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  1. I'm hopeful on this one. My main issue is the big franchise must be all the films syndrome. Like, I kind of get the Millenium Falcon echo in the trailer but then the awful Jurassic World did the same thing (as well as Sam Neill doing the Indy hat thing and Pratt seemingly auditioning for the role).
  2. Dragon Quest is now on PS+ - furthering the multiplatform annoyance. Save files should be platform agnostic in an ideal world. I understand the difficulties preventing that but would be nice if it could be sorted.
  3. Yeah - that whole area is a DLC/expansion scale section just thrown in. I spent ages there grinding The central puzzle was a nice nod back to the 2018 game too. Real standout section - and completely optional.
  4. Push left stick in runs, doesn't it? Not that there are many bits with no mindless shooting. It's a time capsule from 2002 for good or ill.
  5. Lots of broken stuff tbh. Was thinking about stacking another year whilst on offer but my auto-renew is £49.99 for premium (whichever the streaming one is) so not changing that. That's what I paid last month for a year too but thought it was a one time thing.
  6. Second this. 'Q' is a superb book made even better by ignoring the pseudonym and just pretending it was written by a pioneering 1980s footballer
  7. Soccer Story was fun from the demo on Steam. As mich like a football version of Golf Story as the name suggests
  8. That and pottage don't travel so well Here's my thoughts: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2022/11/14/pentiment-review/ Love that writeup @BadgerFarmer jealous of the word count you were allowed Had to cut loads from my musings to fit the house style.
  9. In less academic taste, I was inspired to put together a Pentiment lunch for work today Been a while since a game made me do that...
  10. Something something, can't polish a terf.
  11. Well, *raspberries* to you both Tbf, though, if you don't have the patience to scroll past a few heartfelt history nerd comments then Pentiment may not be the game for you anyway Looking forward to hearing people's reactions to the game, whether from an 'over-educated' or layperson perspective. It's longer than I was expecting too with more going on than the quick synopsis suggests. I'm still mostly spending ages zooming out and enjoying the marginal animal illustrations.
  12. Loved the first few hours of this - had to step away whilst reviewing something else - but had to switch x and o around as could not adapt to dodging with x. Combat works so much better now. Makes more sense to me for x to be interact too. Oh, and switching on auto pick-up is a a great QoL improvement too, just wish it skipped the animation for it as well.
  13. Predator hand clasp.jpeg Hell yeah. There's a whole 'waning of the Middle Ages' vibe that makes me wanna go and read Huizinga again here to be sure.
  14. As a practicing early modernist scholar I'm increasingly ambivalent about periodisations as there was a lot of 'early modern' thought and culture in the 'Medieval' period
  15. This is true but the whole thing being wrapped up around manuscript culture makes it culturally medieval as the early modern is often closely connected to the printing press... That's from my own expensive educational perspective
  16. The England team is full of calm heads who turn up in the big matches. The batting depth is insane (Livingstone in at 7 with Curran to follow) and the bowlers know their roles. Whilst it wasn't a swashbuckling classic of a final (ground was too big for high score) it was a good close match that hinged on a couple of key moments. Stokes is a machine though.
  17. Great performance. Feel a little sorry for Pakistan as that injury to Afridi - and the resultant 5 balls from Ikhitab - really changed the game. Fully expected Livingstone to go 6 or out when he came in though
  18. I'm not a farmer of badgers but I can confirm that this is lovely. The manuscript stylings are beautiful and it feels like a real love letter to its inspiration. Gameplay is more prosaic but the writing has been really good so far. Embargo is tomorrow afternoon so full thoughts available from then.
  19. I've almost installed them at various times to see how bad they are but fortunately I've had too many actually good games to play Got the originals on Steam anyway.
  20. February for Vice City though so plenty of time.
  21. Nearly finished it and it's pretty much exactly what I hoped it would be. The only ironic criticism I would make is that it's not badly written enough at times Some wonderful phrasing and proper laugh out loud Marenghi-isms. Going to have to dig out a conference paper I gave on Marenghi and Clive Barker and write it up I think.
  22. Dreamcast works well on Retroid Pocket 2+ (and presumably 3). I'll still use my Pocket for the portability factor once I've got a Deck but can see why just having the Valve beast would be a viable option.
  23. There is some ludonarrative dissonance, sure, but I found the depiction pretty strong on the whole. Some explicit through cutscenes, some through mechanics, and also through the 3 companions, who all reflected or represented the competing aspects of Amicia's struggle with events around her - in general and specifically in regards to the grand narrative thrust.
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