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    Fall Guys

    How for the love of all that's holy did they manage to release a game in 2020 that doesn't have an invert camera option? I'll have to come back to this once it's been patched in.
  2. Just watched the new Muppets show on Disney+ and bloody hell it's awful. It's about 75% Miss Piggy and apart from RuPaul I had no idea who any of the "celebrities" were. The guy playing Kermit sounds nothing at all like Kermit and it's just not funny at all at any point. Won't be going back for more.
  3. Yep, the ending I got in LiS2 wasn't what I was expecting or what I wanted to happen, but looking back, it was absolutely what I deserved. Brilliantly done.
  4. You didn’t even get to the twist at the end of episode 1? Man.
  5. Again though make sure you play Captain Spirit. It’ll prompt you at the start of episode 2 if it hasn’t detected any save data. It’s not essential but makes the whole experience much richer.
  6. This makes me sad. I thought it was outstanding, the way in which your choices throughout influenced your ending was really subtle and it had more to say about prejudice and racism than pretty much any other game I’ve played. It peaked in episode 2 & 3 for me but I pretty much loved it throughout. Better than Time Travelling Lesbians for sure.
  7. The only problem with the Atmos plugin is that it occasionally stops working: it reverts back to Windows Sonic and won't work again until you reboot the Xbox. I've definitely seen MS reporting this as a known bug somewhere though so I assume it's a dashboard oddity that'll get fixed fairly soon.
  8. I'm going to put the opposite point of view here and say that I think Dolby Atmos is a big improvement over Windows Sonic - if you use the Movies preset. It gives a really natural sound, voices don't sound over-processed like they do with Sonic and the surround effect works well. And obviously it sounds great on games or movies with an Atmos soundtrack! I bought the Atmos plugin and I use it on everything, I think it's great. Lots of people seem to like DTS:X, which is the third option, I wasn't so keen on that one personally (though it had the widest soundstage of all three) but these things are so subjective and can vary based on the shape of your head or your ears let alone the headphones you're using! Both Atmos and DTS:X have free trials though so you've got nothing to lose by downloading them both and switching between all three until you work out which one is your favourite. The whole point of Windows Sonic, Atmos for Headphones and DTS:X on the Xbox is that they DO work with regular old stereo headphones and sound great. It's one of the Xbox One's big advantages over the PS4, which does lock its surround sound behind specific headsets.
  9. Worth pointing out that LiS and Before the Storm is one story, and Captain Spirit / LiS 2 form another story. There are only minor crossovers between the two, though they share certain themes.
  10. I think it's a series that gets better and better as it progresses. Life is Strange builds with every episode, Before the Storm is even better, and Life is Strange 2 is a masterpiece.
  11. The Disgaea games aren't too bad if you just stick to the story, but it's VERY easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole and find yourself spending a hundred hours levelling up your favourite sword or something. I've got Disgaea 4 on the Vita, which was already a "base game plus DLC" sort of thing from what I remember - is there anything extra in this Complete+ edition? I do think it's a series that suits handheld the best.
  12. My Xbox One X does that, so I’m OK thanks - but it’s frustrating as it’s much easier to access these things through the native apps. Just no reason why it shouldn’t work given that Netflix and Prime still both work fine. Enforced obsolescence makes me a bit cross.
  13. Is burn-in still a thing for OLED screens? More of a concern to us gamers than most, I’d expect. I’m still on a KS7000 and it still gives a great picture although I’m finding the blooming from the edge lit display increasingly irritating as time goes on. Starting to see app support slowly fall away too - the Disney+ app only does 1080p and no HDR, for no real reason that I can see - but I’m going to try and string it out for a couple of years at least before I look at an upgrade.
  14. Looks like we’re going straight from Lower Decks to Discovery then. That’s nearly half a year of sub-standard, low quality Trek for us all to bitch and moan about! Awesome.
  15. Started Yakuza 5 last night and completely freaked when Kiryu showed up in his very first scene wearing a face mask. For one insane minute I was wondering if they’d somehow managed to patch that in this year as some sort of 2020 reference before remembering that that game is only set a few years ago and they were probably not uncommon in daily use. Indeed I’ve already seen a few NPCs wandering around with them on! Nice touch.
