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    vinyl lovers

    I've got a Cork slip Matt on my project. Wasn't expensive, looks OK and I never have any issue with static. Might be worth considering.
  2. rossyboy

    Creative agencies?

    For illustration give folio a call: www.folioart.co.uk For design I use withus: http://www.withus-recruit.com/ I'd probably be able to give more of a steer if I knew your background, previous clients, areas of work etc. If you've got advertising design experience and are in London I'd love to see your portfolio. Can't promise anything but I do use some freelance designers at the company I work for. Drop me a PM if you like.
  3. As far as industry rates are concerned I charge my design staff out at £88 per hour for senior design and £120 for an Art Director. Obviously thats as a professional company though so won't be applicable for you however I would expect to pay a designer/animator £300 - £350 a day on a freelance contract so you could work out an hourly rate based on that. The other thing to bear in mind is what something is worth to your buyer. Just because something takes you half an hour to produce it's not worth £15. Consider your experience and education to be what your client is actually paying for and it might help you set a price. Me personally I would charge £200 for that screensaver.
  4. rossyboy

    Photo Shop Time

    How comes there's a floating telephone in this pic?
  5. I've got to admit this is a valid point. Clipping problems spoil the solidity of a game, as does characters running on the spot when they hit a wall (another pet hate). That's not a whinging moan, this shit just needs to be sorted out and surly it can be now a days. Fuck, how hard is it? Personally, going back to the title of the topic, I can't see the leap we're making with this new generation. It's not like going from a Master System to a Megadrive to a Saturn to a Dreamcast. (Appologies for the sega flavour but the same could be said NES > SNES > N64 > Gamecube). Wheres the leap with this new generation. What have I got to be excited about. What games look markedly different from good current gen titles. Where's something that's going to make me want this stuff so bad I'll consider buying it at launch on Lay a way from Freemans. Come on optimists prove it. Show me the next generation, I really want to see it.
  6. I'd quite like to try the .Hack series, I've read it's not to everyones taste and the games not perfect but the premise of these four games really appeals to me.
  7. As Mr Pickford pointed out, revenue isn't the same as profits. Revenue is the money generated before costs are deducted. Now I was always under the impression that consoles were sold as a loss leader for the games so wouldn't that statement suggest that Microsoft are about to lose a shit load of money?
  8. I had a bit of a browse last night but I was itching to get stuck into the game. I'll read it properly tonight, really liked the style though, it's a nice approach to take with the manual.
  9. I can't find the script but there's one particular ad for tampons that had me crying with laughter.
  10. Your right there, Terroist is brilliant. And with out spoiling anything for anyone the ads in this one have had me laughing out loud.
  11. Supposedly there's a mission later on that unlocks this feature.
  12. Cheers dude, just googled it and it's "A Dark March", nice tune, now all I need to do is find a copy of it somewhere.
  13. Spin Spin Sugar by the Sneaker Pimps and Higher Stater of Consious by Josh Wink put a big smile on my face as I was driving round this morning. Thinking about it, and this might be better for ATF but does anyone know what the piece of music is when you complete a mission? Is it a full song or just something Rockstar made up?
  14. Cheers dude, that's 2 mins from my office, I'm running over there now and cancelling my Play order.
  15. Edit, GTA Libertiy City Stories as of about 30 minutes ago. Saturn Dark Stalkers Revenger King of Fighters 97 King of Fighters 96 King of Fighters 95 Don Pachi DoDon Pachi Gunbird Sorry, I know that's 7 but they've all been in the last couple of weeks, been on a bit of a retro saturn trip recently.
  16. Just out of interest where did you pick it up from? Are you in London or is that me just being wishful that I could get it after work.
  17. Surly that IGN review should have contained a spoilers warning. They practically tell you what to expect from the final mission. You might want to skip the Mission: Eclectic section if you don't want half the plot laid out for you.
  18. Not to sure of the name, but this site may possibly be able to help you... http://www.identifont.com/identify.html
  19. If there were some killer aps then I wouldn't care who made the box. It's all about the games man!
  20. I've got a BLU and it's got to be one of my best purchases this year. All the emulators you've stated play great and I'd like to add that I've been really impressed with both the SNES and Megadrive emus. I finished Terranigma on it a couple of months ago with no problems at all and I'm currently playing Chrono Trigger which, besides a few transparancy problems (that you can turn on or off in the GUI) plays brilliantly too. I'd agree that www.gp32x.com is the place to go for news and downloads, but if you want to buy I'd suggest www.gbax.com They're UK based, it's where I got mine from and they chucked in a free card reader which I find invaluable as I work from a Mac. Lovely piece of hardware you won't regret buying one.
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