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  1. I guess they have realised that you don't get FIFA style dominance by being platform exclusive. Unfortunately they've forgotten that only Americans and Japanese like baseball.
  2. Master System, eventually. And I still haven't owned more than one console from each generation with the exception of the PS2/GC/DC golden age of buckets of disposable income and free time, so it's not unusual for me.
  3. Barao has been put out of his misery too. Such a strange career. I know a lot of people chalk it up to USADA but I think it was mainly the weight cuts and TJ that destroyed him.
  4. I know we have a reputation to keep up but fucking hell. As a decision in isolation, I don't disagree with it but we've fannied about for well over a third of the season now - something needs to happen and fast.
  5. Unfortunately, yes. Eighteen million pounds and can't shoot, can't pass and whatever pace he had is long gone. Burnley must have been laughing all the way to the bank.
  6. Well that's Watford down then. We've made Southampton look amazing despite somehow leading for about 40 minutes. We just can't fucking score with any sort of frequency, absolutely no imagination.
  7. Good ebening, sweet prince.
  8. Anyone been following the Luis Enrique / Robert Moreno stuff this week? The former is coming across like a bit of a cunt, calling Moreno 'disloyal' - as sad as Luis Enrique's personal situation is, I think Moreno's request to manage the tournament itself and then step down is totally fair - he was in charge for all but one of the qualifying games and I don't think his ambition in this instance is malicious, but now he's just been painted as a complete snake.
  9. Yobo Ahoy

    The Spurs Thread

    Indeed. I've seen a lot of places saying 'oh he just parks the bus', forgetting that he actually coined that phrase himself - after a game against Spurs no less. I've enjoyed watching a fair few of his teams over the years. Personally I think it might just work out ok.
  10. In Love Island Oz news, Adam, who was a nailed on favourite to win basically nuked his chances by being brutally honest and breaking up with Cartier for no reason other than he was bored. And now he's gone. A shame as he's probably one of the best ever contestants. They really don't give a fuck about winning, it's brilliant. Unfortunately we're now into the last week so it will get really boring with the dates and 'declarations of love' ... Bleh. Anna and Josh (or whichever twin is left) will probably win now I guess.
  11. Brighton always have it in them to go on a 10 game shit run so I can't see them staying up there too long. They have some tough games coming up (Arsenal, Man Utd, Leicester, Liverpool then the Palace grudge match) so they could tlget dragged in as well.
  12. Watford are off the mark and off the bottom! I was never that worried about finishing bottom but I'm not sure who will need to make way for us to climb out of the bottom 3. Everton, as crap as they are, run hot and cold and I expect them to go on a good run soon. Villa and Burnley are solid too. Newcastle ... I have no idea. A point vs Burnley and beating Southampton would look fairly rosy I reckon. Maybe.
  13. Oh sorry, didn't mean to spoil it. Nah the US version is a step too far for me. After seeing what they did to Ex On The Beach (I know, sorry) I'm sure they have ruined everything that makes it compelling trash TV.
  14. Last year's was brilliant. Some absolute scrotes on show, of the final two couples only Tayla came out with any dignity. Eden and Erin are two of the biggest bullying cunts ever seen on this programme. Plus the most petty (/brilliant) moment in the history of Love Island - Cassidy and Grant coupled up very early and looked to be a power couple, however Grant's head was turned by Tayla and Cassidy was hilariously bitter about it the entire series. The result was that at one of the final recouplings she picked Grant just to throw a spanner in the works and so they'd have to sleep outside. (Grant was actually a bit of a bellend but this had the effect of swinging the public in his favour and he and Tayla eventually won. Then as soon as they left the villa it was revealed he had a girlfriend and was just in it for the fame. Standard.)
  15. Fucking hell Love Island Australia is brilliant (ITVbe) - anyone else watching? Standard Love Island drama but with a brilliant Aussie lack of filter, this is how it should be. None of the stunted 'can I pull you for a chat' wooden conversation, power couples being hacked apart all over the shop, merciless dumpings and even girls coupling up with each other. Last year's was great too, they just seem to possess that ability to be an arsehole when the occasion calls that the British people can't.
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