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  1. I believe you get approx XP for "assists" (ie being nearby when a mon dies) but more for the last hit. If you play a Pokemon that evolves, you need a last hit to trigger the evolution also I believe.
  2. Moose, the fluff guy is the only real healer in the game at this point so he can help a team for sure but he's also a bit... dull haha. As support (which I main as Mime, although IMO he is a burst mage not a support but ok) dont feel bad about taking the odd last hit, let your carry take most but your levels are important too. This way you shouldn't be more than a level or so behind your lane buddy generally. If anyone wants friends or tips or whatever I'm playing a fair bit and happy to help. MLP4416
  3. I've played barely anything but Heroes of the Storm for about a year but not had a game since this came out, its a lot of fun. Easy to start and with a fair amount of depth its a damn good moba so far. There are definitely niggles and I just hope its well supported and they keep improving it. I think most of the global top 30 is made of HotS players Also, Mr Mime is sleeper OP
  4. I watched this back in the day and really enjoyed the rewatch/chatting/interview so thanks for this.
  5. I think this is fantastic
  6. I'm not sure if this applies to all formats, but on PC you can download the "friend version" of the game, which also includes a reasonably sized demo that you can play online or split screen.
  7. I'm going to pick this up for one of my kids on PS4 (we have VR too) so was looking at the best place to buy it from, has anyone used Coolshop? Seems cheapest at £40 but I haven't heard of them.
  8. I'm playing this is much as I possibly can lately, I cant seem to get enough of it Hogger is the new hero, coming next week Also, is anyone else watching the CCL Tournament? Amazing standard of play and pretty good production too, Grubby is the best host he knows soooo much its embarassing <3
  9. He does, I can even hear it in my head. I took a minute to look for a video as I though it would be easy.... erm... well lets say I didn't succeed within that minute.
  10. Blown away by the Triggerfinger track. I'd never heard it, wow.
  11. Any of you guys played (or even heard of!) Monster Train? Getting very good press and apparently much like StS (I think they even give extra discount if you own it as a nod to the devs). https://store.steampowered.com/app/1102190/Monster_Train/ Think I may be very tempted....
  12. I've watched it 3 times and I still think how can it be possible for a human to do that and not die. Yet he made it to the top. I think we must be living in the only timeline where he didn't, there are infinite universes out there where it ended differently.
  13. Finally beat A20, only 500+ hours.... (Ironclad)
  14. Shamen, Ebeneezer Good? Dont think it was in a store though.
  15. I will need to use the dock, yeah. Bloody ~£20 for a plug
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