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  1. Bezier seems good so far. Only one other person on my friends leaderboard though. Come on folks, spend a fiver and add me up!
  2. Thanks @moosegrinder, that's 2 games to buy later tonight
  3. Has anyone on here given this a try? Saw a reference to Geometry Wars, which obviously piqued my interest.
  4. I completed the story at the weekend too, total of 120hrs on the clock. I've only completed about half of the quests and there are a few other bits and bobs I could revisit. Various googles suggested getting characters to L70 before facing into the final encounter and that seemed about right for me, especially for one of the spell unlocks that made things a good deal easier. Going to play something else for a while but might well return to mop up the odds and ends. Also picked up a cheap DQIX for DS for sometime later.
  5. Conversely, I'm at 110 hrs on the clock now, most of the party at or around level 70. I've played DQ Builders and DQ Heroes but this is my first of the proper RPGs and it really hooked me. Bought a cheap DS copy of DQIX over Christmas too for a handheld fix at some point.
  6. Just finished reading through the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Just the right mix of technical content, personal history, achievement of the world record and your subsequent adventures. This would be a great place to offer up some bonus Roy Schildt content...
  7. Hypersports in the arcade. I'd need to make sure the buttons are nice and sensitive and the game is set to a single round of events. Back in the day I could hit multiple consecutive secret mole bonuses on the pole vault for 8000pt bonuses each time. Might have a weak spot on the archery, only ever got the perfect score of 8 bullseyes once, raised my hands to cheer and missed a bonus apple.
  8. I've just reached that point. I'd not really been following the IGN walkthrough in detail but wanted some sort of chapter list so I had an idea of how far through I was. I can't seem to find a chapter list for this updated version.
  9. How's everyone going with this? Just over 40h on the clock now and still loving it. The localisation is superb. Any early recommendations for a very similar game to play next?
  10. Wow the music just gets better and better. Bubble Jepoardy contains a real treat
  11. I've been enjoying this a lot. There's loads to collect in each level, so while speeding through the game is possible, there's plenty of replayability to collect everything. There's also some imaginative use of familiar music, the Jungle Boogie level is especially good and I spotted a nice chilled mix of Depeche Mode in there too. The speed run challenges aren't quite up to Astro Bot standard but are nicely done too. I was planning on getting this completed and up for sale on the forum before Christmas but it's looking likely that it'll take longer. I blame Dragon Quest XI for ste
  12. You can though. Transfer items from the Item Bag to anyone in your party. Set Tactics to Follow Orders. Then on each party members turn you can select Item, choose the item from their inventory and who to use it on. Easy mid combat healing if your spell casters aren't available.
  13. Just done Chapter 5. Got stuck at the same place as @pinholestar and while I fully understood the principle of the puzzle I felt slightly misdirected by the game once I looked up some help. Glad I did though, I don't think I'd ever have solved it. Otherwise the puzzles have been just on the doable side of difficult for me. I'll save my verdict on the story until its over. Technically I've had no more glitches or bugs but the frame rate really is poor especially on some underwater sections. Overall, a couple of long afternoons well spent so far.
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