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  1. That is the most ridiculous VAR call I've ever seen.
  2. Guarantee Chelsea will absolutely smash Watford at the weekend now. Fucks sake.
  3. Watford are absolute dogshit at the moment. Going down in a completely gutless manner with hoofball to Deeney, the only saving grace is that the other lot around us can't seem to buy a win at the moment.
  4. Perry is a strange one. He has a couple of decent wins and for a brief moment looked like he could genuinely be the next big thing (in terms of crossover appeal if not genuine ability). Now I'm not sure whether to be worried about him or whether it's an act, he said he is going to get a proper team after this fight but this one with his girlfriend is 'just to show he can do it' (well you didn't last time, you lost badly). And the Till stuff is weird, according to Till it's a play beef but Perry legit hates him apparently. Could all be for show but pretending to be mentally ill isn't really a needle mover in MMA.
  5. Exciting! 4 vs 4 pursuit is still one of the best online multiplayer experiences I've ever played. Also one of the few games to get custom soundtracks right.
  6. Bit templatey. Only thing I don't like about Adidas, the shirts themselves are nice. Also I was a big fan of Leeds' Kappa kits!
  7. Picked up Andromeda last week as I was looking for something cheap to while away lockdown now that the weather has turned. It's actually ... good? Carried on my trilogy tradition of making the most hideous character possible. The shooting and exploration fully scratches the ME itch, just made my first settlement and keen for more.
  8. NFS Hot Pursuit was one of the few online games over the years to hold my attention. 4 racers vs 4 cops with custom soundtracks, a proper assault on the senses.
  9. Great shout. Ordered Kiwami 2 (and FOTNS for laughs) - my last of the mainline Yak games still to play. Exciting!
  10. Jones going off on Twitter tonight. This is just one of many. No idea he got paid that much!
  11. Having said that I think Masvidal is cutting his nose off to spite his face. 3 fights ago he was (popular) journeyman, he's literally just signed a 7 fight contract so i don't know why he's dragging his heels. He may well get smashed by Usman but fuck it - if not the chance will pass him by.
  12. Plus a lot of new fighters are coming through Dana's 'Contender Series' which is essentially MMA battery farming and locks them into shit contracts for longer than, say, someone who was already a big fish in smaller/regional promotions.
  13. Nah that's pretty much it. I just find the art style incredible, almost unbelievable. Yeah it's Golden Axe but it's illustrated by fucking Monet or something.
  14. It's brilliant. Vanillaware's finest in my opinion.
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