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  1. Yep. Only concussion allows replacements. Obviously a result of the Philip Hughes tragedy a few years back. I can imagine a movement towards subs but there will always be a worry that it'll be misused. But if there's an independent medical assessment at the match it seems like a no-brainer.
  2. Played a bit and it feels hugely generic so far. But I've only just finished the intro part so hoping to have my mind changed once it gets going properly.
  3. It was for the Play stats summary wasn't it? Not a problem; I got 3 month's free Netflix from them a while back which covered most of my PS+ this year.
  4. I clearly spend too much already as I didn't get the email at all
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/463050/The_Pit_And_The_Pendulum/ There's also a hidden object version
  6. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1097800/Stranger_Things_3_The_Game/ Not quite GTA but looks fun.
  7. That Mesarthim is great. Looking forward to a proper full listen. Cheers @moosegrinder
  8. I'm glad 3.71 is getting sorted as I idiotically updated the same day I ordered an SD adaptor. I can be such a dick.
  9. Might I ask what the £14 was for? Getting tempted by this now that the Vita releases have died off.
  10. It's coming later this year for Odyssey too. I love the idea of it; might install Origins to play with the kids over the summer holidays
  11. Darkwood. Terrifying and claustrophobic. I dare anyone to play it through headphones and not get shat up by it.
  12. The sound system part is key here. The score is vital in conveying a really disorientating feeling throughout; one that manages to draw you into the ritualistic aspects whilst also keeping you at an uncomfortable distance. Without that it wouldn't have the same unsettling effect.
  13. That's a cracking read, and very much echoes my take on it. There's lots of densely packed Swedish folklore in there too. Needs a more capable anthropologist than the guys in the film to outline it
  14. Good shout. The original hasn't fared as well though. That was a real struggle when I played it with Madness Returns at release.
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