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  1. The novelty of different settings really appealed to me and kept it feeling fresh seeing the variants of each weapon type (Notre dame, Chicago, and the robobaby kid being personal faves). I absolutely agree that the levels play out like memory tests but that was a large part of the appeal for me, replaying them quickly trying to perfect them. I wouldn't get rid of the amazing open experiences we have today but I do hunger for this sort of learnable, linear shooter from time to time.
  2. Great news! I recently booted up the PS2 and played a good chunk of the second game with it's lovey setting variety and art-style. This most likely is remaster territory but the small possibility of a jazzy new game is an exciting prospect. This series could totally work episodically with each release encompassing a discreet time period and set of characters/enemies.
  3. Ran

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    The only reason I rescued this little beauty from the skip was because I used to have a Resident Evil fuelled obsession with decorating a study like one of the Spencer mansion rooms.
  4. Ran

    Quite possibly...

    I prefer to just cut the sucker into 6 wedges and eat into /suck the flesh with the peel being a handy grip.
  5. Losing Ebony Maw was my only slight disappointment. As cool as having a more nuanced villain like Thanos is with some actual motivations beyond "I am a baddie who does bad things", I thought Maw was really menacingly portrayed and a fine villain in the great tradition of "I am a baddie who does bad things". Would have liked to see him torture/maim/off a couple more heroes for a bigger 'we got him!' pay off in the second film.
  6. Ran

    No Man's Sky

    4am people... 4AM! I thought I was growing a little weary just as I happened to finally pluck for a freighter and the sudden vast storage space and command opportunity I acquired spawned that monster session!
  7. Ran

    A great gaming track a day

    Thread is missing some Creatures 2 greatness:
  8. Ran

    No Man's Sky

    Can't stop thinking about this today. This has all the hallmarks of intense play for 2-3 weeks until I burn myself out on it. I found an eerie barren moon last night that suited my taste for a gloomy villainous lair but it felt too early to settle in and obsess with base building. (It's not like there's a limited amount of potential candidates to explore!)
  9. Ran

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    I think that could work as the climax of an initial film. Though I've not seen it for a while (and never finished the book to my great shame) so what do I know! Watching the Lynch film and when I did attempt the book it's odd but I lose interest at roughly the same point (Where Paul is among the Fremen)
  10. Ran

    No Man's Sky

    I was completely absorbed by this last night (one of those "1am? how the fuck!" moments). I got a reasonable 10 hours on the original release but it never quite stuck with me but they really deserve huge amounts of praise for the continued support they've sunk into this. Did they ever add to the weapons beyond lasers and rockets? Understandably it's not a combat focused game and bullet style guns might be considered out of sync with the aesthetic, I just miss my chain guns from Elite!
  11. Ran

    No Man's Sky

    Any sign of this on Steam yet? I feel a bit dumb about this but how can you even tell what version you're patched up to?
  12. Ran

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Most notable thing I'm aware of is the voice of Chloe in the 'Life is Strange' series.
  13. Ran

    No Man's Sky

    Is it known what time this patch is going to drop? (Steam, UK) @SqueakyG I think it's been confirmed that it's still possible to play without others so I assume PSN Plus is only a requirement if you want to hook up with other players.
  14. Agreed, checked it out on Friday and I thought I must be missing something because I was stony faced throughout. Central character was loud and arrogant in an irritating way too like a bad version of Zap Brannigan

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