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  1. 3 hours ago, Fuddle said:

    it took me all evening to download it yesterday.

    havent had a chance to try it yet. but i'm still playing everyday. more than i was when it first came out.


    reading through the patch notes i dont think alex will be that much worse. anti air lp is obviously changed, but if crouching hp works as it should then who cares. not sure why they changed some of his mediums, but if i'm reading it right, then stomps, knee press and headbutt all got better.

    looking forward to trying it out later and seeing how many million akumas i have to play aagainst.

    Having just had a little, er, play with him, that non-CH link from lariat into s.mp is bloody wonderful. His pokey pokey game seems a little worse with some of those medium changes though.

  2. 21 minutes ago, joffocakes said:

    One of the big changes people are reporting from PSX is that no non-EX shoryuken type moves are invincible on startup. VReversals also apparently knock opponents further away.

    Alllllll the anti-air jabs gone too apparently. One of the weirder changes was also that rog's upper screw is just.. gone? Speculating that the headbutt might be coming back as a command special to replace it, though he'd need a new v-reversal..

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  3. I feel like the player's temperament can be a barrier to enjoying EGGTR. That's not trying to be snarky or having a go at those people for not putting the effort in: it's super slow and the story is obtuse.


    I think this is more than just player preferences, even. It's not as simple as just saying "well, you're a online shooter kind of gamer, so I can understand why you wouldn't like this intricate strategy game, because it's just not made for you."


    However, I get a bit more irked when those people start talking about how the game didn't deserve all the awards, or needed a run button, or to be different in one of a hundred ways. The game contains decisions that have been made to make you play it a certain way - even the superficially irritating aspects of it like the walk speed - and for the people for whom it clicks, it really clicks.


    I feel weird saying this because I generally prefer my games to be as open and accessible to as wide a range of people as possible. But maybe this is the difference: there are no hard skill or genuine accessibility barriers to enjoying the game. Just barriers of temperament. And that is fine, because it would probably be a fundamentally different game if it appealed to everyone.

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  4. The game runs fine for me (with a 1070) but I'm getting crashes to desktop every half an hour or so. Kinda takes you out of it. Was running the experimental branch yesterday, but it happened a couple of times before I switched over (it was why i switched over). Anyone else having similar issues?


    I can confirm that in the shiny world of ultra-bronze-level play Ibuki is a monster. She has gifted me with two casual match RQs already. There's a lot of talk about how she's one of the most high execution characters, but she has a good few tricks that aren't too difficult. I think the hardest thing is adapting to the mindset of finding an opening and continuing to press it. She is also making me think that I should put the time in and learn some of those EX kunai resets that use the QCF-HK jump dash thing.


    Interesting move putting her out at the same time as boxer, too: if she's one of the least Street Fightery of the cast, he feels Very Street Fightery. Like playing HDR sometimes. No idea how any of it translates to high level play of course.

  6. A Capcom USA community manager fella has been posting some fairly positive stuff on Reddit in the last couple of days:




    But, well, you know, that's the purpose of community managers. Whether you believe the messages he's putting out or not, it's a bit of a reminder that there's a dev team working their arses off behind the scenes.

  7. 4 hours ago, alistarr said:


    Ranked match strats! The thing you're not seeing (hopefully!) is the half of that super silver player's matches in which their repeated unsafe jump in is never challenged, or in which it succeeds often enough to feel worth doing. Play too many FT1 or FT2 sets against random players who never get a second chance to figure you out, and you end up with plenty of bad habits.


    There are definitely a few players out there who convince themselves of their superiority and elect to troll and try for one button wins, etc. instead of playing "properly", but I suspect not as many as are genuinely just stuck in this mindset which chains them immovably to occasionally successful, highly ill-advised strategies, and it's a real struggle to break away from that even if you do happen to recognise that your opponent has an answer to what you're doing.


    Incidentally that's why we always recommend local play - or lobbies with friends - as a better way to improve than to play against strangers (especially in SFV where you can't even add a friend if you have a great set with someone). Not just that it's more fun, and not to say the people you play will necessarily be better than ranked opponents, but just the fact that you'll play against the same people over and over again forces you to develop your game, abandon strategies that aren't actually good once the element of surprise is gone, and think about actually responding to what your opponent is trying to do instead of doggedly running your flowchart, win or lose. If you lose, you'll lose the same way next time if you try the same approach. If you win, you know they'll probably have a bit of a think about what they could do differently before you next meet. And you'll start to hone safer or more effective strategies which will translate into more consistent wins if you do go back to ranked to chase points.

    I would love to get in on some of this forum lobbie/lobsy action! I think that's something I'm missing: I had a Local Play Bud when SF4 came out, but I don't know any people in the real actual world who are playing now. 


    Even in FT2 matches, it's sometimes still wonderful when you get matched up with someone who you click with come the second match and it turns into a real contest. Last night I was paired with the same player 3 times in a row, and by the end it was magic.

