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  1. I love(d) Valfaris, but some of the bosses are cheap as all heck. That particular one was a hurdle for a while but there are a few later on that get even more unfair. I would recommend having a look at some videos for strategies if you need to as the environments get even cooler as the game goes on. Just avoid the smug gits doing no-damage runs with original non-upgraded equipment Oh, and for that jelly boss in particular: And I haven't finished it either, actually, but that was due to it being a review so had to stop at the embargo and then got distracted by other games. Need to get stuck back in soon.
  2. That's my solution too
  3. Oh, and Thumper but don't think it was from PS+
  4. Ace. Cheers. Realised I've got Rigs, Until Dawn Rush, Here They Lie and Wipeout too courtesy of Plus. Will check out Statik, remember beung intrigued by it but had completely forgotten it. Gonna be a long 20 days or so
  5. Got one of these sat waiting for me under the tree (metaphorically, tree will go up much later). Any hidden gems to check out? Got the Megapack 2 and Doom VFR plus No Man's Sky already. Beat Saber, Moss and Tetris are on my list. Anything else?
  6. Good luck on the continuing promotions around this, @BadgerFarmer I have read it now and really enjoyed it, although you did make me want to rebuy No More Heroes for about the fourth time My review isn't due with the academic journal until February (these things move very slowly) but the short version will be along the lines of This is a great and thought-provoking discussion of the ideological background of some of my favourite games that displays a light touch with theory making it thoroughly readable for non-academic audiences too. The theoretical knowledge is clearly there informing the discussion without overloading it and Bailes is an enthusiastic and persuasive writer. I would have liked further discussion of the effect that GTA Online has on the series' attempts to critique neoliberalism whilst clearly working within, even directly profiting from it, but appreciate that this was a little tangential to the book's main focus on single player narratively constructed worlds. tl;dr that'll do. badger, that'll do
  7. It's superb. Unsettling and Gothic rather than horror with an amazing sense of place. Helps if you're familiar with the NorthWest of England.
  8. I get a lot of bugs in review builds of games that can be fun until they become gamebreaking (had one last week that wiped 10 hours of progress when the game loaded the startup area rather than the temple I had entered and autosaved over the only file.) I quite like seeing behind the veil as it were, although am less pleased when it's a full release version and many of the same bugs are still present. Some terrible cheap horror games I've reviewed have benefited from weird texture issues like floating hair, detached faces or wonky physics. In a related fashion, I'm finally playing FF X on Vita at the moment. I played a forgotten amount of it years back on a friend's PS2 when I used to be a nanny to their kids, but cannot remember how far I got. Overall I'm enjoying it despite/because of the mostly terrible writing but interesting level system. Apart from a regular series of boss fights that have to be approached in a specific way or you have almost no way of beating them. Some are a matter of equipping the right armour to negate status effects, or knowing that there is a hidden time limit before they do a super powerful attack. But I couldn't help but take perverse pleasure in the epic Yunalesca fight that marks the end of the linear part of the game (about 30 hours or so in). You make it through two difficult boss forms, having to heal, prevent status effects and manage resources to survive. As a sensible player, I kept track of the HP count and tried to keep characters in a healthy state fully expecting another form. To which end, I congratulate myself on finishing the second form off with all characters healthy and free of the zombie status only for the third form to begin by casting an instant death spell that wiped my whole party out - with the only reliable solution being for them to be sodding zombies. This was so bloody devious and deliberately enraging that I had to raise a metaphorical glass to the developers. Enjoying falling into their trap may be too strong a word but I took a masochistic delight in how quickly I went from smug to Game Over. That being said, I haven't worked up the desire to go back to it yet. Maybe later, with a huge vat of coffee and a convenient swear jar for the inevitable obscenities.
  9. Oh, and a couple of things the game doesn't really explain that well: characters with throw abilities can only do them when the enemy is airborne so flying or juggled up by a move. Spent ages wondering why they were just jumping and doing no damage. The specials have stack effects so hold the button (R1 on PS4) and press the requisite number of times. It was fairly late on that I twigged that Ginseng has an amazing heal move that uses 3 bars of Iddhi. Hopefully they'll add in some extra explanations; it's such a great system but can be a little confusing.
  10. That tactic is really useful. A nice cheap way to get the 108 combo trophy too if you so wish Also, remember you can block in the exploration mode too. I forgot that whilst fighting the end boss at 2.30 in the morning the day the review was due and made the fight about 100 times tougher than it needed to be. Testament to the game that I persisted despite that stupidity on my part.
  11. Pretty good. Not as expansive as a full Metroidvania but you unlock new traversal skills at a decent rate. By the end you're able to zip around and avoid a lot of the previously tricky platforming which works well at making you feel like a badass. There are some bastard hard bits but they aren't necessary to finish the game but instead to get power up crystals. My only gripe there was that the map doesn't always make it clear where you couldn't previously go so might be worth taking a few notes as you go to avoid frustration. It's getting some negative reviews on Steam purely because it needs a controller. Which, given the whole point of the combat system would seem obvious but Steam reviewers do like a self-righteous moan. At least it's not an Epic exclusive so nobody is getting threatened.
  12. It's really good. A few balancing issues with the combat which could do with a patch but I enjoyed my playthrough enormously. So many characters to experiment with, although my main team wasn't far off @Qazimod's from the demo. My review is up at TheSixthAxis.
  13. Read that as John Wick CEX, which works too. Somebody steals John's dog and trades it in.
  14. That awful Time-something one with Michael Crichton. Edit: Timeline. That's the badger!
  15. That Nintendolife review is a bit too gushing. I've given it 7/10 over at TheSixthAxis. Too many frustrations, some clunky platforming and willfully obscure but solid 2d Souls combat.
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