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  1. This might be of interest for those of us who don't have an 'enhanced' 360 for this stuff. List of Xbox Live Indie Games that made it onto Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/curator/11795789-Xbox-Indie-Refuge/ Highlights (well, ones I remember being fun) include: Explosionade, They Breathe, Return Home (was Leave Home), qrth-phyl, Boot Hill Bounties and Heroes, Aeternum, Apple Jack 1 and 2, Shipwreck, Gateways, Evil Quest, Diehard Dungeon (developed by a forumite whose name escapes me), Bleed, Titan Attacks, Escape Goat, Aqua Kitty, Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath
  2. Their latest is coming to Steam soon. The demo was pretty rad: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1452280/Devastator/
  3. WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns (c) vs TBD 100 points WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match Drew McIntyre (c) vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus 300 points WWE United States Championship Bobby Lashley (c) vs Riddle vs Keith Lee 150 points WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair 150 points Elimination Chamber Match Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso vs Cesaro vs Sami Zayn vs King Corbi
  4. You need to It is perhaps the most obscure moment in the game - and made so much worse by the unskippable dialogue.
  5. Streets of Rage 2 with Axel - 1,2 punch can stunlock everyone and the Grand Upper is spammable too. Haven't checked out 4 yet to see if they kept that in.
  6. I loved the original novel of Piercing years back so that sounds like a shame. Will check it out and see what I think.
  7. Oh God, I'm not that up to date with NXT so this could be a (un)lucky guess situation... NXT TAKEOVER: VENGEANCE DAY NXT Championship Finn Balor (c) vs Pete Dunne 250 points NXT Women's Championship Io Shirai (c) vs Toni Storm vs Mercedes Martinez 250 points NXT North American Championship Johnny Gargano (c) vs Kushida 200 points Men's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final MSK vs Grizzled Young Veterans 150 points Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final Ember Moon &
  8. Just replay Spec Ops: The Line. Skewers the whole mentality behind this concept.
  9. This is a continual frustration. A lot of standard gaming sites only have space for the big releases. I spent the weekend hammering Steam demos during the festival so will share some thoughts about the VR titles once I've tidied that up (was challenging myself for some features on our site and foolishly tried 141 different game demos from Thursday to Tuesday morning so now I can't even think straight).
  10. True but the perceived value with that big a launch discount. Imagine that was closer to the dev's idea of price but Nintendo tax... I haven't quite clicked with the difference between auto and manual aim. Does it affect scoring?
  11. Yep. Love it. Bargain for the launch discount. Full price is a bit steep though.
  12. It is good. Had to stop yesterday as the PC version got broken by an update. Hopefully they've fixed it now. It does have some difficulty spikes and I'm at a platforming bit that I can't do (can't work out the route...) It is Zelda + Souls + Sunshine void levels though, as said above. Shouldn't work but it does.
  13. I'm still waiting for Origi to go full Dion Dublin for us and play CB. I mean, everyone else is having a go.
  14. WWE ROYAL RUMBLE Men's Royal Rumble Winner: Edge 500 points Women's Royal Rumble Winner: Rhea Ripley 500 points WWE Universal Championship Last Man Standing Match Roman Reigns (c) vs Kevin Owens 300 points WWE Championship Drew McIntyre (c) vs Goldberg 300 points WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Sasha Banks (c) vs Carmella 200 points WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Asuka & Charlotte Flair (c) vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler 200 points M
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