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  1. Today's finds: Working Sony PSVR 2 set up with camera and 2 PS Move controllers - £12.50. PS2 Taito Legends - £3 PS3 Megadrive Collection - 50p That PSVR is probably my best find for years. It was so cheap I was dubious but set it up and it all seems good. The mains adaptor was the only thing missing but fortunately my PSVR 1 PSU works fine with it. Could now do with a spare PSU though if anyone knows where to source a compatible one. Worth getting wet for.
  2. I won these on ebay last weekend and they were delivered today. What timing . I only have a modest collection of his work from a huge back catalogue, but will definitely continue to build it. All began back in about 1982 when I took a chance on the Dig It album because I thought the name and sleeved looked a bit like something similar to Kraftwerk.
  3. Picked up some reduced but still-not-that-cheap Yello reissues. Seem good value as all are double albums but running time on one side of The Eye is 9m 58s.
  4. Also lost my streak today - was 71 not out. Like many games of chance there are ways of tilting the odds in your favour, but your luck runs out eventually. Not bitter.
  5. Yeah, semi transparent vinyl, comic and signed Obi. Almost Dinked edition levels of bonus...
  6. Couple of new release arrivals today. I admit I'm a sucker for a gimmick and the Assai Obi editions take that to a new level, but at more or less the same price as elsewhere, what's not to like.
  7. I've been playing a lot of Chime Deluxe lately. It's a lesser known score attack Tetris-alike on all the main platforms. It's been out for years so the scoreboards don't see a lot of movement. Music plays a part in the game. It's very playable in silence if that's your thing. But it's perfect to play to your own soundtrack, whether that be radio, Spotify or whatever you choose. I have spare time, so I usually play for a couple of hours a day while catching up on radio or listening to music. But once I switch off I'm still matching shapes. Imagine watching the news on TV while in your head you're spinning shapes to complete lines in Tetris. Or the football is on and you're mentally working out where that shape you can see on your mind should fit on an imaginary grid. Chime is all about coverage... filling a huge grid with Tetris shapes. I'm literally doing it in my sleep. It's fairly well known that late night gaming is a bad thing for restful sleep. Anyone else got it bad?
  8. Random £3 charity shop Krautrock / mid 80s synth LP. Never heard of Peter Seiler so looked him up on Discogs. He seems to have had an interesting side project or two: Dreamdancer: "Previously unreleased soundtrack of the banned porn movies "Carl Ludwig, Der Traumtänzer" and "Carl Ludwig, Der Traumtänzer 2" aka Dreamdancer from 1976. Came with a free download card, an electronic vibrator, a heart-shaped sticker and a folded cinema advertisement poster".
  9. First decent UK charity shop finds this year. Everything £2 each. Vangelis albums turn out to be US / Canadian releases. A few duplicated tracks but both very listenable. Just to be tricky, one side of the Mekon 12" plays at 45rpm, the other at 33rpm. Neither labelled as such The Leftfield / Lydon 12" single also plays at 33 and has 2 cracking mixes. The final one is 4 good mixes of Electronic's 'Getting Away With It'.
  10. 3 albums for less than 6 quid. Those were the days.
  11. My Game & Watch collection, some of which are pictured. I couldn't slim down to a single favourite but these ones are personally significant - Octopus, first one I ever played when someone brought it into secondary school back in 1982. Instantly hooked. - Tropical Fish, which is mint but in a knackered box. Remember handing over my £3 at a boot sale for this. It's the only one of theseI've ever seen. - Legend Of Zelda, another car boot find when we were away on holiday. Had an early morning walk to a grotty car park in Poole and this was my £1 reward. I'd bought a NeoGeo CD console for £120 the day before... - Super Mario Bros, ironically my least favourite game but it is totally mint and was a surprise £1 charity shop find in my lunch break. Probably the most valuable of the 30+ that I own.
  12. Played my original 1978 copy of Parallel Lines last night. When I was given it as a present I thought how cool it was that Blondie had done something unusual with the label, but I've never seen another one like it. I suspect it must be a lucky mis-labelled disc. Anyway, still remains a favourite album.
  13. Hamish Hawk Heavy Elevator My album of the year. Recommend it to all. Subdued lighting here, colours not representative of actual product, etc.
  14. Just picked up from Tesco at £29 thanks to glowing reports on here
  15. Pleased to get this little lot for £2. It was 3 for £1 so a couple are filler items. Most happy with the Nouvelle Vague, always enjoy an obscure cover version.
  16. Games with stupidly small text for subtitles, instructions or any HUD items. I want to be able to read things clearly from the comfort of my sofa without squinting or guessing.
  17. @Lovelyman @Sane A solution to keep you both happy Hamish Hawk 'Heavy Elevator'.
  18. I had my doubts about laying out £20+ for music I'd already copied off to minidisc from Spotify. But my, this is a lovely piece of art.
  19. Launch trailer As a lapsed Pokemon Go player, this looks interesting.
  20. Couple of charity shop purchases today. The somewhat rare early Dead Or Alive 12" was surrounded by Shirley Bassey, Neil Sedaka and all the usual suspects. Local collectors must've missed this one. The Blue Mountain Promo double 10" wasn't cheap at £10 but I couldn't resist the eclectic artist line up and it looks new / unplayed.
  21. The last update did that to mine and it is still stuck in a non-working state
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