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  1. Haven't been able to get a game. Selected multiplayer and just got that UNSC logo spinning around for ages but nothing actually happened. Bah.
  2. Which one did you watch? The 1992 original (and the first 18 that I saw at the cinema whilst blatantly under age but nevermind that) or this year's version?
  3. New Carcass is great by the way. Only listened all the rest through once so I'm still not sure about staying power, but it's certainly more distinctive than Surgical Steel which just seemed like Carcass doing their best Heartwork impression with a mix of absolute belters and filler. If nothing else just listen to those beautifully melodic solos by Bill Steer. Glorious. https://carcass.bandcamp.com/album/torn-arteries
  4. Frame rate discussion has been split into a new thread. I suspect there's another thread kicking around with that kind of thing in it, but it's probably old and I'd rather have a new thread than dig up the corpse of a long dead thread. Anyway, if you want to continue that discussion, fill your boots.
  5. Not knowing when to actually stop, I've decided that I'm going for the final achievement of beating all the Elite enemies (each one 50 times), champions (all 6, 10 times each) and bosses (Avatars 10 times each, the Champion of Death 5 times) without getting hit, plus beating the final Hard exploration twice in a row and lastly defeating the Champion of Death after having suffered the Final Curse (where your HP reduces over time until it reaches 1). So far I've done the last two challenges and I've done most of the Elite enemies without being hit, as well as a fair number of the champions multiple times without getting hit, but this is still going to be a grind to do the champions (2 out of 6 I haven't managed to beat even once without getting hit). Lastly, beating the Champion of Death without getting hit is going to be fun as you have to do an entire mixed temple before you can even get to him. That said, given a ceremonial dagger and a good set of claws (managed to get poison claws with a 1% modifier for each point of Perception, which was excellent), then I can consistently finish the normal mixed temple without much trouble. Well, fuck it. If I can beat the game at its hardest, I should be able to do this. My next update will no doubt be at the end of the year where I've played nothing but this game and hate it, but so far it's still fun to play. More content (a new temple or something) would be amazing though.
  6. And done! Had another go at the final Hard exploration and got a middling Ceremonial Dagger, and nothing special in terms of Relics, but upgraded the dagger to level 5, got up to 70 Perception and collected enough gold to level everything up at the very end that I would have been able to tank Clovis if I needed to. Got lucky with the mobs during the fight with Clovis, and this time during his second phase, I stayed well clear when he was wielding a hammer and only got hit a few times during one of his claw combos, unlike the previous night when I got caught by his hammer ground pound a few times which basically buggered what had been an otherwise excellent run. That said, I still took about 2000 damage though, so I'm going to have to work on that if I want to have a prayer of beating this exploration twice in a row for the Bestiary entry and the final achievement, but for now I'm happy that I managed to beat what is a pretty damn challenging game. I certainly got my money's worth out from this as a GamePass game, and I was happy to buy the game to send some money to the devs. I'm hoping for DLC but if not, then I still plan keep an eye out for what this developer gets up to next.
  7. After banging my head against the first Hard mixed exploration (Clovis' Trial) and 25 attempts (some of which failed at the Champion of Death despite being loaded up on health and a wicked Ceremonial Dagger), I managed it and then the second mixed Hard exploration on the third attempt last night (had relics that gave me health on killing burning enemies and some bonuses, so used the mobs during the final boss fight to stock up on health and tanked the Champion of Death in his second phase). I was within a hairsbreadth of doing the final exploration as well, despite having finishing with 9000 gold and thus needing to make some calculated decisions for my final offerings before the Champion of Death, but took too many hits during the third mob of enemies and then completely mistimed some key dodges and parries right at the end. I think I got him down to less than 25% health, and that was with a Ceremonial Dagger that had no special attributes attached (on previous explorations, I've had +30% damage against bosses and champions, but the best one is off-hit combos do critical damage. You literally just have to do X -> Y over and over again and the dagger absolutely ruins enemies, providing you have enough Perception to scale its damage up). Anyway. The end is in sight and I reckon it's do-able, given a decent weapon set and relics. I doubt I'll get anything as indestructible as the build I had for the second Hard mixed temple, but then that is the joy/pain/frustration of rogue-lites. I saw one guy who had a Stinger Lash (poisoned whip) that was doing 700+ damage and I have no idea how he managed that unless I watch a 45 minute video. Ugh....
  8. That gif took so damn long to load, I thought it was going to be the cannonball move, but then that would require Colossus etc etc so anyway just ignore me.
  9. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't as good as the first film. I remember the interplay between McAdams and Downey Jr being a highlight of the first film, so killing her right at the start was a terrible waste. Also, fridging the love interest to motivate the main (male) character is a trope that needs to get in the sea.
