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  1. I went with Laputa, Yamadas, Whisper of the Heart and Lupin. Lupin is obviously the best, despite not being an official Ghibli film (shut it, it counts) but picking between Laputa, Porco Rosso and Nausicaa was hard. There's still a few gaps here and there (I still haven't seen Princess Kaguya, Arietty nor Earthsea, but given that I'm such a fan of Le Guin, I'm not sure I could to watch a bad adaptation again, especially after the travesty that was Howl's Moving Castle), but I hope to get to them eventually. (whilst we're here, you owe it yourselves to watch A Woman Called Fujiko Mine - it's ace)
  2. The reviews on this put me off but if it made its money back, and the bugs are being patched then I'm certainly interested in a GotY edition with the DLC included.
  3. @kerraig UK - Try engaging with the post perhaps, rather than skipping straight to "cunt"? Cheers.
  4. @Comrade Less of this please. It just makes you look homophobic, and the next reported instance will get you a ban. Kthxbai.
  5. Apologies for the tardy response to the reports of the post above, but Orbital2060 has now been banned for 72 hours. It seems as if the discussion remained civil afterwards, but as a polite warning please note that the next person who makes a bullshit post like that in the thread will get a week's ban. /mod
  6. Talvalin


    Unconvincing argument there, so moved to Food & Drink.
  7. Still slogging my way through DMD. I managed to beat Mission 12 and now I get to go back to playing Nero with whom I seem to be best (which no doubt makes me a filthy casual at DMC games but I'm not embarrassed to admit it ). This feels a lot harder than DmC and I don't remember DMC4 being this brutal, but that was a long time ago and I seem to recall that I only managed to finish DMC4 after playing it virtually every night over four months so yeah, time investment required. I'm getting better at styling it with Dante, but Furies absolutely wipe the floor with me (with Nero too for that matter), and I tend to get battered in the boss fights. Slowly getting better at using Royal Guard though. At one point I thought I was in Swordmaster, so did something like back then forwards+Style, but I was still in Royal Guard and ended up doing some weird stance where Dante stood there waving his arms slowly through the air and I was invulnerable to the Fury's attacks. Does anyone recognise this move and how to do it? *checks internet* Apparently that was Royal Revenge. Cool.
  8. I tried watching it but her accent and phrasing wound me up massively. Honestly I couldn't tell if it was actually a review, or just a series of observations with zero criticism.
  9. It was great. More impressions later perhaps when I'm on a proper computer but it was fun, had heart and was downright hilarious at times. I got a Milo vibe from Roger Clifford in the film but possibly just me? PS Do kindly fuck off @probotector.
  10. For once, I get a film in Japan before the rest of you fuckers. I'm watching it tomorrow (English dub, Japanese sub-titles) at 1pm, and it's pretty much sold out which is faintly bizarre. I'm also doing Endgame and Shazam on either side of it so my eyeballs are going to be fucked afterwards but it'll be worth it.
  11. Meanwhile, my former band has finally finished their third album (the previous album was released in 2007) and if you like your progressive death with hints of black, melodic death and maybe some sludge, then you might just like it. https://apocalypticwitchcraft.bandcamp.com/album/a-fine-game-of-nil (from the previous album - The Difference Engine)
  12. I was originally going to say that this was a poor cover of the Racer X original, until I discovered that the original was by Blue Oyster Cult. At any rate, both the original and the Racer X version are better.
  13. An open-ended fighting game with these mechanics? Oh man, I'd lose hours/days/weeks/months of my life playing such a game. We can but dream.
  14. Capcom have announced that they have stopped development, and no DLC will be released. This is a crying shame, but I guess paves the way for the inevitable DMCVSE to come out in due course with Vergil as a playable character, and perhaps that hinted-at Ladies Night mission set with Lady and Trish. Meanwhile, I'm up to Mission 11 on DMD and I'm getting better at the individual fights, often getting 5000+ for Style, but keep getting utterly trounced by the boss. I was fucking around with Royal Guard and was able to block a few attacks, so I might try that mission on SoS to practice. Alternatively I could try and get to the equivalent wave on BP but that might take a lot longer lol.
  15. I can't remember where I'm up on to DMD, but I think I'm on the Dante missions now. I'm blatantly just using gold orbs for V and Dante, especially on the V boss fights (the plant boss gets an upgrade for DMD that pasted me), as I still don't know what I'm doing. I seem to be doing okay with Nero and managed to S rank a few of his DMD missions. I'm just pissing about going back and forth in the difficulties. Finally managed to S rank all the Human levels, and I'm chipping away at the Devil Hunter ones now, but really I should get through DMD and then go back because in theory I should have more skills right?
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