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  1. Is that the RPPVP one? If so I am on it too. If anyone wants to add me please do, troll warrior about level 16: Evamortti
  2. I've been really enjoying Archero since it was mentioned in the thread, its a great game. Hit a wall at level 5 though and it seems I need to grind out earlier levels (did 3 for a while but outgear it now so 4 is the current one I'm working on) for better gear/stats/levels. Which surprisingly hasn't killed it yet for me, but it is definitely a barrier. Apparently 7 is a real wall and lots of grinding needed to get past that one.
  3. I'm going to at least try it and see if it sticks more than the last couple of expansions. I only played classic briefly, hitting 60 not too long before the first expansion came out. Definitely up for being in a Muk guild anyway, what are the old lot planning on doing?
  4. Does the Nintendo store update at a particular time each day? Slay the Spire comes out today so wondered when it will be available.
  5. Mine works perfectly from a similar distance away. Are you sure there's not some other light sources that the camera can see that may be causing an issue? What kind of height is the camera mounted at? (As in, knee, waist, shoulder, etc) It does seem to perform better if you can have it at around chest height where possible I've found.
  6. Apparently ginger can help too? Good excuse to crack the ginger nuts out during a session anyway :)
  7. 3rd character is the Defect, a robot kinda guy who uses orbs. Very different to the other 2 so if you havent played in the many months since he was added then give it a shot. The Final Act is an unlockable area but it doesnt render your previous wins as void as it is optional and clearing the 3rd boss still counts as a full "win" I must be well over 300 hours played and I think A15 is about the highest I've been with any of them. Still not remotely bored. GOTY 2018 for me by a huge margin.
  8. Odd. I have the same but with a 660 (not ti) and there's not been anything even now that I cant run in a satisfactory way that I can think of. EDIT: Actually its a 670 so perhaps a small bump over yours?
  9. Can someone please just tell me how I contribute to a CG? I accepted both missions went to Wally Bei but now I dont quite know where specifically I should be or what I should be doing....
  10. Embarrassed to admit that I hadn't even checked and it turns out I already have the voucher! Purchased!
  11. Oooh, if anyone else happens to have a 66% coupon code that they wont use for BoD may I have it please? If tradeable. Ta
  12. I'm going to try get my head around this game again I think. I played it for a few weeks on and off and just didnt let myself get into it, maybe round 2 will fare better. I have no idea what I'm doing once I've logged in, oops. Just a couple of quick questions to set me off please: I want the game to be pretty "easy", however I do fancy some combat but I want whatever guns are easiest to hit people with as I am a terrible pilot and a terrible shot in FPS too so the more help the better. I somehow seem to be flying a Viper MK4 (I think I got it in a promotion) and I dont know where to go. Can someone direct me to a nearby.... quest hub? Or fairly populated area? Just feel like its dead where I am. I want to just run some missions to accustom myself with the game. Deliveries, combats etc. Right now I am in Zemez System. Also can you please suggest how a noob should equip this ship to meet my needs? I have 600,000 CR. Thanks
  13. You should choose your gods more wisely...
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