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  1. Ah, that’s rubbish. Thanks for the response. Guess we’re ditching this one then.
  2. This might be a silly question but how does the save system work in this? Twice now my boy and I have been playing one of the (surprisingly long) levels and because of other things we needed to do we had to quit before we reached the end. We couldn't find any way to actually save the game. All you can do is go back to camp which retains your upgrades but loses your progress through the level. We tried putting the Xbox into rest mode but then when it restarted it only brought one of us back into the game and we couldn't add the other player without quitting all the way out to the main menu. Is there a way to save mid-level? We're both getting fed up of playing the first two-thirds of Soggy Swamp over and over.
  3. Garwoofoo

    Rock Band 4

    How's the crew doing these days? My son's gone back to this over lockdown, trying to teach himself guitar and bass, so he's on most days. He says he's been dropped from the crew though (which is fair enough as he hasn't played in years). If there's space to add him then he'd probably add some points for the crew just meandering around on Quick Play. (If there's no space then you can probably remove me and add him...)
  4. So how are you finding 5, especially coming straight off the back of 4? The series still calls to me but I'm not sure I can handle another Y3/Y4-level experience right now.
  5. So that's Yakuza 4 done. Sadly my opinion of it fell as the game progressed. I absolutely loved Akiyama's section at the beginning, it was great to play as someone new and he's a really engaging and likeable character. I could watch him bickering with Hana-san for hours. At that point I was thinking: yes, this is great! Maybe this is the Yakuza game where I finally go for full completion. But I hated Saejima, didn't gel with his fighting style at all, and while Tanimura was a lot more fun to play that was the point at which the whole plot got so ridiculous that I started to lose interest. By the time Kiryu showed up I was keen to just get it all done. Restricting the game to Kamurocho made it feel very repetitive and the new areas they added to the city (especially the rooftops and Little Asia) were a pain in the neck to navigate. Most of the mini-games were exactly the same as the previous game. If I never see the "mansplain your hostess" game again it'll be too soon. Ah well, never mind, I'm probably just a bit Yakuza'd out having played 3 and 4 pretty much back to back. I'm still looking forward to 5 though will need to take a break to play something else first. Does 5 use the same engine as 0? I could do with it switching things up a bit at this point, to be honest.
  6. Enterprise S4 has been a bit of a slog so far. It's got an odd obsession with T'Pol's mum, whereas everyone knows that Star Trek episodes focused on a major character's mother are always terrible (see: Lwuxana Troi, Michael Burnham's mother, Moogie). I'm not at all convinced by the multi-episode stories. I enjoyed Brent Spiner's turn as yet another Soong ancestor but it felt like two episodes stretched out to three. And now I've been watching Vulcans ponce about in caves for what seems like a week. I'm sure it'll pick up.
  7. I feel obliged to point out here that Life is Strange 2 is really, REALLY good, and everyone should play it.
  8. Yeah, I've got the TNG Blu-rays and they look (and sound) absolutely outstanding. The Netflix versions are a bit softer due to the compression they use.
  9. So I watched Star Trek: Nemesis tonight. And... I quite liked it?! At least it was nowhere near as bad as its reputation had led me to expect. I mean, it's a decent Star Trek movie. It's got a good villain (an almost unrecognisable, just-out-of-nappies Tom Hardy), all the cast get a proper turn (Brent Spiner is outstanding as both B4 and Data), and it feels expansive and cinematic in a way that only First Contact has really managed for the TNG cast. It's not perfect: a fair chunk of it feels like the cast have had a whip-round and bought Sir Patrick Stewart a Virgin Experience Day voucher where he gets to drive dune buggies and play Laser Tag, and I really could have done without the creepy Troi mind-rape scene; but on the whole I really enjoyed it and thought it was a good send-off for this crew. The last few scenes were especially touching. And Data gets a genuinely heroic send-off, which is nice. It's certainly a hell of a lot better than the snooze-fest that was Insurrection, and probably better than Generations too. Why does everyone hate it so much?
  10. The plot in Yakuza 4 is absolutely mental. I’m into section 4 now and I swear every single member of the Yakuza and every single member of the Tokyo PD has double-crossed every single other member, personally, at least three times. My grip on who’s doing what to whom, and why, is tangential at best, not helped by me putting the storyline on hold for hours at a time to perfect my batting skills or deliver hot curry to construction workers. I’m hoping it all makes sense in the end!
  11. It's always big open-world games for me, the kind that aren't particularly hard but are stuffed full of side quests and distractions so I can basically do what I want each time I play depending on my mood. Stuff like Assassin's Creed, Yakuza and so on. Yes they've got a story, but it's never the main draw and just having somewhere fun to hang out with plenty to do is often enough. So far during the lockdown I've finished The Witcher 3, played Yakuza 3 and 4 back-to-back, and when I've finished Yakuza 4 I'm seriously considering starting Elder Scrolls Online again. I see I'm not alone
  12. Star Wars. 4/5. Haven't seen it in years, decades even. This version had all the latest fuckery incorporated - the dodgy 90s CGI from the Special Editions seems embarrassingly obvious, and when Greedo inexplicably yelled "MACLUNKEY!" everyone fell about laughing - but it's still a fun film. The scenes on Tatooine seemed to go on for longer than I remembered and the musical cues are hilariously unsubtle but once the action moved to the Death Star and then the Rebel assault the pace didn't let up. I'm never going to be a huge fan of these movies but you can't deny they're good entertainment.
  13. Brooker was brilliant, Cunk and Shitpeas were awful. As expected.
  14. Garwoofoo

