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  1. @dizogg - Just because Kerraig's not here, doesn't mean you've got free reign to be a bell-end in the Film threads in his place. Try engaging with Meh's opinion perhaps? /mod
  2. Fuck. I totally forgot to download this. Bugger. On a slightly related note, I recently bought the Handsome collection (mostly for the Pre-Sequel) since I'm already playing through the 360 version of BL2 via backwards compatibility, and it seems that the DLC that is included with it is basically the 360 version so I now seem to have most of the DLC available apart from one Headhunter pack and the Ultimate Upgrade packs. Is it worth getting the Ultimate Upgrade packs?
  3. So yeah on that note, finishing Ninja Garden 2 on Master Ninja. The first two chapters were the hardest by far, then with an upgraded Lunar it gets marginally easier but still a massive grind at times. I almost managed this, but got stuck on the mission in the airplane graveyard with the two Juggernauts and so I think I'll need to do it co-op in the end. Other proud achievements include: * Mile High Club on CoD4 on Veteran * Gears of War 4 Insane solo (without the Memento Mori - for Inconceivable, I cheesed it and so one-shotting the Swarmak felt great) * All achievements for Devil May Very 4 (not sure I'll ever manage it for 5 though)
  4. I live in hope that Kontos and Madder will stay in the band - at least long enough for them to come and play in Japan, because if I miss the Burn My Eyes anniversary tour, I'm going to be very very sad indeed. If they could stretch to a new album, then that would be epic.
  5. Since people were calling for it, I've split the cunt discussion into its own thread and I put it in OT as the discussion is heading in the direction of a discussion about cultural differences.
  6. @NEG For the sake of brevity: 1. The Ugandan Knuckles meme is racist 2. Continuing to post those particular memes on the forum will get you banned 3. In general, liking problematic things is actually okay, but putting your fingers in your ears and refusing to listen when other people point out that they are problematic is not okay. Can we get back to talking about dickhead streamers now?
  7. New Tomb Mold is incoming, and this definitely hitting that death metal spot
  8. Much as I enjoyed the film, the best videogame adaptation is still Dead or Alive.
  9. Pos'd everyone because this film is just so good. Best film of...2017? Anyway, just fucking watch it fools!
  10. Bought! Thank you! Btw Prisoners of Geography is amazing. If you ever wanted to understand a lot of the reasons underpining the foreign policy of major powers, this is the book for you. An absolute eye opener for me and well worth reading.
  11. Is the Bendis New Avengers omnibus worth buying, and can you read it cold or are other books necessary make sense of it? I've managed to get myself Hickman's FF omnis for a reasonably sensible price but the Avengers omnis are still going for stupid money.
  12. I went with Laputa, Yamadas, Whisper of the Heart and Lupin. Lupin is obviously the best, despite not being an official Ghibli film (shut it, it counts) but picking between Laputa, Porco Rosso and Nausicaa was hard. There's still a few gaps here and there (I still haven't seen Princess Kaguya, Arietty nor Earthsea, but given that I'm such a fan of Le Guin, I'm not sure I could to watch a bad adaptation again, especially after the travesty that was Howl's Moving Castle), but I hope to get to them eventually. (whilst we're here, you owe it yourselves to watch A Woman Called Fujiko Mine - it's ace)
  13. The reviews on this put me off but if it made its money back, and the bugs are being patched then I'm certainly interested in a GotY edition with the DLC included.
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