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  1. Men at arms finished. It's hard to put into words how good this was, just one of those things that leaves you with the warmest, most satisfied feeling. I've been reading them in order but I may ignore my OCD and jump to Interesting Times because I've read Soul Music before and it's not going to arrive for a week or so.
  2. Thank you for this, I am laughing like a drain. It was particularly enhanced when I imagined her emerging from the shower cubicle on your actual ship as you were happily piloting away on a regular space errand oblivious to the obvious danger you were both suddenly in!
  3. Dragons Lair The technology exists to render Dirk and all of Don Bluths wonderful characters and animation in a real time setting divorced from pure QTE, probably a good idea to update the premise from damsel in distress too. Time Crisis Full on VR reimagining. Extend the whole storyline and scenarios but keep the cheesy action movie feel and slightly cartoony aesthetic.
  4. It is brilliant. There have been no space battles and not even a whiff of a lightsaber and it's better for it in how it proves this is a universe that can grow beyond some of it's more popular elements. (I say this as someone who's generally enjoyed most of the recent output to some degree apart from Boba which left me mostly cold)
  5. I long for a final fantasy that isn't just a cast of hyper androgenous humanoids. A Quina Quen or Freya here or there would be amazing
  6. I've set aside about a grand of my upcoming house sale for a 'treat' ... If there's a decent psvr/PS5 bundle (and it's actually available) I may not be able to resist! I am disappointed there isn't PC functionality. I do wonder if there will be some low effort PS5 ports to boost the library (Astrobot, Squadrons.. Skyrim again! )
  7. Is there are incentive to pre-order this on PC? Its £49.99 on Steam which I assume will be the ticket price after launch too.
  8. I am such a massive sucker for a flexible character creator. I may buy it for that alone (I am totally useless at 1 on 1 fighters)
  9. I read the Eurogamer preview which doesn't give anything away but does confirm a lot of what I was hoping for. Chiefly a greater variety of enemies and mini bosses to fight. I hope the gear is streamlined or enhanced somehow too, I found that aspect of the original a bit of a chore.
  10. Watching these convinced me to finally try and implement some hitpause in my hobby project. It does make a pleasing difference! (Pity my code in general is so shabby and held together with duct tape and prayers!)
  11. I would welcome some thematic or visual variance in the shrines (or dungeon equivalent). Not a deal breaker by any means though. Breakable weapons remaining is fine with me but I wish there was some way to streamline the process of changing up weapons / armours etc. Going in and out of the UI broke up the flow of the game for me at times but I can't think of a way to do this. (I always wanted Prince of Persia warrior within to be built upon in this way, it had the seed of all weapons being disposable and you roll around sweeping swords up, throw them, steal them from enemies during combat to use against themselves) I loved the idea of using the shiekah stone powers in combat but it was too cumbersome to pull off I found rather than charge in and smack shit up most of the time, so I'd rather the weapons had a slightly more developed combat model with movesets (like twilight princess), this seems in opposition to the feel of BOTW though so not expecting it. I'm just excited for it though and will go in ready to experience whatever they've come up with at this point.
  12. I've always had a fondness for this one. First Zelda I played (and maybe first game on my GB). It sets things up perfectly with very little and the music throughout is incredible. https://youtu.be/E0ErE4l1EKM
  13. Ran

    Nintendo Switch

    The ports are nailed on.. I have just finished replaying wind waker and am too far into replaying twilight princess to want to start over on Switch, so I'll save some money I guess!
  14. 42 bud! Just numbers at the end of the day but it is surprising how much dexterity is already gone!
  15. This is a little bit of a humblebrag thread but I want to encourage others to celebrate the defiance of time! I have been dabbling with emulation again recently up to the PS2/GameCube generation and this led me to fire up Gitaroo Man for the first time in 15-20 years. Way back during a Uni course the lovely @beakbeak introduced me to this little gem (amongst other superb morsels like Gradius V and Third strike). I was very taken with Gitaroo Man though and after much sweat and repetition added it to my completed games list (only on normal I should add!). Today after much gnashing of teeth I finally offed the last 3 tracks and felt a real sense of triumph that my now crooked fingers could still just about achieve this feat! Anyone else gone back to something challenging and found it's still within their reach?
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