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  1. Garwoofoo

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    I genuinely don't understand the difference between the new Splatfest modes. Even after reading and re-reading the patch notes, they both seem pretty much identical to me.
  2. Garwoofoo

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought the last 3DS game was great, actually, probably the best in the series for me after 3. If I had to rate them it would probably be 3>6>1>4>5>2. But honestly they are all great. I haven’t played the original trilogy since they first came out on the DS so I’m well up for a replay.
  3. Garwoofoo

    Nintendo Switch

    All I want is the ability to stand up, point the right joycon at the TV and scream OBJECTION (which of course I will be doing anyway regardless of whether the game explicitly supports it or not)
  4. Garwoofoo

    Telltale Games closing

    Really sad news. I've been a fan of Telltale since their early Sam & Max and Monkey Island games, and while I've not played all their releases, I had a lot of fun with Batman recently and it was always worth keeping an eye on what they were up to. They got a bit formulaic in latter years but the quality of the writing usually carried them through. I hope all the staff involved do OK out of this.
  5. Garwoofoo

    Suede Suede Suede

    New album is out today and (speaking as someone who wasn't hugely keen on either Bloodsports or Night Thoughts) on first listen it's absolutely excellent.
  6. Garwoofoo

    Doctor Who

    Trailer looks good, Whittaker's looking great but I'm a bit unconvinced by the team of CBBC rejects they've saddled her with as companions. Doctor Who can often feel too busy as it is - setting up a story, playing it out and resolving it satisfactorily within 45 minutes is a tough thing to do even with only two main characters. A full TARDIS team of four is going to make that exponentially harder, especially as they've got a whole new Doctor to introduce as well.
  7. Garwoofoo

    Nintendo Switch

    After a night on sleep mode, mine's randomly backed up three of my games and has set all the others to pending, so I can't back them up manually but nor does it show any signs of actually intending to upload them. Great work.
  8. Garwoofoo

    What's the origin of inverted Y axis controls?

    I haven’t flown an aeroplane.
  9. Garwoofoo

    What's the origin of inverted Y axis controls?

    Yeah, it’s flight simulators. In the 8-bit and 16-bit days they were the only 3D games around so they became my default way of controlling things. Couldn’t imagine doing it the other way round now. That said, my boy plays Splatoon 2 with motion controls and that’s naturally pull back to look up as well. He’ll be an inverter too for sure.
  10. Garwoofoo

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    Yeah, mine did. Very frustrating as I’ve had it pre-ordered for months and we were looking forward to getting stuck in this evening.
  11. Garwoofoo

    Rock Band 4

    Please don’t delete me! I know I’ve been completely absent lately but I will get back into it, I promise.
  12. The Wycademy Hunter Hub quests are mostly for online multiplayer. You can solo them but it’s hard work. Fee free to stick to Village quests if you’re playing solo. The NPCs in each village offer different quests from time to time. Press X to see if any of the villages have a little speech bubble against them and go talk to the character in question. Completing requests can give rewards or open up further requests.
  13. If you look at the summary page for the status effects you've got active, there's a big yellow line and only those above the line have enough point to actually take effect. Of course there's usually a downside - for instance the Frog Bastard set I'm currently sporting has a load of beneficial effects but also one negative one, it makes me more susceptible to sleep. But that means I can slot in a Decoration that tips the sleep effect one point below the line so it doesn't take effect and I only get the good effects I want.
  14. I struggled with Shiny Beetles for a little while too, but they're fairly common drops if you look for the butterflies in the caves in the Dunes. One of the things that I think newcomers and even MHW veterans may struggle with a bit (e.g. @CovisGod ) is the armour skill system. It's worth bearing in mind that each piece of armour gives you a couple of points towards a skill (say Attack Up) but the skill itself only becomes active when you have at least ten points in that skill. And generally you only get to that threshold with a full armour set. Later in the game it's possible to mix and match a bit more but early on it's well worth aiming for a particular set with good skills or defence and farming one monster for a short while until you've got all the parts so the skills activate. The menus aren't massively clear on all of this unfortunately but all the info is in there once you know what you're looking for. It's a bit different to MHW where you could mix and match from the get-go - but then everyone in that game looked like they'd got dressed in the dark, while everyone in MHGU looks fabulous. I spent a happy evening repeatedly brutalising the big Frog Bastard thing in the 3* village quests and now I'm running around in a full set of his parts, upgraded a couple of times, so I should be good to go for a while now.
  15. What is the deal with Hunt of the Day anyway? I did one (Village quests) and it just seemed to be a repeat of one I’d already done. Do you get extra rewards or something?

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