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  1. I know it's a comedy and it is funny, but I've never seen such a shambles - cracked PAL games struggling and glitching on his NTSC machine. Hardly given a chance!
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DNxG7LS8M_E17MG_KDE4332aj5th-kPX This is the raw DVD file, drag the folder into media player classic and it should play correctly!
  3. Ello, that thread bought back some old capturing memories! Yes I have it, 1 DVD as mentioned in those old posts - will upload somewhere (anyone have a suggestion or preference?) Also this from the year before, Matthew Smith at CGE 2004 Here - Mega Might have one or two other bits somewhere.
  4. I particularly liked the grilling Sugar got! Great channel, been following it (and the blog that goes with it https://vhistory.wordpress.com/) for a while. Tons of Micro Lives in decent quality at last are available.
  5. I do it the old fashioned way with a PCMCIA/CF ADF transfer setup, as I like the noise of the disk drive But yeah, I'd upgrade it to 2MB with an trapdoor expansion and get a WHDload thing going with a compact flash hard drive, or mash up the case with a gotek device, as above.
  6. Thanks for info, It's softmodded via Splinter Cell - seems much harder to swap than if it was hardmodded!
  7. CEX are usually good for me when I buy a ton of PS2 and xbox stuff every so often, just shoot them an email and they usually sort something out if you have a problem, free returns too. Is there an easy way to change the HD in the xbox - mine is whining away like it's never had a day off. Every guide on the net I find makes it look easier to buy another console altogether!
  8. They should just include the hewson catalogue like the C64DTV did and 'encourage' use of the speccy 99 cd-rom, as it were. Ahem. Is it a 'real spectrum on a chip' thing or some sort of emulator?
  9. I loved Ocean's Hook, Beneath A Steel Sky and Flight Of The Amazon Queen. Somehow I never encountered any Lucasarts games until I picked up an Indy one at the end of my Amiga life and kept getting killed on a fighty bit near the start and got put off. Then Broken Sword appeared and it was amazing.
  10. I had enough trouble buying second hand disks in the late 90s let alone now - so I bought a 600 with a compact flash/pcmcia card kit to transfer adf's to floppy so i know they definitely work, unless the adf image was dodgy to start with. On the list one day for my 600 is a 1mb expansion and internal compact flash upgrade.
  11. 'The Edge' multiplayer map from Quake 2 - my secondary school had the game installed on every PC thankfully and this map was played most lunchtimes (and whenever else) in the very late 90's, before new machines came along with UT. I wandered around the empty map and remembered how busy and fun it used to be with the computer club geeks and the odd unknown from another classroom - it is now deserted and silent, quite apt really.
  12. He mentions it at 18:31 here - he does have a point, it is much more fun to get a logo turtle or a robotic arm to mess about with. I wasn't around at the time but have been hooked since someone sent me a VHS of 3 episodes of Making The Most Of The Micro yonks ago so I had to get the rest - he and the shows he did captured an era of computing that is long gone.
  13. Titles that I still occasionally go back to are Apocalypse (with Brucie Willis himself and Neversoft's excellent 3D engine) C-12 Final Resistance (a final hurrah) Quake 2 (more colourful than PC) One (forgotten Apocalypse-alike) Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 (the cars could jump - used to spend ages on each level just leaping off various bits of scenery) An decent stab at Diablo came out but it took up a whole memory card.
  14. See if anyone on eBay local to you sells lots of retro stuff, I did that when I offloaded my 8-bit collection - a big dealer was only a few miles away and they came and took the lot.
  15. Nice find - it reminded me of a similar ZX Spectrum site at http://www.worldofspectrum.org/equinox/eggs/
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kHPBp-_Unk Mastertronic's Future Games always did it for me - and it had the best winning song ever (second from last in vid)
  17. Pentium 75, 600MB HD, 16MB ram, 1MB video (drivers were not installed on the Win95 installation, a sad fact I only realised just before I got a more with-it machine) £200 from some refurb place in Stockport via mail order sometime in 2000 - ancient even then and way overpriced but it played Doom, Quake and Duke magnificently which was all that mattered! I did everything on it - even got a Playstation emulator to boot, very slowly
  18. They often ignore coin ops - they are not too keen on anything electrical. Great show though!
  19. Nice - but has it got any RG stuff in it - as vol 3 did which annoyed me slightly!
  20. I can only seem to remember Sonic 2 on attract mode in the Asda at the legendary Merry Hill Centre in Dudley, which I stared at for hours on end - the game was never changed and it eventually disappeared. On the subject of Boots - about the only time I bought a C64 game from a proper shop was from the Boots at the same place - was about Sep 93 and I don't remember seeing any 8-bit stuff in there not long after.
  21. Lately my local Game has a handful of preowned Dreamcast titles on offer, along with some 99p PS1 dregs.
  22. My 1MB 600 has a non-bootable compact flash in the sideslot - it's brilliant for transferring adf files back to floppy for that proper Amiga 'feel'! It is largely useless unless you don't have much space and only want to play imperial phase Amiga games. Any proper messing about should be done on a A1200
  23. Hi, I'd join the English Amiga Board where they would be more than happy to see what you've got! http://eab.abime.net/
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