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  1. Well, if they've got one thing right I am absolutely on tenterhooks waiting for a trailer now as it's hard to see this as anything other than cataclysmically misjudged. I wish I could see the reaction of my ten year old self to all this!
  2. It's going to look like Usain Bolt with a giant, furry Sonic head on!
  3. Ran

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Same team that did the cute little D&D Beyond promo from the looks of it. Even more polished though! Great work. I haven't really felt like watching for a month or so, will get back into it at some point. (I watched most of the first campaign daily so think I preferred having it to tune into every day like a radio serial in the background while I work!)
  4. Ran

    The Thing

    It's in my harem of take it for granted movies like Die Hard where I'm confident I'll come across it at some point and watch it whether it's just starting or halfway through!
  5. Ran

    The Thing

    Noticed this was on Prime after a million previous incidents of saying "OOOO The Thing... oh no wait that's the inferior prequel" I'm classing it as my first christmas movie this year on account of all the snow. Fucking ace film.
  6. Ran

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    The aging Creation engine is far past a reasonable excuse anymore. As already said it's been lamented about over many projects now and it's hard to accept they haven't had the resources to launch a future title internally (Fallout 4, Starfield or Elder scrolls VI) as a new engine project. Instead they seem to have a mantra of "It is broke a bit but people buy this shit in the millions anyway so leave it!" and I guess who can blame them for that but maybe this Fallout 76 garbage fire will be the catalyst for change but who knows (I wonder if they always set low, low sales expectations and wanted to test the multiplayer waters and fix it over time).
  7. Aye, it was very engaging overall if a little bleak. I'm not super attuned to subtext or metaphor in film but I was getting a strong vibe in the last story that they were all already dead and crossing over or something, but I'm probably way off.
  8. Picked up issue 2 on a whim in smiths, any way I can pick up the first issue or I have missed the boat?
  9. Ran

    Illustration Club

    Started work on this in March 2017 because I wanted something large and personalised for my office/gamesroom! Estimate it's about 200hrs work in total. Looking forward to printing out the large version and finally getting it up on the wall (Though I am kind of sick of looking at it too! ).
  10. Ran

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    In all the excitement of revisiting some old favourites I somehow completely blanked that I could just play PS1 and PS2 titles on the PS3 anyway. So I've been doing that instead!
  11. I don't know, pompous arrogant Sony can't be completely dead given their dominance this generation. Perhaps they are planning their own event unrelated to E3 to directly reveal the PS5 instead (Given I am almost always dead wrong with my predictions it's unlikely). The news is disappointing, E3 conference time has been like christmas for me these past 5 or 6 years but change isn't necessarily bad. Copying Nintendo and having a more frequent update with their customers with less "BE HYPED... ...for this major release in 5 years" could be good.
  12. Very unlikely but I hope it leads to something new in one of these franchises on PC (Dune preferably @gizmo1990 ). With Petroglyph involved there's reason for optimism but at best I think we'll have something akin to the Starcraft remaster (which was nice and dandy for preserving a classic and bringing it up to date but I'd love something with the sensibility and structure of a classic RTS with beautifully detailed modern graphics tech and shaders. (I never did really get on with Grey Goo, the setting just didn't grab me I think)
  13. Ran

    Name that retro arcade game

    Night Slashers? Sourced from here: http://www.racketboy.com/retro/the-best-undiscovered-beat-em-ups
  14. Ran

    Name that retro arcade game

    Possibly Splatterhouse?
  15. Ran

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    It never ceases to amaze me how consistent this monthly thread is in producing a cavalcade of "They scored it WHAT?" responses. Talk of some kind of conspiracy is pretty dumb, from what I've played of RDR2 so far it's not a 10 in my book but is it a million miles away from one? Of course not so it joins a long list of differences in opinion I've had with the magazine over the years, as well as instances of common experience (LBP... a total 10 for me, what a lunatic eh?). All that said I received the only glorious Dave White cover that didn't interest me the other month (Halo) so I shall be cancelling my subscription via a hand crafted letter made of EDGE cuttings and dog poo naturally.

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