  10. I really liked the huge gothic cathedrals on wheels thing as a conceit, albeit removed from the epic locales of previous books (even including Chasm City), but that downbeat epilogue came out of nowhere and was am absolutely dire ending to a series about humanity persevering in the face of robots trying to annihilate them from the galaxy. Meh. That said, Reynolds has always a lot of problems ending books (like Neal Stephenson come to think of it). He has improved over time, there is always a feeling of extreme plot acceleration towards the last few chapters in his books.
  11. Hard Eagle temple done! I managed to get a Ceremonial Dagger, upgraded it a few times and went all out on Perception to the point where it would do critical damage on an off-hand combo (basically, all I did was X then Y over and over again on enemies) and it was doing 400-500 damage! The Eagle Avatar went down in less than a minute and if I hadn't gotten greedy at the end, it would have been a no-hit win as well. Seriously, look at this shit: Flush with victory joy, I tried the first Hard mixed temple exploration (Clovis's Trial) and was doing well, beating the first two bosses reasonably easily before panicking when Titan Skulls started appearing in the third part and buggered it all up a few rooms before the Serpent Avatar and then the Champion of Death. Tried again and didn't even make it past the first boss. It was late by that point so I called it a day.
  12. I ended up having to do the entire games solo on Legendary twice because my progress didn't save properly, so had to suffer that ball ache twice over put me off the single player campaign. It's been a few years now, so playing through on co-op on Heroic for those last few achievements would be okay. Assuming I could find anyone willing to do that during the hours that I'm actually online.
  13. I'd argue that having a professional writer (Karen Traviss) actually made the dialogue and character interactions work much better than the previous games, and Cliffy B was still there supplying the crazy shit (the Lambent leviathan that attacks the ship, the Lambent Berzerker etc). The biggest problem with Gears 3 was setting the game a few years after the events of the second with bloody tie-in novels filling in the gap. There was a massive disconnect for players coming in from Gears 2 and I remember thinking "Who the fuck are all these new characters and why are they even here?". That said, Sam (voiced by Claudia Black) was great and it's a shame she wasn't in any of the previous games.
  14. Bandcamp Friday yesterday (and for another 2 hours or so), so I bought up a raft of things that have been lurking near the bottom of my wishlist since the beginning of the year. Horrendous - Sweet Blasphemies (first demo from the once OSDM and now progressive death metal band. If you like HM2 chainsaw-riffing Swedish death metal then you'll love this) Jake Dryer - In the Shadows of Madness (instrumental neoclassical shred metal EP from the current Witherfall and former Iced Earth lead guitarist) Ophidian I - Desolate (hyperspeed tech death metal, but with riffs and melodies your brain can actually latch on to, and so a lot more immediate than Archspire et al) Throne - Pestilent Dawn (brutal blackened death metal in the vein of Hate Eternal and pre-wanky-prog-shit Behemoth, with face-melting riffs for days) Two Minutes to Late Night - Covers Vol. 9 (more covers from Gwarsenio Hall and friends. I keep on buying these to support the musicians, even if I'm not always entirely convinced by the song choices)
  15. The Hard Eagle temple is properly nails to the point where it feels unbalanced compared to the other temples. I'm getting absolutely battered by even non-Elite enemies doing 200+ damage in a single hit which seems off but really it's still just a case of git gud and learning how to deal with these enemies. In this case, it's the electric babies (ahem, Dreadful Offspring) and the Blademasters that give me the most trouble. Tanking damage is not an option, even with a shit tonne of Constitution so I've just got to improve my dodging (or start parrying the Blademasters, who can lunge about halfway across the screen in a single swipe - ugh) otherwise I'll never make it. I mean, I was on full health (1900+) after the second Champion, managed to lose 1000 health in a single room after suffering a few hits and died soon after. Bah.
  16. The best thing that came out of Batman 89 was the animated series, which was just amazing all the way through.
  17. This thread reminds me of the original Mass Effect's squad-based achievements which involved playing a fairly significant portion of the game (main and side missions) with specific combinations of teammates, thus forcing you to play the game with a space Nazi or the most useless Sentinel of all time (lol if you hadn't done enough missions come crunch time like me who changed my squad as new people joined up thus getting precisely none of the squad member achievements by the end of my first playthrough ), when you could have been having fun blowing shit up with Garrus, Tali or Wrex (Liara was boring as hell, but biotic powers were great plus Fem Shep/Liara forever).
  18. Despite being nowhere near 100% completion on all of my games, this is also something that needles at me when I look at new games and bugs me when I look at games that I've started with (online) achievements that are no longer possible to unlock.
