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  1. Cheers, I think I'm about half way through now and have adjusted to it (it is relatively minor to the point where I wonder if I'd have noticed if not for all the coverage about stuttering/performance before playing). Initially thought this was merely ok but I am massively into it now. Doesn't have the (initial) sombre terror of RE7 and just leans into wild, crazy horror which is just fine with me.
  2. Started last night and I'm sure I would have had a ball if not for the super irritating stuttering issues (on PC). I was googling wildly (read about the crack fixing it but don't want to go that route). I got the worrying impression Capcom have already dropped a patch to address this a few days ago and I am maybe stuck with it as is now. I am desperate to carry on playing but it's one of those experiences now where I feel bitter the whole time as it continuously performs well under the level it should.
  3. It's absolutely prime for a remake for the simple reason that it's probably the only route that leads to new 'Dead Space'. Obviously the Callisto Protocol is also carrying the torch for that dream too but I am more than happy to live in a future timeline where there's a new Dead Space AND a brand new IP from the creators of Dead Space that has been developed to try and fill that void too!
  4. I've been having a persistent micro stutter on my PC so have ditched it for now because it's very annoying. It is a lovely piece of work although I am two great souls in and starting to feel a bit bored with the combat.
  5. It'll be some kind of corrupt corporate military force has invoked martial law or massive gangs have taken the city streets so there's a convenient excuse for hundreds of baddies to shoot is my guess.
  6. Using one of these 'do something every day' journal type things just to have a bit of a inspiration instead of feeling guilty about not drawing ever!
  7. Possibly brilliant news. Makes it all the more frustrating with how they clumsily killed the franchise dead with their meddling in the third game. I am thankful the wind has blown them to start chasing single player epics again but I'm sure they will wildly pivot all their franchises into whatever success story emerges over the coming years again.
  8. Ran


    This looks exactly how I pictured scrolling beat em ups evolving into 3D. I hope it plays as good as it looks.
  9. I read a daft clickbait article yesterday about how Todd Howard is being cagey about being able to climb ladders properly in the game engine despite it being in the teaser. On the one hand it's not something I've cared about in their previous titles but on the other it's a haunting reminder that we may be in for the usual legacy issues and jankiness associated with this Gamebryo abomination! There is definitely a certain kind of feel with the BSG rpgs though (that isn't exclusively bad) and I guess maybe it might just feel off if they tried a new engine instead of grossly sewing on new body parts inbetween projects while it hoarsely whispers "kiiilll... meeeeeeee....."
  10. Felt like I've waited long enough for updates and started again on PC. It's such an amazing place to be in game wise. I have barely touched the main quest again and just been bouncing from marker to marker having a great time with the occasional bug still causing annoyance. I'd say nothing stands out as amazing within the systems themselves (stealth/combat/driving all feel ok but nowhere near best in class) but it all hangs together brilliantly in the main. I am the sort of player who has to tackle everything and finish on the main quest line (piece of my brain just doesn't want to play in a world where the main quest is done), is there a sensible point to play up to and then start your own diversions? I got as far as Mr Silverhand joining my party last time and thought that was probably it but want to be sure there aren't other things locked behind the main quest.
  11. I can't see this having flying between atmospheres it will probably be canned landings to specific points on a planets surface. I wonder whether this will have equivalent melee systems (hopefully something better than their historically shonky offerings) or some kind of equivalent to magic abilities or will this be a dull guns only affair. I am surprised they would say something as specific as a "Han-Solo" simulator too because that implies exotic alien species, exciting space combat/navigation and adventure and what they've shown so far looks a lot more po-faced and grounded than that.
  12. Aye it looks great. Really clean and faithful enough to the original art. There are some minor things like I wish the explosions were a bit meatier and I would have preferred everything to look a bit more detailed and intricate rather than moulded plastic. The only issue is price where so much of the original design will have been used (and I have played them both) I'm not sure I want to be paying full price unless there's a nice physical edition.
  13. Yes! I went full Pachter and spoke total bollocks. I am pretty confident those 3 Nintendo shouts will also be red by the end of the day.
  14. Yep, Skyward Sword, Mario Golf in the main I think too. Not expecting BOTW2 and definitely not expecting anything from Metroid now.
  15. It's been massively disappointing this year but I think I just have to accept my own part in that for allowing my expectations to massively outstrip reality. The Capcom show last night was the absolute nadir of that but in fairness to them, there was a clear list of what they were going to include in the youtube description and not a hint of "a few surprises". We're seeing the continuing results of what the pandemic has wrought on development and it's ok to be disappointed but I have a fresh perspective for today that has happily moved on from my mood in the evening of "FUCK E3, FUCK GAMES, WAHHHH!" ...That Nintendo conference today though eh?
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