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  1. I bought one of those Powkiddy V90s for my nephew for Christmas, had to have a go before I wrapped it. It's brilliant! SMS Sonic 2 looks so vibrant and controls lovely. £27 or something delivered, you can't complain. I think in the new year I will explore one of these myself (I'm finding hacking my Vita much more difficult than the instructions imply), maybe one with a little more grunt - ability to play N64 and PSX without shitting the bed would be great. Is the Retroid 2 the best value in this sense?
  2. The Bamford arm one a few weeks back was the icing on the shitty cake in my opinion. He was penalised for communicating to a teammate where he wanted the ball, an absolute joke.
  3. I'm not sure why they made such a song and dance about it being non-comedians though, they've had contestants before who haven't done comedy.
  4. Rylan and John Hannah are gonna be great fun.
  5. Finally got around to playing this. Was experiencing a bit of Yak fatigue at the time of release but I can't get enough of this now. All Yak gameplay hooks are present and correct, even down to the activities (I've done biker baseball and bartending so far) which I wasn't expecting. The wasteland side of things is distinctly PS2 but trying to handle that dog of a vehicle while listening to the Super Monkey Ball theme falls firmly into 'so bad it's good' territory. Love it!
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/nov/19/ireland-manager-stephen-kenny-faces-fai-probe-anti-english-video This is bizarre. What were we saying about people not caring about friendlies?
  7. Yeah I watched that back when it was originally aired. Proper harrowing stuff.
  8. I'm not even into wrestling anymore but I'd love a AKI/Asmik style wrestling game. I even played the GameCube Ultimate Muscle game recently (it's decent but not the same), I miss them that badly! I never liked the isometric ring of Fire Pro and always had trouble lining up my moves. No Mercy and its predecessors looked crap but they were proper 3D and every move felt really weighty unlike the pitter patter of Fire Pro.
  9. I watched the Pepe doc this week too, genuinely fascinating. Perfect happy ending this week with Trump losing too! The tactless jovial Danish cartoonist saying 'that must really suck for you huh' at Comic Con really made me laugh for some reason.
  10. Fast remembering how nutty Championship football is. Watford started the season tight at the back but blunt up front, the defence gradually got shitter and we've only picked up going forward over the last couple of games but somehow we're 2nd. Bizarre.
  11. As mentioned it wasn't one of the best, but if you didn't find anything funny at all in that I'd suggest it isn't for you. Anyway the champion of champion specials are two of the best ever. Not on All4 but might still be on UKTV Play.
  12. Forgot about that. Fucking brilliant.
  13. This week's episode was brilliant. Getting better each week I have to say. I've also been re-watching some old ones, I really miss some of the individual tasks and the meltdowns that follow. Josh Widdicombe counting spaghetti hoops, Mel Giedroyc trying to hide a giant beach ball etc. Added an extra layer of fun I thought.
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