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  1. I much preferred it to Hollow Knight, which (for me) just consisted of repeatedly slogging from a save point to a boss, dying, then having to slog back to the boss again. Got really fucked off with that, just let me replay the boss FFS without the walk of shame.
  2. Carto is pretty good, a gentle little puzzle game that doesn't outstay its welcome. The Touryst is absolutely lovely too.
  3. Do we? I've only ever seen her in Leon (fine, but she was about 12), Star Wars (atrocious) and the Thor movies (mediocre in the first one, dreadful in the second). Maybe she's got a big catalogue of stuff where she's really good but I'm hardly compelled to seek it out given the evidence I've seen.
  4. Everybody’s Golf on the PS4 still has a bunch of folk hanging out on the online courses, especially around the fishing spots and on Alpina Forest hole 12 where you have the best chance of getting a Condor.
  5. 375 is massive, has your TV dropped out of game mode or something? I always find outputting 5.1 from the Xbox introduces loads of lag on my TV, maybe try setting it to stereo if that’s what you’ve got it set as, and see if it improves?
  6. Yeah, I bet there are loads of people who've bought this, played the Village quests until the credits rolled, then put the game to one side and wondered what all the fuss was about. It really doesn't ever make it clear that that's about 10% of the content.
  7. I loved his performance in Rebels and they clearly based the character design on him too, just looking at that picture. He's the obvious choice for the part.
  8. Make your mind up guys! (Probable indication of a badly-named game, I'd say)
  9. No, I don't think he has missed the point. Previous games in the series have required you to play quests over and over simply because the games were so rock hard, you needed to do that stuff in order to progress. Rise is explicitly designed to be more accessible. Which means it's open to people who want to simply play through as a fun action game, upgrading gear as they go, and consider it complete when they beat the final boss. You know, like 90% of games. That's great, it opens up the series to a whole new audience and means the chances of there being future games in
  10. I think that remains the key problem with this game, the difficulty level throughout means you never really have to engage with half the game's systems unless you specifically want to. I'm 99% certain I could make it through HR6 and HR7 in an evening with the gear I've currently got. I'm farming stuff to upgrade my weapon but that's more out of a desire to get more out of the game than it is a necessity. I spent 100+ hours in MH3U and MH4U just on solo quests, with a bit of multiplayer thrown in - here I will have rinsed absolutely everything in both solo and multi in significantly
  11. Thirty hours into this and I've only just realised that there's a cat next to the Smithy bloke who will forge your buddy equipment for you.
  12. Final Fantasy XIV hangs on to this spirit better than most, it's probably the most active MMO around and the way it's structured throws people together for dungeons on a regular basis so people can't play it entirely solo even if they want to. I've always found the community helpful and friendly and it keeps old content in rotation as well so you don't really get the feeling of having missed out on stuff or being barrelled through older content at unnatural speeds like you do with WoW. Lord of the Rings Online is fairly sparsely populated but it's my favourite "world to hang out in
  13. Is there any way to read this other than them being massively racist?
  14. For now I think it just peters out, much like the Village quests do, but there's more stuff being added in the patch at the end of this month. They've been pretty open about the fact that Covid essentially required them to ship the game without its ending.
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