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  1. This was a decent watch but I'd have preferred it as it's own thing rather than a Batman universe feature.
  2. Somebody hold me... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-10-09-sony-patent-points-to-next-gen-playstation-vr I am frighteningly ready to drop £800+ on a new console plus new VR!
  3. Petty, petty things that you assume are inconsequential to most people but you find hard to ignore "Grey lasers" I think about this a lot. I don't understand why so many third person games that feature shooting conventional weapons employ god awful tracer visuals. You know what I mean right? That hideous semi-transparent, smoky grey line that denotes a bullet from a gun (See a lot of Rockstar's output). I find it really robs the act of shooting any feeling of power makes the gunfire itself look like some kind of piddly, smoky railgun or grey laser. Further enhanced in it's hideousness if you happen to be firing quickly from a fast moving vehicle leaving a trail of lines. The template for perfect 3rd person gunfire was set out ages ago in Resident Evil 4 and it should be the gold standard everyone uses as their basis! "An elegant weapon for a more civilised age" This is Obi-wan describing a lightsaber from Star Wars obviously and how true it seems as we watch it used throughout the film franchise. Employed methodically like the samurais of old to quickly dispatch assailants with one swift stroke and engage in thoughtful duels with rivals. One of the coolest science fiction weapons ever concieved, so naturally any videogame where you run around brandishing one should be amazing right? You fire it up and those amazing Ben Burtt fx start filling your ears, giddy with anticipation you start hammering your attack button at some hapless stormtrooper not blessed with the AI to not be there but the payoff never comes. After performing a variety of reactionary dance moves to your swipes the fascist hits the deck very much in one piece and the only thing missing is the animation of a confused Jedi inspecting his weapon for faulty batteries. These are two of mine. What are yours?
  4. Helena and Michelle were annoyingly "don't like you so, yer out!" choices. They claim it's all on that week but it doesn't seem that way in the editing. I thought Priya or Rosie should have gone at least instead of one of them on how the comments fell and how things looked. Sorry I'm clearly still talking about the week before!
  5. I think Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword are progressively worse 3D Zelda's that emphasise why Breath of the Wild is amazing. To be clear neither is bad and I played through both mostly happy, but they do nothing beyond Ocarina of Time than look better and remix the standard formula. Wind waker is arguably worse than both TP and SS but it's so charming and loveably different visually I see it as its own to thing. Breath of the Wild then comes along and blows them all away with it's absolute freedom whilst still feeling like the same series.
  6. Very exciting tech. I like what he's done with it instead of just throwing a load of zombies at the player or similar. (Though I'd love to see something like BLACK implemented with this much physical destruction enabled)
  7. I thought this was totally abysmal. I had incredibly low expectations and it surpassed them easily. All the writing is horribly on the nose. It may be just a rote setup for the carnage to come but I thought even the big climax was devoid of any tension, drama or style. Just a bland procession of men being slaightered.
  8. Aye, this is still magical. Was also my first Zelda experience at 13 so my view is coloured somewhat but I think it's easily one of the best in the series. I absolutely blitzed through 70-80% of it in one sitting yesterday. Having had such a good time with Link between Worlds and now this again I am hoping to see more traditional 2D Zeldas in time (absolutely feverish for BOTW2 also and basically any Zelda I guess!)
  9. Everytime I play this I injure my back from being a seven year old and refusing to sensibly take the PSVR off for breaks...
  10. I had a great time personally. Enjoyed the first one too. Some important caveats: Watched with a group of friends I used to watch silly horror movies with so that may have enhanced the experience. Watched it in a novelty 4DX screening so that's always a bit of extra theatre to it. It absolutely brought to mind some of my teenage years watching daft Freddy movies in someone's bedroom of an evening so I would say if you're looking for a serious out and out horror you will be disappointed.
  11. I was surprised on a recent revisit how simplistic the world map really is. I remembered it as an exciting expanse to explore but it's little more than a space to grind out random battles while going from hub to hub. I hope they retain the ability to revisit locations mostly at will but I'm not as bothered about a 3d map representation as I was.
  12. I am quite taken with this. It is gothic and gory to the point of almost parody. The music and general atmosphere reminds me of the first Diablo too. The parry is very generous but I've already died plenty. I look forward to the next session and seeing more of it's silly grotesques!
  13. It would have been my preference too. Perhaps if this was being developed by Wayforward it would be a different story but I think the art they have produced for Wonderboy and this is still pretty damn gorgeous, they're just not a pixel art based studio sadly. In a parallel universe Sonic Mania sparked a string of beautifully modern pixel art updates to Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Golden Axe and any other classic Sega release you can think of. We just need to work out how to move there.
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