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  1. Why didn't we hear the Girls Aloud chat
  2. Harsh, man. If the queen sees that she'll never reply to his letter.
  3. iPhone 3.0 EDIT: I see it's a known bug that the game might hang when searching for a random opponent. Think this must be the problem .
  4. Man! My Words keeps crashing on me. Every time I load it up , it does the usual "updating" thing then boots me back out of the app. Don't know if it's because I've got too many games on the go and there's some kind of memory issue (about 8 games or so). Tried deleting the app, downloading and reinstalling but of course when I put my username in, it then reverts to updating to booting me out. Frustrating! Anyone else had similar issues and solved them? Looks like I might have to try reinstalling and starting with a new username. Frustrating given the ongoing games, though.
  5. The strings on How. Amazing stuff.
  6. Man in the Mirror. Oh man.
  7. Interesting wider implication too in terms of
  8. I think it's also an interesting contribution to the 'what is a review for' debate also.
  9. As you say, the review was always going to be problematic (expressley referred to within the review, of course). Perhaps the review ought to have just been a score in the end then.
  10. Guybrush

    Oasis or Blur

    I'm not really a fan of ealy Blur stuff. Think Tank is really cool.
  11. Your frustration is palpable, and hilarious, mate.
  12. "Margaret Mountford your hair is like a cloud."
  13. As a neutral observer, what happened Villa
  14. Thought the nightmare sequence was great. Reminded me of the double-take sketch that's up on youtube.
  15. How did it review? I ... um ... must have lost issue 56.
  16. Guybrush

    EDGE 199

    Seems to sum the author(s) up.
  17. Really good to hear. Is there a lot of freeform stuff to do or is it more mission driven. Or both?!
  18. Eurogamer hands on here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/grand-th...n-wars-hands-on Sounds good.
  19. Amazing stuff. Never been into Wrestling. But that doesn't matter. In fact, this film gave me a glimpse about what wrestling is about. And the fights were engrossing stuff. Wrestling's his thing. That's what he's all about. The bond and the bonds he makes are through it. Really lovely affecting scenes with his daughter. Ending was perfect.
  20. I read The Man in the High Castle. I didn't connect with it really. I felt it was all a bit clinical. And I understand that may be part of the point. Perhaps I didn't fully grasp the themes. That was the first thing of Philip K Dick I've read (I think from memory). What else should I read. Would I enjoy other books?
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