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  1. I usually read this courtesy of the Pressreader app thanks to my library card, it downloads every new issue to my tablet automatically. Same with Edge and the daily papers. It's all above board, hopefully the finances behind the scenes sort themselves out, it's why the publishers do a deal with the libraries. Am I right??
  2. #waffle309 3/5 streak: 21 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  3. #waffle308 5/5 streak: 20 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  4. If it responds well that would make Warlords an attraction in itself. The rotary control on the arcade game was great, used to love that. Time to investigate the Switch version.
  5. Funnily enough my boxed DK2 is one of only 4 that hasn't sold, although there's a £60 bid on it now so this time next week it'll be gone. Nice bright graphics too
  6. I was pleasantly surprised that none of the 30+ Game and Watches I sold recently had this issue. It was precisely concerns about this that encouraged me to sell up, I can see this and other issues causing problems with older tech in the not too distant future. Sorry not to be helpful but it does seem to still be thankfully rare still.
  7. #waffle304 5/5 streak: 17 #waffleelite wafflegame.net #deluxewaffle26 2/5 wafflegame.net First attempt at Deluxe, pretty happy with 2 stars.
  8. Yep another one. Came to my attention the other day when BBC South interviewed the developer. Worth a look. https://wafflegame.net/
  9. Have you tried the UK GB games Kwirk or Boxxle?
  10. Following my cancer diagnosis we had a long conversation with my 30yo daughter about my 30+ Game & Watch collection, worth about £3k. Ultimately we were concerned at the possible eventual disintegration of the circuitry etc. so to her credit she just asked if I could keep Octopus for her as she knows that one has sentimental value for me. Hence everything else being up for sale. Also I'm the only experienced ebay user in the family so actually realising the cash value before I pass on probably helps everyone in the long run.
  11. Everything is now up in Trading. Thanks for interest and support. More stuff being added soon.
  12. Well I did my eBay research and some of these are still flipping expensive! There's also not that many sold items and condition is critical so... here's my best guess at a price on everything with the major caveat that I need to test them, photo them and inspect and note any blemishes. But these are the ball park numbers. All are close to ebay completed sales so a bit of rllmuk discount could apply. Will leave this here for a bit then add to main Trading forum in a day or so.
  13. Thanks for the interest @DarhkFoxand @JamesC I have a full day blood transfusion tomorrow so I'll be pricing everything up then as long as I can get some 4G in the hospital.
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