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  1. Into the Breach

    Finished it on Easy on my second turn so appears far easier than FTL (which I prefer on Easy, for certain), maybe this one is better left at Normal difficulty but I really do like it
  2. Steam

    Out now and £11.39, nice price
  3. Why is Deus Ex coming up at £24.99 for me?
  4. Darkest Dungeon

    60% on Steam, making this £7.59 right now. Picked it up out of store credit, just need time to play it now... :S
  5. Good new horror films

    To be honest I thought it was truly bad. 2/10 AVOID
  6. Where are all the Oscar films this year?

    Why is barely any of this stuff on PTP, is that place shit now or something?
  7. The Accountant - Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick

    Yeah I also found this better than I was expecting. Afflecks character was really great, just a shame they felt the need to sell Autism as some kind of mutant super-power.
  8. Sous Vide

    Wow, my Anova finally turned up today so made a beef joint in it. Without a doubt the best roast I have ever made. Knocked out of the park on the first try, woo
  9. Sous Vide

    Thanks for the heads up on this, I think I'm going to ask the wife to get me this for xmas. One thing I wonder about the wifi model, I assume with a sous vide the time to get up to temperature is a fair while and usually you would do this before adding the food? So if you go to work on a morning you have to leave the food already in the water before starting the machine later in the afternoon so its ready for when you get home, does this screw up cooking times etc?
  10. 6th Gen. Muk Raiding - Raiding when we can be arsed

    Calling in sick for the raid tonight.
  11. Muk - The Rogues Gallery

    Grats on grads
  12. Muk - The Rogues Gallery

    <3 Someone else post pics then ffs.....
  13. Muk - The Rogues Gallery

    Top one is me in Amsterdam and bottom is me and Nightcasterz (mini mot) taken about an hour ago
  14. The Random WoW Thread

    And now heroic Spider and Ursoc down

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