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  8. Something else that fascinates me about playing this online is that you get such a narrow window into the personality of the person that you're playing against - you get their name, some limited info about them, and then two avatar blobs fighting one another on a 2D plane - and even in those narrow boundaries, you still see some weird shit. The super silver ranked player who does nothing but jump at you. The player who RQs after losing the first match in a 2/3 casual, then not getting the first hit in the second match. The people who just.. play.. weirdly? Not, like, badly, like it's their first time. Ryus who jump back into the corner then sit there doing lp DPs. Chuns who spend the WHOLE match trying to air throw. I like to think they're setting themselves personal challenges. Voice chat would probably kill the mystique for me, because they can't be any weirder in real life than I'm imagining them to be.. CAN THEY?

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  9. I'm still character-hopping, but enjoying doing it. I've taken some random reddit person's advice that the best way to counter a character who you can't deal with is to try them out, hence I'm giving Nash a go. I was put off him by his trial combos, which seemed a bit awkward in terms of timing and movement, but he has a couple of manageable b'n'bs to rely on. (Actually that's something I love about this game: most characters have a couple of solid go-to combos that aren't exactly dialled in but that you can bring into online play after half an hour in training.)


    I like how he can go to controlling space with booms and pokes to being completely aggo: and my favourite thing is that he teaches you to remember v-trigger and v-reversal. For everyone else it's been a bit of a struggle to remember that I'm playing SFV and that these tools are crucial; with Nash you're really looking for them.


    Guile is fun, but those flashy exhibition combos aside, I'm just playing him like Guile with a couple of extra tricks. He was a good choice for a DLC character at this stage I think; it's fun seeing how a character that can be played with a proper, pure charge style interacts with all the new stuff that the game brings.

  10. So, if I'm understanding this all correctly, Nintendo's reasoning behind Rapp being sacked is her moonlighting, which they say is not allowed, and she says is allowed. This part of it seems fairly straightforward; if her contract explicitly stated that she was not allowed to do so, then I can understand at least how something of a compromise has been reached between her and Nintendo. What happened to her was shitty, and I think in the circumstances I'd have preferred them to have kept her on a statement to the harassers out there and as a message of good faith to Rapp. Without knowing all the discussions that went on between her and Nintendo however, it's still pretty hard to avoid Alex W's point above that however you look at it, and whatever breach of contract happened, it still only came to light because of abuse and doxxing. Not a good look for Nintendo at all.


    On the other hand, if there was no explicit prohibition of moonlighting in her contract (and given that there's conflicting information from different sources on this, I suspect that even if it's in there, it's not exactly clearly stated) then this feels like a terrible decision, especially if it was based on information scrounged up about the nature of her second job (which I don't want to look into, but Nintendo's stuff about her being 'out of line with their corporate image' does not sound positive). If this is the case I hope she fights it; easy for me to say when I'm not the person who would be jeopardising their chance at further industry work, as well as opening themselves up to months or years of abuse from 'gaters, though.

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  11. @dood Lovely. Bafael's combo list from reddit has these strings for Ryu; I'm thinking I might sit in training for an hour or so and see if I can get anywhere with the first two. When my ding-donged old PC is fixed, that is.


    cr. LK, st. LP, st. LK xx MK tatsu (141, 329) - a 3 lights confirm, somewhat rare among the cast. Shoryu won't reach here

    cr. LK, cr. LP xx HP shoryu (159, 293) - Higher damage but less reaction time

    cr. LK, st. LP, st. LK xx LK tatsu, CA (307, 329) - super version of first combo

    cr. LK, cr. LP xx HP shoryu xx CA (369, 293) - super version of second combo

  12. 11 minutes ago, Nate Dogg III said:


    Also we all need to stop jabbing until we've learned to actually confirm them into damage. I am so bad for this, it's the hardest bit of SFIV muscle memory to unlearn I think. The tourney stuff I've watched has made that abundantly clear - you look at Tokido and Infiltration, they're using lights constantly but always convert them to damage when they hit. You might not get much but at least you're getting something. No way I'm ever going to confirm a single jab into chin buster, though, so I'll probably just try and stop using them full stop. 

    This is *the* bit of technique that I have never ever managed to get close to mastering. How would you train for it: something like random guard in training mode?


    A (much more basic) bit of learning I've had in the last week is simply to stop getting mad about being thrown, especially on wakeup. A throw isn't so bad. Even being thrown twice in a row isn't massive damage. But being scared of a throw is much worse than actually being thrown, because you're liable to do something stupid and eat a massive punish.

  13. I got so upset by the number of crashes I was having with my graphics card that I tried too aggressively to fix it. I fixed it so hard that I killed it forever.


    So no street fightings for a few days. The quick go I had with Alex was fun though: I'm happy that they kept his (weird, extensive) moveset from 3 because it makes him an interesting prospect: he has loads of tools, but all of them are dependent on the situation, and none of them can be leaned too heavily on to actually win you the match. I like that the v-trigger adds an extra - vicious - tool, as well.

  14. Bloody hell: the delayed command grab thing is interesting. Got to try that! Along with the extra bit of corner tech for Mika. I think it's easy to be harsh on yourself when learning a character like her: you see other people do wonderful mixups and resets in the corner, and it looks like it's all being done on the fly, and you wonder how you'll *ever* manage that.


