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  1. If you're thinking about reading it you might want to skip the Amazon reviews. The second review is from a dickhead who spoils the entire fucking plot, and doesn't really say anything meaningful other than complaining about overly visceral language (they're on a whaling ship so visceral language seems appropriate), as well as a few inaccuracies and plot contrivances. Argh.
  2. Bugger. I'd meant to get the Grey Sister trilogy as I didn't fancy the extreme grimdark of the Thorns trilogy but missed out.
  3. Just started playing today and it's been great so far, but I've been having serious performance issues (low frame rate but no freezes or glitches) which was frustrating when trying to deal with a simple low level enemy. On a different note, the switches/levers are not very obvious. I was stuck in the same place as Hitcher until I realised I was blocked by a door needing a spirit key. Since the map had helpfully identified where the key was, it was just a matter of exploring. Still, mildly annoying. Overall I'm enjoying it, and I hope that fatigue doesn't set in due to the increased length.
  4. Knives Out (2019) Absolutely brilliant. I'm also clueless when it comes to films, so I had no idea what was going to happen. However, the film sets things up brilliantly, and the denouement was well done (in particular the foreshadowed "in for a penny" scene). 5/5
  5. The Two of Swords: Volume 1 by KJ Parker - 99p Whilst not Parker's best trilogy (it probably sits somewhere below the Engineer trilogy, but above the Fencer and Scavenger trilogies, which is no bad thing as Parker hasn't written a bad book in my opinion), 99p is a bargain and well worth picking up at that price.
  6. Creepy (2016) The first (Kiyoshi) Kurosawa film I ever watch and it had to be the shit one. The first hour is an effective slow burn, before the second hour collapses under the weight of characters doing dumb shit and too many patently unrealistic things left unexplained. That said, the two main stars were excellent and despite the story bring awful, the direction was good and I'm willing to give Kurosawa another chance. 2/5
  7. Was just coming here to post that!
  8. This is excellent by the way. Highly recommended.
  9. No one posted the new Trivium song? For shame. It's not too shabby. On a completely different note, if I wanted to listen to Dethklok, which is the best album to start with?
  10. Uh, I bought this in launch after loving the demo and then completely failed to play it. What's the verdict of the best starting difficulty? If I put it on Hard for a first playthrough, will I turn into a quicksave-abusing scumlord?
  11. Talvalin


    A Vanquish sequel would be amazing, but I'll settle for playing it again in HD. (the fact that I never managed to finish all of the challenges on the 360 will bug the hell out of me though).
  12. Excellent, excellent! (I agree that Halo 4 is nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be, but to rate it above CE is heresy!)
  13. Thank you. After missing out on a number of the Terry Pratchett books going cheap, I signed up for email notifications of updates to this thread and it seems to be working so far. At some point I'll have to buy the ones I missed out on at full (ish) price, but I'm hoping that Amazon will just perpetually loop through all of his books. Fingers crossed anyway! Meanwhile, I seem to have some kind of Special Wish List credits thing going on, so the other Pratchett books that are normally £4.99 are showing as £2.99 for me. I'm now trying to restrain the urge to buy the lot (or at least buy the remaining Watch novels, so I can re-read them all in one go). Someone stop me! (by the same bent, I managed to snag Guards! Guards! for 49p instead of the official sale price of 99p - woot!)
  14. If you're playing the Definitive Edition then I believe it's possible to go back to previously visited sections, but if not then entering the third dungeon (Mount Horu?) is the point of no return. Also if you're on the standard edition and have completed the Forlorn Woods, then there's a missable collectible in there which buggered up my first run through the game. I started playing this again a few months ago and was mildly paranoid about a section of the map remaining resolutely grey that could no longer be accessed, but it turns out that I did my escape from the giant owl in a slightly weird manner that skipped a bit of the map but I already had got the 100% map completion achievement so no worries. Just Mount Horu to do and then hopefully I've got all the collectibles this time around.
  15. 1. Dark Souls (XB1 via BC) I can't honestly believe that it's taken me over 8 years to finish it, but I finally managed to get a single character through the two and a bit playthroughs required to get all of the boss weapons and thus the rare weapon achievement that makes it such a pain in the fucking arse to get the Dark Soul achievement for getting all of the other achievements. I was lucky that I was able to do some jolly cooperation to get sunlight medals back in 2018 when I started yet another character, and thus only had to grind a little bit to get my ten souvenirs of reprisal (because fuck those harpies otherwise). After getting stuck in various places (O&S on NG+ was a ball ache), things started moving faster over time, despite spending an inordinate amount of time trying to do the Bed of Chaos in NG+. Don't ask. So naturally, after spending so long on DS1, I immediately start playing DS3 which I gave up on about two years ago after failing to kill the Nameless King and then getting stuck in the first DLC. I noped out of there, went straight to the Ringed City DLC (which I hadn't played before) and picked up a tonne of titanite chunks from the first few enemies before getting obliterated by a winged enemy that looked suspiciously like the Moonlight Butterfly except more humanoid. Anyway, back to the grind I guess.
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