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  1. Yobo Ahoy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    First ever premier league hat trick for Watford! Absolutely ruining Cardiff.
  2. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I'm not surprised (motherfuckers). Once he vacated MW I must admit I doubted we'd see him again. He never wanted any part of Woodley and he didn't seem to campaign that hard for the Khabib fight. Fair play to him though, not many get to go out on top.
  3. Yobo Ahoy

    Playstation Vita

    Depends how active you were with cloud saves. I thought I had set mine to automatically update but I recently found out the hard way that it didn't on one or two titles. Fingers crossed!
  4. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    That was honestly one of my favourite ever MMA reality checks. The sheer arrogance was astounding.
  5. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I know, seemed mad to see the husk of a man in the cage and then see his record of 13 wins or something. Anik sure seemed keen to push that 'HW GOAT' shit though. Please. It's taken him 11 years to fight 15 times in the UFC. Ngannou has fought 10 times in just over 3 years. Even if he'd won though anyway, would he fight DC?
  6. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Well, that was short. Cain classy in defeat as always but it feels like he is on the wane a bit now, I think he could maybe beat Lewis but a younger and stronger wrestler like Blaydes could prove difficult. Actually, you know what I want to see? Cain vs Overeem. As for Bellator, disappointing as mentioned above. Lima will destroy MVP, he is a massive WW and Daley couldn't even get close to him.
  7. Yobo Ahoy

    Films with one set.

    Shame it's crap. And in 4 rooms (toilet, garden, kitchen, lounge) I think.
  8. Yobo Ahoy

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    God, this. I read an article the other day about all these little young twats watching Friends and all of them said that Phoebe was their favourite character. She was comfortably the worst thing about it from beginning to end.
  9. Yobo Ahoy

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    I haven't seen that thankfully (is it GoT?) but it can't be any worse than this: Not just a shit cameo by a random celebrity. Not even a shit cameo by David Beckham at a random point in a film, which would be more forgivable. But David Beckham and his tinny voice being the last person to speak before the sword is pulled from the fucking stone. Jesus.
  10. Yobo Ahoy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Another stupid stretching 'shield' tackle from Pogba there.
  11. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Unless you don't have Sky. Bring back tape delays!
  12. Yobo Ahoy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Man City really are getting a piss easy streak of cup games this year.
  13. Yobo Ahoy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Newport 2-0 up. That second goal was beautiful.
  14. Yobo Ahoy

    Just picked up a PS Vita....

    It's a grower. I wasn't sold on it at first. Once the story kicks in properly and the personas and social links are all available, it's borderline impossible to put down.

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