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  1. I 'm looking forward to reading it. I could check with the editors at TheSixthAxis to see if they would like a review of a more academic take on gaming (I write game reviews and talk on their podcast at present). Could then pimp it out to my network of game studies academic peeps too I'm no Zizek (although I am also fat and hairy) but I've got a decent reach that could be helpful for you.
  2. Oh, and btw, if you haven't played it, Slain: Back From Hell is a pretty fun metal platformer from a few years back. Difficult but doable - even an old man like me finished it
  3. Looks awesome but I agree that it'll probably be pitched far too hard. Supposed to be reviewing the similar Dark Devotion but it is so punishing that it isn't fun. Combining reaction based combat with a stupidly harsh stamina gauge is getting old fast.
  4. Very much one for fans of the cheaper end of horror, I just enjoyed Shed of the Dead. Very low budget and silly but seemed to know what it was rather than trying to pitch higher than it could manage. A stand out performance by Brit horror treasure Emily Booth too. It's not a classic, and the roleplaying vignettes are lame, but it's a good beer and pizza level horror.
  5. I didn't spot that! That's brilliant
  6. I went with some fellow kaiju nerds and we really enjoyed it. Yes it is silly, yes the human stuff is maguffin central but it looks and sounds amazing and felt like the least Western Western Godzilla. Lots of nods, Easter eggs and plot borrows for long term fans. I loved I can see it not winning over new fans due to its clear flaws but it was pretty much everything I wanted. Big kaiju stompy stomp action.
  7. Oh, and 'Green Elf has shot food.'
  8. It's alright. Should have been £15 maximum in the first place. It's trying really hard to be but not be Bioshock. The Tesla thing is so Andrew Ryan. There is no combat and perip comes from short but frustrating chase sequences. It looks nice enough but can't really recommend it. I've got to write up my review and I'm struggling to say much as it's just ok.
  9. Finally playing Infamous on PS3 and it bumped the difficulty up to Hard based on how I did the first couple of levels. I probably wouldn't have bothered doing it myself but have mostly enjoyed the extra challenge so more of that kind of adaptive difficulty both ways please.
  10. I didn't mind the Dany heel turn reveal given the corner they've backed themselves into by finishing it this quickly but it would have made more narrative sense if Grey Worm were taken out by a random arrow after the bells rang. Cue murder fire but with an emotional catalyst.
  11. I really liked the nods to the Assemble battle through Luke Cage and the other Netflix shows. Felt like it was there but too difficult to clearly deal with so life went on around it.
  12. It's fucking Hop painted blue. Even down to the main casting. This is the final confirmation of the darkest timeline. Well, except Sonic has always been shite.
  13. Oh, I agree on that but was trying to salvage the clumsy writing they were shoehorned into
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