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  1. It's the kind of finish the format needs to get people rooting for the new teams. Was genuinely tense stuff and I was far more involved than I expected to be. Hales probably got a lot of satisfaction out of it too, given how Stokes is the golden boy whilst he is clearly never going to get picked for England again.
  2. Cheers. I think I was looking in the Gamepass one - didn't realise there was a separate Rewards one
  3. Yep to Toy Story. The main game is fun enough in a basic licenced way but the sandbox mode is really excellent. Kids have gone back to it regularly since it came out and have just restarted on my One X now the holidays have begun.
  4. This is a bizarre case of random windmiling that makes me paradoxically nostalgic for the days of certain permabanned members doing the same but transparently - not that I'm accusing Mr Gamer of being an alt of course... As for the show, watched the first episode with the kids and enjoyed it. Felt much more faithful to the tone of the original (even a little darker) and very different to SheRa which we also loved. As is often the case, the tone and comparisons made by the loudest critics tells me far more about them than the show itself. Intending to binge the rest with the kids tomorrow
  5. Are these punch cards just for Series consoles? Can't see them on my One X or the app.
  6. They don't repeat - the balls and runs at the bottom are for the current bowler's stats. Doesn't excuse how ugly they are of course.
  7. Been playing a silly amount of Ragnarock VR despite the heat. Well worth picking up for those of you with VR goggles Custom songs are pretty easy to add too (at least on the Steam version). Waiting on a map for some more Turisas action:
  8. One of the Oval players did. It was a fun watch but needs a bit of fine tuning with the pace of things. Tbf, though, it was the first time for the players too The graphics made more sense for the second innings (watched it on YouTube so presume it was the same as BBC ones). Will definitely be interesting to see how the men approach it. The size of the crowd for a women's domestic game was a massive plus too.
  9. Think that Ragnarock has been added to the App Lab and is well worth checking out - especially if you're a fan of metal music in any way. I loved the Steam VR version and may well buy it on Quest just for the wires free aspect. Custom songs are a breeze to add for the Steam version too. https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2021/07/21/ragnarock-vr-review/
  10. It's on Gamepass Day One if that's an option too.
  11. PSVR isn't too bad as most people have their system in the largest room but I totally get where you're coming from with the wires etc. I had been lusting after a crazy expensive PCVR until I got to try out the Vive and realised I just don't have the space in my gaming setup to make use of it. The Quest works brilliantly for PCVR through Link cable (was a bit fiddly at first but they've improved it massively) which suits me - and I have yet to try out Air Link which sounds like magic. The library is a lot more focused (Limited?) than PSVR (or even PCVR if that is usable for you) though so it depends on whether there's enough there to keep you entertained.
  12. Finally got around to setting up my Quest 2 last night after it sitting in the corner for a few weeks (essay marking and trial reviewing an HTX Vive Pro2 got in the way) only for the latest update to bork it. No library found and the shop hangs on a spinning circle on the buy/download options Think it's fixed with an update now so charging it to check. Having now tried out the big boy VR headset I definitely prefer the lightweight Quest 2, especially for ease of use. The room size needed to set up the Vive isn't very practical - especially as it's static camera receivers. Maybe not so bad if your PC is in the lounge connected to your TV but no use in a home office/gaming room. The resolution and picture quality is better on the Vive but then it's four times the price and a whole lot less convenient to use. Hoping that a competitor will go for a wire free alternative to Quest just to avoid the Facebook integration (although I'm now tied into that with prior purchases) so that the range of games can increase.
  13. The demo was alright (played it on Steam). Nothing ground breaking but pleasant enough. Not going to say that it's perfect for Game Pass but...
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