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  1. Yes. You need to equip a shield in one of your two main weapon slots and then press the appreciate button when you see the exclamation mark (and are facing the direction of the attack).
  2. Bugger. That might explain it. I'll try setting my region back to UK and see if that changes anything.
  3. Fair enough. So I need to fire up the EA Play app for ME2? I'm confused as to why ME and ME2 show up in the normal Game Pass list of games but not ME2. Odd.
  4. After your first win, you'll be given the option to make things harder for yourself (the Heat level) which in turn grants you new items upon beating each of the bosses for a combination of Heat level and weapon, so on the assumption that you keep playing, you'll be able to upgrade the other weapons in due course, should you want to do so. I remain absolutely terrible with the bow, despite various accounts of it (or one of its Aspects) being overpowered so I tend to stick with the fists and the shield myself.
  5. Wordle 214 3/6 Things were not looking good after the first guess and then I got lucky with my second guess. All is well with the world and my day can begin in earnest.
  6. I don't think so. There was Breakout/Elimination in 5 where each team member only had one life per round and you have to win the best of 7 rounds, but not this kind of pool of lives for the team, and the shrinking play area is certainly new to Infinite.
  7. Is Attrition a form of Slayer where the team has a limited number of respawns?
  8. So much for not buying anything that I already own physically lol. Purchases: January Bioshock 2 (digital)
  9. I just want them to put the 360 version of ME2 so I can complete my Insanity playthrough, because otherwise I have to try and track down my original disc copy (somewhere in a box in the UK) or buy a digital copy. I wish I didn't have this completionist obsession but there you go.
  10. 01/17 Control: AWE Based on comments in the main Control thread, I went in expecting this DLC to be complete garbage and well, it wasn't. Yes, it lacked some of the inventiveness of the Foundation DLC, some of the side-quests were decidedly sub-par (find these things and shine light on them. By the way, we're not going to give you anything for actually completing them) and there was a distinct lack of Bright Falls to be seen, but I had fun levitating around more brutalist architecture, telekinetically throwing furniture/forklift trucks/corpses etc around (multi-launch was a joy and should have been in the main game) and playing more Control. The Shum arcade games were a nice touch, adding a Horde mode (that isn't the right descriptor but I can only think of the Gears of War name for it) albeit in a single area only, a timed battle and the opportunity to replay previous bosses (eg: the Anchor) and the Ashtray Maze without having to reset your progress. That said, whether it was an audio bug (dialogue dropped out during a lot of the Hotline cut-scenes, and there was no sound in the train Altered Item quest so I had to use a guide to complete that) or deliberate, "Take Control" didn't play, and so it was a very lifeless experience. Despite 505 Games unscrupulous business practices regarding the Ultimate Edition etc etc, I am faintly tempted to buy it cheap and blast through the entire game again. Except I'm trying to avoid buying games unnecessarily this year, so perhaps I'll just start up a new playthrough of this one instead. I mean, it's not like I have a Series X or a 4K TV to enjoy the Ultimate Edition properly anyway right? 3/5 (compared to 4/5 for the main game and 3.5/5 for the Foundation DLC)
  11. Is there any chance we could avoid talking about the new Matrix film in a completely unrelated thread please?
  12. Agreed. I wouldn't give credit to Abrams for thinking of this, especially given that things weren't quite so bad when TFA was released, but the sequel trilogy could also be viewed as showing that the fight is never over, and the gains of yesterday can be so easily undone without constant vigilance.
  13. I was checking previous games and Halo 3, which apparently shipped with the least number of maps at that time still had 11 maps, of which only one was a dedicated BTB map.
  14. Perhaps because those complete arseholes who harassed members of the cast and the films' creators do actually exist, and furthermore did get really worked up over a trilogy of sci-fi films?
  15. Be that as it may, following it up with a film that has actual ties to the original two films is a pretty explicit rejection of its entire premise (and according to Feig, the 2016 film was completely left out of all promotional material for a new ultimate Ghostbusters boxed set).
  16. Have you read Johnson's recent Beta ray Bill series? I heard it was really good, and I loved his art on Dead Earth so I plan to get it (although In Stock Trades are sold out so meh).
  17. Feel free to keep posting but bear in mind that with shortening attention spans, people may not want to watch an entire clip. That reminds me, I should post my clip where I grapple-jacked a Banshee on Behemoth during a Fiesta game and didn't get the related achievement. Bah.
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