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  1. The visors activated by pressing your left hand to your head. It is a strangely underwhelming initial feeling in VR compared to other experiences, but it's absolutely absorbing after a short, I'm away at the moment and can't stop thinking about driving back in
  2. In a fit of personal growth I have elected to install it and continue working with it sat tantalizingly inches away from me... @stefcha I had to manually search for updates for my PS4 to find it personally.
  3. @Davros sock drawer You won't regret it. The novelty of a BIG FUCKING MASSIVE screen has not worn off for me nearly two years later!
  4. Man, he (Matt) is SO patient and thorough ep 74
  5. Yeah that sounds a bit short to me. I've been using it for longer spells without issues, maybe there's a problem with the console. ☹️
  6. I had an irrational hatred of Deadwood because Ian Mcshane was in Sunday afternoon whimsy (as I saw it) Lovejoy. And then I actually watched it with open adult eyes and realised that Al Swearengen is a fucking supremely awesome cocksucker you cannot take your eyes off for a minute. I should probably revisit Lovejoy too!
  7. Maybe aye. I've been using the Cruzer 64GB drive from the opening post and it's worked perfectly so far (I did have one notable crash but I think that was the PS classic overheating and shutting down as I had been running it full tilt all day/ good chunk of the evening). Any wireless pad recommends with analog? Don't want to waste any money getting something that doesn't work (preferably near instantly)
  8. I think Robin Jarvis is a criminally overlooked childrens author and his Wyrd Museum trilogy would be my pick. Maybe not the exact story so much but the setting is wonderful. A single dad becomes the caretaker of an old, mysterious London museum and he and his sons become embroiled in an escalating series of adventures as the museum (owned by three odd spinsters ) turns out to be more of a warehouse for the oldest and most powerful relics in the world. I always see it as a Resident Evil style museum explorer.
  9. Just because there's a loophole doesn't make it right. They make plenty of money and are situated in the UK so they shouldn't seek to avoid tax they owe when the majority of us pay our due. If you leave your wallet out and it gets stolen you may feel a bit stupid but at the end of day the scrote who took it is still a no good thief.
  10. BAD Because I thought it was cool... It was not.
  11. It's the rule I've always used personally (specifically when it involves anyone between 16-21). It's hard not to picture a 28 year old dating a 16 year old as a bit predatory but these things should be considered on a case by case basis.
  12. I went through it again recently and its testament to how good it is that I stuck it out and did ALL the Riddler stuff again, however the whole game does go a bit too Ubisoft with layering on the drones/towers/bombs 3 or 4 times throughout and The reveal of the Arkham Knight makes the worlds greatest detective look stupid because even as a non comic reader I guessed it a billion miles off a couple of beats into the narrative. The batmobile is brilliantly implemented though and I loved charging around in it and flipping between being a supercar and a tank at whim.
  13. Just to clarify, you need to be blocking and press 'A' to perform the shield counter thing at the right time. Once you've done it once it's suprisingly straightforward to repeat, It's just after the eye starts firing at you (when there's wavy, glowy power lines all around the eye). It feels totally boss!
  14. ...but if it hooks you, you could easily be looking at 30-40 hours and barely a quarter through (I've done a single "dungeon" and still got 2 thirds of the map to unlock!)
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