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  1. What's the technique. Can you give an example trick?
  2. We're all here discussing it though. That's the brilliance!
  3. I'm not talking about tonight, though. I mean Wednesday was brilliant. Tonight was. Well.....
  4. The joy is in the illusion. In trying to work out how the f*** it was done. The speculation. I've not seen millions of illusions. It was a great illusion, no?
  5. Wednesday night was amazing. I think we can all agree on that. The whole internet and twittersphere were talking about it ever since. Tonight could only be an anticlimax. Having his prediction after tonight's show would have been better.
  6. Tally up the number of people on here and on Digital Spy who know it was split screen. WISDOM OF THE CROWDS. And you're over there in the corner. We're all laughing.
  7. It was clearly split screen. If you rewind to the start of tonight's programme you can tell from his demeanor and slight shift of his eyes when he's talking about loving the speculation and he says the words "split screen".
  8. They so much looked like a bunch of actors, don't they? As illogical and unfounded as that sounds.
  9. Is there a bit of Monty Hall to all this, when he's saying (incorrectly?) there's a 50/50 chance when only two choices left etc.
  10. Enjoyed this. Found it to be more an insight into the psyche required for doing this stuff than a war film along the line of Platoon etc.
  11. Florence and her machine are ace! But hey ho.
  12. Not seen but I've heard good things about Mesraine: Parts I and II which are out now in certain cinemas.
  13. "Thank fuck for that then", or words to that effect. He then gave all a hug and left to rapturous applause nay boos. And thus Big Brother was over.
  14. It is! But I think the key is recognising that it is all in good humour. When marcus says anything in passing you can be sure Tongue is in hairy cheek. Compare and contrast with eg Charlie
  15. Mr AahH! sure is addictive. Nowhere near the top of leaderboard but all good fun. Need to JUST add some consistency. JUST. Doyou see what I... JUST. Ah forget it. Cheers for the heads up rev.
  16. Man that was hilarious stuff tonight. Laughing at the situation, indeed.
  17. That's the beauty of it all though isn't it. Eschewing stereotypes. The contradictions. The machinations of those in power. I've digressed. God, I almost cry everytime I think about the Wire.
  18. Well he does have that killer death move in him, you know.
  19. Words beginning with 'O':- OMG!
  20. He's come good again after snapping out of his Noirin phase, for sure.
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