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  1. The opposite also works as well, of course - you stick something on for a quick look that you'd never been quite tempted enough to buy, and end up absolutely loving it. The reviews put me off getting Shadow of the Tomb Raider but I've absolutely rinsed it on GamePass and even bought the DLC. It's turned out to be easily my favourite of the three recent TR games. I've also mostly stopped buying multi-platform games, especially on Switch. So many games I've bought there have appeared on GamePass now and I'm really glad I didn't splash out on either Slay the Spire or Ape Out as I nearly bought both of those. It's an absolutely fantastic service.
  2. It was, in a way, but it made I think Twin Peaks season 3 is probably the finest TV I've ever watched. It didn't give one single shit what anybody thought should happen, it did its own thing all the way through. I'm not sure we'll ever see its like again.
  3. I've kind of put this on the back burner for the last week or two, having hit mid-expansion fatigue - it always seems to happen. I'm in the Azim Steppes now and I've done nothing but menial quests for hours and hours now, it's been ages since I last saw a dungeon and the Stormblood plot is best described as "low key". Playing a few more immediate titles before girding my loins and getting back to the grind.
  4. I've been playing this lately. It's the most 7/10 game I've played in years. Which isn't really a criticism as such, we all know 7/10 games can be the most fun games of all. It's fun, there's lots to do, it's full of side quests and optional challenges, the exploration is entertaining, it's very very pretty (and the HDR is fantastic)… it ticks all the boxes. But hoo boy is it tonally all over the place. To be fair it's a problem this trilogy's always suffered from: the first game turned Lara from a traumatised teenager into an unstoppable killing machine in the space of a single cut-scene and went heavy on combat/light on actual Tomb Raiding, which I'm not sure was what anyone really wanted from a Tomb Raider game. The second game was a bit more balanced; but this one swings the pendulum entirely in the opposite direction. It's almost entirely puzzle/exploration based and there's virtually no combat in it at all (and most of what there is relies on stealth and sneaky bow shots rather than run 'n' gun). I don't actually have a problem with that, it's probably more true to the original games and the optional Challenge Tombs in particular are excellent in this one, but the game's also inherited all the weapon upgrades and skill trees from the previous title - most of which are now fairly irrelevant - so you spend a lot of time picking up random crap to craft shotgun upgrades and projectiles that you never really need to use. It's like two totally different games trying to fight each other all the way through. Also, Lara's a dick. There's no way around it. In previous games you could just about excuse her looting tendencies when she was exploring ancient, abandoned tombs or raiding enemy bases but there's a lengthy section in this about halfway through set in a hidden, impoverished Peruvian village and she spends the whole time running round like a kleptomaniac gap year student robbing people's houses of their priceless artefacts and stripping the town of its natural resources. Later on there's a chapel section in a busy monastery and she immediately starts hacking down the walls with a pickaxe. So, erm, it's a little confused. Still very good fun to play but they've turned Lara Croft into something pretty unlikeable over the course of these three games and a full reboot is surely in order for next gen. I'd recommend it overall, it's perfect GamePass fodder, but don't think about it too much.
  5. I haven't seen the third series of The Handmaid's Tale yet so I don't know if it sorts its problems out but after an incredibly strong first season the bit in the second season where really made the whole series feel like it was spinning its wheels, and they had no real idea where to go with the plot once they'd run out of book material. I hope it rallies because that first series is pretty much untouchable and the performances and whole visual look and style of the thing are still incredible, but it's too grim to watch if it's never actually going to go anywhere.
  6. You just know that if they do it, they'll do Voyager and forget about Deep Space Nine.
  7. Yeah, I went back to Gears 1 for the first time in years (also in this case the remastered version) having not enjoyed it much originally and found it pretty much exactly as I remembered - it's Hiding Behind A Wall, The Game. It's like playing Attack of the Teletubbies too as your little dudes are so bulky they're practically spherical and the doomp-doomp-doomp noises they make as they run around are hilarious. The impression I've got is that every game in the series is pretty much the same so I've never played any of the others, though they're all on GamePass: are any of the others significantly better or is it just a series that isn't for me?
