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  1. Oh, and a couple of things the game doesn't really explain that well: characters with throw abilities can only do them when the enemy is airborne so flying or juggled up by a move. Spent ages wondering why they were just jumping and doing no damage. The specials have stack effects so hold the button (R1 on PS4) and press the requisite number of times. It was fairly late on that I twigged that Ginseng has an amazing heal move that uses 3 bars of Iddhi. Hopefully they'll add in some extra explanations; it's such a great system but can be a little confusing.
  2. That tactic is really useful. A nice cheap way to get the 108 combo trophy too if you so wish Also, remember you can block in the exploration mode too. I forgot that whilst fighting the end boss at 2.30 in the morning the day the review was due and made the fight about 100 times tougher than it needed to be. Testament to the game that I persisted despite that stupidity on my part.
  3. Pretty good. Not as expansive as a full Metroidvania but you unlock new traversal skills at a decent rate. By the end you're able to zip around and avoid a lot of the previously tricky platforming which works well at making you feel like a badass. There are some bastard hard bits but they aren't necessary to finish the game but instead to get power up crystals. My only gripe there was that the map doesn't always make it clear where you couldn't previously go so might be worth taking a few notes as you go to avoid frustration. It's getting some negative reviews on Steam purely because it needs a controller. Which, given the whole point of the combat system would seem obvious but Steam reviewers do like a self-righteous moan. At least it's not an Epic exclusive so nobody is getting threatened.
  4. It's really good. A few balancing issues with the combat which could do with a patch but I enjoyed my playthrough enormously. So many characters to experiment with, although my main team wasn't far off @Qazimod's from the demo. My review is up at TheSixthAxis.
  5. Read that as John Wick CEX, which works too. Somebody steals John's dog and trades it in.
  6. That awful Time-something one with Michael Crichton. Edit: Timeline. That's the badger!
  7. That Nintendolife review is a bit too gushing. I've given it 7/10 over at TheSixthAxis. Too many frustrations, some clunky platforming and willfully obscure but solid 2d Souls combat.
  8. Had a quick look at this last night with a melee character and it seemed solid combat wise. I sucked because I was just trying to rush through a bit before bed but the alternate weapons to damage armour make for an interesting mechanic. I thought it looked pretty impressive visually to be honest but then I am a sucker for 17th century designs. Not sure when I'll have time to play it properly but it came as part of a Focus library code I got as a present a while back so am happy with it as a bonus. Couldn't get used to the green face mark though. Made my sultry warrior princess look like she had 5 o'clock shadow. Oh well. Might restart and check out the male voice anyway.
  9. Black Orchard in particular is very striking and looks dead professional
  10. Wowzers, it's been quiet in here. Hopefully that's because smaller threads for games are getting more love. Anyway, I have a code for Oriental Empires going for somebody of a more strategic bent. Was in a Fanatical Mystery Bundle but not really my thing. PM me if interested
  11. This should be moved and turned into a joystick nostalgia thread I was unbeatable on Sensible Soccer using the ridiculous Quickshot Maverick. I used it in a weird cackhanded way too with my right hand on the stick and my left curled around the front to press the buttons. No idea why but it worked for me. (quick Google found the MegaDrive version)
  12. It's ok. Some really nice ideas but nothing seems fully developed. Has a weird echo of Hellblade at times with the voices etc. The camcorder puzzle mechanics are too infrequent and there's just a lack of polish overall. Pretty short too but not sure if I can be bothered trying to get a different ending or find more collectables. Played many worse but it's a bit meh.
  13. They've just pushed the first patch on Steam; not sure how long it'll take to hit Gamepass. It's running fine on my modest setup after upping the sensitivity and expanding the FOV but there appear to be a lot of issues out there.
  14. Will do. I'll just check with the editor that it'd fit their remit and let you know
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