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  1. Yeah, I will give it a try. I have been using the mouse but it seems impossible to select any particular star.
  2. I think this deal was only valid until last Friday. That may have changed though.
  3. @dood how are you handling the galaxy map in VR?
  4. Ahh, cool. Thanks. One other thing: when I launch the game from Steam it always goes into VR mode despite choosing the non-VR option. What's that about?
  5. I notice my ED client still says Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Shouldn't it say Guardians? It did a big update on steam the other day and I'm an alpha backer.
  6. Same. Not running any mods yet. Are any considered essential? (PC)
  7. Just bought the old DLC through Steam to save a few quid. It's not too late to get the 'free' version is it?
  8. I disagree with that. And I don't see why Nintendo would want to distance themselves from the most successful console of all time*. Sales of retro titles is their trump card. (*Oops. One of. )
  9. Ok, I'm properly hooked in now. I've found the master blacksmith and can build iron tools. I read somewhere though that your town gets wiped and the end of each chapter. Is that right? I don't fancy seeing hours of hard work disappearing down the pan.
  10. But surely one of the main points of this machine, with it's multitude of control inputs, is to tie all of Nintendos past controllers (traditional, Wiimotes & WiiU touch screen) together. Now players will be able to pick any title from the e-shop, from any era, without having to acquire a bespoke controller. I'm all for that.
  11. I think I'm enjoying this. I've been following the dripfeed quests and my town is nearly level 3. The town building aspect is nice despite the controls being well fiddly (I'm opening up menus or using items unexpectedly less often now!) but I'm hoping the quests get a bit more exciting than 'go find a new resource'.
  12. I reckon a touch screen is nailed on (not literally yo). It would allow for a ton of mobile games to be ported across giving it a huge boost over PS4/XB1. I know, I know, mobile games, schmobile games, but that's a massive back catalogue of titles, not all free-to-play bobbins, many written in Unity, that will appeal to many who wouldn't typically buy a console.
  13. I'm surprised Sony haven't done a Wii Sports clone. Bowling, tennis, golf, boxing and baseball could all work beautifully with the move controllers and VR would take it to another level. Unfortunately you lose the social/multiplayer aspects which is what made Wii Sports so successful, and swapping the headset for every bowl would be too much hassle.
  14. Probably. And then some incredible game comes along.
  15. But £300+ for your handheld gaming needs? Won't someone think of the children?!
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