  8. I think officially she's still 13. John Hurt was explicitly the War Doctor, and Fake Tennant doesn't count.
  9. How is FFXI these days? I hear you can solo levels 1-99 in a couple of days, which is absolutely mind-blowing to me considering it used to take me that long to go up a single level and you couldn’t do a damn thing on your own without being murdered by a random rabbit.
  10. My first character was a Warrior and I used to get terrible tanxiety on new dungeons; this was back in 2.0 when it was all still pretty tough and having to lead a team through a dungeon you didn’t know and work out mechanics on the fly was really tough. People would get quite cross when all they wanted was a 15 minute romp through a dungeon they’d played a hundred times before and the tank was floundering around not even knowing where to go. As a DPS it’s much much easier to pick it up as you go through and jumping into new dungeons I’ve never seen before is great fun.
  11. It doesn't make that much difference though really because we don't have a Free Company and all instances (and our linkshell) are cross-server. Plus you can pop over to other people's worlds any time you want to. Just join whatever's got most space. I think Spriggan is a new server that gives you a bunch of bonuses for starting a character there.
  12. Stormblood goes a bit flat in the middle, doesn’t it? Maybe liberating Space Japan is never going to be as much fun as fighting ancient dragons, or maybe it’s just that it keeps pairing you with the most irritating sidekicks, but I’m up to Yanxia now and it’s a bit... meandering. Hope it picks up again soon.
  13. Slay the Spire redeems that whole list on its own. It's one of the finest games I've ever played.
  14. Just extra quests they’ve added to the game post-release. They’re stand-alone and mostly superb. No microtransactions whatsoever.
  15. I’ve had a few Ironclad runs end on the bastard “knight plus healer” combo (which isn’t even a boss) where I’ve focused too much on block and simply can’t do enough damage to the healer quickly enough. It’s a tough match-up.
  16. I find Defect the easiest of the three, oddly, and Ironclad gives me no end of problems. I tend to go big on orbs. Keep those lightning and frost orbs cycling around and every time you push one off the front of the wheel it evokes for damage/extra defence. Fission+ (evoke all orbs) and Rainbow+ are star cards.
  17. Yep, I've been running Augmented Shire Gear since 60 and only just now, at level 65, have I got anything that's even slightly better than that.
  18. Completed the Fate of Atlantis DLC - only one more quest left to release for the Lost Tales of Greece now and I've 100%'d the game. The DLC's a real mixed bag. Torment of Hades is pretty good but the first and third segments are more annoying than anything: excessively vertical level design makes it a pain to even get around and it's full of super-tough Isu enemies that have the ability to freeze your adrenaline bar so you can't even use your abilities which are what makes the combat system interesting in the first place. On the other hand it's all really significant if you're at all into the modern storyline and you learn more about Juno and the Isu than you've done in any game in the series to date. The Legacy of the First Blade DLC as previously discussed is just disappointing all round. On the whole I'd only recommend it for series completionists. The main game is a straight 10/10 and the Lost Tales of Greece stories are fantastic but the DLC (both parts) is no more than a 6/10. There's fun to be had but it's by no means essential.
  19. I'd say the difference is likely to be minimal on a 1080p TV, you can probably compare as a lot of 4K discs come with a regular Blu-ray in the box. The real game-changer with the 4K discs is HDR.
  20. To be fair, Ishgard isn't really a social hub. It's very significant to the storyline but there's not a lot to actually do there. There's a Mor Dhona equivalent near the end of the expansion that's still rammed full of people. I've updated the spreadsheet OK.
  21. Yes what are the Beast Tribe quests for exactly? They're daily quests so I assume there's some reason to do them but I've unlocked lots of different ones now and I don't really understand what they give you.
  22. Apparently it's up on the US but there are problems with the EU version on Sony's side - they are working on it.
  23. On balance I think it was the right decision. It's made for an incredibly coherent package: I bought Hitman 2 and the Legacy pack (having never played the original) and it really does feel like a single game. There's a lot of talk in that video of Hitman 3 and honestly I hope they follow the same approach and it would be a day one purchase for me; my only request would be that this time you can carry your progress and unlocks across. Another six full missions of this kind of quality would be all I could ask for.
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