  16. Sometimes the remote downloading works, usually it doesn’t though. It’s very unreliable.
  17. Also, no one is actually paying £11 a month for Game Pass. Most of us got the best part of three years front-loaded with their ridiculous £1 deal, there are regular offers (both legit and less legit) and if you pay even cursory attention to the Microsoft Rewards scheme it practically pays for itself. It’s even better value than most people claim.
  18. I’m annoyed they’ve got Buffy on Prime, but you need to pay to watch Angel.
  19. I think this is exactly it. With the traditional model, it's very easy to get stuck in a rut and just buy "sure bets", especially when games are £50 a pop - and that means you end up buying more or less the same type of game over and over again, or stick to sequels and franchises. There's a reason why so many of Sony's big titles are third-person action-adventure games, I'm not saying they're not good but they're immediately recognisable. With GamePass people try stuff they'd never have touched. I've been playing loads of Gears Tactics lately, I absolutely loathe the main Gears series but this is bloody great. I'd never have bought it, sight unseen. I suspect plenty of other people have discovered off-beat titles like Savage Planet, Outer Wilds and Void Bastards through the service. I envy people who've got into the Yakuza series for the first time this year. I'd take Ori as a franchise over half the Sony titles any day of the week. I started Nier: Automata yesterday and that looks completely insane in a very fun way, again I'd never have bought that. And so on. It's made me realise that most of the time when I pick a game to play it's not because I specifically want to play THAT GAME RIGHT NOW but because I'm in the mood for e.g. a big story-driven game or something light-hearted or something with action or really whatever I happen to be in the mood for. Previously I'd have bought something that looked good that matched my mood. Now with GamePass I always have a range of options available and I can jump from one to the next any time I feel like it. I don't curate a hand-picked collection of physical titles with the aim of selling them on years later, like most people I buy stuff digitally, play it and move on - so the transient nature of this really doesn't bother me at all. It's a brilliant service, it's basically caused me to switch my main platform from PS4 to Xbox One X halfway through a generation, and it'll almost certainly keep me locked in to the Xbox ecosystem next gen too. Frankly there's no way a handful of slick first-party Sony titles can really compete.
  20. Whichever one runs the quietest. The Xbox Series X is basically a coffin full of fans so I’m expecting it to be that one.
  21. I've been playing Jedi: Fallen Order lately and while it's a bit janky, it's refreshing because it's got no rummaging around for crap in it whatsoever. All the major character upgrades are given to you as part of the story, collectibles are (a) entirely cosmetic and (b) stored in massive crates that you can't miss, and all the stuff you can scan is completely avoidable and also conveniently highlighted by your droid buddy as soon as you run within ten metres of it. So you actually end up playing the game and enjoying the environments, rather than searching every corner for tiny items.
  22. My boy and I are watching the Clone Wars too, we're a few episodes ahead of you and we're both absolutely loving it. We're watching it using the chronological order guide from the official Star Wars site and it really helps, there are a few episodes there that would have been really jarring if seen in release order as some sort of unheralded flashback but in the order they've given it's pretty much perfect. Did you watch the movie before you started the series? Anakin's a million times better, Ahsoka is somehow a kid character that isn't actually annoying, and it's got a Jedi in it called Kit Fisto so really that's never going to be topped. I think it does a really good job of balancing the serious nature of the stories (it's not afraid to kill characters off) with the slapstick battle-droids-and-Jar-Jar comedy that appeals to the kids. I understand the animation gets revamped a couple of times during the run so it's only going to look better as it progresses (IMHO it's fine even at the beginning). It's kind of cemented my opinion that - for all its problems, not least the colossal ineptitude of Hayden Christensen - the prequel trilogy was by far the most interesting part of the whole Star Wars saga. There's more room for actual proper stories here than at any other point in the sequence, and Clone Wars takes that and really runs with it.
  23. It's the combination of crafting and inventory management that really pisses me off - not only having to collect a million bits of junk but also having to regularly clear out your inventory precisely because you've just collected a million bits of junk. Witcher 3, I'm looking at you. As a mechanic in its own right, though - not just as padding - crafting can be OK. Forager, for instance, has just hit GamePass and is a game just about crafting, it's really stripped down to its most basic level, and it's absolutely compulsive.
  24. The telephone dating in 0 is hilarious. The overly dramatic way in which Kiryu answers the phone! The opportunity to accidentally call someone gassy when you meant to say they were classy! Outright asking your date if they are actually a man! Comedy gold. The pervy photograph game in Kiwami 2 is a series low point, though, and not many people would defend 0’s cat fights.
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