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  1. 31 minutes ago, Thor said:

    Fave character throughout was still Trip. Him and Reed could have done with a few more episodes together, they bounced off each other really well.


    I watched Shuttlepod One today, that's a brilliant bromance and I could watch Reed being Extremely British all day long.


    Shame about his erotic dream about T'Pol though - I'm already sick of her being used as a sex object (it was only last week that Archer had his face 'accidentally' buried in her chest like this was an episode of Carry On Up The Enterprise) but also I was absolutely convinced that Reed was gay and I'm actually surprisingly disappointed that he's not.

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  2. 12 hours ago, knightbeat said:

    The effects were utterly amazing and the acting fantastic throughout, but was anyone else... I'm not sure I can type this... was anyone else *utterly and completely bored* by this episode?


    I think a lot of us feel like this - I know I do. There was so much happening in this episode, so much running around and shouting, so many mysteries, so many characters, and ultimately none of it felt like it mattered. Nothing in the current iteration of Who feels important, the characters are pencil sketches at best and the more self-important it gets the more lightweight it feels and the more it seems like they're just making up stuff as they go along.


    I know that reinvention is important for the show, and it's easy to look back and say "the show was better then" (and it often isn't), but I was rewatching Rose recently and I swear 90% of that episode is just two people talking. The Doctor talks to Rose, Rose talks to Jackie, Rose talks to Mickey, the Doctor talks to the Nestene Consciousness, episode ends. And it's brilliant. It's all character-driven, the story comes naturally out of those characters and I swear you know more about Rose after 45 minutes than we do now about, say, Yaz, after two full series. I'm not saying we should go back to the RTD era (god knows some of those stories had their own problems) but there's something attention-grabbing there that just doesn't exist at all in Chibnall's era.


    Also, the current structure is a mess. You do ten of these episodes every 18 months or so, it's not a huge amount of TV so decide what you want to do. Either do a long-form story that develops plotlines and characters across the length of ten episodes, or do a monster-of-the-week episodic thing. Either approach works. Both of them jammed together emphatically does not. Taking episodes like Skyfall and Fugitive of the Judoon, and following them up with rubbish like Orphan 55 and Praxeus, is bizarre. Having these monumental events happening to the characters and then having them literally not mention them at all the following week makes them seem mental. Tuning in and realising it's another filler episode drives people away from the show.


    I like Whittaker as the Doctor (although her personality is still fairly undefined, beyond "builds stuff out of other stuff" and "occasionally gets a bit cross"), the show looks great, and I love the guy playing the Master right now, but the Greek chorus of companions really doesn't work, the scripts have been mostly terrible for two years now and there's something really fundamental missing at the heart of the show that I can't quite put my finger on. I don't really care about it any more, I watch it out of habit as much as anything, and that's not right because I bloody love Doctor Who. I really think Chibnall needs to go.

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  3. 23 minutes ago, Orbital2060 said:

    It should switch to Atmos when you plug it in, and back to the default non-headset option when you unplug it.


    Yeah, it does this except sometimes it switches to Windows Sonic instead. I can then go into the Settings page and switch it back to Dolby Atmos but it's obviously a pain.


    I don't think it's the app's fault - everything's now in the Dolby Access app and you only need to load it up to change settings, otherwise it's just a selectable option in the usual place.


    I'll try a hard reboot, never a bad suggestion when it comes to all things Xbox.

  4. I downloaded the Dolby Access app and have been trying out the 7 day free trial of Dolby Atmos for Headphones. It’s genuinely impressive stuff and far better than the default Windows Sonic surround processing - well worth the £15 they’re charging, I think. 

    Only thing is, the Xbox keeps randomly resetting the output to Windows Sonic. It’s easy enough to change it back but it means I have to check the setting every time I plug my headphones in. Is there any reason why it keeps doing this? There doesn’t seem to be any consistency as to whether the setting will “stick” or not. 

