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  1. Garwoofoo

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I've played them both lately and I thought 2 was much better - longer, funnier and with better combat. But they are both great games.
  2. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    That was all rather silly.
  3. Garwoofoo

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    It is really similar to Smash on the Wii U though. More stuff in it obviously (as well as a surprising amount taken out) but I put a lot of time into the last game and to be honest this feels more like DLC than anything. It doesn’t have that “new game” feeling to it.
  4. Garwoofoo

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    As one of those rare people who loved their Wii U and thought it had a fantastic line-up of games, it is very disappointing to just see the whole lot get re-released on Nintendo's next console in lieu of anything actually new. Even the games that are technically "new" (Splatoon 2, Yoshi's Crafted World, Smash) are really very familiar having played their predecessors not that long ago. I'm happy for those that are enjoying Mario Kart, NSMBU, Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2 etc etc for the first time but the Switch is pretty sparse when it comes to big games for previous Wii U owners. I even played Breath of the Wild on Wii U! It's also notable that many of these Wii U ports are actually worse on the Switch - NSMBU, Rayman and Hyrule Warriors all lost their gamepad functionality, which added a lot to the games (Rayman especially). Maybe it doesn't help that I play the Switch primarily on the TV (I find it a bit bulky and uncomfortable for handheld use) so it really does feel like the Wii U 2 at times, and something I sometimes regret buying.
  5. Garwoofoo

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March - Baba Is Not Sekiro

    My brain hurts
  6. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    This is the major problem with the show I think - it's so intent on burning through plot and making everything dramatic all the time that it's got no time for characterisation. Despite dealing with a smaller core group of characters than any other Trek show, and being a series and a half in, I still don't feel we actually know any of them. They're all a bunch of basic mannerisms and shoehorned-in back story, but none of them feel real. I don't know what drives Ash Tyler, I don't know the first thing about Captain Pike, I know more about Burnham's childhood than I do about what she's like as a person these days, and this iteration of Spock simply doesn't feel like Spock at all. The reason people love DS9 so much isn't because it had a great Dominion arc, but because when that arc kicked in, it affected people you'd already grown to care about. It's so frustrating because there is still at the core of this a greak Trek show but it's just far too fast to have any impact at all.
  7. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    This is much worse than the first season, which at least had some actual momentum and Jason Isaacs. This is just going to meander around for a few more episodes because the only mystery it’s got up it sleeve is “who is the red angel” and it’s just going to turn out to be Tilly in a fancy suit. It’s boring rubbish and the more it ties itself into previous Trek the more it weakens the whole franchise. It’s so *small*. The whole of the universe reduced to about four really uninteresting characters. Ironically, the thing it’s missing most is any sense of discovery.
  8. Garwoofoo

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

    Probably the finest 25 minutes of comedy I've ever seen. Not a single shot wasted, every performance impeccable. Outstanding.
  9. All the Tetris ninjas are out for this event. I got stuffed repeatedly when I played earlier, even more so than normal.
  10. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    Yeah, “slow the fuck down” would be my main request of this show right now. (Apart from flushing Tilly out of that airlock, which is sadly never going to happen). This was yet another episode that didn’t so much have an A plot and a B plot, as two full episodes jammed into one so nothing had the time to breathe. The abrupt cuts to black (presumably for ad breaks) don’t help either. There’s plenty of good stuff here, but the constant emphasis on PLOT! rather than characterisation does the show no favours. I don’t remember the first series being quite so dementedly fast in its pacing.
  11. Garwoofoo

    Game streaming - the future, or a red herring?

    I've used the Steam Link quite a lot, and it's kind of the best-case scenario for game streaming - entirely on a single network, with no internet getting in the way and dedicated encoding/decoding hardware at each end. I'm using ethernet throughout so there's no wifi issues to deal with either. It works, and it works well. I've used it to play a lot of strategy titles, and mainstream games like Assassin's Creed, and the lag is pretty much unnoticeable. It's not so great for twitch titles though. And there are definite compromises - it's limited to 1080p and there are noticeable compression artefacts on the picture even at the highest settings, especially when it comes to the colour red. But in a lot of cases, for the right game, running off a gaming PC and streaming to the TV has delivered a better experience than running the same game at a lower framerate on a dedicated console. The technology works. Factor in even a small amount of additional lag for an internet-based solution (plus the inevitable signal hiccups that would come with that), however, and it would become much less appealing. It feels like the industry's trying to pull in two directions - on the one hand everything is about 4K graphics, HDR and Dolby Atmos for the best possible audio-visual experience, and on the other hand you've got this push towards streaming which will inevitably compromise that vision. Maaaayyybeeee Microsoft can make this work with two clearly defined machines in the same generation but I remain sceptical.
  12. Garwoofoo

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Looking around for more Partridge I see there is a movie on Amazon Prime. Is this worth watching? I assume I wouldn’t have had to have watched the 83 other series to get what’s going on?
  13. Garwoofoo

    Best MMO to start in 2019

    Final Fantasy XIV is clearly the correct answer. It's a wonderful, active game with an enormous amount to do. I still dip into The Lord of the Rings Online from time to time too. It's showing its age a bit now and it was always a fairly obvious WoW clone but it's still got the old magic. The world is an incredible labour of love, the whole of Middle Earth recreated (and expanded) in amazing detail, and they're still going with the updates and expansions. If you've got any love for the source material at all then it's a great place to spend some time. It can be quite a solitary experience though, especially at early levels - that's not really a problem as group content is strictly optional and it works well as a single-player game although they've just introduced a couple of Legacy Servers designed to get people starting from scratch so that's where most of the low-level players are probably hanging out. Also they've resisted the temptation to speed up the early game like most MMOs do, so the journey from the Shire to the Mines of Moria is still as much of an epic as it was ten years ago. Again like most MMOs you can play a big chunk of the early game for free so give it a go if you think it might appeal.
  14. Garwoofoo

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    I’ve never seen any Alan Partridge before. Thought it was OK.
  15. Garwoofoo

    Amazon Prime Video

    Watched the first episode of The Man In The High Castle - 4K version - last night and while it was pretty good, the HDR was painfully overdone. Dark scenes were very dark and bright scenes were painfully bright - several scenes featuring characters talking in front of bright windows literally had me squinting. Is it like this all the way through? If so I think I'm just going to have to watch the standard HD version because this is bordering on painful to watch. By contrast I'd just finished watching Russian Doll on Netflix and the HDR in that was absolutely perfect, the whole show looked gorgeous.

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