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  1. This absolutely reflects my view. It seemed as if the show had lost the magic of the past. The queen of Sheba fir me was the ideal conclusion. The world has moved on and I didn't even lol once. Unheard of for the show!
  2. So, how to spectacularly fail at reviving a classic then?
  3. A few tracks from The Strokes' Is This It always seem to remind me of C64 music (e.g. the title track and the intro to hard to explain in particular)
  4. It's still incredible that he pulled off such a ... caper (as the film documents it!). Exhilirating stuff.
  5. Let's give it up for the Kate Bush too.
  6. Tremendous review. Amongst the best.
  7. Another vote for There Will Be Blood, closely followed by No Country. Assassination of Jesse James. All 3 big hitters, no surprise there.
  8. It leaves you stunned. And its nauseating. And it's brutal. And for all those reasons it has to be seen.
  9. Guybrush


    There's music out there man. I still get butterflies when I hear Don't Look Back in Anger or listen to Rock n Roll star when inebriated. But there's music out there that will excite you, elate you, melt you. I saw Oasis circa Familiar to Millions. Even then I was kidding myself that I saw them in their prime. There's no real need to post this here and I do not intend to troll, but at the high risk of patronising, a moment of clarity is in the offing. One hopes.
  10. Guybrush

    Edge 195

  11. The Halo 3 review was a euphoric and triumphant piece of writing.
  12. Not really. They standalone. I've also seen Matter for two quid, but then Fopp is a very dangerous place to be with a tenner because all of a sudden you've added three more books to the backlog...
  13. Absolutely tremendous news. Good to have youse back. Thoroughly enjoyed the commentary of 1.1 too. Some great little insights there. Enjoyed even just the banter ("What's he saying there?"). Also, March 2004. Indeed. I think a few of us could measure our lives based on consolevania episodes! Looking forward to seeing what comes next. Cheers!
  14. Guybrush


    What happens if you challenge mid play and you're wrong. Point go the other way?
  15. Guybrush


    CAn't you challenge now?
  16. Guybrush


    Christ, youse should try a pirate stream on full screen. There is no ball! Anyway, what a game.
  17. I enjoyed that (Blue Peter special). Cheers.
  18. It is abundently clear that Mario 64 has precise and fun platforming gameplay simply by looking at its sequel which in my view lacks these characteristics and is why Mario Sunshine disappoints (at least in earlier levels which seem to lack focus).
  19. Outrun Coast to Coast is a marvellous game. Everything about it just screams arcade and fun. Some of those dips when you drive into the scenery are simply gorgeous. I think then I can say I am inclined towards games with Arcade sensibilities. And surely geowars 2 comes into that category?
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