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  1. I'd had trouble summoning help there too around a similar level both Friday and yesterday. Any summon signs that appeared were quickly claimed. Eventually got lucky. I'm not sure if it was my level or my soul memory that was the issue. Both are a factor - http://darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Summon+Range+Calculator
  2. Try "charging" it up. Stick it under a lightbulb for a 30 seconds and it'll glow!
  3. Mine from Game glows. It needed a little "charging" after coming straight out of the bag - hold it under a light bulb for a few seconds.
  4. I was starting to get worried when the postman didn't bring mine this morning but it's just arrived by van.
  5. Look at the weapon in the Wayne Tech section and it'll explain that the gun can fire positive and negative charges. The on-screen prompts list two buttons can be used to fire it but don't really make the difference clear.
  6. Yes, the rank and file deserve to be compassionately taken out of the equation. But as the game progresses there are more and more elements who are just downright nasty. One side mission saw me having to quietly deal with a small group. I had to eliminate them all at once so as not to start a firefight and draw nearby law enforcement, so I lobbed in a gas grenade. After completing the task I realised that they really shouldn't be allowed to walk away from this so I drew my silenced 10mm and double-tapped them all to the head.
  7. Ratings-wise, it is the "hit" new show of last year but to be honest there wasn't really much competition. A 2nd season is almost an inevitability.
  8. Was Casey's dusting the display toasters intentional?
  9. So much in this episode. Even the small touches - Liz with a Jack turning up to the party with the Tracey dressed as a
  10. I saw a mention of this in yesterday's Guardian Guide and thought, no, it couldn't be true - Forgot to actually look and see if it was real.
  11. Technically, that is the proper version, as it is shot specifically for the 4:3 screen.
  12. Aaah, I just assumed it was the French disc. Strange. Oh well, I am sure some kind soul will rip it and include the DVD subs
  13. I managed to last about 15 minutes. Utter bilge, but then, I am hardly the target demographic.
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