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  1. Love Enforcer. They absolutely nail the feel and energy of early Maiden.
  2. That is the correct way to play that spoiler I love how meta Taro is at criticising the leaden aspects of his own games - although that doesn't entirely excuse the repetition in everything since the original Drakengard. Playing through the final Branch of Drak 3 and the same 5 corridor levels are really starting to grate - and yet reviewers complain about retreading their steps in NieR!
  3. Looks like the animation is tied to frame rate on the PC version and there's no inbuilt frame limiter in play. Unless you set it to cap at 60fps through video card software it seems to play in Benny Hill mode.
  4. I've gone full NieR now with my desktop rocking this:
  5. Just bear in mind that the beginning is by the worst part even for long term fans so it should all be gravy from here on Would love to have had the chance for this to be the first playthrough without the muddy visuals and clunkiness of the PS360 version. Looking forward to hearing more as it opens up for you.
  6. I'm typing on my keyboard so have no excuse. Mea culpa.
  7. Luckily they weren't going on badly typed forum posts but touché. [adds Pockets to list of forum nemeses]
  8. I can't really argue with Hetfield's summary but am clearly coming at the game from the other perspective. It's a pretty fair review all things considered. Automata is clearly the better game (which I really want to play as soon as the Steam patch comes in) but it's just great to see a labour of love like NieR polished up for a new audience.
  9. It's very much the same game as the original version, just running at a smoother framerate and with better combat. I imagine it will be just as divisive this time around too, but hopefully they'll be more of an audience after Automata. The final few hours after the multiple endings are truly emotional, and really resonate with ideas of permanence and legacy. Plus Kaine and Weiss bickering never gets old for me
  10. My review's up now. If you're already a fan of Taro then add a point on - I was consciously thinking of newcomers with the score here: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2021/04/22/nier-replicant-review-remaster-ver-1-22474487139/
  11. Pollard is mainly a pinch hitter now (and big presence in the field for the slogging). RCB are scary in the batting side - Kohli, De Villiers and Maxwell are all match winners but yep, the pandemic effect does seem to have narrowed the field a bit. Apart from SRH who just can't buy a break at the moment.
  12. Sky are being shit at uploading highlights to YouTube this year. Nothing from the last couple of days. Means I'm reduced to watching low quality blurry videos A bit up and down so far as a Mumbai follower - they don't look as strong this year as previously (although there were a few freak dismissals in their most recent loss against DC).
  13. That'll teach me to post on my phone Automata needed lots of fan patches and stuff but finally got an update for Gamepass. I already had it on Steam though and was intending on playing it there. There is a lot of content here for the money, even without the usual grind for leveling up weapons (which is only for trophy hunting rather than ending related). It's a beautiful package, although it is still very much the original NieR with all that entails.
  14. Looks like Iron Fist with a bit less cultural appropriation. But I need to actually read up on the lore for this one as it's a blind spot in my Marvel knowledge.
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