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  1. A few people on the official forum are complaining about the missing performance options/locked 30fps on Xbox One X. Apparently high framerate mode is all present and correct on PS4 Pro, which makes no sense at all. Feels for sure like it's a bug or omission and it'll get added back in.
  2. I just watched the first episode, fully expecting to hate it. How wrong could I possibly be? I thought it was genuinely funny (maybe I'm easily pleased) and more importantly it felt more like proper Star Trek than anything we've seen for nearly two decades. They've managed more actual character development in 25 minutes of animated slapstick than Discovery has managed in three years of whispering and crying. I am really very impressed, and relieved, and looking forward to watching the rest of it.
  3. HDR is a weird thing, even though it's been around for a few years a lot of people still expect it to be about "pop" and crazy brightness and colours, and now you've got all the OLED owners who are obsessed with "true blacks". In actual fact it can be used very effectively to give a very subtle, cinematic kind of haziness as you can get so much more detail into a limited part of the colour spectrum. Assassin's Creed Valhalla does this and it sounds like the Dartmoor level in this game does the same. It's absolutely an artistic choice.
  4. I replaced my incredibly slow external HDD with a USB 3.2 external SSD, and to be honest it loads as fast as the internal drive does. It's been a brilliant upgrade. More cost-effective than the official expansion though obviously I'm limited to running Xbox One games from it.
  5. Well, you're right, I guess. And I do have a Series X and Hitman 3 runs great on that. But I also have my old Xbox One X on a second TV, and I've been used to playing Hitman on that; now I'm running the exact same levels looking the exact same but now they're half the frame rate. Hitman 2 ran *so* well on the One X, it just feels like they've been so focused on the new consoles that they've not bothered to keep the same focus on the older machines. Ah well.
  6. Beyond disappointed with the Xbox One X version. They’ve removed the High Framerate option which allowed Hitman 2 to run at 60fps. Now you’re locked to 30 and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s an unquestionably worse experience.
  7. I think I crapped out on the Netflix stuff after Defenders. I'd been watching them all in order and actually enjoying them for the most part but I got a few episodes into the second series of Luke Cage and it was just dull as ditchwater, plus they started cancelling everything so it all felt a bit pointless. So I've got Daredevil S3, Jessica Jones S3, Iron Fist S2, most of Luke Cage S2, and Punisher S2 still unwatched. That's actually quite a lot of good TV if you discount Luke Cage, I didn't even mind Iron Fist that much.
  8. Silly question - can the Xbox One X version of this and the Series X version trade save data without breaking anything? I know if you're playing the same game on both consoles alternately, the save data transfers automatically, but does that work for Smart Delivery games too? I guess technically it's the same game, but also different versions of it. I genuinely don't know whether it works or not.
  9. I thought Picard was perfectly reasonable right up until the last couple of episodes, which went full Discovery in terms of nonsensical threats and idiotic resolutions and were absolutely terrible as a result. For most of the rest of the show though it was a fairly low-key, reasonably episodic story about an old codger pottering about the galaxy with his crew and I was fine with that. I'd take another series of Picard over Discovery any day; at least I don't despise the main character.
  10. It's worth importing them all into the third game and playing them there simply in order to have all your unlocks etc in one place. All the items, suits etc you unlock in one game can be used all the way through the series. And it gives you a huge range of levels to jump between depending on your mood.
  11. I really miss restaurants, more than almost anything else I think over the last year. We haven't been to a pub, restaurant or cafe since last February. We've had a few takeaways from our local sushi place where we were pretty much regulars, from chatting to the delivery drivers it seems they've done really well over lockdown so at least we hopefully don't have to worry about them going out of business! But apart from that it's been all home cooking, which to be fair both my wife and I enjoy. For variety more than anything else we've started getting a couple of meals from Mindful Ch
  12. The Xbox One version of Hitman 2 definitely had HDR. I can't believe the Xbox One version of Hitman 3 wouldn't have it too (there's no impact on performance and it would be nonsensical to remove it).
  13. Oh no, they're not still doing the Section 31 show are they? I thought they'd shelved that in favour of the Captain Pike show. Section 31 has the two worst characters in the whole of Star Trek (beardy fake Klingon dude, and Space Hitler) and was responsible for all the worst bits of the worst season of Discovery. It's going to be a flaming wreck before the opening credits have even rolled.
  14. Presumably Quick Resume is going to play a part in this too. In theory at least the Series consoles are writing 16GB of data to the internal SSD every time you switch games. I hope this isn't a time bomb for a few years down the line when everyone's SSDs fail within a few months of each other.
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