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  1. Ah, had another look. I have one playlist like yours called "MAME" and another (the one I know it uses) called "Arcade" Maybe there's an issue with calling it MAME, looks like I encountered something like that and worked around it by calling the playlist/thumbnail folder something else.
  2. Absolutely not my area of expertise so my apologies if this is utterly useless but I'm using Retroarch through the PSone mini and as far as I can see I'm getting it to flashup custom art for MAME stuff the same way as anything else. retroarch>thumbnails>PLAYLISTNAME>Named_Boxarts then the boxart images I use are named the same as they are titled in my playlists.
  3. I was just coming in here to talk about Super Metroid. I didn't play it originally and then finally emulated and completed it about 15 years ago. I fired it up again for another playthrough a few days ago and I think it's aged beautifully, there are very few 16bit and earlier games I enjoy beyond mostly nostalgia but this is definitely one of them. The atmosphere and sense of discovery is pretty peerless.
  4. I'm not so sure, Covid might have impacted their schedule but they consistently info dump and release within 12 months. So it's feasible they could do a full reveal around traditional E3 time (juneish next year) and target a November 2021 release. We saw nothing of Fallout 4 but were playing it 6 months or so after its full reveal, and I'm sure Skyrim was a similar situation.
  5. I might be misremembering here but wasn't Starfield always touted by Bethesda as a 'next-gen' development? Will be interesting to see if there's an Xbox one S version (I hope not) or if it might be their first true next gen exclusive (that is assuming a planned Playstation release is binned which seems a given but I am waiting for them to definitively say so)
  6. "Cowadunga!" I remember it well.
  7. I'll be surprised if this is anything more than higher resolutions, tidied up textures and maybe some QOL improvements mostly to the original Mass Effect to bring it more in line with the last two. It doesn't seem like there's been enough development time (or the willingness/resources at EA) for a Bluepoint style lavish remake for all 3 games.
  8. There's probably a whole sequence of events they didn't want to show that pushes aside Parker-Spiderman so it's just Miles vs the Rhino.
  9. Did you complete it? I have a long embarrassing history of being a bit of a toddler with my toys when they don't do what I want. At about 12-13 I taught my C64 the price of not loading what I wanted on command was to be hurled down the stairs. Unfortunately I didn't get what I deserved on that occasion and it was still working afterwards!
  10. Just checked. Rest assured I am also in the "abused by level 45" support group!
  11. If you felt your ears burning earlier today it's because I was stuck on level 47 and howled out your name as a curse!
  12. Best of luck with it dude, I've only done the first couple of levels and I like it a lot already. Everything feels and looks just right (and that title screen/level select music is particularly wonderful!)
  13. Flashback into Fade to Black maybe? Also had console releases but I used to think of it as an Amiga game primarily
  14. Had a blast with this yesterday! Though I was a little dismayed after dusting off my T-flight stick to see it's actually a PS3 stick and surprise, surprise isn't supported. Fucking greedy bastards!
  15. That's 30 notes you've just cost me good sir.
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