  19. Achievements on the 360 and Xbox One were like crack to me for the longest time and I made a point of trying to get all the achievements for a game before moving on to the next. This obsession reached its nadir when I was setting up regular boosting sessions on True Achievements for online achievements that were virtually impossible to get legitimately due to a completely dead online community or because of the sheer grind involved. I will say that I never played a game simply for easy achievements and I really cannot understand those who do this kind of thing, but at the same time friends have expressed bafflement that I would play a super grindy game for hundreds of hours that I wasn't entirely enjoying, so I guess it's just a matter of degrees. To be fair, some of those boosting sessions were genuinely good fun because either the participants playing were lovely people and/or because the game itself was good (eg: I really enjoyed playing Flatout UC, and even some of the grindy Gears of War 2 Horde sessions turned out to be fun because of the conversations I had at the time). Conversely, some sessions were the complete opposite of fun, like the boosting session that I did for one of the Gears of War weapon achievements ("Kill 100 people with X") where no one was talking and so I kept falling asleep because of the lack of chat, the late hour and because the actual "playing" was tedious as fuck (spawn, go to central meeting point, get killed, repeat until it's your turn to do the killing then go back to the beginning, for like three hours or something). I've stopped doing that kind of thing now, although being in a place that has far fewer Xbox players might have forced the issue. Plus I'm now married and though my wife is incredibly forgiving of me playing late at night, she is less impressed when my talking to other people wakes her up. There are some games that have reasonably well thought out achievements that inspire you to play the game in a different way (like those in Dishonored and Prey, albeit at the same time giving you all these wonderful powers to play with and then saying "Okay, now play the game without using any of them for an achievement" is completely backwards) and those have been fun to go back and do, especially when I completed the game once in the past and have forgotten significant portions so it's like playing the game anew. Nowadays I give games with grindy-as-fuck achievements the side eye, like Gears 5 which I played for a while and then dropped because the Coalition kept on adding even more bonkers achievements. To be fair, at this point in time, the grindy achievements are like a hallmark of the series but the Coalition have leaned into that so far that even hardcore fans are throwing in the towel. I guess I just have a personality that is prone to addiction, so avoiding those kinds of games is better for my sanity all round.
  20. (am I really the only person still playing this game on rllmuk? ) After six attempts at it, I finally managed to clear the Hard Serpent Temple. On two previous occasions, I reached the third set of rooms with almost 3000 health and a good weapon set before getting so comprehensively smashed in the last couple of rooms before the boss that I went in the fight with only 500 health. Needless to say, those attempts did not go well, which was frustrating because both times I'd been doing really well up until those last few rooms. Titan Skulls can fuck right off. Every time I see one, I focus on them first because of those spinning projectiles they spit out, which means I tend to lose track of other enemies who then batter the fuck out of me. Apparently you can parry those projectiles which I might have to try as dodging repeatedly leaves you with too little stamina to attack and then dodge away again. Next I'm trying the Hard Eagle Temple (I've made it to the third set of rooms a few times, but haven't survived long) before the last three properly nails explorations. As a result of playing on Hard, I'm getting better at dodging/parrying the various champions, and finally beat the first Eagle temple champion without getting hit. I reckon I can do the second one as well if I don't get greedy with attacks, and I almost did the second Jaguar temple guardian too when playing one of the special events (mistimed a parry from the flaming whip twin, but otherwise didn't get hit). The second Serpent Temple champion can get to fuck though. Fast attacks, doesn't really staggered/stunned by two-handed swords or hammers, so you have to be very good at dodging or very good at parrying. The second part of its combo attack is delayed, so I always fuck up the timing and then the spinning attack requires you to hit parry three times in succession. I just spam the key but it only works if you get the first parry right. Meh. Speaking of special events, during the Death and the X special event where you're running against a clock (starts at 60s) and only increases when you defeat enemies, I got to the bosses twice so that might actually be achievable. My tactic has been to get a good two-handed weapon, load up on Constitution and then just tank my way through any mandatory fights and avoiding other enemies whenever possible. When I did this on the Serpent temple, I went into the boss fight with only a minute on the clock which was utterly doomed (I reckon another 30 seconds would have done it). When I tried again on the Jaguar temple, I had 2.5 minutes which was almost enough but I took too many hits and panicked at the very end with 20 seconds to go, went in swinging when the floor was on fire and got myself killed. Bah. Next time I'll have him for sure. Maybe....
  21. Never been a fan as such, but I remember enjoying his standalone novel, Cowl which was a fairly bonkers time travel story featuring warring sides from the 43rd century and a homeless teenager from the present day who gets sucked into their conflict.
  22. Finally beat the Champion of Death last night and unlocked Hard explorations which lives up to its name by being pretty brutal. There are less healing rooms, plus enemies hit a lot harder and so trying to tank hits, especially in the third part of a temple is impossible. I've managed to accumulate more health than I had for the final boss battle in Normal and I'm still getting trounced due to poor dodging/parrying skills. Not sure if I'll manage to complete the Bestiary (since that requires a grind of no-hit boss battles) but I do intend to try and complete all of the Hard explorations as well That said, I think this will necessitate taking absolutely minimal damage - I can finally do the first Jaguar temple champion without getting hit so it might just be possible. I could be a while but Halo Infinite (and the mere prospect of owning a Series X) are months off so I've got time. EDIT: Cleared the Hard Jaguar temple! The Eagle temple is going to be a ball ache because the Eagle Avatar boss is probably the worst of the three, but I reckon if I go all in with Constitution I can do it.
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