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  1. It depends on the TV you're using, I find. On an old Sony 1080p LCD it looks terrible and really blurry, on my main Samsung TV it's reasonable, but I think it looks great on the Switch screen itself in handheld mode.
  2. I've read 5 of the top 10 (at least one of which I thought was garbage) but only 17 of the list overall. My tastes tend to run to more literary stuff so for me a list like this is great - although it's only ever going to be subjective, there's a whole lot of stuff I've never heard of on here, and enough information to suggest which ones I might enjoy (or, indeed, not). As a bunch of recommendations for new things to consider I think it's a good list.
  3. Oh man. That's awful. My favourite character on my favourite series of Star Trek and by all accounts an absolutely lovely guy as well. He was pretty active on Twitter, very vocal about politics and full of the kind of generosity of spirit you'd expect from someone who brought such life to the character of Nog. The last thing I read from him was him hoping he'd be able to reprise the character some day. This is really hard news.
  4. I'm halfway through The Blade Itself and I'm struggling a bit with it to be honest, every character’s got a name like a dropped hand of Scrabble tiles and it's structured like a TV show rather than a novel: it jumps between characters every chapter so you can’t remember who anyone was when you swing back around 100 pages later. It's all very very generic. Finally I'm getting to the point where the characters are actually coming together though so hopefully it settles into a groove from this point out. As it stands though it's not exactly inspiring me to read any further books in the series.
  5. The photo shoot minigame in Kiwami 2 is quite something Maybe the first thing I’ve seen in this series that crosses the line from tongue-in-cheek to straightforwardly pervy.
  6. MK8 Baby Peach, for the annoyance factor. The Mario Kart equivalent of playing as Oddjob.
  7. It won't be the same on the Switch without the amazing Wiimote controls. Play the Wii version.
  8. Well Yakuza Kiwami 2 is all kinds of fabulous, I guess you all know that already though. Some random thoughts after a few chapters: I'm surprised how much of a direct follow-up to Kiwami 1 this is. I guess that sounds obvious but I thought the games' stories would be more self-contained; this literally picks up where the last one ended with most of the same characters back for more. It makes the whole thing more like the second season of a TV show I'm enjoying than a genuine videogame sequel, not that that's a problem. The crazy sub-stories are back! I'm running into them *everywhere*. They're hilarious. The new graphics engine is very nice, and I adapted to the lower frame rate quicker than I expected. Kiryu looks off though, not quite like the guy I've come to know and love over the last two games. It's like he's had some work done, or is wearing make-up. Oh god it's the Cabaret Club! AKA the best mini-game ever. Totally derailed my playthrough for a couple of hours until I forced myself away from it. It's very similar to the one in Zero but I'm honestly not complaining. No sign of Majima yet. I'm sure the crazy bastard will make a grand entrance sooner or later. I finally understand the batting game! Not a clue still with the hobo card games, of course. It's weird but brilliant being able to kick bad guys straight into shops now. 90% of my XP gains seem to come from eating. That's odd. Very much like my real life though. I might be wrong but there don't seem to be CP points in this or anywhere to spend them, i.e. no incentive to do the side-challenges other than completionism. I'm still doing them of course but that seems a shame. This really is the best game series I've found in years. Everything about it is simply superb.
  9. It's tricky when a show starts off strong and tails off badly - but on the basis they've included Game of Thrones (6 great seasons, 2 shit ones), 24 (I dunno, maybe 4 really good seasons spread out across the run) and Lost (1 promising season followed by a death spiral), I reckon a place should definitely have been found for Battlestar Galactica on the basis of the first two seasons alone.
  10. One of the all-time great Peaky Blinders episodes, that was. I was surprised just how far they went with Moseley's speech.
  11. No kids' shows at all. Yeah, the Sopranos is great and all but Peppa Pig's got her own theme park.
  12. I don't think anything will ever beat the original Elite for me. At the time it was absolutely mind-blowing, and it seems more impressive as time goes on that they managed to create something so expansive with the limitations they had to work with. I can't even begin to appreciate the tricks they must have had to use to get that running.
  13. I couldn't resist, I started Kiwami 2. Looks absolutely glorious but the 30fps frame rate is going to take some getting used to.
  14. I know the announcement of turn-based combat has caused a lot of controversy but honestly that just makes it look like they've used the new combat system as an excuse for even more insane set-pieces and over-the-top dramatic framing and I am totally on board with that decision. Looks great. If you can't trust the Yakuza team after seven games, who can you trust? In other news, I finished Yakuza Kiwami, had a great time with it despite its limitations and sunk nearly forty hours into it so that was a lot more than the "quick story runthrough" I was aiming for. I ended up getting quite engrossed in unlocking all the Dragon abilities and then of course never used them in the final two battles where I just punched people in Beast mode like I'd done for the whole of the rest of the game. So, no Zero then, but still hugely entertaining. I am telling myself it is not a good idea to jump straight into Kiwami 2 even thought that's exactly what I'd like to do right now.
  15. My GamePass version on PC never even got the last patch that came out over a month ago - it's still sitting at v1.0 from January. I'm not hopeful in terms of getting this new character any time soon after release at all.
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