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  1. Firefox? Yes Astro Wars? Oh Yes Galaxy Invader 1000, Frogger, Caveman, Scramble, Munchman, Coleco stuff, etc etc. Dixons was full of them. A boomtime for AC adaptors and C type batteries.
  2. Imagine a pair of binoculars with a Game & Watch inside. With colour 'graphics' and stereo sound. Hopefully you're familiar with a Game & Watch...
  3. MagicalDrop

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    It's a score attack game so add some of us from the thread for friend scores to beat. You can start with me if you like.
  4. MagicalDrop

    PlayStation VR

    I must’ve bought Rez in every format it was ever released on ... so at half price in the spring sale, here we go again.
  5. MagicalDrop

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    Added another 5k.
  6. MagicalDrop

    PlayStation VR

    Spent some time this evening with Until Dawn:Rush of Blood. For a time there I really thought I was rolling at speed downhill, the sense of movement is very cleverly done. Some of the shocks are predictable but the shooting is good, the overall atmosphere is tense and there's enough in there for plenty of an arcade style score attack. Definitely worth the fiver or so in the sale. Just need to sell on the disc copy I ordered this morning, about an hour before the Spring Sale went live
  7. MagicalDrop

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    I scored 108,150 earlier, just a few lousy cherries short! Made it to level 10 this time, never been that far before. I'll be back...
  8. MagicalDrop

    Borderlands from Gearbox

    I just paid £1.50 for the 360 GOTY edition, I just couldn't justify £25 for the remaster but fancy playing through again.
  9. MagicalDrop

    PlayStation VR

    So next up in our house on the new toy is my son, 25, die hard XBox player who has more or less refused to touch a PS4 controller, ever. He's convinced by the prospect of trying Superhot, mainly because I promised punching and shooting. Although the game is more or less monochrome, there are grunts of appreciation as he looks round and takes in his surroundings. He takes out the enemies in the first few scenarios with ease, and swaggers his way to the first challenging scene when you have throwing and catching do, as well as punching and shooting. Soon he's ducking, turning and cursing as a bullet takes him out for the 4th or 5th time. But now he's catching guns quickly and dual wielding like Lara Croft. All too soon the demo is done and he's keen for more. Another hooked on the concept and execution by getting hands on. He played youth football to a reasonable standard so I convince him to stay on for the Headmaster demo. He scores three stars on the first level and grasps impact and angle quickly, realising the game is pretty accurately responsive to each. His verdict - very good, more shooters would be good. Me - Superhot is on the buy list but how I'd love some sort of Time Crisis remake. I'm back on to find more Astro Bots now, done level 1-4. Another wow moment when our gaming room was transformed in to a cave and waterfall system. Mrs Magicaldrop loved that but found the dodging and jumping a bit overwhelming. No idea how she would have coped with the tightropes. Thought that was a pretty clever mechanic, effectively a great evolution of Link's hook shot. And hooked I am.
  10. MagicalDrop

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    Yep, same, default settings.
  11. MagicalDrop

    Famicom Highscore Thread.

    Yeah I have that on Switch.
  12. MagicalDrop

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    Great post @dumpster. I can honestly say none of those tactics were used in my 100k game. I really could make a lot more use of the scoring potential of the ball, the letter monster & its accomplices.
  13. MagicalDrop

    Famicom Highscore Thread.

    Took me a while to remember the paths through the levels. Nice game, makes good use of the non-scrolling screen for plenty of varied content.
  14. MagicalDrop

    Famicom Highscore Thread.

    Donkey Kong Jr high score 94,400.
  15. MagicalDrop

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    Morning! 100k done.

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