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  1. oh wow it's incredibly cute.
  2. Bought iblast moki! Lovely game. Similar graphical style to World of Goo. Basically a physicsy (Nice word looper!) puzzler. It's down to 59p at the moment also.
  3. Possibly a slow start. But then part of the hilarity is the in jokes as the weeks progress. In any event, the casualty clip ("great news! we've downgraded your condition status...") was belly-achingly hilarious.
  4. it's an amazing game. I'm just getting started on the iPhone version.
  5. How are the controls compared to monkey island and Simon the sorceror, if you're able to compare?
  6. Well it is quite understated but that's the beauty, right?
  7. I used to think the graphics on the Amiga were photorealistic. Of course we're "there". LOL
  8. Newswipe was a full series though. This is only a one off isn't it?
  9. Yeh, the homeless derren brown really ought to have had a chip and pin reader to have any hope of realism.
  10. Will need to check this out. I actually loved the first album.
  11. Did he not say "if you're going to fight it [ie stand up] then don't do it"!!!
  12. Another vote for Pinball Fantasies. Great nostalgia and great game. Mr Aarrgh! is a good five minute game. Lite version is fine.
  13. Why are people getting bogged down with the fact he didn't show the numbers before the draw. Of course he didn't because he couldn't!
  14. Well they had a live Coronation Street once and that went without a hitch.
  15. That's an expensive looking set up he's got there in that plush flat of his.
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