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  1. Old photo, garage is a bit more cluttered these days.
  2. I'd imagine it's a very short list, especially with no easy way of replicating twin sticks. That's why I bought the SNES version of Smash TV back in the day. It's weird that an arcade shooter doesn't display your score, either in play or at game over, only when you complete a level.
  3. Had an hour or so on Xenocrisis earlier. As a Smash TV arcade cab owner it's easy to find fault and list things that are inferior, but it played an OK game and I'll likely go back for more later as it looks like there's some interesting unlocks.
  4. Yep that had me beat for the best part of an hour, learning and retrying. Only tips I have are the obvious ones : hit all the boosts and jumps, stay on the track, avoid bumping into vehicles in front. There's very little margin for error even if you do all 3 of those.
  5. Completed this today, possibly the first ever game I've got 1000g in. Really loved it, the puzzles aren't too obscure, there's character and charm about the whole thing and best of all it's got great remixes in of 3 solid gaming classics. Spent all my money in the arcade when I found it. The mine is great too, and endless mode DLC would get bought.
  6. Indeed it is, very clever. You've played the 360/PS3 versions too though?
  7. OK getting into this now, 298,220. The chase is on Edit: 315,780
  8. I'd appreciate any tips about getting some of the games optimised. MAME especially seems hit n miss, Donpachi runs really well but Gunbird must run at about 2fps. Also only tried Castlevania Chronicles on PS1 and that runs like a dog too. For balance, added that PacMan CE NES Demake and the dpad is the best on any of my handhelds. And vertical mode for those old MAME shooters and vintage arcade stuff (Mr Do!) is especially nice.
  9. Whoop whoop just picked this up, Facebook marketplace bargain at £60. Immaculate condition.
  10. I've just ended my time with No Man's Sky as there is so little to do other than inventory management geared around crafting. I understand there's a lot of love for the game but I must have spent the first 4 hours tediously mining stuff to combine with other stuff then flying off to get more stuff for other kit. Whole thing felt like completely artificial padding. And all that interspersed with little brick walls of full inventory, mandatory crafting of yet more kit upgrades blah blah. I'm even bored typing about it. And that's before we even get into base building. Crafting (cooking) in BOTW was great though!
  11. Gates are open. Redd is here. One genuine and one fake painting left. Closing at 11. Genuine painting is Perfect Painting. Need it myself if anyone already has it and fancies donating back to me #greedy
  12. Assuming distant Facebook marketplace sellers can be trusted I've got one on the way. Had a lovely player back in the day and a couple of tatty spares the kids used to use that I picked up at boot sales. Must've sold the lot as I can't find a trace of anything around the house. Thought I would need a new optical cable for recording but realised the little dangly plugs that hang on my current spare should be the correct adapters. So all set and waiting for the postman. Which just leaves me to ponder which CDs are going to get the deluxe minidisc transfer treatment. It also looks like it should be possible to record from Spotify - has anyone on here tried this with success?
  13. Pre-orders for Joker and Hero are up now.
  14. Q-YO Blaster looks worth a shot for some Parodius style action at 89p (90% off)
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