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  1. That's obsene man! Imagine having a CD32.
  2. 1G Yeh, but he tried so hard, and there's nice graphics there. It's not that bad then, brother. 4G's !!!11!
  3. Books at least get a look in with Review on Newsnight. Film gets a regular mature regular program. But it's a fair point you make actually when you consider how popular these mediums are compared to video games. But still, you would think there should be some decent representation on TV.
  4. Hmmm. It is pretty shocking that we still have not got a decent computer games coverage on television after all this time. Yeh, we had gamesmaster which was class, but probably not the most mature look at games. Now I would say we have nothing. Videogames are big business, so why not more coverage on telly? Someone on here once said a Film 2003 style program, even presented by Jonny Ross would be an interesting concept.
  5. I meant in terms of Rev Campbell's personal ideology over the matter.
  6. Would it be deserved income if they credited Sensible for the game mechanics?
  7. Clearly it's technically an infringement, although it makes quite a few gameplay changes. But as I've said all along, it's not the copying that's the problem as far as I'm concerned. It's the copying without credit, and the charging for an uncredited ripoff of something that was free in the first place (exactly the opposite scenario to most remakes). Neither of those applies to Klass Of 99, or indeed to most other PC remakes of 8-bit classics. Cool. Isn't this the sort of thing that James Cameron had to concede even just by being inspired (or maybe it was blatant copying, I don't know) by a book he had read in making the Terminator. In the end he credited the author of the book by acknowledging him as the first credit. Hmm, if people make pac man clones they don't generally credit the author of the original. Maybe its because your trainspotting game was so popular and ubiquitous that they thought everyone would know it was inspired by the Rev. Campbell
  8. I can see why your peeved off given that it was your work and that your ex-employers own the copyright. Out of interest though, you did recently highlight the School Daze/Back to School remake for the GBA and PC. Would you consider that to be an infringement of (insert speccy publisher here)'s copyright?
  9. I could play a Sega GT and GT 3 and quite easily draw the conclusion that Sega 'stole' the idea to make a game with a heap of cars and tracks and all that shit, but I don't see sony taking anyone to court. That is all.
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