    Rock Band 4

    You’re out of luck I think. The GH Live guitars are totally different and not compatible with Rock Band at all. And there’s never been any way to use PS instruments on an Xbox or vice versa. Maybe you could do it with adaptors but I wouldn’t fancy your chances.
  15. I’ll watch it on catch-up so I can fast-forward through the Cunk bits.
  16. Garwoofoo

    Rock Band 4

    Yeah it’s such a shame where it’s all ended up. They did a heroic job resurrecting the series, getting all the songs ported across, creating their legacy adaptors and keeping the weekly DLC coming... and it’s all kind of fallen apart because no one’s made any instruments for years. The drum kits in particular have a limited lifespan and are rare as anything (doubly so if you want the cymbals too). Every Harmonix post on social media is dominated by people crying out for instruments. I can’t imagine anyone new is picking up this game at all, it’s just a small rump of dedicated fans desperately patching up old kit and trying to keep playing as long as they can.
  17. Well so far it’s on the same trajectory as TNG (2 shit seasons, then good) and probably ahead of DS9 (3 fairly uninspired seasons followed by immediate brilliance) and I’d argue even at its worst it’s been more fun, and more genuinely Star Trek, than the truly terrible Discovery. Knowing that there’s only more season to go, just as it’s finally found its feet, seems very unfair.
  18. So that’s Enterprise S3 done. That was superb. Just about the most confident and consistent series of Star Trek I’ve ever seen, and an unbelievable step up after the mediocre first two seasons. It does the DS9 thing of “episodic, but also serialised” but does it better than that show ever managed: it’s more focused, it keeps barrelling along and even the episodes that initially seemed standalone usually turned out to have some kind of link to the overall plot either narratively (Carpenter Street, Impulse) or thematically (North Star, E Squared). Of the entire series, I’d say there was only one episode that’s eminently skippable - Extinction, sadly both shit and irrelevant to the wider arc - and that’s early enough in the run that it’s clearly just a script left over from the previous season. Everything else is simply brilliant. I had my doubts initially about Enterprise turning into Star Trek: War on Terror but it’s very well done. Characters are more consistent and the enemies are interesting enough that I could have known more about them. And just when you think it’s all got a bit dark it ends up with So well done Enterprise, you’ve finally cemented your position as a great Trek show in your own right, shame it took three years to do it. If it had come up with something like this in its first or second year, it might not have been staring down the barrel of cancellation at this point. One more season to go...
  19. Bit rates now starting to return to normal - hurrah. About bloody time too. https://www.pocket-lint.com/tv/news/netflix/152176-netflix-to-resume-streaming-at-full-quality-as-networks-prove-they-can-cope.amphtml
  20. You’re getting through these quickly! If you’ve reached the Klingon episode then you’re back onto the good stuff. There are a couple of cracking episodes coming up.
  21. I think the problem with A Night In Sickbay is that it kind of marks the end of that great run of episodes at the start of season 2 (Carbon Creek, Minefield and Dead Stop are all great). You've got a longish stretch of competent but uninspired episodes coming up (with one absolute howler right in the middle) before the show finds its mojo again in the run-up to the finale.
  22. Ah, A Night in Sickbay, certainly one of the most divisive Enterprise episodes but also one of the most memorable. It's a great Phlox episode, which redeems a lot of its faults - I think Phlox is brilliant. But the rest of it is a bit icky, especially the never-previously-mentioned tension between Archer and T'Pol, and the aforementioned Porthos puppet that basically makes the dog look dead for 90% of the episode. Doesn't it also have a couple of particularly lengthy decontamination chamber sequences? Ugh.
  23. They've just patched the remasters of 3, 4 and 5 to remove the Don Quijote song
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