member of the month". They were absolutely HOPELESS. We used to spend half of our time just chasing the useless bastards up, and half the time they wouldn't even have the latest releases in stock anyway. I think the all-time record was seven months to send out a game to one of our members, which didn't exactly make us look good. Now, however, it seems to be a different story: they're blindingly efficient and cheap with it. I'm pleased: good luck to them.
  9. You',d rather see a graphically tarted-up remake of an old game that you',ve played through and is still perfectly playable on current hardware, than a brand new title? How odd.
  10. Harvest Moon: It',s A Wonderful Life is perfect for those times when you just want a succession of pretty images to float in front of your retinas without troubling your brain particularly. It takes virtually no thought, is repetitive as hell, takes hundreds of hours to play and yet is utterly captivating. Don',t ask me why.
  11. That',s one of the most significant skills you',ll learn. There',s no way to work it out exactly, but you',ll be able to tell what',s going on with practice. Basically every mob has a Hate value for every person in the party. At any given time it will attack whoever it Hates most. If you',re the mage, that',s a big problem. Every ability causes a certain degree of Hate so you need to work out how best to focus it. So every party should have at least one tank - someone whose job is simply to absorb damage and Hate. This tends to be a warrior or a paladin, or sometimes a ninja using a slightly different set of abilities. They should ensure that the Hate is focussed on them at *all times*, so damage dealers can weaken it and mages can do their stuff without having to worry about monsters beating on them. Their armour should be significant enough to absorb lots of damage without worrying, and the mages should cure the tank as a matter of priority. Tanks attract Hate using a variety of tactics, such as Provoking the monster every thirty seconds or using weapon skills. Paladins can cure themselves too which increases hate further. If your tank is good, then you shouldn',t have much to worry about. If your tank is bad, that leads to the situation you see where the monster goes batshit, attacking every party member in turn and generally being a pain. In this situation... get a new tank.
  12. Later on you',ll get spells which affect more than one party - for instance where Protect affects one person, Protectra affects everyone around you. The &quot,mass cure&quot, spell is Curaga. They',re a bit of a mixed blessing though because if you use these &quot,area of effect&quot, spells in a battle then whatever you',re fighting will develop a rapid dislike for you very quickly!, So you need to be smart about when and how you use them.
  13. I downloaded Chuckie Egg for my Motorola V600 and was pleasantly surprised. I'd also like to know if there are any other retro classics out there that I might have overlooked.
  14. Realised the other day that a Gamestation has opened up not too far from me, so I took a trip there on Saturday. It's the first time I've been in one of these stores and I went a bit purchase-happy in the second-hand section: picked up Beyond Good & Evil (PS2), Champions of Norrath (PS2) and Space Channel 5 for the DC. Went away feeling pleased with my (very reasonably priced) purchases, and they are indeed great games from what I've seen so far. Now, in all my years of gaming I've never ever bought anything second-hand, apart from the odd purchase from a friend. Mostly this is because GAME's prices are such a rip-off, but Gamestation seems like a much better bet. I'm even considering offloading some of my older games to fund further purchases. But then I started thinking. I've just bought three games, at least one of which (BG&E) was criminally underlooked at retail and deserved more success than it got. Not one penny of what I spent went to the developers. Not one extra sale was registered. The only people that have made anything out of this are the people in the shop where I bought these games. In other words, for all the good this has done, I might have well have just downloaded them... I've effectively funded a shop that makes its living out of ripping off developers, and by buying second-hand software I've pretty much done the same. Haven't I? /is confused
  15. Final Fantasy X. I got all the way to the last boss and realised I was bored, so I didn't finish it.
  16. Do people mostly play from the in-car view then? I tried it briefly and found it impossible to judge where other cars where when they came up behind you (another complaint: where's the rear-view mirror?) Maybe I need to try it out more, if it makes that much difference.
  17. Well, I've had it a week. I've tried so hard to like it. Rave reviews from magazines and positive recommendations from both this forum and others suggested this was the twitch gaming experience I was looking for. But... I'm hacked off with Burnout 3. I'm hacked off with the long loading times. I'm hacked off with the damn thing locking up. I'm hacked off with having to change the soundtrack every time I load the game. I'm hacked off because most of the time when I hit something, I didn't even see it coming or had no way to avoid it. I'm hacked off with the inconsistent gameplay which dictates that you can cheerfully bounce off your opponents as much as you like but if you dare to as so much clip the other sort of car you'll fly fifty feet in the air and become a pile of wreckage. I'm sick of cars flying around and bouncing off trees - it looks ridiculous, and having to wait five seconds before you can get back on the track got very old very quickly. I'm still failing to see the point of Impact mode when the camera means you can't see what's coming anyway; and who'd want to slow down those endless crash scenes even further anyway? I don't agree with the developers who seemed to think that making things go blurry made them look like they were going quicker; to me, they just look blurry. And I laugh in the general direction of the EA-ified Xbox Live support, which is simply broken, and means that even on the off-chance you do get a game, all anyone ever talks about is how shit the EA servers are. In short, I've had enough, and I probably won't play it again. 10 out of 10 for this? What the hell? And to the people on the forum who like it: why? What's so good about it that it overcomes all the problems above?
  18. FFXI (as always - it should be fun to see the Europeans take their first tentative steps into the world this weekend) and Sims 2. Am now thoroughly irritated by Burnout 3 so I don't think I'll be playing that one much. Shame really, I'd hoped it would be so much better.
  19. I've had a few lockups on the menu screen. One after a Grand Prix race (after the autosave thankfully) and a few times after switching to a custom soundtrack and exiting back out to the main menu, always in the same place. Not a major problem, but disappointing considering I've never had any problems with my Xbox at all. Also, I'm a bit annoyed that it doesn't remember the fact that I like to use a custom soundtrack and keeps switching back to the aural assault that constitutes EA GameTrax. Not a bug as such but definitely a design oversight.
  20. Garwoofoo


    I'm hoping it's a one-off. But I assure you that was the case. Maybe I was just very, very unlucky... but it did happen.
  21. Garwoofoo


    Well, after reading about all the problems here I've avoided going online with Burnout 3 until now. Just tried it and I have to say it was abysmal. Almost every game came up with "No player slots available" despite apparently having slots clear only a second earlier. When I did eventually find one after over fifteen minutes, the play was abysmal: voices breaking up all and cars jumping around all over the place. Absolutely unplayable. What a disappointment.
  22. Garwoofoo


    Did my first Eco-Warrior quest tonight, completely by accident - happened to be passing through San D'Oria when people were shouting for participants and thought "what the hell". Turned out to be completely chaotic - eighteen people all running around with very little control. Only about four people had done it before and knew what they were doing. One guy dropped out just as we were starting. We got all the way down to the bottom of the cave and then realised three people hadn't bothered to apply the ointment and thus hadn't got the level cap, so they had to go all the way back up to the top (with a few others for protection) and even managed to get lost on the way back. Defeated the NM easily enough only for half the people to instantly warp out and everyone else to get slaughtered attempting to find the exit. Still, got the item, got the cash, got the fame, so all in all a pretty good attempt. This was perhaps the most fun I've had yet on this truly stunning game. There's something about steaming through Ordelle Caves with what looks like a small army that simply can't be beaten. After last weekend and the Windurst dragon quest (again, successful) I thought it couldn't get much better... Eco-Warrior has proven me wrong.
  23. If you don't get on Garuda, and end up on Kujata, look me up - my character name is Garwoofoo. Be nice to get some fellow Brits on there. I can't recommend this game highly enough. In twenty+ years of gaming, this is the best I've played by some considerable margin.
  24. Doesn't work. They took this feature out.
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