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  1. Unfortunately he's actually been one of Watford's better players this year. Certainly an upgrade on Masina. Today was fucking awful but I never expected much better. Our midfield is horrendously slow and imagination-free and quite frankly Cathcart should be nowhere near a PL XI. A fun few games coming up too.
  2. Such a shame he's morphed into yet another greasy FIFA suit. Also I love the fallback for these things is always 'the younger generation'. Despite clubs, associations and federations doing everything they can to sell football to the highest bidder for the last 30 years and ensure as few people as possible can actually watch the games live (legally).
  3. @Nate Dogg III I loved yesterday's. It's always amusing but this was the first time to properly make me laugh out loud.
  4. Is Judgment cheap? I'm struggling to find it anywhere sub-£25. Really regretting not buying it when it was on sale for a tenner not long after release. I guess it's new console + sequel bounce so hopefully it comes down. (If anyone has a PS4 copy to sell please PM!)
  5. It felt like a repeat, to be honest. Like you say they've done the bridge task before and the boot camera was essentially exactly the same as the head camera a few years back (the 'Alex being born' video among others). A crying shame, and it was inevitable, but it seems like the imagination has deserted it somewhat.
  6. Man Thursday's was poor. That 'copy Alex' was one of the all time bad tasks. It seems like they really front loaded the good tasks into the first episode because the last two have been crap.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/oct/05/david-squires-on-squad-game-the-brutal-drama-featuring-watford-fc An entire Squires about Watford. We've made it guys.
  8. We've had our easy games for now. I like to think our players will respond to him in some way as at least he has some proper managerial pedigree rather than half a season in Malta or something. I'll be happy with 7 or 8 points from the above.
  9. Great fight it was too. I'm not normally a fan of 5 rounds for 5 rounds' sake, but that definitely could have gone for longer and been a stone cold classic. Score cards were a bit iffy with the home bias, I had it for Lima ... shades of Till / Wonderboy a few years back.
  10. Re: Watford. It really will depend who we get in (if it's Sanchez Flores again, we riot) but the performances have been fucking terrible by and large. Beating a still-on-their-hols Villa on day one, Norwich and barely scraping a point against Newcastle is not enough to show for as easy a start to a season as you are likely to get in the PL. The fans have accepted this is the way we work now, so now we just cross our fingers.
  11. I couldn't remember if we had a separate thread for the film? Anyway I can't find it. But it was really good. Surprisingly so. "All good things have to come to an end, like Queen, Eddie Murphy got fucked up on coke and couldn't handle it, do you know what I mean?"
  12. Sterling really has done everything he can to lose all public goodwill. I really hope Yan smashes him now. The question is - interim fight or does he get stripped?
  13. Still one or two weak links in the lineup (VCM is looking like filling the Katherine Parkinson / Joe Thomas role) but that was a very good first episode (just catching up). Morgana was brilliant.
  14. I still have no fucking idea what he was talking about. When he said 'i don't know what I'm doing here' before the fight it seemed he meant that Lawler was below him, but post-fight he was almost trying to imply that the fight was made without his knowledge. The guy is such a mug, I can't stand him or his punching bag brother. Would have loved to see him try to lie down or show his arse to Lawler like he has done in the past when he deems people aren't fighting up to his lofty standards.
  15. Nick's already doing his 'I should be fighting for the title instead' schtick. Well a) you haven't won in 10 years and b) you can't reach 170lb, so Usman seems a big ask. If he can't beat Lawler then he really won't have a leg to stand on. This isn't some technical striker who will pepper him with jabs from a few feet away, Robbie will go toe to toe with him - and it will be extra sweet if he loses.
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