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    Top Spin

    I like the career mode too. You have 14 Stars to apply to your Serve, Forehand, Backhand and Volley masteries, plus you can choose 4 other Skills from a wide selection of things like Return Serve, Passing Shot, Risk Shot, Risk Shot Return, etc. Added to that, when you create a player you can choose a player type, for instance i chose Technician. It means that every player is different with strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Yes, i tried this out a while back. Not bad, but needed work. I've no idea why he uses fake names. There's really no need.
  3. siread

    Top Spin

    Yes. I queried it in the bargain thread, but it's true. I thought about picking 5 copies up to flog on eBay, where they're selling for £20+, but couldn't be bothered in the end. If it doesn't say £12.99 on the box, take it to the till and ask them to scan it.
  4. siread

    Top Spin

    Getting to grips with Top Spin today and i have to tell you that it is awesome. The tennis is so varied and realistic that i am constantly amazed. 20 shot rallies are just beautiful. From serving to drop shots, everything feels just right. It's like the Pro Evo of the tennis world. (Even down to having only a few real names in the game.) Tried a bit of Live! play and got right royally whipped. Three times. Now i'm training my arse off so i can rise above my mediocre 30,034 world ranking. Only annoyance are the ridiculously long loading times. (And how many times do i have to read Coaching Tip #3 FFS?) Anyone remotely into tennis should pick it up. £13 in the Woolworths sale. It's a 'kin steal!
  5. Does anyone play via Gamespy? I tried the other night but spent an hour trying to find people that would play with 1 player, then found my game wouldn't connect to their session. (Is this cos i've a PAL version and most players were American?) If anyone around here plays online, let me know eh?
  6. Anyone able to test an N64 controller via a PC/N64 adapter into a XBOX usb adapter?
  7. Nah. He said, "Mat soo bar?" Great game. Flashback was wicked but went on a bit.
  8. Ooh! Bargain of the day is now Need For Speed Underground. Does that have Live! play??? 15 left, get em while they're hot!
  9. Yes! It's like the best bits of Edge (ie Redeye and Biffo) in one handy bitesized mag. Try Special Kid and Jeem of this forum.
  10. siread


    OMG! Just got WE2002 (PSX) running on my Xbox. PCSXBOX runs it pretty damn sweet. Need to sort out the button configuration (cos R1 speeds everything up) but it wasn't half bad. I think WE2002 is the equivalent of WE6 on the PS1. FIFA2004 still the best footy game on the Xbox??? Now if we can only sort out Netplay...
  11. siread


    I bet a billion pounds that when the rage cools and your team are on the tele you'll come back and give it another go.
  12. siread


    Well i think it's fucking ace. You loser boys need to check out some of the master skills on my site... http://www.newstarsoccer.com/html/we7_master_class.htm Ok, so they're from WE7 but it's basically the same. I agree that the refs are shit and handballs are ridiculous but the game rocks.
  13. Spot on Valiant. Just got BB through Bt myself this week. Until recently i was just a bit too far from the exchange. Nearly pissed my pants when i tried my postcode in vain hope and suddenly found i was able to get it! And XBox live is one of my christmas presents. WAHOO!!!
  14. After i heard the initial reports I sent an email to DVDBoxOffice to cancel my order for this. Fortunately they totally ignored my email and sent it anyway. Initially i was pissed off but now i cannot wait for it to arrive! I loved the original and i love Bluestorm. Surely i'll love this too!
  15. siread


    Love the Chu Chu Rocket ad!
  16. Does 10 billion divided by 200 equal 50 million?
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