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  1. My general strategy on every screen is to dig a tunnel up to an apple one square to the left (or right), then dig under and past the apple so I'm in a position to turn around and push the apple down the tunnel. I push the apple to the brink so it traps some enemies then drop it when there are at least 2 but sometimes,especially in the earlier levels, you can crush 4 or more. After scene 1 I start with the apples lower down the screen though rather than very tall tunnels, picking the enemies off in pairs then repeating with another couple of apples, by which time the 'prize' in the centre is usually ready. I like to time taking the prize to collect letters I don't have to complete EXTRA. Once the apple munching ghosts are out I zip to the back of the foursome to take out the letter-monster, I don't worry too much about the others. Also I tend to take the prize at the point regular enemies are tunnelling under apples so when they freeze I have option of dropping an apple on them before setting off after the letter-monster. Incidentally he's the only one I shoot other than the last straggler in a level when chased, I usually go for killing by crushing as the points are higher. I don't worry too much about collecting cherries, at 50pts each the last few aren't worth it when there are aggressive enemies left. Think that's about it, nothing too radical.
  2. @dumpster that's a great score. What scene was that? Can't quite make it out from your photo.
  3. Yep familiar with all of those except Dark SeaI, was only aware of the 2 challenges posted recently.
  4. @Vespa Alex, @new666uk, @dumpster - care to add your scores to our local leaderboard? For everyone else settings are MAME default on either mrdo.zip or mrdot.zip 1. Magicaldrop 132,900 2. 3. 4. Happy to annotate with my play technique / strategy if anyone if interested.
  5. This has a lot of appeal for me but it's a shame that the games on offer are such obscurities. On the one hand it's a good idea that the challenges aren't for global high score on Ikaruga, for example, but equally the only two game challenges mentioned in this thread so far could arguably have been selected just to get someone interested in playing them. At all. Have you had a chance to add a score in the rllmuk Mr Do! challenge?
  6. The YouTube video I watched yesterday very much reminded me of an early period Megadrive game.
  7. It does appear only 2 of you are taking this one seriously.
  8. Sorry for being unclear, I meant what is the game and what is the challenge? I'll be honest, I have almost no recall of Act Fancer despite having been actively interested in arcade games ever since I used to sit down in my local pub with pint on a Galaxian cocktail table at the age of 18. Don't think it's ever had a home conversion either. Certainly an obscure pick.
  9. You're welcome to try to beat my high score on Mr Do! I'll give you a week to beat it, it's loads of fun. I'm not a member of the Antstream team and you'll need the original game from MAME rather than some Amstrad clone. Out,of interest, what's this week's 'bish bash josh' challenge?
  10. Round 10 and broke 100k. And I’ve always called it Mr Doo.
  11. Well it’s fun anyway so I’ll crack on and post an update if I get anything of note
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