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  1. I am looking forward to seeing what @Doctor Shark makes of Move Along Home. It must be up very soon.
  2. Some good games leaving soon: Beholder The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Guacamelee! 2 Wilmot's Warehouse Unto the End Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair I'm a huge fan of Guacamelee! 2 and I liked what I'd played of the Yooka-Laylee game. Ah well.
  3. The first season of DS9 is a bit of a slog, it feels like they genuinely have no idea what to do with the concept and pretty much every episode is "something has come through the wormhole and now everyone is acting strange". Then it casually throws in an all-time classic Star Trek episode right near the end like it's no big deal and you can almost hear the sound of the writers' brains clicking into gear. Season 2 and 3 are better and then from season 4 onwards it's just about the best thing ever. FWIW as well I found the picture quality improves a bit as you go on (assuming you're watching it on Netflix). And you'll adjust to it of course (when was the last time you watched anything in SD?) The first episode is really jarring though, it's like they uploaded a third-generation VHS copy or something.
  4. I still really like this. It’s barking mad and camp as hell and borderline incomprehensible in places and if you think about it too long it makes no sense whatsoever, but it is at least interesting. If Chibnall had come roaring out of the gate with something as bonkers as this three years ago we’d all have been a lot more intrigued. It’s just a shame that literally everyone (including me, admittedly) is expecting him to crash and burn next week.
  5. I’ve worked out where Peter Jackson got his image processing technology from.
  6. That Pluto TV thing is completely mental, I'd never heard of it before. I've just had a look and they've got hundreds of channels, all filled with the cheapest drivel you can imagine. It's got all the inconvenience of broadcast TV combined with the shoddy picture quality of a cheap streaming service, plus you can't record the programmes or skip the adverts. Apart from news bulletins, I don't think I've watched a "live" TV programme in ten years or more. The whole concept of having to sit down at a specific time to watch something for an uninterrupted period of time is just archaic. Pluto TV is easily the worst TV "service" I've ever seen, and it's therefore absolutely Star Trek: Discovery's spiritual home.
  7. Yeah, that's incredibly concerning. While Harmonix is a small team working in a niche genre and has benefited in the past from being part of a larger outfit, there's absolutely nothing in there that suggest they'll be developing new projects of their own. Just "we're not going to shut anything down" and "now we are working on Fortnite".
  8. The serialisation does it a lot of favours, I think. It lifts the weaker parts by at least suggesting they are a part of something bigger. The frustrating thing about Chibnall's era is that he's had some really great moments. His version of The Master was great (and had a superb reveal). Tim Shaw was a cracking joke and a genuinely creepy new alien design. The historicals (Rosa, Demons of the Punjab, the Tesla one) were good. Fugitive of the Judoon is a modern classic. But it's always been weighed down by loads and loads of shit. One good episode followed by three or four utterly uninspired standalone episodes with CBeebies production values and no idea of how to write the Doctor as a character. Flux - being relatively short, and absolutely crammed with stuff - is bouncing from good bit to good bit so fast that you don't have time to really notice that maybe the connective tissue isn't as good as it should be. Even when it doesn't make sense, it promises the possibility of it all meaning something more. It's all going to depend on how they stick the landing. If it's satisfyingly done, this will go down as one of the best Who seasons of recent years. If they fuck it up, it'll make everything we've watched so far seem pointless in retrospect.
  9. Technically you can only filter by control type, not Xbox vs PC, so I guess you could still fall victim to PC players using controllers with aimbots or other hacks - if such a thing exists. I just want to be able to remove PC players from my games completely. Surely the Xbox population is big enough to support that.
  10. I think there's been a greater understanding of what games are, and can be. Ten years ago, the expectation was still that games would be £40 experiences delivered on a disc. Indie games existed but were still predominantly the preserve of the PC space, and a handful of breakout XBLA hits. They were very much ghettoised and people were reluctant to pay very much for stuff that wasn't considered a "proper game". Meanwhile AAA games were often quite formulaic, forced to offer a certain amount of "value" (aka playtime) to justify their cost and relying on a handful of proven genres to try and guarantee returns. It was the golden age of brown cover shooters. Now, games come at all price-points. You've got AAA videogames costing up to £70 that come with years of post-launch support, but then every price tier and genre imaginable all the way down to 99p eShop shovelware. There's a huge range of really interesting stuff coming in at the £10-£20 range which was never a thing before. Developers experiment with all manner of graphical styles without feeling that everything has to look cutting-edge. And delivery systems like Game Pass make these much more accessible to people. The increasing reliance on digital delivery, and constant price drops / sales, further blur the distinction between "full-price" and "budget" games. You can go online and find something interesting to play in no time at all. I think it's all really healthy. AAA is always gonna AAA but for many of us that isn't where the really interesting stuff is any more.
  11. Just set the output to surround sound / home cinema and it'll do its thing. Headphones mode tend to output in stereo (in which case you're not getting the benefit) or occasionally their own binaural processing (which conflicts).
  12. Yakuza 5 was originally a PS3 game, incredibly enough, but it's benefited greatly from the resolution and framerate increase in the remaster. It's a great-looking game. Make sure you take the time to savour this one. In particular each character has an extensive "side story" with loads of missions and optional objectives to do and some of the game's best content. It's well worth taking the time to explore these in full.
  13. I started doing much better* in Ranked once I realised you could change the queue type to Solo/Duo and then the input type to controller only. It's a completely different "ranked" queue (you need to do your ten initial games again) but it feels like everything is on a much more even footing. * relatively speaking
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