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  1. That’s terrible news. This was a great show. I’d naively have thought that a significant amount of the cost of this would already have been accounted for by puppets, sets and learned experience, and therefore a second series would have been significantly cheaper to produce. But what do I know?
  2. Refugee Action. Pre-order an Xbox and piss off a Tory, it’s been a good morning so far.
  3. You absolute star. This worked for me when everything else was just crashing. Pre-order get!
  4. It's also worth bearing in mind that every Disgaea game released since the PS3 era has had an absolute shit ton of really expensive DLC released for it, and has then been compiled to a "Complete" release a couple of years later. So actually picking up with the full versions of 4 or 5 on the Switch right now might make a lot of sense, rather than jumping straight into 6 on release. They are, frankly, all pretty samey (in that they are all awesome) so it honestly doesn't really matter which one you pick.
  5. If you liked RE5 then 6 is actually pretty similar but with all the batshit craziness turned up to 11. It’s insane but I actually really liked it. Resident Evil Revelations 2 offers a slightly more grounded, but still fun, co-op experience.
  6. You have made me want a next-gen Phoenix Wright game now, though, you bastard.
  7. Yep, maybe I’m a massive hypocrite. But at least Ubisoft are owning up to their mistakes, JK is just doubling down on her transphobic bullshit. I also think their respective offences are different. But I get that people won’t necessarily agree with that.
  8. It’s the Series X for me. All this talk of £70 launch titles just makes the GamePass machine look even more appealing. As a latecomer to the Xbox One this gen I’ve become a complete convert, so very happy to remain in the Xbox ecosystem. So it’s Yakuza 7, Ass Creed Valhalla and a library of hopefully upgraded GamePass titles for me on day one, I’m very happy with that.
  9. Like others, I won’t be touching this. I get what you’re saying @Stigweard but the thought of giving any money to Rowling to support her insane rants would upset me to the point I wouldn’t enjoy the game anyway. I’ll support people who don’t spread hatred instead.
  10. The bit in S1 where he took the helmet off was the worst bit of the whole show IMHO. Ruined the mystique of the character and I had no idea who the sweaty man underneath the helmet was, so yeah. Recast him with anyone, it doesn’t matter.
  11. Aaah I worked it out! I’ve been switching between PC and Xbox versions. Seems the options are synced between the two, which means if you disable vsync on the PC version it disables it on Xbox too and causes loads of screen tearing... but there’s no way to switch it back on console. I loaded up the PC version, set vsync on and now my Xbox game is nice and smooth. Clearly a bug but I’m glad I finally worked it out.
  12. It’s out this year?! Man they really are working hard. This looks like a natural development from Tell Me Why and its focus on memories and unreliable narrators. Dontnod may be the new Telltale but their writing, characterisation and ambition are incomparably better and their willingness to tackle sensitive subjects is admirable. I’ve enjoyed all their games so far and I’m on board for whatever they come up with.
  13. Can’t be... surely? I know that character is rumoured to be in this but that looks nothing like her.
  14. Loading times on the Xbox One X are pretty painful but the absolute worst thing is the “For some reason [Game] has taken too long to load. Please try again” message that appears almost every time I try and start anything of any kind of size. I can’t work out what winds me up more, the fact it’s completely unnecessary (just wait a few more seconds rather than dumping me back to the dash, you impatient fuckwit of a games console) or the vaguely passive aggressive nature of the message, like the situation is somehow my fault.
  15. Life is Strange 2 had a really protracted release schedule too. Episodes came out months apart. It killed all the buzz for the game. I can absolutely see why Tell Me Why has returned to having multiple episodes in a single setting, rather than the last game’s road trip. And the weekly episode schedule has been fantastic.
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