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  1. RobNoyce

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Don't forget the 30 odd dollars if shipping to the UK!
  2. I've come to much the same conclusion. I didn't have nearly such a negative reaction to Demons Souls so I thought if I persisted I'd find my way with it but maybe that one experience was enough!
  3. I haven't. I've got Bloodborne to return to at some point too but I think I'll take a break once Dark Souls is done and play something a bit more sedate.
  4. Ha, it's being invaded while aiming for a boss with summon help that's added to the frustration at times. I find the general atmosphere and locales really interesting and the enemy design is second to none in places. I feel so abused by it that it's like I'm too bitter to enjoy the victories (when I finally took down Ornstein and Smough there was no joyful elation, I was practically spitting at the screen). I think maybe my heads not in the right place to play something requiring patience and determination.
  5. RobNoyce

    Demon's Souls

    It's the only way I've been able to persist with Dark Souls after two previous attempts at it (See whining in the other thread!)
  6. I don't want to take a massive shit in the thread but I just can't get on with this at all. I am just about to tackle the Crystal Caverns and am persisting through sheer will to know it's finally complete (I have tried on two other occasions to play it!). Unless I have some miraculous change of heart upon completing it I don't think I'll be touching anymore of these souls games (I have completed Demons Souls). It's an utterly joyless war of attrition for me with some astonishingly mean spirited, dissatisfying design (Tomb of the Giants... fucking, fuck right off). I think everything that makes them so special for people is everything that turns me cold!
  7. RobNoyce

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Makes sense. Rage was sold on its vehicular combat blended with FPS sections. I hope they have a lot of structure damage a la Just Cause too if it really is Avalanche.
  8. RobNoyce

    Demon's Souls

    Aye, the one in your spoiler. I remember little else but being infuriated by him until I finally managed to kill him off! I can't remember where the game went from that point I did start playing Bloodborne and got that familiar wimpy feeling of "This is going to be harsh". I'll go back to it at some point but they require so much time investment and the way they hide secrets and aspects of their games I find too obtuse. I've been playing Dark Souls with a guide and there's a ton of stuff I would never know/find in a million years and although it's a good thing to have that depth for the people who want it I like to be as thorough as I can in a single playthrough and move on to the next game! I wish I could let go of my need to ace a game as close to 100% as possible (because the reality is I barely scratch the surface of a lot of stuff despite my best efforts!).
  9. RobNoyce

    Demon's Souls

    This is the only Souls game I have currently completed. It felt good at the time (I struggled on the last boss for absolutely ages) but I wish I'd listened to myself and left it at Demons Souls (currently having the strangest masochistic experience with Dark Souls, compelled to complete it but most of the time I feel nothing but actual seething hatred towards it!)
  10. RobNoyce

    Dreams - Media Molecule

    I've not dismissed anyone's opinion at all? I've expressed my own view that because it will require effort to create something large scale some people will hold that against it (which I think unfair) and maybe I will be wrong about this. Within the space of a sentence you've made a similar assertion that Dreams levels will probably be crap to play in the main because that was your experience with LBP. That's all good and what I fully expected because I know how divisive LBP ended up being as a product. It's fair to say I am invested in it and excited about it (and I was someone who enjoyed LBP) so I'll continue to post about it in a positive light until my experience with it proves otherwise. Anyone who has a contrary position is welcome to voice their own opinions and I accept that.
  11. RobNoyce

    Are SEGA back/Are they doing well this year?

    If only Sega had a well established character related to running who has iconic footwear they could base a piece of design on.
  12. RobNoyce

    Dreams - Media Molecule

    No doubt it will take a hands on for some to get on board but watching all the livestreams they've done I'm totally sold on it. It looks similar to LBP in general workflow but with way more hands on style manipulation using moves or a dualshock which should be (and looks) far more intuitive than analogue stick input. Ultimately I think it will be another case of no matter how intuitive it is it will still require significant time investment to create anything high scope or extremely polished (and some will unfairly criticize it for that).
  13. RobNoyce

    Dreams - Media Molecule

    I never actually got to play Tearaway (no Vita). In general I think twee is a pretty fair judgement of aspects of their output. If that get's up your nose then yes you're probably going to find this just as odious. I can't say I find them overly smug though there is an air of hipster about them as an entity but personally my excitement for the tools and opportunity to play overrides any distaste in that.
  14. RobNoyce

    Dreams - Media Molecule

    I can't find a topic on this so I thought I'd start one as it's supposedly out this year and I think it looks astonishing. I know there is some negative feeling towards MM for their Little Big Planet games around these parts and how they aren't Edge 10/10, floaty shit platformers etc etc. That wasn't my overriding experience with them (replayed them recently in anticipation of Dreams) and this new game/creative suite looks to be a fantastic evolution of their LBP concept. Media I've watched a lot of the associated media and it gets me super excited at the potential for even just messing about and creating short interactive pieces (unlike LBP it has a fully featured section for music creation as well as level/character sculpting and game logic.) The cherry on top for me is there is supposedly PSVR support down the road post release. Obviously that's very niche but getting to create within a virtual space itself is something I never thought accessible without working at an expensive high end development studio! I hope it finds an audience because they are clearly a very passionate, creative studio.
  15. RobNoyce

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    I think what @Masu posted earlier 'Starfield' is a possibility. They've supposedly got two things on the burner that aren't elder scrolls 6 that come before.

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