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  1. *radio static* Hailing commander davidcotton. I'm in your sector and I have fuel limpets. Heading to your co-ords now. *radio static* Carrying any cargo?
  2. Can't you just walk on the spot to fool your brain? Or if you're sitting down do a little foot dance as you move around in the game? Bound to work.
  3. Christ. Had this broke two days ago I wouldn't have bought an Oculus. Anyone seeing much about this on Facebook? It's all over twitter but strangely my FB timeline has nothing. Edit: Oh no, it's there. Just needed to scroll for 2 minutes.
  4. Seem to be having better luck with the sensor in a USB2. One disconnect but no view resets for 30 mins.
  5. Thanks, I will go for that if it comes to it. I'm trying out various USB combinations at the moment.
  6. Oh no, the errors are popping up again.
  7. I tried to via Windows and it said the drivers are up to date. I have an ASUS motherboard so tried getting their latest drivers, but that said, 'ASMedia hub controller not found' when trying to install. @dr_manhattan^ it's not just the sound that was occurring but a message popping up pulling me out of the game. I could go back immediately but it would happen again maybe 30 seconds later. Anyway, I've yet to get the message this morning (used it for about 30mins), maybe because I hadn't rebooted yesterday after disabling power management on each individual USB port, I can't remember. The problem I've encountered this morning whilst playing 'Edge Of Nowhere' (which is great!) is the view point resetting itself to random positions in the gameworld, meaning I have to keep pressing the 'back' button to reset it. I noticed this yesterday when trying Elite Dangerous too.
  8. I walked out of John Lewis today 550 quid lighter, but super excited with my new purchase. The Oculus guys in the store actually took a photo of me holding the box, like I was the first in the queue of hundreds or something (I just hope it wasn't their first sale on day 2!). Anyway, my excitement was soon extinguished after setting up when I started getting 'sensor disconnected' messages every minute or so, only for it to immediately reconnect. Kinda ruins the immersion. I then spent a couple of hours messing around with USB ports, bios settings and what-not but I am yet to solve it. It appears to be something to do with USB3.0 and Windows 10 but god knows. I'll resume my efforts tomorrow I guess.
  9. Yeah, I definitely got my moneys worth and look forward to starting afresh if/when they rebalance the game and add new stuff to do (factions or whatever). I had a brief play yesterday and found myself marveling at the world but with nothing to do. I think the greatest trick HG could pull with this is making it VR compatible. That sense of wonder would smack you in the face all over again.
  10. Did anyone figure out whether Lvl1 or Lvl5 refers to a better network connection?
  11. Oh no. I just upgraded my gfx card to a 1080 and the step up in quality when using the Rift DK2 is clear. The frame rate is rock solid and everything feels so real. Only, the resolution is still terrible so now I have an urge to upgrade to the CV1 or Vive. Any thoughts on which is better, specifically for ED?
  12. dood you are a star! I didn't know you could access the cables in the headset. Unplugged the hdmi, tried a different cable, boom! Thanks make. Will make my lad very happy - he started school last week and cries every day!
  13. I know this is not the place for tech support but is anyone else having problems with the DK2 since the latest oculus update? I had it running on my office PC with the latest Oculus software last week. Then I unplugged it, took it all home to try and show my lad the hedgehog film thing but of course I had no joy with the laptop. So today I bring it back to the office, plug it in, fire up the software but alas, nothing is being displayed in the headset. The only thing that has changed since last week is the oculus update and I'm probably using different USB ports. I've tried uninstalling everything, even rolling back to 0.6 runtime, rebooted every time but the dang thing just stays on an orange light and won't show up in my nvidia control panel (multiple displays). It's like my hdmi port refuses to see it. I'd really appreciate any suggestions.
  14. Crikey, the difficulty level there looks to be set at zero stars. Makes the game look very bad.
  15. Wow! This makes me want to dive right back in but I'm holding off for now. Let's see what HelloGames add next.
  16. Do Sony have the stock? If it's sold out day one and for the foreseeable future then there's no rush to push it.
  17. I hadn't touched my Oculus DK2 for about a year until yesterday. I'd read that the Oculus store and most of the games worked fine with it, so I thought I'd get everything installed and see what some of the latest free stuff was like. I only needed the 5 demo scenes that play after configuration to be reminded how awesome VR can be. A lifesized alien just standing there trying to communicate as spaceships fly overhead into a strange horizon. It blew me away. Sure, demo scenes are only fun for a few minutes but the feeling is incredible. I really think (hope) Sony are gonna nail this. The headset looks awesome, the games look awesome, and that demo disk will help it shift a shedload. (Demo disks! It feels like a throwback to the 90s!) I can't believe it's only a month away.
  18. Cheers @dood. Maybe I'll hang on for CV2 then. I have a PSVR on pre-order anyways, so here's hoping ED arrives on PS4. I had a close shave earlier, hunting around for trade data. I kept getting interdicted and one guy had some serious firepower. My shields went down pretty much straight away and the hull was fading fast. I'm still getting to grips with my new Diamondback and it's loadout, so I was flapping about with controls and power management, but I managed to get shield backs up with the hull at 2%! I had wisely invested in shield cells so I was able to turn the tables and somehow take him out. I limped home to the nearest station feeling royally chuffed to have survived that one. Still hunting for the trade data though. I had one version of this mission where I got an update telling me what body to approach to find the data, but this one isn't letting on. :/
  19. I had an hour in my Oculus devkit 2 earlier and remembered just how stunning it feels in VR. For those that have tried the CV1, how big a leap is it? I'm feeling seriously tempted by Oculus again, or should I be thinking of the Vive?
  20. I did the same. Not sure if I want to sell them or hang on and find another one. I don't really need the cash, but can you buy the stones? Or craft them?
  21. Yeah, thanks @Tezcatlipoca that's a great help. Had a much more productive evening and now have places to go, people to meet!
  22. So I've been playing a bit of ED again lately after a long hiatus. I thought I was a fairly accomplished pilot after around 100 hours play. I'd reached Lord rank in the Empire and competent in combat, but coming back I feel lost at sea! I seem to be getting my arse handed to me in combat a lot, even in a tooled up Viper. Am I right in thinking that if I align to a particular leader then other factions can attack me at will? I got pounced on by federation fighters for no obvious reason when leaving a station, *dead*. I attacked a ship with bounty on it in a belt cluster, then had the police turn up to chase me off, *dead*. I even scraped the hatch when coming into land and got a 2 minute warning which I didn't meet, *dead*. The final straw last night was getting interdicted by an Asp on my way to trade some bounty credits with an engineer for the first time, *dead* (didn't help that I'd forgotten how to use shield cells but I'm not sure that would have saved me - the guy was savage!). So I'm about half a million down from insurance costs and getting very frustrated! The powerplay stuff seems interesting but is baffling. Are there any decent guides online? And do I really want to scrap 100 hours of play and start over from scratch? If I want the hard grind I can find it by going for the next ship up anyhow, right?
  23. I'm a little bit torn at this point. Part of me want to get a max size ship and find the outer edge of the galaxy (fuck the centre) but I'm keen to wait for new features before the game dies on me completely. It seems stable now at least so I'm expecting big things from HelloGames over the next few months. Also, I tried a bit of Elite Dangerous yesterday for the first time in ages and while it's still 90% staring at an ETA time that is never even remotely accurate there's something about owning a "real" ship that makes it rewarding. It also seems to have gotten bastard hard since I last played so that makes the combat interesting, but my god the universe looks dull after NMS. Maybe there's a neon gas cloud mod?
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