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  1. 2nd of April and still no patch. Rubbish.
  2. That's the same one i was talking about.
  3. And McDonalds. Um, what happened to Voorhees?
  4. Follow the P signs! One I mentioned is P1, station is P2 I think.
  5. I think you are thinking of the one we parked at for the first meet there, it was a 24 hour one basically under the RSVP sign as far as i remember. However, I also think it was considerable more expensive (£17/day from memory / maybe bullshit) than the station car park and it was a bit isolated for me - I think cars will be safer at the station. It only takes 15 minutes to walk up there tops. As we are all in the dorms we can get one car to drive up on the Saturday morning and drop the stuff - i don't mind doing that. Well, i don't right now anyway, see how my hangover is.
  6. ATTENDEES 27 Jigsawn (pay on day) 30 Alan Stock (paying on day) There's two of them?
  7. Well we won't actually be using any routing function, everything will be on the same network, so they'll be acting as switches. The core wireless controller may have some additional load but you won't notice it with xbox traffic, it's quite small. We'll try and avoid hubs if possible, may be latency with them.
  8. We should be ok on the network front, I have 2 4-port wireless routers and 2 4-port wireless bridges so that should connect most of the kit. I might have 16 ethernet cables but best if a few folk bring some anyway.
  9. Em, just a coincidence mate. Had my first games in weeks there. Forgot how bad the lag is and also how bad i am without regular practice. Mental note for the Bath meet - especially with tyler and the wolfs on level 30 fucking 7. Sorry to Alan and Atarian - kept getting out of sync with you guys.
  10. Nah, just trying to big it up. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  11. Yeah, that could be controversial. Let's call a truce right here.
  12. Ha ha, funny you should say that, think the nickname was coined by one of our mates that basically looks and sounds like the great man. Yeah, we're a coooool bunch alright.
  13. Oh well. Just thinking, aren't almost all team 3 & 7 members going to the bath meet? I only see Mol who isn't....maybe we can have a single, one off slayer to decide this. B)
  14. Trust me, it's just got higher for you.
  15. Patience. Untold tolerance of abuse from retarded Americans. Ninga like reflexes to combat lag.
  16. I clean forgot about this guys, sorry. Hope it hasn't fucked up the rooms.....
  17. I've pm'd my team for availability. Now syntax isn't around to argue shall we just do 5 slayer games instead?
  18. No. Keep kryptonian. Not only do i have this weird fixation for shortening eveyones names - so i'd have to call you k or something and that would be very gay - but your name shows what your original idea for the name was, which is cool. Syntax Error was so crap it was begging to be changed. Syntax is now on holiday for a week so feel free to slag him - as above. Also, what's the point of a nickname if you change your name to it. A bit of sensible discussion in the middle of the roundy round face mob. B)
  19. To be fair to him trying to arrange anything around your social life is stuff of algebraic proportions.
  20. My replies are obviously drug induced, not alcohol stupid.
  21. 'tis a famour little penguin. Aye. B)
  22. Hmmn, not only changed your name but your posting style too i see. Syntax in no smilies shocker.
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