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  1. Yobo Ahoy


    Edit: sorry it wasn't a pancake. But on the plus side, I found a video!
  2. Yobo Ahoy


    We stumbled across the Champion of Champions miniseries at Christmas - our daughter had just been born and the sight of Alex Horne eating a pancake mask off Bob Mortimer's face while the latter screamed 'I've sinned, man!' was so surreal in our sleep-deprived state. Since then we've caned through all of the series online and every one is brilliant. Series 6 was a mild letdown, the contestants weren't quite up to scratch and the tasks seemed a bit barrel-scraping. It doesn't help that they keep extending the series length every time, I think it's pretty much doubled now. Best overall contestants for me are Rob Beckett, Katherine Ryan, Hugh Dennis, Mel Giedroyc and Bob Mortimer. Absolutely loving James Acaster on the current series though.
  3. Yobo Ahoy

    All things Yakuza! - Start with Yakuza Zero

    That's amazing news. I hope they don't try and tailor the experience too much to Western tastes in future though, the quirky Japaneseness is what makes it unique.
  4. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    He's had some entertaining fights but I've really soured on him over the last couple of years. The way he acted during and around the Poirier fights was a joke and completely classless.
  5. Yobo Ahoy

    Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    Getting towards the end now, done the first part of the finale. Someya is a fucking brilliant character. I've massively enjoyed the story so far - it's a welcome departure from the normal Tojo politics - but I've found that I am not hunting down substories etc in the relentless manner I would normally, none of them seem that interesting and the missing areas and activities contribute to a lack of willingness to explore. Overall this feels like a kind of 4-part glossy miniseries rather than a rougher-round-the-edges 24 episode marathon it was previously. Still loving it obviously, but it's markedly different from previous games.
  6. Yobo Ahoy

    All things Yakuza! - Start with Yakuza Zero

    I'm still playing Y6 at the moment and messing around with the hostess sidegame ... at least 4 girls declare their love for Kiryu every game and he just stands there like a dirty filthy statue. Show her his hard-drinking, fast-food eating, street-fighting, wanking-in-a-cubicle side and you'll look like a saint. Edit: Probably. I don't know what you get up to in your spare time.
  7. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Yeah textbook definition of an illegal knee to soften Nelson though, wasn't even close. Bader isn't everyone's cup of tea but he is a brilliant MMA fighter. People laughed when the first rumblings of a feud with DC started towards the end of his UFC stint, but I actually think he's one of the few who could give him a run for his money (JBJ his personal bogeyman aside). He has stamina for days.
  8. Yobo Ahoy

    Valkyria Chronicles 4

    An 8 in Edge too. Definitely on my buy list ASAP.
  9. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Well, 7pm now and still no sign. Bellator don't half make it hard to support them.
  10. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    207 will be on 5Spike at 23:00 tonight, can't find 208. Next Saturday I guess. Although the ever-vigilant Gareth Davies has just posted this - result!
  11. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    If you'd told me a few years back that Chael Sonnen would be fighting Fedor at HW in Bellator I'd have thought you were nuts. Anyway, we are back to tape delay - it looks like tonight's will be shown tomorrow night, and tomorrow's... God knows.
  12. Yobo Ahoy

    Best WWII Movie

    I know it's hammy as fuck but I absolutely love Hacksaw Ridge.
  13. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Definitely - but seeing as though he's put this arbitrary retirement timescale on himself I'm guessing he's making hay while the sun shines in an extremely winnable fight, rather than holding out for two drug cheat wasters in Lesnar and Jones. I saw Chiesa make a good suggestion the other day, Woodley vs GSP for a welterweight end of days superfight then presumably whatever division they end up in (165 or 175) they take the title and lineage with them. I don't like titles for titles' sake, but I can see the business logic of splitting WW over all other divisions simply due to the fact it's the average male height and weight and therefore it's been the most stacked division historically. It doesn't solve the problem of idiot fighters cutting to unnatural weights to gain an advantage, but I don't think any number of new divisions will solve that issue.
  14. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Boo. Dustin vs Nate could have been FOTY. Anyway Nate has dropped out now too, probably holding out for Conor or the 165lb title creation. DC vs Lewis will be madness but I can see DC making relatively short work of it. The build-up should be hilarious though.
  15. Yobo Ahoy

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    He's basically the spectre of the middle weight classes. A champion or former champ in danger of becoming stale? Call out GSP!

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