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  1. I looked up the same user's other reviews and he appears to hate 99% of games. He reviews almost everything as 0/10, usually starting with a statement that "this is complete garbage". Then after four pages of 0/10 reviews he gives Forza Horizon 5 (and only Forza Horizon 5) a 10/10 score. It makes me a bit angry that idiots like this are allowed to spread their stupid opinions around really.
  2. Ohhhh. I don't even use the map any more now I know the layout of the village. I did read the diary entries but they weren't any help. Thanks for the tip, I'll bear that in mind in future.
  3. Hit a roadblock in Act 3 where I just couldn't seem to progress no matter what I did. Eventually I solved it by methodically walking round the entire village and talking to absolutely everyone, turned out I'd missed one person in a house somewhere that I needed to talk to in order to advance the plot. Real shame as it kind of soured the momentum a bit and made it feel more like a game than the naturally-flowing interactive story it's been so far. But that's the only time it's happened, everything apart from that has been wonderful.
  4. Worth pointing out that you play through the story sections first and they’re fun enough but not the best. After that it turns into a huge open-world Star Wars collectathon with hundreds of characters and dozens of iconic locations and it is simply brilliant. So stick with it even if it seems only passably entertaining at first.
  5. I’m on Act 3 now and I think it’s simply brilliant. I don’t think it’s a game you “solve” or “beat”, it’s a story you play through with your chosen character and you make your choices for good or ill and you see where those choices lead you. It’s a masterpiece of presentation and writing, it really is.
  6. I mean games are exactly the same. IGN's top 100 games of all time list from the end of last year included three SNES games in their top five, and a NES game at number 11. That must seem incredibly pretentious to anyone under the age of 30, and is easily the equivalent of picking a bunch of black and white movies in your all-time favourites list.
  7. Whiplash JK Simmons is absolutely mesmerising as an abusive mentor in this exceptional film about jazz drumming and what it takes out of you if you want to be the very best. Seen this twice now and it's even more compelling second time around. It doesn't offer any easy answers either and leaves you with a lot to think about. 5/5
  8. Assassin's Creed gets treated a bit unfairly, I think. There's a huge amount of work that goes into recreating each of the historical time periods (this varies by game, admittedly, but when they get it right like with Origins or Unity then the results are spectacular), the central conceit of the Animus is quite ingenious, and they manage to tie everything together well. The central characters, from Ezio to Kassandra, are often quite charismatic. I find the games consistently entertaining as much on the basis of historical tourism as anything else. If you're talking Ubigames then Far Cry is a much more generic set of titles, it's men with guns fighting other men with guns and occasionally someone blows something up. The last few games in that series are essentially interchangeable. @Qazimod nailed it though in the third post, the most average game of all time is definitely Days Gone. It's like someone looked at Far Cry and thought "let's do everything this series does but even more bland".
  9. It’s honestly not necessary but you do need to pay attention and be prepared to experiment. It’s honestly 100% worth it. One of the best game series of all time.
  10. Top right of the "Token Shop" section on the Store tab.
  11. This is apparently coming to PS5 and Xbox (including Game Pass) in January, running at 4K/60fps. Mixed feelings about this - while I'm glad that more people will get to play this game, especially Sunbreak which I think is genuinely superb, I do feel a bit of a mug for putting so much time into the Switch version now. I would absolutely have held on if I'd known there was a proper next-gen version planned.
  12. The original ending to Twin Peaks was and is absolutely legendary. I can’t believe they came back 25 years later and fucking did it again. The best ending to a series, ever… twice.
  13. Thor: Love and Thunder Somehow this feels unfinished, like they strung enough jokes together to make it last two hours and then just edited it together and kicked it out the door. In its defence, the first half is pretty funny, although it's increasingly hard to reconcile Thor's earlier characterisation with his new incarnation as a moron. (He actually fits in quite well with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and it's a shame we haven't seen more of that). Natalie Portman gets to redeem her bored-as-shit performance from Thor 2 and complete no-show in Thor 3 with a movie where she actually looks like she's having more fun than anyone else. And Russell Crowe's camp Greek Zeus is the clear highlight. But the actual story barely exists, Christian Bale appears to think he's in a different movie completely, somehow it's a comedy movie with a cancer subplot, it plays its deus ex machina (the Necrosword) in the first five minutes, and overall it feels like you could have got entirely separate movies out of (a) Asgardians of the Galaxy (b) Jane Foster the Mighty Thor (c) Gorr the God Butcher and ramming them all together into two hours of slapstick did nobody any favours. It's not terrible by any means but like most Phase 4 stuff it just feels very inconsequential. 3/5
  14. It gets odder as it progresses. Season one is fairly straightforward with an underlying sense of weirdness and menace. Season two brings in more supernatural elements. Fire Walk With Me is essentially a horror movie, and season three is absolutely batshit. Did you at least watch the pilot episode before you started? It's not always made clear that you need to do this, but the show won't make a lot of sense without that. If you're not invested in the characters or the mystery after five episodes, though, this show isn't going to do anything for you.
