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  1. yeah Code of Honor is really hard to watch these days, even by the standards of Season 1 it’s just utterly terrible in its attitudes and it’s a shit episode too. I don’t think I’ve seen Sub Rosa. I looked it up and it’s late season 7 apparently - all those great episodes behind them and they come up with an all-time stinker? Now I have to go watch it. (Mind you DS9 did the same thing with the Ferengi cross-dressing episode in the final season. Maybe it’s just a Trek thing).
  2. Malcolm McDowell is great, I’ll admit, but Generations still ends with a flailing punch-up between three old men, which is a bold choice. One thing that’s noticeable is how cheap the whole thing looks these days. I suspect it wasn’t, at all, it’s just a mark of how far things have come. The first episode of Picard looks way more impressive and expensive than Generations and that’s just an episode of a TV show.
  3. I realised I’ve never watched any of the TNG movies despite having seen most of the actual show. I watched Generations yesterday and thought it was thoroughly mediocre. And their approach to making it “film like” was “do it just like the show but turn most of the lights down for no reason”. Ho hum. The others are worse you say?
  4. If this is going in the way it appears to be going, I wonder whether it will clash with the events of "Listen"? That's still quite a recent episode and the current show appears to be showing a quite extraordinary amount of attention to detail (i.e. those Tardis details linked to a couple of posts up) so I'm sure they'll account for it somehow. Regardless, this is the most interesting Doctor Who has been, lore-wise, since the War Doctor, and that we've gone from Orphan 55 to this in the space of two weeks is just utterly ridiculous.
  5. I kind of love the way Chibnall played it so determinedly safe last season and now appears to have gone completely insane. That was fantastic.
  6. There’s definitely a balance that could be struck though. The new Lost in Space does it well, I think: there’s an ongoing storyline but also usually a “threat of the week” for the characters to overcome. So each episode feels distinct without it being a completely disjointed series. Discovery does this sometimes too (the first few episodes of season 2 were very much like this) but that show’s got its own problems.
  7. It’ll all turn out to be a dream that Michael Burnham has been having.
  8. That was outstandingly good. The anti-Discovery. Far better than I expected. Bit confused by some of the back story though as I haven’t seen Nemesis and it’s been years since I saw the 2009 movie. Guess I’ll be watching those this week then. Is all the stuff about Mars new for this show or does that come from one of the earlier movies?
  9. 01 - Levi Weaver - The Letters of Dr Kurt Gödel 02 - Suede - The Blue Hour 03 - The Wave Pictures - City Forgiveness 04 - Slow Club - Complete Surrender 05 - Arcade Fire - The Suburbs 06 - Goldheart Assembly - Long Distance Song Effects 07 - The Decemberists - The Hazards of Love 08 - Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost 09 - Moriarty - Epitaph 10 - Belle and Sebastian - Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance 11 - Arctic Monkeys - AM 12 - Heron Oblivion - Heron Oblivion 13 - The Wave Pictures - Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon 14 - Alt-J - An Awesome Wave 15 - The Last Shadow Puppets - Everything You’ve Come to Expect 16 - Belle and Sebastian - How to Solve Our Human Problems, Parts 1-3 17 - The Black Keys - El Camino 18 - Luke Haines - 9 1/2 Psychedelic Meditations on British Wrestling of the 1970s and Early 80s 19 - Matthew E White - Fresh Blood 20 - Ezra Furman - Perpetual Motion People
  10. I definitely used to play Jet Set Willy using some POKE commands that were printed in CRASH magazine that fixed its various bugs and made it possible to complete. Without a doubt the earliest “patch” I can remember.
  11. Um. I’m a big fan of this game but... no, not really. Not by itself. It tells a small and largely uneventful chapter in a wider tale, with most of the actual story progression coming right at the very end. What it does offer is some beautiful environments, a lot of lovely character development and plenty of Shenmue gameplay - and I think if this tale ever gets completed, this third chapter will fit just fine into the overall story. But right now that’s not really the reason to play it.
  12. If I’ve already finished the game (and have a completed save file), can I play the DLC as a separate thing or do I need to start a whole new NG+ game?
  13. Not a film but the TV show Little Britain has aged appallingly. It’s like watching something straight out of the 70s, complete with jokes about disabled people, gay jokes, transgender jokes, and even blackface FFS. It was on TV until 2006, how the hell are Lucas and Walliams even still working?
  14. When the aliens were first introduced I was sure the Doctor called them The Skidmarks so that’s their official name now.
  15. I had this problem with my original potato edition Xbox One. Never managed to fix it. Same controller works fine on my Xbox One X though. So it must have been the console rather than the controller. I appreciate this probably isn't what you want to hear though!
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