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  1. Triangle (2011) As mentioned above, it is slow to get going sure, but that's because it's setting everything up. There's a deep sense of unease from the very beginning of the film, and I had wondered about a few things early on:
  2. Maybe, but revealing that to someone who was looking for a recommendation and prefers to avoid spoiler-laden trailers should be avoided so thank you for editing your post.
  3. Well, that's put me right off ever watching The Irishman. You could still maybe pull off an Indy film where he's trying to prevent an artifact falling into the wrong hands (uh, like the first three films) but one where the artifact gets destroyed or lost without trace (the third film). Or maybe it's possible to make such a film that manages to discuss cultural theft sensibly. Lol, who I am trying to convince here? Also, it wasn't so much that Shia's acting was bad but that his character was badly written as a whiny dickhead and pretty much every adult who watched it tho
  4. I'mm watching Triangle right now and 30 minutes in, slightly naff CGI notwithstanding, it is very unsettling. Bonus points for the gratuitous shot of Melissa George's boobs as she wakes up on the yacht. I think.
  5. Valerian was visually stunning and incredibly inventive at times, but daft in places and hamstrung by the two main stars being absolutely shite at acting. I need to watch it again to better articulate what I didn't like about it, but it's certainly worth a punt for some mindless SF spectacle.
  6. For 99p each, they're all worth a punt. The only one I haven't read is The Ocean at the End of the Lane but I'll be getting it now
  7. Well, you see, my friend also loves the MCU and Star Wars to bits. I should ask him what he thought of tRoS since we've both seen it and that really was bobbins.
  8. Nice. Oh god, that reminds me. I bought one of the Blade of the Immortal books in 2007 and it was utterly inpenetrable, and this was for someone who had read most of the story up to that volume in English. I guess that goes on the list with Akira, Monster (and Alita, although just the first series. I was less than impressed with Last Order, and not just because it went on *forever* with no real story development, just endless fights). Well, when things settle down and you make it out here, hit me up and we can go for a drink at an izakaya, have some quality food and talk about comi
  9. I've been meaning to try Atomic Robo for ages. Any good?
  10. I'm living in Japan (apologies if that's already a given - I really don't want to be thought of as an equivalent of our friend in Canada) and I've been basically slacking on language study for about five years now so need to pull my finger out. It was always my aim to be good enough to pass the N1 Japanese Language Profiency Test and be comfortable reading Japanese newspapers, as those are pretty much the hardest thing you can read in daily life, short of a university level science textbook that requires very specific domain knowledge (and kanji too!). I started off lik
  11. A friend of mine is a massive film buff (albeit someone who tends to focus on English language films) and he loves this to bits and had previously told me that I needed to watch the Director's cut of both Watchmen and Dawn of Justice to get the full picture. I feel as if I don't really need to watch the film based on the reviews I've seen and my own initial feelings about the original release, but he's the kind of person that won't listen to a word I say if I haven't seen the damn thing. I'm debating whether I'm willing to put up with four hours of shit just so I can tell him he's
  12. I seem to have stalled on volume 6 for some reason (I think I was finding it harder to understand than other volumes), but your ongoing enthusiasm for the comic plus my previous enjoyment means that I need to get over this hurdle, perhaps with the aid of an English scanlation. I own up to book 10, but I think there's 17 or so volumes available over here, so I've got plenty to be getting on with.
  13. Depends on which part he's referring to. The single player was excellent, but multiplayer wasn't a patch on the first game which nailed it so fucking hard out of the gate that the only way from there was down.
  14. Not to mention the homophobia of not allowing a romance between Finn and Poe. If all of that is even remotely true, then fuck Disney.
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