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  1. Speaking of Amazon... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/17/leicester-v-liverpool-pushed-back-to-8pm-for-amazon-boxing-day-screening Outrage from fans regarding the shifted KO times on Boxing Day, faux 'this isn't what we signed up for' concern from the clubs. Whoever could have seen this coming?! Lovely little Freudian slip from a Man City suit though: Absolutely no mention of the fans obviously. But the product! Won't somebody think of the product?!
  2. Plus Shearer's one should have been when he booted Lennon in the head.
  3. Yeah I read that article on the Guardian about 5 times today trying to figure out what he actually achieved by it and why Giggs thinks it was a good thing. Also imagine lying motionless on the floor for with your eyes closed for 3 minutes. What a twat. Anyway from going to get that image it seems like there has been a bit of a backlash now, rightly so. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/14/ryan-giggs-daniel-james-wales-manchester-united
  4. Vick vs Price should be a banger too.
  5. That glass-sliding final task was pure simple brilliance. One of the best ever.
  6. Liverpool are so jammy at the mo. This is their season.
  7. Well last night's was awful. Made worse by the return of Godliman. Baddiel really is just the new Mark Watson.
  8. It was truly fucking awful. It's almost as it was done purely as an example of VAR working as intended, 'look how comprehensive and seamless this system is!'
  9. Good MVP interview here. Some history with Dan it would seem.
  10. Bellator was fun last night. Absolutely no enhancement to Gallagher's reputation though, that guy was an absolute chump. MVP also back in form crushing cans, I've got absolutely no idea why Miragliotta deducted a point for his pissing around though. If the guy on the receiving end wants to do something about it he should just fight back.
  11. I don't mind the way that Watford is run at all. Football is the family business; buy low, sell high while investing in infrastructure etc. They will definitely stick around if/when we get relegated.
  12. Hoeness and Rummenigge are two of the biggest bellends in world football.
  13. No award for Jansson I guess
  14. Well the UFC on Saturday was bloody terrible. Rodriguez is such a little twat, was a fan of his before but no longer.
  15. Yeah agree Chelsea have done well, Yokohama is pretty classy, contained in a fairly minimal rectangle and the logo and colours don't clash with the rest of the kit. Watford's last good sponsor was Beko and that was 10 years ago. By and large they have always managed to keep them in club colours which is a small mercy. Can't stand the likes of Spurs' AIA kits.
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