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  1. Talvalin

    Gears 5

    Pos'd for the info, but where's the goddamn Cole Train? :'( (also, thanks for the info on the Cryo kills and grenade kills. I've been ever so slowly getting those kills via Horde, but I've only killed like 200 Juvies when I need 2500 for the medal so that will also help a lot)
  2. If this does well (and I'm probably buying it early full price), then maybe just maybe we'll get Alpha Protocol 2 (or hell, just a remaster of the first game), which is still the best RPG I've ever played that isn't Mass Effect.
  3. Talvalin

    Gears 5

    Since I get the feeling that we're the only two people here who are playing multiplayer a lot, are you attempting to go for General during this operation? If so, what's your current rank title and what's your medal completion like? I was kind of half-arsing it, but since it looks like I may be out of a job shortly, I might as well for it during this operation. Unfortunately I'm only Master Sergeant 3 with around 20% of the medals so it's going to take some serious grinding to hit General by the end of the year.
  4. Talvalin

    Gears 5

    Whoops. I think I got that wrong. From what my friend, freezing and then kicking them to death is what counts. They have to freeze first for the kill to count. Smaller enemies cannot be frozen and therefore don't count towards the medal.
  5. Talvalin

    Gears 5

    A friend basically grinded his way through a Hive over and over again on Beginner where two Scions spawn in the first enemy room, with a reasonable chance that one of them has a Cryo Cannon. He then picked it up and mowed down all the small to normal sized enemies, and rinsed and repeated until done. I'm not sure if that was a custom Hive though or one of the designed ones. Edit: It's also possible in Horde, but people tend to save those weapons for bosses (the Matriarch in particular) so you'd get a lot of shit for using it on standard enemies.
  6. Talvalin

    Dark Souls 3

    After clearing all of the main game's bosses apart from The Nameless King, I flailed at him repeatedly and then gave up. I'm not sure I could go back and start from scratch, although I've now done that three times with the first game (got to Seath the first time with a melee-ish character, did the game + DLC with a dex/pyro build before getting owned by O&S on NG+ and currently just the final boss to go on my holy knight build, but wait we were talking about DS3). I should really finish this game at some point, and then decide if I want to go through it another couple of times to mop up all the achievements or not.
  7. That was me for DMC4 to be honest, Swordmaster all the way and it basically carried me through the entire game. However, I'm finding that on the harder difficulties you really have to use more of Dante's styles, Royal Guard in particular. Either that or get really really good at dodging lol!
  8. The Best Offer Geoffrey Rush is superb in a film about an auctioneer whose life gets turned upside by a mysterious client. It's beautiful to watch but the story and the other characters prevents the film from being great. 3/5
  9. New In Mourning due October, and the first single is far better than I had anticipated after the last couple of faintly disappointing albums
  10. @dizogg - Just because Kerraig's not here, doesn't mean you've got free reign to be a bell-end in the Film threads in his place. Try engaging with Meh's opinion perhaps? /mod
  11. Fuck. I totally forgot to download this. Bugger. On a slightly related note, I recently bought the Handsome collection (mostly for the Pre-Sequel) since I'm already playing through the 360 version of BL2 via backwards compatibility, and it seems that the DLC that is included with it is basically the 360 version so I now seem to have most of the DLC available apart from one Headhunter pack and the Ultimate Upgrade packs. Is it worth getting the Ultimate Upgrade packs?
  12. And banned. As you were everyone. /mod
  13. So yeah on that note, finishing Ninja Garden 2 on Master Ninja. The first two chapters were the hardest by far, then with an upgraded Lunar it gets marginally easier but still a massive grind at times. I almost managed this, but got stuck on the mission in the airplane graveyard with the two Juggernauts and so I think I'll need to do it co-op in the end. Other proud achievements include: * Mile High Club on CoD4 on Veteran * Gears of War 4 Insane solo (without the Memento Mori - for Inconceivable, I cheesed it and so one-shotting the Swarmak felt great) * All achievements for Devil May Very 4 (not sure I'll ever manage it for 5 though)
  14. I live in hope that Kontos and Madder will stay in the band - at least long enough for them to come and play in Japan, because if I miss the Burn My Eyes anniversary tour, I'm going to be very very sad indeed. If they could stretch to a new album, then that would be epic.
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