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  1. Ah, didn't really consider the drum kit colour variants, I meant the classical stuff. I think I have 3 colours of drum kit but not the white.
  2. Good to know. I'm sat in my airport with an armful of Decoy Ducks
  3. Ah thanks for that I'll let my daughter know. I suspect she will want to keep it, sorry folks!
  4. Yes I'll be on today, I'll look out for you. So that's me dropping the set of ducks and cataloguing the remaining 4 surf boards - I too just need the brown pinball for the set so could I catalogue that as well please? By the way does anyone need a white Dala Horse? My daughter got one early on but I don't think either of us have seen one since.
  5. Would love it please. I must owe you something, need any surfboards lol
  6. Actually it would be easiest if I just bring them all to you and back order to replace. Would you be able to open?
  7. OK I'll do likewise with a pair of ducks
  8. @Broker Nice collection. Yes all of em please! Want a set of custom ducks or custom cowrie shell stools in return?
  9. I'm open now but AFK. I can always pop the basket in the post if I miss you.
  10. @LaineI can make the bamboo basket. Swap it for a water of my flowers? Also just acquired the 100k Aluminium Briefcase. If anyone wants to catalogue all I ask is a sprinkle on my hybrid growing flowers.
  11. Thanks from me too, tip also left right next to you. Turnip stress over for another week
  12. Or @Flub, I also need the white grand piano, can we arrange something please?
  13. I agree. I wish there was an option to add more buildings to decorate, there is such a good range of interior stuff that 6 rooms at home aren't enough. The diner range is a good example, mine outgrew the small interior room, then the large one, but take it outside and there's nowhere to put the wall decorations. Mind you @thesnwmn you called my blue rose growing technique 'stupid' and now my outside rooms are 'wrong'.
  14. Where's your wish list? Kimonos already look good but they will look better in daylight!
  15. Just the table we need now, tomorrow would be great! Thanks
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