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  1. So comparisons to the Rift are very favourable. The headset is just gorgeous (darling). It's lighter, has sexy rubber everywhere, and I love the fact that it has flaps over the bridge of your nose to block light out which is a major annoyance on the Rift. The res is clearly a bit lower but the screendoor effect is slightly better - it's kinder like looking through a very fine material rather than a grid effect. I did struggle a bit to get a sharp image, but that's also the case for me on the Rift and I think it might be somewhat down to the individual. Battlezone demo - Very good. Surprised I didn't get any motion sickness but it was only 5 minutes or so. Rez demo - still not my thing but works well in VR. Eve demo - very short, seems a bit basic. (Oh and I've played Gunjack on the Rift. Very hard to recommend.) Thumper full game - omg this is right up my street. I don't think VR adds a great deal to it but the game is wicked.
  2. The 3 Argos stores near me have gone from in-stock to out-of-stock in the space of an hour or so. I was just keeping an eye on it, y'know. I was also just 'curious' when I drove to Smyths in MK, and lo and behold they had 2 on the shelf. Um, there's only one on the shelf now. They also had move controllers.
  3. I know, I know, but the excitement and... the games... and the wife is out... Aargh! Edit: And I have the camera already, and I pre-ordered DriveClub! Besides the CV1 is at the office. PSVR is for the home. There. I'm convinced I need one.
  4. Lol. My finger has been hovering over cancel all week since I have a Rift and am not that enthused by the launch line-up, but I thought sod it, I pre-ordered day one, I'm not backing out now. Only Amazon tells me tonight that the card I used has expired, so I go in to update it... aaaand it bumps it back to Saturday delivery. Nice one Amazon, you bastards. So I've now cancelled 2 games, 2 controllers and the headset. Will pick it up later if something interesting comes along. Looking forward to hearing your experiences tomorrow!
  5. Totally agree. Whilst 3rd-person action games (see Edge of Nowhere) work quite well with little mosick I doubt we're gonna get many full-on action games that you can play without hurling. I'd really like to see stuff like FIFA/PES from a god-like viewpoint. Also RTS titles like Civ could be brilliant.
  6. Amazon says it's arriving tomorrow. Wife is out all day. I just have to do the school run and hope it turns up early!
  7. Heh, I thought I'd preempt the inevitable comments.
  8. I must be weird/dead inside since I love dance music but always thought Rez was merely alright. I played it a fair bit back in the day but have never understood why people get so evangelical about it. There will be people buying it this week expecting the greatest game of all time, but that really only applies to a very passionate minority. I'm hoping the VR version will blow my mind but I think I'll try before I buy.
  9. Damn. That has just put the price up somewhat. Now I need a wheel!
  10. siread

    Nintendo Wii U

    I got bored of Heist after a while but I completed Dig which I loved. Horses for courses and all that, but both great games.
  11. Is that really a thing? Is it a placebo? I remember my grandad telling me to sit on a newspaper when I felt car sick, like it was a cure. I totally believed him and it seemed to work! Motion sickness is a proper bummer though. If you try to persevere and battle on it can take hours to recover and totally ruin your day.
  12. Launch titles: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/139078-sony-playstation-vr-launch-line-up-every-game-listed-and-best-psvr-games-revealed Can't believe there's a game call Farted: The Silent Oaf. (Yah. I posted this list just to do this joke.)
  13. This is how I feel about the Rift. Ok, I did come back to it for a few days in a row but a week later it was just sitting there. I check the Oculus store most days to see what's new but it seems to be a trickle of low budget 'experiments'. Elite Dangerous is really the only thing giving it any real value right now. A proper game that is genuinely enhanced by VR, but I kinda got bored of Elite before I got the Rift so... PSVR will definitely have that Christmas day magic like the Wii, dancemats, Kinect or whatever. Watching your gran try it out will be a blast! It's just unfortunate that the biggest genre on console (FPS) just doesn't work so well in VR due to nausea, so you can't just retrofit CoD or Destiny with VR. One thing that VR does really well which doesn't get much of a mention is how NPCs come to life when they are standing right there in front of you. That feeling of presence is weird, indescribable and simply impossible to capture in a non-VR game. The alien demo on the Rift is a prime example. I wonder if the future of VR will be more about connecting with AI characters than running around in mech suits.
  14. It really is all about the killer app for me. I've played a bunch of Rift stuff and yes, that initial feeling is incredible, but ultimately these are still games and they need a hook to keep you coming back for more. VR in and of itself is not enough. Add in nausea, cables, blurred vision, god-rays and tracking issues and it makes picking up that headset that is within arms reach even less appealing. Things like Lucky's Tale and Edge of Nowhere are great, but they somehow feel like PS1 era games with VR bolted on and that just won't cut it. (Mind you, PSVR could really do with something like Lucky's Tale. Would be great to get the kids involved.) The big hitting devs really need to step up to the plate instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting to see how this all pans out. Without any triple-a stuff I fear it's gonna die on it's arse.
  15. So these barn finds. Are we just stealing them?
  16. Has anyone been able to remap the controls? When I try to save it gives me the error "Missing key binds", and yet the default controls have missing key binds.
  17. I'd prefer two crappy speakers built into the headset with the option to plug in my own. Too many cables is an issue right now, and even wireless headphones are too much unless you want to totally wrap your head up for an intense session, isolated from anything or anyone in the real world.
  18. The headset does look gorgeous compared to the Rift. Can't believe the headphones are separate though.
  19. Weird. I copy and pasted, but it worked this time.
  20. Just been down the google doc list.. @King A @Dave White @U-1 Your gamertags don't seem to work.
  21. So what's the difference between real depth and false depth? It's just photons hitting the eyes right? Does it matter how far they've travelled?
  22. Regarding wheels, are they something you can use on your lap or do they need to be bolted to a desk or something?
  23. Oh man, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I was undecided about picking up Forza Horizon 3 because I don't really do "normal" racing games. I prefer your Burnouts, your WipeOuts, your Driver San Frans. It's fanstastic and definitely worth a punt at that price. I did pick up FH3 because you know, hype, and it is indeed bloody brilliant.
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