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  1. It's a non story to me in all senses. A new controller is standard practice and only stands out because Microsoft is taking such a user friendly approach in comparison this time. The feature set itself will probably only be utilised fully by first party. Third party studios can't heavily integrate in a meaningful way where there's no parity with the Xbox versions in the functionality of the controller. (So I guess I think Sony should have added compatibility with PS4 pads in but I don't really care personally)
  2. I just finished act 1 last night but am a little concerned that there's not going to be much to unlock/level going forward. I don't want to go into spoiler territory but I don't suppose the 3 upgrade trees open up in new ways somehow do they?
  3. Ran

    Gaming turn ons

    Particularly for an RPG a very customisable character creator. Dragons Dogma is near as perfect as I've seen. It's not just about crafting faces and muscle/no muscle. The range of avatar you can create lets you play anything from small skinny kid to wizened old veteran and everything inbetween, make them tall, make them full figured. It's very diverse and I felt all the more invested in my player character for it. Also great love for Saints Row 2 for inadvertently helping me create zombie speech Thulsa Doom. That was entertaining from beginning to end. (Actually it may have been Saints Row 3 with the zombie voice)
  4. I think the premise of the original game was fantastic and I'd love to see it properly realised with the potential of todays tech. Being a kid in the original was basically a tutorial transitioning to your adult self with the real granularity being with the morality good/evil stuff. I thought the real promise would have been something that properly split the characters life into a broader spectrum like: child / teen / young adult / adult / old adult / elder. Then everytime you transistioned from one lifephase to the next the world could change based on the things you'd done. Obviously a massive undertaking in terms of scope but I'd rather see more of this occur in a smaller world than just the ever increasingly vast open worlds we see.
  5. Aye, mine hasn't arrived yet. I also dreamt it was a bumper Diablo special issue with a gorgeous art pullout and one of those novelty sound gimmicks you get in cards (That played a stunning vocal version of the Diablo 1 village theme).
  6. This has made a very positive early impression on me. The combination of sound and visuals is deeply relaxing to mill about casually. The combat system is pitch perfect for my tastes too. (Though I wish there were some more overtly grisly decapitations I could perform purely on every accursed Archer I hunt down. Killjoy bastards!)
  7. PS2 Shinobi kind of did that as a game mechanic. Though it was in an action sense rather than through pure stealth I think.
  8. Hmmm, Eurogamer preview has put me off a bit. Makes it sound like the worst elements of open world games are very much in attendence (no real exploration, repetitive checklist of activities that wear thin quickly)
  9. Ran

    Xbox Series X

    They should have gone with Xbox One Zero (or Xbox10 / X10). Leapfrogging their original problem of looking a generation behind Sony if they'd gone down the route of Xbox2 etc. Then adopt Nvidia's numbering convention with future machines being X20, X30. By the time Sony get to Playstation 10 they'd be X60! ...I don't really care.
  10. I have relented and ordered this (having not ordered/played Last of Us part 2 yet!) I figure that's already been a major success so I'd rather support this first (It's probably not going to be short of customers but it was a way to decide!)
  11. If you are desperate I'm happy to mail my issue to you? I should warn you (if you are a collector) the cover's a bit damaged by being folded to push it through the letterbox (A noticeable crease running through)
  12. I feel your pain as I have the very same issues. The anxiety of a time pressure pushes me into rushing everything and not really ever taking anything in or enjoying what I'm doing, immediately makes a game feel like some kind of job! That said it reads like the mechanics have been perfectly deployed here and woven into the narrative so I'll look on longingly wishing I could alter my brain chemistry.
  13. I think it's more they would be taking way more of a hit on the digital edition because they will recoup more with people being locked into digital purchases.
  14. I think she could do a good job of it. The original movie wasn't great obviously but I always liked Lori Petty as Tank Girl in the main (I have not seen it since I was a teenager so it might be was worse than I remember)
  15. I was like a rabid meth addict desperate for his next fix waiting for the procession of Golden Axe (or Shinobi) questions but they never came. I think my follow ups were pretty much identical to yours. I did get some on Altered Beast of all things which is memorable for it's foggy speech but not exactly a classic. I guess the value in these properties is questionable beyond pure nostalgia for those of us who grew up playing them in the arcade or their home conversions. Golden Axe is a generic fantasy styled beat em up and Shinobi is an action platform game starring a ninja who forgoes any notion of stealth. Streets of Rage 4 has thankfully shown they can be respected in their original form with some level of modernisation though and I can't deny I am always thrilled to see anything from my childhood potentially revived or reimagined now.
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