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  1. Probably an unpopular opinion but I'd like to see an Overeem rematch (assuming he gets through Harris). He could have had their fight wrapped up after a minute but chose to try and submit Stipe rather than lay on more punches, I'm sure it still haunts him today.
  2. I have literally no idea what happened there. Fair play. Need to get Sarr up to speed sharpish, we can look so toothless at times.
  3. Eriksen wasn't at his best last season and if he isn't going to sign a new contract they should get shot of him. I like Dybala but how the fuck did he get a contract worth £300k at Juve? They really are chucking money around with the best of them over the last few years.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/06/bristol-city-write-to-clubs-to-explain-new-policy-of-not-kicking-ball-out-of-play Good on them. The rules have got so muddled and the faux outrage when a team doesn't kick the ball out is beyond pathetic.
  5. Leicester are my left field shout to break top 6. Anyway completed it, I always like these aggregate prediction tables when they appear on WSC and Guardian because every year Watford are tipped for relegation.
  6. Apparently Colby is coming out to Kurt Angle's theme tune. Now I know he's taking the piss.
  7. Lovely. Shame about the sponsor. Again.
  8. Just caught up from yesterday. I don't even care that Greg and Amber might not last, Molly and Tommy have been shoved down our faces for so long I'm just so glad they didn't win. Might stop people playing it so safe in future.
  9. Bored of managers moaning about how little rest their players have had because of AFCON. The reason it was changed was because of your constant whining about having to release them for 2 weeks in January, you can't have your cake and eat it too.
  10. Cynical cash-in for the Mexican market?
  11. TBC. Apparently it did similar numbers to Warcraft and The Mummy, both stillborn potential franchises. Most places suggest it turned a profit but 'sources' suggest the budget was much higher than declared. https://deadline.com/2019/02/alita-battle-angel-box-office-bomb-1202558922/ I would absolutely love a sequel and it's depressing how liberally the phrase 'bomb' is attached to films these days.
  12. No need to be ashamed of that! Familiarity with the source material is what drives a lot of superhero films, not that many stand up as very good films in their own right. Personally I'm not into western comics or manga so I'm a perfectly objective (and uninformed ) judge...
  13. I watched it at the weekend and strangely really liked it [the 2019 film]. It's a lot of fun and miles better than GitS anyway, although I know that's not a high bar.
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