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  1. And don't be afraid to ask people if they will post stuff. I've accumulated a good deal of bargain Minidisc stuff from some very nice people around the country.
  2. Argos leaflets with discounts are arriving in letterboxes.. £7 off £70 and £12 off £100. Use by 16 November. Seems perfect to scrape a little money off some launch games?
  3. Preorders for Cat Mario and Cat Peach double pack are now open on the Nintendo Store - £25.99.
  4. After a lot of problems getting a race online last night I've just had a solid couple of hours of ranked racing that was great fun, probably one of the best racing-lite sessions since GTI Club on the PS3 way back when. Can't quite work out how the ranking itself actually works and it's a bugger being caught out by mirror tracks but you can't beat coming out of the final corner then boosting ahead mere yards from the line. And yes it's mph so yards is valid, metric pedants
  5. Which is the Sonic Racing version I should be getting? I've not played any of them.
  6. I parked it after about an hour of cringey dialogue between largely dislikeable characters. And maybe 2 puzzles. On the plus side it means I can go back to it at sd ome point when I'm feeling less of a miseryguts.
  7. I've been playing the XBLA version this week. My older consoles haven't seen much daylight since the current gen arrived so I set up a large TV in my garage with a gaming chair. When you're sat ridiculously close, the arcade titles feel a lot more... arcadey. The classic XBLA Sega trio of Outrun Online Arcade, Daytona USA and Sega Rally have been great to get back into. I do find the first desert track a bit meh, but this is made up for by the second and third tracks, especially the latter with the climb into the mountains and short descent into the village. Can't com
  8. Letter From America by The Proclaimers is a double groove 10" single. Probably not the same one you're thinking of but I have this one.
  9. That sounds crazy. The button layout on the SNES pad made 8 directional fire easy.
  10. Old photo, garage is a bit more cluttered these days.
  11. I'd imagine it's a very short list, especially with no easy way of replicating twin sticks. That's why I bought the SNES version of Smash TV back in the day. It's weird that an arcade shooter doesn't display your score, either in play or at game over, only when you complete a level.
  12. Had an hour or so on Xenocrisis earlier. As a Smash TV arcade cab owner it's easy to find fault and list things that are inferior, but it played an OK game and I'll likely go back for more later as it looks like there's some interesting unlocks.
  13. Yep that had me beat for the best part of an hour, learning and retrying. Only tips I have are the obvious ones : hit all the boosts and jumps, stay on the track, avoid bumping into vehicles in front. There's very little margin for error even if you do all 3 of those.
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