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  1. Another visitor I'm telling you, I was hyped on Impossible Mission on the C64 when I was wee. I don't think I truly understood the puzzle element to the game, but the graphics, the speech and that megalomaniac Elvin Atombender had me hooked. And then, the sequel. I almost caressed the pages of ACE with its adverts of Atombender towers reflecting in the agent's shades. Oh how I saved. Was it 10p every day from my dinner money? Who remembers. Weeks passed. Months. Then I had saved enough. My mum was going to Glasgow. She knew how much it meant to me. Hours pass. She phones. They only have it on the spectrum. JUST GET IT JUST GET IT. I implored her. But it's not the C64. IT DOESN'T MATTER. I'm not berating the Spectrum. Not for a second. But in my head were beautiful pictures, sprites and colour:- Opening the box was a joy. Insert tape. And then, this. And you know, in retrospect, the speccy version looks OK. Quite good actually. But back then. When you're 5 or something. And graphics mean everything. And it's all about the buzz and whirr that the robots make. That deathly energy spurt. And the destroy him my robots. And the clinical tapping sound every step and jump you make. That's what made Impossible Mission for me. And an important lesson was learned. Reviews are platform specific. Bide your time. Which I did. Until I bought Chase HQ on the C64 instead of the Spectrum...
  2. Heh. So much so, that I immediately went into google mode which led to this interview:- http://www.denofgeek.com/games/69875/the_d...kevin_toms.html Which seems to indicate that there was at least some form of calculation going on:- Ok, that relates to the highlights, but seems to be indicative of at least some form of rudimentary system. You're not going to tell me the game was built on RAND commands. Are you...?!
  3. Aye. Check out the 'bases' on him: Ooooh. Nice sword.
  4. , the author missed an 'h', man.
  5. Hey people. I've just discovered what appears to be a proto-GW game in PGR2 for the original XBOX. Now, hitherto, I had only played GW on the DS. Twin sticks. Oh my. The difficulty shoots through the roof, doesn't it? Shooting with the stylus on the DS is far easier what with the ability to do large 'sweeps' to destroy the enemies. In an sense you don't have to worry so much about the direction of the craft so much, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to shoot incoming danger. I think this'll take some time to get used to.
  6. Do you think these threads could be stickied every week. V. useful thread and moreso if always easily available?
  7. I think at least there's a lack of subtlety in terms of the questions of morality, law and order, rule of law et al. Even if the moral judgements are left to the viewer, the film does present them as rather obvious choices (e.g. the two ships) and even to an extent does cast its own judgement (Lucius Fox, CCTV/phone bank). I think that's what I mean by superficial. It's not necessarily to the detriment of the film. I think I'm also of course perhaps unfairly comparing a summer blockbuster (and a great one at that) with something a bit more subtle, ambiguous and layered like The Wire. On that note, it strikes me that Zack Snyder does indeed have a hell of a job on his hands with respect to The Watchmen.
  8. I think that's a quite elegant commentary and I would be inclined to agree with. It's clear there are themes of rule of law/democracy and so on within the film but they are at a superficial level. That's not to necessarily take away from the film and it does at least touch on these issues.
  9. Been right into Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan on the DS. Tremendously addictive games. The amount of times you're sucked into the "one more go" is unbeliveable. I'll need to get my hands on Ouendan 2 for my next fix.
  10. I've not read this issue, but your post reminded me of the Halo 3 review. It was a sparkling piece of writing and you felt that 10 was every bit deserved. (An aside)
  11. Guybrush


    I liked the intro before the singing started.
  12. Looks fun, too! Sorry for off-topicness - I appreciate nobody wants this thread to go off the rails...
  13. I came into this thread to post about the same game. For me, Fahrenheit was a truly immersive game, full of atmosphere and really quite chilling. At the beginning. Then the over reliance on those Simple Simon QTE moments truly ruined the game for me. I don't know if I was even more than a quarter of the way through the game but I'm in no way minded to find out now.
  14. I think that's a very well made point. And I wonder if there is more scope for magazines taking that approach (i.e. critical analysis), particularly given that internet content probably provides a lot of the 'buyers guide' element, what with trailers, gameplay videos, podcasts and so on. I suppose the closest we've got to the in depth critiques are EDGE's retrospectives?
  15. And I'm sure in a recent preview or interview it talked about an intro that would 'blow you away'. Don't know what that did for y'all but I reckon it's fake.
  16. Just wanted to chip in with the praise - great read.
  17. That was tremendous! Youse lol well off each other.
  18. I've just spent the last few days devouring Watchmen. Breathtaking in its scope. The intricacies of each superhero. Each person. The themes of power. Right and wrong (Wrong and right). Humanity. Technology. The future? The past. What an amazing book. It has a superbly layered narrative. I think a review on Amazon praised it for its 'intertextuality' - you know, the newspaper cuttings, excerpts from other texts from this other world (other world, our world!?). So, yeah. That. And the pop-cultural references. I finished it and felt as if I was holding the history of humankind in my hands (in a similar way as Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell recently did). Wonderful.
  19. Don't forget the Loch Fyne mussels! None of your overpriced rubber burgers here. Not convinced about this year, yet.
  20. That's gonna be beautiful, forever.
  21. I ... err ... umm ... nailed him to the err ... (eyes search the room) floor. Surely?
  22. How many Kb was the NES original, out of interest? (I acknowledge this might not be a fair comparison)
  23. Guybrush


    Walcott's run was tremendous.
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