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  1. It's a movie of two halves, really, isn't it? The first half is all sweeping slow-motion Enterprise porn and old men gazing meaningfully into the middle distance - it's got a certain stately grandeur about it and it's actually quite nice to see a sci-fi movie that's been inspired by 2001 rather than, say, Star Wars. While I wouldn't say it was great entertainment, it was at least admirably odd and I was quite on board at that point. Then the second half is basically a really bad episode of Star Trek stretched out to interminable length and it lost me completely.
  2. I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture for the first time last night. Hoo boy. That’s seven hours of my life I’ll never get back.
  3. Garwoofoo

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    Ashes to Ashes was amazing, it pulled everything together and I wasn't expecting it to even try to do that. To this day I don't know if they even had that ending in mind when they started Life on Mars all those years before. Lost is the one that always comes to mind when I'm thinking of bad endings - they meandered around for years with no idea of where the show was going then finished it off abruptly with a magic cave and an ending where everyone was dead. Apparently all the plot holes didn't matter because it was all about the characters, man. Just rubbish. BSG's ending gets a lot of criticism but for me it wasn't so much the final episode itself but the slow decline over the last two series that soured me on that show. By the time it ended it was almost a relief.
  4. A proper Enterprise re-evaluation going on in this thread, then. I'm only eight or so episodes in but I'm really enjoying it - like others, I'm finding it's a breath of fresh air after Discovery. (And genuinely I'm enjoying this more). It seems very old-fashioned in many ways: episodes don't ever seem to have quite enough plot to fill the runtime, the episodic format means Archer never learns anything and is always a massive space racist regardless of what's happened in the previous episode, and it's very much Star Trek Sausagefest with all the male characters getting all the dialogue and action and T'Pol mostly given the role of spoiling their fun. But. It's very likeable despite all that. I really like the way the characters are just there, getting on with their roles, with absolutely nothing in the way of backstory shoehorned in. I've decided I really like Malcolm Reed despite the fact I know nothing about him yet really, he just seems like a good egg. The episode I watched today (Breaking the Ice) had a long segment where the crew did absolutely nothing apart from answer questions about the Enterprise sent to them by schoolchildren, and it was great. Yesterday Jeffrey Combs showed up as an Andorian. I'm not sure I can ask for much more, really.
  5. Garwoofoo

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Yeah I did exactly this too, and felt very silly as the quests then sent me back to all the same places I’d only just cleared. Worth noting that one of the Atlantis trophies/achievements is missable - the only one in the game that is. So read up on that before you start if you’ve been going for 100% all the way through up to now.
  6. A few episodes in to Enterprise and I'm really quite enjoying it - it's not the best TV ever or anything but it's very watchable and there's quite a lot to be said for the episodic format where at least if you get a shit story you know it'll be over in 40 minutes rather than hanging around stinking everything up for an entire season (*cough*Discovery*cough*). I'm not sure the writers' intention was for the viewers to side with T'Pol quite as much as I seem to be doing, though. I'm impressed by her ability to maintain an air of professionalism and consistently be the only actual adult on the starship. How she resists the temptation to simply chuck gurning halfwit Charles P Tucker "Trip" Redneck III out of the nearest airlock is completely beyond me. I actually think this might be a US/UK thing; the audience is clearly supposed to side with the happy-go-lucky gung-ho American crew, but to these British eyes they are all dribbling man-children. It's all about the emotionally repressed passive-aggressive Vulcan as far as I'm concerned
  7. Garwoofoo

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Pick up Contracts from noticeboards, they award big dollops of XP for background activities you’ll be doing anyway. Turn level scaling off, it makes the game easier but also reduces the XP you’re awarded, this exacerbating the levelling problem. I played through on release, doing most but by no means all the side quests, and had no issues at any point with the level gating.
  8. This guy is a moron. Yes, in your head you are making amazing ground-breaking cinematic scenes and everyone must adjust their expectations in light of your glorious, uncompromising vision. In reality your ACTUAL JOB is to make an episode of a TV show which will be viewed on a wide range of setups, calibrated both well and badly, in a variety of different viewing environments, from sources ranging from analogue TV transmission through to Now TV soup-o-vision all the way up to the eventual 4K Blu-Ray release. And if what you’ve actually produced can only be properly enjoyed by a tiny fraction of that audience, then you’ve failed. Turn the fucking brightness up.
  9. The name I use for it is “shit”. It’s just really distracting and artificial-looking as well as being harder to follow. Captain America Civil War over-uses it terribly too.
  10. I watched the first episode of Enterprise today... it's not that bad? (Theme tune aside) Maybe it's just a blessed sense of relief after forcing my way through the second series of Discovery to have something that is actually paced like real Star Trek; but the setup seems fine, the characters are OK and I quite enjoyed it. I think I'll probably carry on with it. I was thinking "oh, there are only four seasons of this, it won't take long" then of course remembered it's from the golden age of US TV dead horse flogging so of course there are still over a hundred episodes. Anyone about to tell me that it takes a massive turn for the worse after the pilot?
  11. Garwoofoo

    Xbox Game Pass

    The ones wearing grass skirts and waving spears while making ooga-booga noises... yes, it probably was.
  12. Garwoofoo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Resi 5 is basically Resi 4 with added co-op and racism.
  13. Yeah I kind of have faith now that this is going to end strong, after the season 6 & 7 wobble. It feels like they knew how it was going to end all along, and having run out of source material they had to spend a couple of seasons getting the pieces into place in a slightly rushed fashion but now they’re back on track. The last two episodes have felt much more like proper GoT than anything they’ve done for the last two years.
  14. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Online

    Can you throw Tilly out of an airlock?

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