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  1. MagicalDrop


    Such a shame that Vasara is yet another game with no Friends leaderboard. It appears only the worldwide top 10 is shown in online mode too, so bye bye to that.. if anyone is interested my best is 270,000 ish. One a wider note its its always been my approach never to use continues. My reasoning being that it's a sort of cheating to buy your way further into the games than your skill level gets you to ...but I reckon I'm missing out on a large proportion of the games I own due to this approach. What's the general etiquette here? In part it's because I've had some games ignore my score up to the continue point if I carry on, which is disappointing if I've just beaten my best.
  2. Just the thread title was enough for a 'must buy' for me. Please don't be crap...
  3. They've been pretty generous in dishing out free hearts and tickets whenever there's been downtime for maintenance.
  4. An update has been released today adding a new world (stages 201-220)
  5. MagicalDrop


    Massive thanks to @Revival, @Stanshall and @Klatrymadon for their recommendation of Vasara. It's gone from 'never heard of it' to a couple of hours on it on MAME today (courtesy of PS Classic) to a day 1 pre-order. I thought I knew my gaming history but this one slipped the net. I love this place
  6. Level 200 done and World 1 perfected - which unlocks
  7. In 199 single player levels I've used a 'continue' gem twice and the game gave me those for free. If you're stuck on a level it gives you some free perks after a certain number of retries too. Level 200 has me stumped though.
  8. MagicalDrop


    To the mame-mobile! I need to try these out, I'd not heard of them either. That's a pretty good deal on the Switch versus the other consoles for a change.
  9. From what I've read and experienced it's the chests rewarded on completing a quest that open up most of the good stuff - to open them you need as many keys as you can get and the game gives up to 11 for a SSS completion score. That's dictated by a number of factors but presumably a high frenzy score is going to help big time. I've also had RARE DROP come up in game but not sure if that's just luck / random or whether it's a reward of some sort for skilled play. A lot to get one's head round for such a basically simple premise.
  10. I did a bit of googling but players seem to be discussing how to gain the final emblems and complete the compendium. If ever a game needed a comprehensive digital manual, this is one. I haven't really had the need yet but I don't seem to be getting any use from the blacksmith other than a bit of trial and error, either. None of this is stopping the fun though, really glad I bought the game.
  11. I'm really enjoying Lapis X Labyrinth. I can't find any way of checking the grades I gained on previously completed levels so I can go back to those I'd like to improve on. Maybe the game doesn't want me to do that. Or I'm missing something obvious. Anyone found how to do it?
  12. I'm currently on level 200, which is the last stage until they release some more. I do agree with the idea of an undo button or even a 5 second rewind, one slip of the finger generally means the level is lost. But I love the way the levels ask the player to plan ahead, making it much more of a puzzle game than say the arcade type experience of the original. I'll definitely be revisiting completed levels to try to get 3 stars on as many as possible. The bonus stages - the ones with the time limits - are maybe the exception. I'm finding all of them very hard indeed... This has probably been one of my most played games of the year, an amazing freebie.
  13. I hadn't heard anything of Transcripted - it was 89p in the shop for me so gave it a go. Yes, an unexpected hybrid of Zuma and Asteroids that I thought worked pretty well. Lining up shots is indeed a bit too finicky, some sort of lock-on would be appreciated, and the shooting is only satisfying once you've powered up a bit. The first couple of levels I completed were fun enough, although the first boss level is proving pretty tough and I'm stuck for now. I'll give it a bit longer.
  14. Broke the 100k mark on DK. Reached level 5-2. The one thing I learned from Steve Wiebe was to collect max points on the way from bonuses
  15. No tips as such, but it’s a shame the NES game is missing one of the levels, it all gets a bit too repetitive too quickly. Some of the barrel patterns are impossibly hard to avoid (like unjumpable groups of 3) and I’m finding it s big finicky to get up some of the ladders. Nevertheless I put a couple of hours in today, a bit far adrift of your score at the moment.
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