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  1. Just picked up from Tesco at £29 thanks to glowing reports on here
  2. Pleased to get this little lot for £2. It was 3 for £1 so a couple are filler items. Most happy with the Nouvelle Vague, always enjoy an obscure cover version.
  3. Games with stupidly small text for subtitles, instructions or any HUD items. I want to be able to read things clearly from the comfort of my sofa without squinting or guessing.
  4. @Lovelyman @Sane A solution to keep you both happy Hamish Hawk 'Heavy Elevator'.
  5. I had my doubts about laying out £20+ for music I'd already copied off to minidisc from Spotify. But my, this is a lovely piece of art.
  6. Launch trailer As a lapsed Pokemon Go player, this looks interesting.
  7. Couple of charity shop purchases today. The somewhat rare early Dead Or Alive 12" was surrounded by Shirley Bassey, Neil Sedaka and all the usual suspects. Local collectors must've missed this one. The Blue Mountain Promo double 10" wasn't cheap at £10 but I couldn't resist the eclectic artist line up and it looks new / unplayed.
  8. The last update did that to mine and it is still stuck in a non-working state
  9. Thanks - can't see any comments on Discogs, audio is fine and return by mail is a bit of a hassle so I'll live with it. I've several hundred albums stored in a damp garage over a few decades and none of them are like this. Hopefully the next few on order will restore the faith.
  10. I just bought my first new vinyl album for many years. Relatively recent release (last few months). It's pretty warped. Nothing to distort the sound as far as I can tell but the arm is on a bit of a roller-coaster ride. Is this rare or fairly common? For some reason I was expecting better quality than 30 years ago but if anything its worse. Maybe just bad luck?
  11. Does anyone have any suggestions on what's wrong with my Anbernic RG350M? Basically the console seems to have developed a bit of a life of its own. It will play happily for about 10 mins then power off. Leave it alone for an hour and it will have powered back on. Sometimes it won't power up at all, other times it will boot itself. Occasionally the screen will exhibit some flickering. I'm not sure if it's a battery issue or related to a slightly sticky reset button. I've had the back off but nothing looks out of place so it's gone to ebay as spares or repair. If I could get it working though I would keep it. Despite being hardly used I know I'm going to miss it. Any ideas anyone?
  12. Shopto order of game/poster/key ring delivered. Afternoon sorted.
  13. There's a strategy which if successfully executed means you more or less get to play forever, or at least until the framerate chugs to an unplayable rate.
  14. Clearly not many others playing this. How else would I get to be World#1
  15. One of my best car boot pickups was a pile of 15 of those cover discs at 10p a pop.
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