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  1. Can't believe they made the headset cable that length. At least put a belt clip on the box thing Sony!
  2. I just slide the goggle bit away for a minute to allow it to de-mist then repeat if necessary. Eventually the headset will reach body temp and it should stop. There's an option somewhere in settings that you need to set to 1080p not Auto. I think that improves it.
  3. I also had much better tracking with a light on tonight. Wasn't perfect but not too distracting. Played through to the end of Batman. Wow! Such a shame it's so short. I thought I was about half way through when the credits rolled. PES on a giant screen is pretty cool. Also picked up Rush of Blood because the shooting feels so good. (You're right @JPickford. Doesn't help that the games are fairly short or bite sized experiences, albeit reasonably priced.) I can't help feeling it's not good for the eyes playing for too long though. Any more than an hour feels like I'm pushing it. Maybe I haven't got the eye measurement quite accurate...
  4. It's getting 5 star ratings on the Oculus store. Not sure if that counts for much, there are no worded reviews. And Gamespot have given it a 7: http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/eagle-flight-review/1900-6416556/
  5. It was about 4-5 feet. As I say though, the Batman calibration makes sure you are in the correct zone and forces you to align the camera correctly, so that shouldn't be an issue. Will try it in ambient light tonight.
  6. They were on 3 bars, but it was both hands and head tracking.
  7. I had some really dodgy tracking in Batman last night, to the point where I didn't want to play anymore as it was totally ruining the experience. I tried a different camera position, ran through the main calibration settings (from the PS4 menu) but it was still happening in a pitch black room. I put the camera back on the telly, went through the rigmarole again but still had some serious jitter. The Batman calibration settings are annoying, since you can only stand on the bat symbol and get your head in the correct area if the camera is aligned 'just so'. Surely that means the camera is at the optimal angle and the tracking should be almost perfect? What else could be causing the issue?
  8. Thought this kinda highlights just how convincing VR can be. (I prefer that to the suggestion that Ronnie O'Sullivan is dumb.)
  9. I hope that the silence is because they are working on an exciting update with which they can win back a lot of goodwill. Perhaps something to coincide with the Pro launch. I have a sneaky suspicion that NMS in VR was one of the driving factors for Sony creating the Pro, but that's probably just wishful thinking. The new machine will certainly need a flagship title to show off what it can do, but those heady days of NMS super-hype have long gone and I wonder if the title is deemed too toxic now. (Toxic planets are my favourite btw. ) I can't believe that they have simply stuck their head in the sand and will just move on to something new without some attempt to redeem their reputation.
  10. I'm hoping it will allow for (dare I say it) No Man's Sky in VR, especially if they add a decent content update. I expect Frontier are also looking at Elite Dangerous VR with that bit of extra grunt available. People are in for a serious treat if that does happen - the sense of scale when docking is incredible. Also flying by planets or stars and watching them shrink into the distance behind you is unforgettable.
  11. Brilliant! I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Coming from the Rift I have just been so impressed by the PSVR. Both are fantastic bits of kit but Sony have nailed the most important factor - user experience. The comfort, the styling, the move controllers all get one up on the Rift but the wealth of great experiences right out of the box (thanks to the demos) is the killer app. As someone said earlier, the attach rate to this thing must be phenomenal. As long as the hardware sales reach significant numbers then devs will have to sit up and take notice.
  12. Fair enough. Btw, if anyone can't find a headset and lives near Milton Keynes, I have an Argos reservation code that lasts until 8pm tonight.
  13. Have you got a Smyths nearby? The MK branch had a bunch of headsets and move controllers on launch day when everywhere else local had sold out.
  14. Haha. I love shit like that. Remember that film, Room 1408 or something? He thinks he's out then the walls come crashing down. And what was that game on the N64 where it told you the controller had disconnected. Now imagine a VR horror game that said "calibration error" then used the camera to cut to an image of you standing there in the headset. Only there's some creepy fucker standing right behind you.
  15. I wouldn't say I'm a jaded Oculus owner but the PSVR launch line-up is awesome and I've been far more impressed by it than by what's on offer on the Oculus store. There are loads of demos and the games are mostly reasonable priced. And whilst the Move controllers will be light years behind the Rifts when they eventually come out, they work and really add to the immersion. Right now PSVR is killling it.
  16. Just played through London Heist. Not sure how much you get in the demo but the full version is about 20 mins, start to finish. I honestly thought it was brilliant. Little things like picking up and holding a spare ammo clip whilst you are firing so you can instantly reload are so cool. Would really like to see this expanded.
  17. Haven't played the full version but it works brilliantly with the move controllers. Felt extremely accurate.
  18. Yeah, there's a great tutorial. I read a review or heard in a video that the tutorial was overly long. Seemed alright to me, about 20 mins but fun at the same time. Can't wait to try some proper combat later.
  19. Personally PSVR has got me hyped for VR again. Initially I was skeptical of the launch line-up but after trying out a bunch of things that I didn't expect to be all that amazing I've got to say that Sony have delivered an incredible launch, especially with so much of it available to demo. I've probably sampled more games on PSVR than I have on the Rift already. It will be interesting if Oculus follow Sony's lead and start offering more demos because they really do sell you the game. Things that don't look all that appealing are transformed when you are in the world. Obviously the Rift is more powerful and offers higher res, but the PSVR headset is more comfortable and I have slightly less blurring issues, less light bleed over the nose and I haven't noticed any 'god-rays' which are terrible on the Rift (shafts of light blurring off of bright objects/text). Definitely try out all 3 headsets, and check out the games available, but if I had to pick one right now I'd say PSVR. Edit: I should note that I haven't tried a Vive, so this is more of a Rift/PSVR comparison.
  20. I picked up the full game for £40 from Smyths. Left it loading for 5 minutes, got a cool intro, then sat for another 5 minutes, nothing... Gave up because I could hear the drive chugging over and over. Tried it again this morning - works fine. Strange because it went straight from the box to the drive. Have played through the intro and I have to say Rigs is very cool. I love the style, but oh my how it makes me pine for VR Wipeout.
  21. Doesn't fling at all. Will try again tomorrow. Maybe I'm being a nob.
  22. I've got a dodgy disc. Won't load!
  23. Ah that explains that but it feels like it's playing up in robot rescue because I can't always fling the grappling hook thing out. Or is that supposed to be the case too?
  24. Damn, the Until Dawn demo is all sorts of sick (except motion sick!). Scary stuff just works so well in VR. Just waiting for Rig update before diving into that. Has anyone else had trouble with the touchpad in the Playroom? I used it to fire the initial firework but once in a game it wouldn't let me put coins in the slot or fling stuff about. Restarted the PS4 and headset and got the same problem again - worked then didn't work. Dodgy pad?
  25. Yeah, Job Simulator has been the stand out title for me so far. Great use of the move controllers and so immersive. Feels weird coming back to reality. Still need to play Rigs!
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