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    The Spurs Thread

    I wonder who would actually take a punt on Dele. He seems past the 'needs a change of scenery' stage and genuinely seems mentally and physically shot. You may laugh but I doubt a lot of teams in the lower reaches of the league would want to risk bringing him in.
  2. Also just started watching the first series of NZ after seeing it mentioned in this thread for ages. It's a lot of fun and there have been some classic tasks only 3 episodes in.
  3. As in, the current UK series (12)? Wow, couldn't disagree with you more, I thought 11 was up there with the best. 12 just seems phoned-in by comparison.
  4. Seems like plenty of contenders lining up to fight Edwards (Chimaev, Belal, Burns) but Leon wants to wait for the title shot. In theory it makes sense as Usman has gone through most other contenders twice but I can see Dana making life difficult for him.
  5. The next gen of crappy nostalgic licensed games I guess! Our generation seem to lap up the remasters of Ducktales, Aladdin etc despite them being nothing special.
  6. I think Andromeda was bloody good and I don't care who knows it. It would be a real shame if they completely retconned it.
  7. Anyone else watching this? Crime / courtroom drama on BBC (all episodes on iPlayer), it seems to be attracting fairly negative reviews due to a supposed attempt to recreate the Line Of Duty interrogations and some clumsy class-divide exposition. Personally I'm really enjoying it, up to episode 4 so far. It's pretty hammy and every character is a dickhead which is par for the course with this sort of thing, but it's a fun ride so far.
  8. Fucking hell Arsenal are so jammy. How was that not a foul leading up to that goal? Take your pick, either one.
  9. God he'd be insufferable. Can't see it happening though. I can't believe he's still sticking with this stupid gimmick though, does my head in. Marty Fakenewsman, Cumshot Chimaev etc. Hilarious. Anyway, stacked card again this weekend. I'm weirdly excited for Iaquinta vs Green beside the more obvious ones.
  10. Yobo Ahoy

    The Spurs Thread

    Dier just always seems like the weak link to me. He's just not a CB.
  11. Really not feeling the second series. Feels bloated, self indulgent and frankly unfunny. The aforementioned Christmas episode for a start, and I've just watched that Coach Beard episode, what the fuck was that all about?
  12. Used to love this video back in the day. Never actually saw the photo it was taken from!
  13. a) Valkyria Chronicles. I'm only a fairweather RPG fan and all previous attempts at SRPGs (FFTA, Xcom, Fire Emblem etc) absolutely frazzled my brain, and I tended to give up very quickly despite my best intentions. VC looked amazing, had a silly alternate-WW2 story like Ring of Red which I enjoyed, and had a perfectly judged difficulty curve (apart from THAT level). Absolutely adored it from the first minute. b) Yakuza 3. My first in the series, back in 2010 the concept of playing a subtitled game was a hard sell to me. Then you have reams of cutscenes to watch before the game kicks off proper, and for fear of missing out I also watched the incomprehensible catch up videos before I started. Finally for the first 10 hours or so you are pottering around a pokey little seaside orphanage, it's a tough introduction. In hindsight now having played all of them, it's by far the slowest start but it also has an odd serene charm to it. Brilliant stuff.
  14. The amount of times I muttered 'fucking hell' was off the chart. It's brutal.
  15. A Killing In Tiger Bay (iPlayer) Savage account of 5 guys framed for murder. I'm sure most people know about it but this whole thing was before my time so I'd never heard of it. So many aspects of corruption and bullying are absolutely, horrifyingly shocking it's hard to take in - completely unbelievable in places. It's our 'West of Memphis' basically.
  16. Exactly what I was coming in to post! I've been waiting to binge it, personally think it's worse than S1 but still watchable. Then I got to episode 4. Fucking hell.
  17. I think the substories are a little bit lacking vs 0 (both in quantity and batshit-ness) and there is no business stuff. Story-wise, it's excellent.
  18. Really not feeling too bad about Watford's result last weekend now.
  19. Fucking hell, 5-2 vs Everton. Really didn't see that coming 2 minutes in.
  20. Yep. It's shown live initially (not sure what time tonight's is) and then appears shortly after on-demand, both as one long 4hr-ish video and also separate ones per fight - the latter is very handy and saves faffing about fast forwarding etc, especially if you don't want to watch all of the prelims.
  21. Fedor fighting again this weekend too. Essentially a Russians vs cans event, Minakov and Khabib's cousin looking to pad out their records too. Still, should be fun.
  22. Costa is fast becoming an absolute joke. He had absolutely no intention of making the MW limit. Hope Marvin ruins him.
  23. Unfortunately he's actually been one of Watford's better players this year. Certainly an upgrade on Masina. Today was fucking awful but I never expected much better. Our midfield is horrendously slow and imagination-free and quite frankly Cathcart should be nowhere near a PL XI. A fun few games coming up too.
  24. Such a shame he's morphed into yet another greasy FIFA suit. Also I love the fallback for these things is always 'the younger generation'. Despite clubs, associations and federations doing everything they can to sell football to the highest bidder for the last 30 years and ensure as few people as possible can actually watch the games live (legally).
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