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  1. For the English teams it's the normal reason, Gordon Taylor being a greedy cunt.
  2. Sounds like a plan, Watford's dickhead players have been saying we are too good to go down all season long, now the stats can prove it. Plus Miles Jacobson is a Watford fan so he's probably put some kind of cheat code in.
  3. Hahaha was just coming to post that. Bit of a contrived reference but this is MMA among the sports world now:
  4. Yeah I was thinking similar. With all the leaps MMA has made in recent years to legitimise and clean up, the fact that they are openly planning a pay per view event in the midst of a global pandemic rather goes against that and smacks more of the back-street, anything goes, cockfighting image of old. On a selfish level I can't fucking wait.
  5. Plus the UFC event from Saturday was weird with no fans, felt like a TUF event. I see Dana is still adamant that Tony/Khabib is going to happen, 'whatever it takes'. In space? International waters? Got to admire his optimism.
  6. I'm totally sucked into this game now, been a long time (probably since my last Yakuza outing) that every spare 15 minutes is spent on this. Yesterday I found myself over towards the left of the map after finishing a side quest, I noticed I was close-ish to a tallneck so took a detour. Unfortunately it wasn't clear until I got closer that it was being patrolled by bellowbacks, those bastard chicken things (I don't know why I have so much trouble with them) and ravagers. Stealth didn't work so I lured the ravagers away one by one, shot off their machine guns, piled them up in a nearby bush and mowed down the bellowbacks and chickens. The freedom this game offers you is just off the chain, I love it.
  7. Not even top 5 for me. Maia, Gus, Overeem, Faber, Hendo off the top of my head. Romero is good in patches but had the undeserved wins over Kennedy and Jacare gone the other way we'd be looking at a very different career.
  8. Been playing this over the last few weeks; previously I'd been on Batman AK via PS+ but it was increasingly becoming a chore and my sub was running out so I let it lapse. This is just miles better in every way. I'm sure I'm taking absolutely ages to make any progress as I was shit-scared of anything that moved at first, but now I'm finding I can tackle the big boys a little better. Yes, the speech and facial animation are a little janky but this is one of the ways in which it reminds me of the early Mass Effects; they have that same sense of scale and venturing into the unknown. Brilliant.
  9. Sarr is basically the difference between relegation and staying up for us. He adds a completely different dimension to the team.
  10. Re: KK That bit in bold is brutal. You never hear stuff like that from fighters really, unless it's followed by a retirement speech. Quite frankly though her corner should have thrown in the towel, it doesn't happen nearly enough in MMA.
  11. It looks a good card, Pereira is always fun. Really don't buy either Anderson or Jan as title contenders though unfortunately.
  12. https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/28673921/kansas-experiment-option-real-scoring-mma-fights It begins! Unfortunately Nevada aren't keen but baby steps.
  13. Watched it this morning. What a load of shit the judging for that main event was. The only consolation I have at the moment is that Jones' greed won't let him retire on top, so he will lose at some point. Reyes was brilliant and showed that the Santos and Gus fights weren't as close as they seemed - I thought they could have beaten Jones, but Dom should have. Bollocks.
  14. I do like doing good deeds, stopping robbers etc. The problem is that when an NPC so much as looks at me funny I can't resist killing them in the silliest and most violent way possible. I am forever middle of the road.
  15. I just can't wait to see dat scoop again. He comes with a sweet chant to the tune of 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet too.
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