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  1. The read continues.. I am up to Lords and Ladies now (halfway through). It's already one of my favourite books of all time and has had me laughing at regular intervals, Granny and Nanny are such a perfect double act. I haven't felt this entertained by a piece of media/literature for ages. Looking forward to the next guards book coming up too.
  2. Wrap it up in 3 or 4 tortillas into a tray and cover in more chilli grate cheese on top and bake in the oven enchilada style.
  3. This will be god awful most likely. I hope they bin off Axel as a lead and focus on the amazing beating machine that is Adam.
  4. I think it's always been such a threadbare concept (in a good way) I'm more than happy for it to periodically reboot. She's a bit like Bond in that way. I hope we get something closer to the solitude and atmosphere of the original game rather than more bombast
  5. I did a bit of a prequel binge yesterday in readiness for this. Ewan McGregor is easily one of the best things about it and I have softened on them with age (though there are some incredible clangers along the way still and attack of the clowns is mostly terrible). I hope we get a bit of suprise Qui Gonn force ghost action, Liam Neeson is pretty great in phantom menace. Really looking forward to it.
  6. 6 hours in I do not regret buying this despite my misgivings with the Souls template. I do absolutely miss the parry mechanic from Sekiro but the open world is really helping me mitigate my usual frustrations with Bosses impeding progress (the other QOL and accessibility added are greatly helping too)
  7. Ryzen 5900, RTX 3080, 32gig ram, NVME. There is definite hitching now and again and I've had one serious crash. In the starting / first area but spoilered just in case
  8. Keep at it dude, I thought him too much but when I finally beat him I could routinely walk through his first two phases without breaking a sweat Some tips (if you want)
  9. FUCKING YES! That is all.
  10. There is an associated combat art for it, but I can't remember if it unlocks with the mortal blade or a different boss fight.
  11. I am close to the end I think. Just rinsed the corrupted monk in the fountainhead area. I have an idea of what awaits and can't say I'm looking forward to the last boss based on what little I know of his reputation! (I have a history with this sort of game of becoming my most defeatist when I am right at the last hurdle)
  12. That's awesome to see. Compared to the first two videos you sent it's amazing how much more aggressive you look and deflecting like a pro!
  13. Aye, the first thing he does in that third stage is open to Mikiri Counter. Keep practicising the lighting counter, once it clicks you should be able to pull it off consistently. You are very nearly there, it seems intimidating but you are over the worst I think once you realise he looks like he's gone into some uber mode but its basically the same thing with extra flashiness.
  14. It's definitely a game of being way more aggressive than your average FROM title, but knowing where the limits are to spamming attacks (don't be too greedy) and being ready to parry/counter.
  15. I tend to make a determined decision to focus on tackling a boss and then make sure my skill points are rounded up and my carried coin is low and just plough in repeatedly (like Robdood points out those are the main penalties). It can be very frustrating but I have yet to find a boss that can't be overcome by drilling down and learning their patterns and attacks. Anytime I've hit a hard wall on one I have a read online about their attacks and that always helps me start to identify their patterns and begin building muscle memory to tackle them.
  16. It will be interesting to see if this is being developed as an enormous next gen GTA online with a single player component or like GTA5 and RDR2 as a major single player entry that will develop its online component/community over time after release. I have heard through a friend of a friend type whispering Vice city is the destination again but pinch of salt and all that. I really hope it explores a past era again as the contemporary settings of 4 and 5 just leave me cold.
  17. Oh really? I did try googling around this (and obviously did a piss poor job) I got the impression parry was a shield based skill only. I will not be able to resist picking it up but I didn't get on with Dark Souls 3 at all so it's likely not going to be for me. I'm hoping the more open structure will mitigate some of the things that I really detest about the Souls series. I killed the giraffe centipede monster (or whatever it's called) recently, how far in would I be roughly? Even half way through?
  18. I've gone back to this recently and finally beaten Genchiro, it is a wonderful feeling how easy it felt working through his phases compared to my initial attempts. I am gutted Elden Ring is a return to carrying a shield and having to time those naff hand wave animations for parrying, I much prefer a straight up block that has to be delayed to the last moment like Sekiro.
  19. Enjoying it so far (especially 3rd episode). The title music/sequence is absolutely perfect!
  20. I don't think there's anything wrong with being sensitive to the killing of digital animals, it's sweetly compassionate. Personally I'm more in the @Mortis camp though and everything in a videogame context is fair game, it's totally separate from the same action in reality in my head. I'd rather people were getting their kicks hunting and fulfilling their base urges on 1's and 0's than causing actual harm.
  21. Creatures 2 C64 'brown' has never looked so incredibly vibrant and beyond the capabilities of the machine!
  22. I had a look at the demo. It's an odd beast but I did find the feel of the ship incredibly satisfying. I died a lot though (and encountered my usual frustrations with the classic 'defend this convoy' mission) so I'll probably take a look when it's a bit cheaper.
  23. Is it quite arcadey or more towards the wing commander end of things? Also is there a cockpit view or is it forced third person view? (In which case I assume it is a bit arcade like)
  24. I watched the first episode (fell asleep more due to work tiredness). What I did see though had me thinking the three leads did a very admirable job of portraying Spike, Jett and Faye. That clip of Ed above has put me right off though. Quirky child characters can be a massive annoyance in anime but I think Edward is one of the good ones and they've utterly blown it by the looks of it!
  25. The next mainline Final Fantasy should ditch the cast of bland, androgenous, pretty popstar people and go either: Full Final Fantasy 9 style again with an outlandish cast of varied races in a chibi-ish style. Or Emulate the beautiful character art of Amano 1 for 1 and commit to a laborious acrylic/watercolour artstyle. No chance of either but I'd dearly love to see a talented team do the second one.
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