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  1. Hyrule Warriors - Definitive Edition Spring 2018

    Yeah I got the 3DS version plus its season pass, I thought it was superb. I was hoping for a little bit more in this one, but it seems to be basically the content of the 3DS game with the graphics of the Wii U version. Which is great and all, but still. A couple of costumes don’t really warrant another purchase.
  2. Hyrule Warriors - Definitive Edition Spring 2018

    Still hoping for some genuinely new stuff in this, a few extra characters or some extra maps or something, just to give me the excuse to buy it all over again really.
  3. Monster Hunter: World

    I got absolutely battered. Got decent fire resistance and a level 6 water hammer too. Upgrades required I think.
  4. Belle & Sebastian are one of my favourite bands

    In case anybody missed it: B&S have released three EPs over the last couple of months, called "How to Solve Our Human Problems". 5 new tracks per EP, and they're all on Spotify now. Stick 'em all in a big playlist and you've basically got a new (long) B&S album, and it's honestly their best stuff in years. I thought their last album (Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance) was strong too so they're really on a roll at the moment, and it's a hell of a comeback after the Write About Love years.
  5. Monster Hunter: World

    Thanks! I've been doing most of the food quests but I'm sure I've got a bunch of other things to go back and do. As long as I don't have to do any fishing.
  6. Monster Hunter: World

    I'm fairly far through (just unlocked Teostra). But I have skipped quite a few of the optional quests, especially at low rank. Is there something in particular I should be doing?
  7. Monster Hunter: World

    I'm always running out of basic items, chillshrooms and mandragora in particular. Is there any way to get the Botanist to grow these between quests? They're not in the list at the moment (I have both in my item box). Or is it just a case of trudging around and refreshing supplies every so often?
  8. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Embarrassingly enough, this was exactly the problem. I'd assumed it worked the same way as Hyrule Warriors Legends, which was a very straightforward "go here" type of order. In fact you actually need to tell the Fire Emblem dudes what to do when they get there too. Once I had that figured out, it all fell into place, so thanks for the help!
  9. Fire Emblem Warriors

    OK, so is there any way to issue an order that's effectively "go to this place and stay there"? Because every unit just gets to where they're going then randomly bumbles off.
  10. Fire Emblem Warriors

    I'm playing this at the moment - it is good, but it doesn't seem a patch on Hyrule Warriors. All the characters are so interchangeable, I can barely remember who uses what weapon and there's no real discernible difference in the movesets (unless someone's on a horse, or a flying horse, I suppose). I get that the general idea is more "battlefield management", having a team of heroes that you direct to where they're needed, but the AI is moronic. Yes they'll go where you send them, but as soon as they get there, they'll turn around and go somewhere else, usually right back where they came from. So unless you happen to switch to them at the nanosecond they are where they're supposed to be, they're on the other side of the map again. It's easier just to take your existing character and not faff around with the strategic map at all. That said, it's pretty good fun still, there's something appealing about these games and the general chaos that ensues. Very good fit for a handheld too.
  11. Do you have a link for the press shots (is it something that the general public even have access to?) I’d love to see if my son had made it into any of the shots.
  12. They're actually completely accommodating to whatever you want to do. After checking everything out, my boy just wanted to sit and play with the piano for ages and they were really happy to let him do that. There were a couple of little girls who just got loads of craft materials from the drawers and spent the whole time decorating their RC cars. Some people went off and got some of the other Labo kits and tried making some of the more ambitious models. It was totally relaxed throughout, and there were plenty of kits on display so there was never an issue with just sitting down and playing with something. So whatever your daughter likes, hopefully she'll get the opportunity to do it. If all else fails, there are free cakes and snacks so just point her at the refreshments table then go off and have fun yourself.
  13. Our session was described as 10:00 - 13:30, check in from 09:00. So we showed up at about five past nine and then hung around for 45 minutes waiting for everyone else to show. I reckon if you can be there just before 10, you'll be fine. And if you're a bit late then it's not going to be a problem, you'll still get the chance to do and see everything. It's a shame we didn't get the same day! We could have had a mini Rock Band Rivals Crew meet-up.
  14. So my boy and I went to the Labo Workshop today, which was held at the Science Museum in London. And it was great. After an introductory video and a slightly cringeworthy "woo! hey guys!" intro from one of the Nintendo guys, we were each given the chance to build and decorate one of the RC cars/bug things you've all seen on the videos. The Labo stuff itself was pretty much exactly as I'd expected: it's sturdy cardboard, the instructions for building it are shown on the Switch and are extremely clear and easy to follow, everything's laid out in a sensible fashion and we all made our cars with very little trouble. They took about 15 minutes to put together. The kids there were aged about 7-10 and they didn't have any trouble, although a bit of supervision is probably helpful to make sure they don't bend things in the wrong place etc. We got to play with all of the various Toy-Cons. There's more to each of them than has previously been shown (or at least more than I've seen). For instance the piano has a whole recording studio mode where you can record your pieces and layer other notes on top. The motorbike game's got several tracks and a circuit mode, the fishing game has some depth to it (ho ho) and in some cases the games actually interact. For instance we were able to draw a fish on a piece of paper, scan it using the slot on the top of the piano (don't ask me how this magic works), bring it up on the screen, colour it in and then catch it in the fishing game. There were lots of hints from the staff about other features they weren't allowed to talk about yet, across all of the games. The only one that disappointed slightly was the robot game - it took ages to put all the various bits on and then it never quite worked as we expected. It felt like one of those old Wii waggle games where it only worked if you did exactly the right motion. Maybe it wasn't on properly or maybe it improves with practice. Again though there was clearly a whole load of stuff in this we weren't being shown and it was very obviously a demo version of the software. I'd hope that this is a fully featured game as at the moment I'd say the Variety Pack is a clear winner in terms of value. Both packs have an amazing mode included called Toy-Con Garage (again, new to me). This is almost like a programming language that allows you to use all the various sensors and input controls and hang a load of conditional logic off it. So for instance we were able to make the motorcycle handlebars "drive" the RC car (the sensors from one set of joy-cons activated the rumble in the other set). We also made a rudimentary shooting game where the trigger on one joycon could activate the rumble on another to make a little man fall over, but only if the joycon actually detected the man with its IR camera (i.e. if you were pointing at it). There was a short proof of concept video showing things people had invented using this mode, including a vending machine, a tennis game and a guitar. Pretty powerful stuff. Anyway, we came away completely sold on the whole concept and if I could I'd have bought one on the spot. All the staff were really friendly and helpful and there were even a few serious-looking Japanese gentlemen watching how everything was going down so I think they were paying close attention to how people reacted to the various creations. It's going to be a long wait now until April 27th. Happy to try and answer any specific questions anyone's got - AMA.
  15. I'm not that impressed with Odyssey overall. The design's so incoherent it's actually jarring, like every world was developed by different studios then slapped together at the last minute. And the post-game seems to consist of just wandering around trying stuff at random in the hope you'll get a moon. I prefer my Mario games to be more focussed, which doesn't mean I don't enjoy the exploration games like 64 and Sunshine, more that I like to at least have a clear objective of what I'm trying to achieve before I begin. I voted Galaxy, not just for the quality of its levels or its platforming (which are sublime) but because the whole concept was just so well executed. Every level in that game shows you something you've never seen before, but it all fits together perfectly and it all feels exactly like a Mario game should.

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