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  5. 25 minutes ago, FiveFootNinja said:

    Cheers, yeah I know. :) I have £15 of MS credit sat there ready to be used so I was going to use that with the GP version for now (although will check the price on GOTY edition). 

    Just bear in mind that for whatever reason, saves from the GOTY version are not compatible with saves from the regular version (even with all the DLC). So don’t start the regular game, put 50 hours into it then upgrade to the GOTY edition in a sale!

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  6. I’ve been playing Star Trek Timelines again lately, it’s oddly compulsive even if it is your typical mobile game with cooldowns, timers, eight different types of currency and special offers for only £99.99. But it pays real attention to detail and there’s a lot to like there if you’re a fan of the series. Plus it’s got a great LCARS interface and playing it on an iPad feels like something straight out of TNG. It’s the little things that count. 

    The absolute best bit though is collecting unlikeable crew members and immediately flushing them out of the airlock. I’ve spaced three different versions of Tilly this week alone and let me tell you, that feels great. 

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  7. Completed this yesterday. As per the posts above, it has a lot going for it and in particular it's one of the most atmospheric and graphically impressive games I've played for a long time.


    Sadly I thought it got steadily worse as it progressed. What starts off as a kind of medieval walking simulator with light puzzle elements gets progressively bogged down with an over-complicated crafting system that has you building various types of ammunition to light torches, extinguish torches, attract rats, repel rats, blow up rats and so on. This impacts the game negatively in a few ways. Firstly it all becomes a lot more "gamey" - you are no longer immersing yourself in the atmospheric environments, you're scouring every corner for crap that you can use to build stuff with. Secondly it gives you "ammunition fear", a reluctance to actually use any of the stuff you've collected in case you need it more later, meaning you end up trying to get through the game in the most awkward way possible in order that you use up the fewest resources. Thirdly, it's just really frustrating in play, switching between different types of ammo on a radial menu as guards bear down on you constantly. The final level and boss fight were just aggravating and not enjoyable at all.


    So, a bit of a shame overall. It's still a beautiful game with a strong cast and tons of atmosphere - maybe play the first couple of hours on GamePass and enjoy it for what it is.

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  8. I bloody love Big Finish, more so than the show itself these days I think. The sheer volume of stuff they put out, and the enthusiasm of everyone involved, is really remarkable. 

    Currently listening to Destiny of the Doctor, more of a series of linked audiobooks read by the companion actors than a traditional BF production, but hugely entertaining all the same. Fraser Hines’ impression of the second Doctor is really good!

  9. Idly looking at the Champion Edition upgrade on the PS store, apparently I'm not eligible to purchase it because I own the following?


    Street Fighter V - Character Pass 2017

    Street Fighter V - 2016 Season Pass


    I'm pretty sure these were just the bits and pieces that came with the Arcade Edition. So can I not use the upgrade - do I have to buy the whole game again?

  10. 2 hours ago, scottcr said:

    Recommend you be around level 34 before going into Heart of Stone.


    That's kind of mind-blowing for me: I'm level 20, just doing the opening quests in Skellige and I've been playing for what feels like forever. Yet my quest log is full of stuff I'm either meaning to get back to, or aren't the right level for yet, and everywhere I go is just opening up more and more stuff. The speed at which I'm levelling is, if anything, getting slower. It's going to be ages and ages before I even get to the end of the main game, isn't it, let alone the two expansions?


    (I'm not complaining, of course, game is incredible)

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  11. 8 hours ago, Waggo said:

    They could have made a better effort to de-age Picard in the flashback scenes I think.  I had to laugh out loud when the Romulan assassin guild women told him he had got old, because I thought he looked older in the flashback.

    Yeah, this was a problem. “14 years ago” for Picard/Stewart is the difference between mid 60s and pushing 80, and the man in the flashback was not mid 60s. In fact we’ve seen Picard at around that age, it would put him only a few years after Nemesis, and current Picard does not look, move or sound like that man. (The voice is a particular problem).


    So the flashback failed in every way. Better writers would have found ways to tell their story without relying on a device like this that only served to take viewers out of the story. 

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