    But I'm sure those people have put the time in to memorise and deploy set strings of commands. I can barely remember to do one very simple one right now (the low fierce roll into command grab after the lariat) but all it takes is rote learning a few more, I guess, and then when they're second nature, start to use them more strategically.


    (Sad Addendum: I hit through a strange plateau when learning fighting games where I start getting sloppy with basic inputs when learning more complex stuff. Can't remember the last time I got out a crtitial art in a clutch situation: in the first week I was doing it all the time!)

  15. I'm still character-hopping on this at the moment. Some thoughts on those I've put time in with:

    Laura is just so much fun: seems like a good showcase character for the game somehow? Really useful (and easy to use V skills), a pretty straightforward V trigger state, solid normals, a couple of specials that can easily do big-ish damage (but will be easily punished is over or misused). She teaches you to stay in the close to mid range, and to start thinking about how to read the opponent. She's brilliant.


    Bison: such a weird and great retooling of the character. Bison's a silver fox now mates. Very rigid feeling somehow, but with that dash and those standing and crouching MPs (and inferno confims) he seems to be able to apply a ridiculous amount of pressure? EX stomp has also been working well as a panic move, and V trigger makes him feel scary. I think people will wise up to a lot of his trickery in time.


    I fucking love Birdie (thanks for the tip, Alistarr..). I don't know why I like him so much. Maybe it is because he likes food. Maybe it is because his v trig is called 'enjoy time': who would not enjoy their time after eating a big big chili pepper, my friends. My favourite thing about him is the way he pronounces 'mum' with english VA turned on, or maybe it is his silly stupid old face when the camera zooms in on him while he's doing his critical art. He's a great guy and I like him. He's also very fun: horizontal chain doesn't often hit, but the occasional score against fireballers or people just playing silly buggers is very satisfying right? I cannot do the air chain on reaction very often, but when you do it you feel like a mindreader. He just seems comfy at any range: chugging donuts on the other side of the screen, great pokes, threat of command grab and/or bullhead combos up close. And that cr. mp!


    I've only had a few goes with Geif: I'm totally impressed with how different he feels, not just from his SF4 version, but from the other characters. It's like playing a different game? Like.. having to approach the match completely differently. SF has always been about this, but not so instantly and obviously? My execution is not up to speed with him, but I love how powerful you feel once in close (as diffiuclt as it is to get there).


    FANG I thought I was doing okay with: and then this week I fought someone using him online who showed me I need a rethink. Total, constant dominance with poison, the trap, the fireballs and the v skill. At the time I thought 'what an arsehole' but then that's the point with FANG; he's a total arsehole, right? It's almost like building an element of roleplaying the character into the character's moveset? Anyway it's great and the other guy playing him was great and I was not great.


    Mika - bloody hell. I've been trying her after JLM's amazing post yesterday, and.. it's quite a learning curve. You have to be so on point with pokes and pushing them into the corner, which gets a little stressful. Her normals are great but weird, and I've fluffed so many an opening with that st.HK and the cr.MP when I should have gone target combo-> peach. Even when you do get in (or have them cornered) you're instantly in a battle with yourself: you've got this now! Do some resets! Oops, oh dear, jump-back nothing. Once or twice it's all clicked though, and god it feels good. She's worth persisting with, right?


    Sorry, that's a lot of waffle. It's a good game and I like to play the good game.

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  16. I had an afternoon trying out F.A.N.G. Fun, but god it was challenging.


    He's built for hit and run poisonings and space control, with occasional bursts of mix ups right? His standard/BnB punish combo has an awkward link in it (or maybe I'm just crap at it) and even doing it without the link needs a charge. I miss loads of chance to do damage.


    I do not know how to deal with pressure. Not even pressure heavy characters. Just aggressive players. Perhaps I should have tried that EX abel roll to get out of bad situations?


    He is 7-10x more fun if you assume that his name stands for:





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  17. 1 hour ago, b00dles said:

    I'm not sure if this has been answered yet but is there any reason why my 360 SFIV stick (which worked on the PC with SFIV) doesn't get recognised by SFV?


    Do I need to do something clever first? Or am I just being a melon?

    I had a bit of trouble with my round 1 TE stick (360). During the beta I could only use the stick when the selector was on left stick, not d-pad. I *think* what fixed it was identifying it as a 360 pad in device manager: it might have beem that installing windows 10 had made it forget about it and think it was a generic stick. In any case, it works now.

  18. I'd love to get in some matches with you guys, but no idea what's going on with the favourites list at the moment: as mentioned earlier, it's just showing everyone online all the time at the moment. Maybe it's a PC issue? Aside from this, the matchmaking seems to be tearing along now: I usually return to traioning mode between matches, but was getting waits of less than a minute or so before the 'new challenger' notice came up.


    Speaking of which, this runs very well on an ageing PC doesn't it? Spotted that the frame rate seems to drop on the backgrounds but not on the characters, which is clever.

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