  15. Andor 3/5 Also bucking the forum trend here, sorry. I respected this for what it was trying to do but most of it didn't land for me. Turns out that if you take the humour, excitement, crazy aliens, comedy droids and lightsabres out of Star Wars then it doesn't really feel like Star Wars any more to me. @cassidyNot sure how well I'll articulate this but I'll try and explain why it didn't land. I promise this isn't a "hot take" and for what it's worth my other half also found this a bit ponderous. My Star Wars-mad son gave up, disappointed, after six episodes. Spoilered because I don't want to derail the thread.
  16. I'm watching Stranger Things at the moment with my 13-year-old who hasn't seen it before. He's absolutely loving it but it's an odd one. In terms of kids' viewing the first season is pretty much fine - a lot of the horror elements are implied rather than shown, the kids are never in real danger and there's loads of humour in it. But it gets darker and more violent as it progresses and as the kids get older. The fourth season is really intense, there are some pretty horrifying scenes in the very first episode and this time it doesn't cut away from the gore. There are also lots of drug references, much-loved characters are in real peril and the humour takes a back seat. I wouldn't be showing that to a 9-year-old. I guess if kids started off watching the first season when it aired then with every subsequent season taking a year or two to arrive then they will have naturally grown up alongside the maturing subject matter. But of course with everything bingeable on streaming services it's very easy to move from something you're comfortable with to something you're really not in a matter of days. It's a great show but be wary of it when it comes to kids.
  17. In the end I dropped the difficulty on this down to the lowest level, and had a much better time with it. It's still a tough game and a lot of it like the rat sections are unchanged, but it does help a bit with the relentless eagle-eyed guards and the lack of resources. Second half of the game was better than the first half. I like the way the whole game does almost a bait-and-switch, with the first few levels being like an expanded version of the first game and then it gradually becoming more and more its own thing. Probably the most impressive thing I've seen running on the Series X, too, the 40fps mode is slick as anything and some of the scenes towards the end were astounding. That ending though
  18. Not only am I older than the new Doctor, I am older than the new Doctor and his companion combined. Fucking hell.
  19. I still get artefacts (the strange "screen wipe" effect) when playing on my laptop on Wifi 6, so I doubt that will help. Oddly one thing that seems to have really helped is manually setting my DNS servers on my laptop rather than allowing them to be selected automatically. I've just set them to use the same ISP servers it always uses, but manually setting them seems to have dramatically reduced the amount of artefacts and screen wipes I get. I picked up that tip on Reddit somewhere and I have no idea why it works, it makes zero sense to me, but it definitely does seem to help.
  20. Stardew Valley has a split-screen mode, if you want a pure co-operative experience it can be very involving to work on a farm together (and the controls are simple). Nobody Saves The World is a great game too and I'm pretty sure that has local co-op. Gang Beasts is probably the closest you'll get to Mario Party, but I haven't played that one myself.
  21. We also watch most stuff with subtitles by default these days and closed captioning is almost always the only option on streaming services. Blu-rays sometimes offer both though. It is annoying, and occasionally it makes things very difficult. The Amazon Prime version of "Everything Everywhere All At Once" overlays the baked-in subtitles for sections where the characters are speaking Chinese with a big closed caption subtitle saying "<SPEAKING CHINESE>" which of course means you can't read what they are actually saying.
  22. I'm a huge fan of the Yakuza games but there's no getting away from the fact that the most recent entry, Like A Dragon, started with about three straight hours of cut-scenes. If I hadn't already been invested in the series, I'm not sure I'd have persevered, great cut-scenes though they undoubtedly are. Game Pass has made me impatient. If I'm still watching an intro sequence ten minutes after starting a game, more often than not it gets binned.
  23. They're pretty irrelevant in these games apart from what goes on in the Fate of Atlantis DLC for Odyssey, and stuff that happens at the very end of Valhalla. Those bits are pretty good (and important for the future storyline of the series). It's entirely possible to just ignore it all though.
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