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  1. Was that offside? Looked really close. Also I love the small talk refs make while they are waiting. I imagine they are just saying 'chance would be a fine thing' over and over a la Mark Corrigan.
  2. Valkyria Chronicles 2 is probably the ugliest sequel ever. Disregarding the fact that it was on PSP, the classy yet cartoony character art of the first game was discarded in favour of an awful spiky hair and big tits animé style. Comparison of Welkin and Alicia below: Vs Thankfully they toned it down by 3 and 4 is more in the style of the original.
  3. Say the magic words, boss...
  4. The atmosphere really is so shit. People are just milling about in half empty stands, it's embarrassing.
  5. Jeez! Didn't know Iwobi had it in him.
  6. As with most teams who are dependent on loan signings to get promoted, it depends on the signings they now make. I can't see them doing a Fulham scattergun approach but investment is needed, to an outsider it would appear the squad (with a few exceptions) is made up of older players who've been relegated or couldn't quite cut it in the premier league.
  7. Northcutt isn't a kid anymore, he's had what 15 fights? If he fought some chump then One would be accused of feeding him cans (see the criticism Bellator get).
  8. Agreed torrents are a ballache. Well ok, actual worst case will be finding unofficial highlights on YouTube.
  9. UK chaps - do you all get your UFC via BT Sport? What other options are there? I need to leave/downgrade my Virgin TV as I can't afford it anymore and on balance the only thing I'll miss is the UFC. Fight Pass is crap and doesn't show PPVs (as is my understanding?) so I would be grateful if anyone had any advice. Worst case I'll go back to torrents, has the world of illegal downloads moved on in the last few years? Site recommendations please? (I can never be sure if this is allowed but it seems like football streams are always freely discussed...) Thanks all and sorry for the morally dubious content x
  10. Yakuza 6 had destructible scenery/furniture in some buildings that served no purpose but to fill out the world. Not only was it weirdly satisfying to destroy everything (running into it repeatedly was the only way), the expressionless NPCs made it even funnier for me - no running away, arms flailing, just a disapproving scowl.
  11. Kappa shirts are a real guilty pleasure of mine, I'd love if Watford's kit was made by them. I have loads from the early-00s when they were everywhere (Auxerre, Zaragoza, Roma, Sampdoria etc).
  12. Watched this over the weekend. Not a fan really, it's basically a charisma-free rehash of Three Kings.
  13. Said to my mate after Pereyra missed the 1 on 1 'that was the chance'. I don't even really blame anyone for the loss, Gomes should have done better for the 2nd but Foster conceded an identical one against Wolves recently so any talk about 2nd choice keepers etc is missing the point. We were just outclassed unfortunately.
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