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  1. Ran

    The 3D Thread

    Hey @Broker Knew there was one somewhere!
  2. I think there might have been a 3D thread at one point. Nothing saying you can't put it here too (particularly if its game related!)
  3. Jesus, imagine your takeaway of a movie about an innocent child rejecting the (historically real) propaganda of Nazi Germany being "Those soft lefties are talking nonsense again."
  4. Clueless hacks. I doubt I'll see a better film this year. It's fantastic.
  5. You need to progress the Base building questline to get the buggy. (It's suprisingly far into the chain I thought too). I was a bit disappointed with the handling on it to be honest after grinding up to get it. (Read disappointed as "Oh well, that's not as fun as I thought it would be. I'll continue to sink 200 hours into everything else!" )
  6. Ran


    Just encountered this on Eurogamer and I think it looks like a great piece of design. It's tidy looking but has that air of AA, so not dripping with lavish production values but neither was their previous game Sang-Froid. I never played it myself but it was very well received generally and this looks to be just as well thought through and implemented. Developer website
  7. Aye, it stood out particularly to me because they branded it a 'Vac tube'. I guess that's 'toilet', I await the poo-doo style equivalent that means 'shitter'
  8. With the popularity of the show on Netflix and the recent renegotiation of the rights to them I think it's probably a given that a remaster is in the works if not an entirely new game. I think they were/are a little burnt out by the franchise in general (at least that's a vague impression I got reading an early preview about Cyberpunk) so I wonder if they'd form a new team for development but it seems like such a bankable prospect I'll be shocked if it doesn't happen.
  9. I honestly wouldn't care if they revisited the prequel idea (as a trilogy or anything). Anakin's fall really could have been something special but it was really clumsily handled and detracts from the Vader character rather than adding to it. I still get a chill from Alec Guinness' line "he was a cunning warrior.. and a good friend" and don't think anything portrayed in the prequels fulfilled the potential that's loaded in that one bit of mournful dialogue.
  10. You'd hope as much but then I was pretty dismayed at how quickly both manufacturers seemed to race to be the de rigueur home of 4K disregarding any hope of 1080 / 60fps as a minimum standard. I expect this will be the same story with hitting the higher resolution being a priority over stable and consistent high performance. The higher framerate is unimportant to many people though so I guess it's fair enough.
  11. Ran

    Nintendo Switch

    I have a (probably stupid) question inspired by the 'pinnacle of game graphics' thread in the retro forum. Remember in the 16bit era when carts started getting augmented with custom chips to boost their performance and allow rudimentary 3D? Given the Switch uses carts is the same approach theoretically possible? Could a Switch cart have some onboard tech that allowed the console to go beyond it's hardware limitations?
  12. The PS5 launch lineup is propped up with 'next-gen' ports but unveiled with some incredible looking games (Spiderman 2, God of War 2, Gran Turismo, release date 2022) The console also makes a big song and dance around being the home of VR, along with a Half Life: Alyx console exclusive reveal. Microsoft gain some traction again with a more powerful console and the excellent value game pass. First party content still doesn't quite have the mystical allure the PlayStation brand has. Nintendo have a very software focused year, rumours swirl of an actual Switch successor but no details. Metroid gets its first airing, no BOTW 2. Super Metroid gets a lavish remake/reveal a la 'Links Awakening' Rocksteady show us their new game finally goddamit! (Being far too hyped for it now I find it not to my taste!). A new Arkham game is unveiled developed by the Origins team. 2020 sees the return of (announced, not released): Prince of Persia Legacy of Kain Kid Icarus Advance Wars! (Pleeeeease)
  13. I am eyeing this up after getting back into origins after a year but is it just a prettier cookie cutter version of it? Is there anything distinctly different or evolved about it?
  14. It's a pretty close run thing between. Gunstar Heroes 2 (MD) (gunstar super heroes doesn't count, it was a poor rehash IMO) Creatures 3 (C64). I know on balance these were pretty shallow but I was totally bewitched by the first 2!
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