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  1. I got so upset by the number of crashes I was having with my graphics card that I tried too aggressively to fix it. I fixed it so hard that I killed it forever. So no street fightings for a few days. The quick go I had with Alex was fun though: I'm happy that they kept his (weird, extensive) moveset from 3 because it makes him an interesting prospect: he has loads of tools, but all of them are dependent on the situation, and none of them can be leaned too heavily on to actually win you the match. I like that the v-trigger adds an extra - vicious - tool, as well.
  2. Bloody hell: the delayed command grab thing is interesting. Got to try that! Along with the extra bit of corner tech for Mika. I think it's easy to be harsh on yourself when learning a character like her: you see other people do wonderful mixups and resets in the corner, and it looks like it's all being done on the fly, and you wonder how you'll *ever* manage that. But I'm sure those people have put the time in to memorise and deploy set strings of commands. I can barely remember to do one very simple one right now (the low fierce roll into command grab after the lariat) but all it takes is rote learning a few more, I guess, and then when they're second nature, start to use them more strategically. (Sad Addendum: I hit through a strange plateau when learning fighting games where I start getting sloppy with basic inputs when learning more complex stuff. Can't remember the last time I got out a crtitial art in a clutch situation: in the first week I was doing it all the time!)
  3. I'm still character-hopping on this at the moment. Some thoughts on those I've put time in with: Laura is just so much fun: seems like a good showcase character for the game somehow? Really useful (and easy to use V skills), a pretty straightforward V trigger state, solid normals, a couple of specials that can easily do big-ish damage (but will be easily punished is over or misused). She teaches you to stay in the close to mid range, and to start thinking about how to read the opponent. She's brilliant. Bison: such a weird and great retooling of the character. Bison's a silver fox now mates. Very rigid feeling somehow, but with that dash and those standing and crouching MPs (and inferno confims) he seems to be able to apply a ridiculous amount of pressure? EX stomp has also been working well as a panic move, and V trigger makes him feel scary. I think people will wise up to a lot of his trickery in time. I fucking love Birdie (thanks for the tip, Alistarr..). I don't know why I like him so much. Maybe it is because he likes food. Maybe it is because his v trig is called 'enjoy time': who would not enjoy their time after eating a big big chili pepper, my friends. My favourite thing about him is the way he pronounces 'mum' with english VA turned on, or maybe it is his silly stupid old face when the camera zooms in on him while he's doing his critical art. He's a great guy and I like him. He's also very fun: horizontal chain doesn't often hit, but the occasional score against fireballers or people just playing silly buggers is very satisfying right? I cannot do the air chain on reaction very often, but when you do it you feel like a mindreader. He just seems comfy at any range: chugging donuts on the other side of the screen, great pokes, threat of command grab and/or bullhead combos up close. And that cr. mp! I've only had a few goes with Geif: I'm totally impressed with how different he feels, not just from his SF4 version, but from the other characters. It's like playing a different game? Like.. having to approach the match completely differently. SF has always been about this, but not so instantly and obviously? My execution is not up to speed with him, but I love how powerful you feel once in close (as diffiuclt as it is to get there). FANG I thought I was doing okay with: and then this week I fought someone using him online who showed me I need a rethink. Total, constant dominance with poison, the trap, the fireballs and the v skill. At the time I thought 'what an arsehole' but then that's the point with FANG; he's a total arsehole, right? It's almost like building an element of roleplaying the character into the character's moveset? Anyway it's great and the other guy playing him was great and I was not great. Mika - bloody hell. I've been trying her after JLM's amazing post yesterday, and.. it's quite a learning curve. You have to be so on point with pokes and pushing them into the corner, which gets a little stressful. Her normals are great but weird, and I've fluffed so many an opening with that st.HK and the cr.MP when I should have gone target combo-> peach. Even when you do get in (or have them cornered) you're instantly in a battle with yourself: you've got this now! Do some resets! Oops, oh dear, jump-back nothing. Once or twice it's all clicked though, and god it feels good. She's worth persisting with, right? Sorry, that's a lot of waffle. It's a good game and I like to play the good game.
  4. I've just had my first ever ragequit from a CASUALS MATCH. So pleased! And while trying out some of Jellum's Mika tech up there, and all. (Overall it's going very badly, but that's my fault not the quality of advice..)
  5. I had an afternoon trying out F.A.N.G. Fun, but god it was challenging. He's built for hit and run poisonings and space control, with occasional bursts of mix ups right? His standard/BnB punish combo has an awkward link in it (or maybe I'm just crap at it) and even doing it without the link needs a charge. I miss loads of chance to do damage. I do not know how to deal with pressure. Not even pressure heavy characters. Just aggressive players. Perhaps I should have tried that EX abel roll to get out of bad situations? He is 7-10x more fun if you assume that his name stands for: Farts And Noxious Gases
  6. Thanks for the matches! Sorry to cut it very short: i've got to head out. Your chunners was good: really awkward to keep out..
  7. I'm on for a wee while! (No mic at the moment though)
  8. I had a bit of trouble with my round 1 TE stick (360). During the beta I could only use the stick when the selector was on left stick, not d-pad. I *think* what fixed it was identifying it as a 360 pad in device manager: it might have beem that installing windows 10 had made it forget about it and think it was a generic stick. In any case, it works now.
  9. I'd love to get in some matches with you guys, but no idea what's going on with the favourites list at the moment: as mentioned earlier, it's just showing everyone online all the time at the moment. Maybe it's a PC issue? Aside from this, the matchmaking seems to be tearing along now: I usually return to traioning mode between matches, but was getting waits of less than a minute or so before the 'new challenger' notice came up. Speaking of which, this runs very well on an ageing PC doesn't it? Spotted that the frame rate seems to drop on the backgrounds but not on the characters, which is clever.
  10. Are these all in ranked? I've had a couple in ranked but none at all in casual matches, which would suggest that it's not the servers at fault. (Unexpected side-effect of playing street fighter on my grown up personal pc computer: the cat made me do a rage quit yesterday while I was winning by standing on the power button)
  11. I've been having an Official Fun Time with laura. The biggest issues I have with her are her embarrasing super-tits when other people are in the room, and not quite understanding the properties and use of her EX command throw. I feel like it should be useful, but I'm hit out of it every time. It helps that her basic combos are easy and end with a throw; whether you use punch or kick to end the combo changes your final position, so I think she'll be rather good at controlling space in the right hands. Her backwards v-dash thing can act as a sort of feint, but I'm too rubbish to use it properly for now. Her standing HK also makes me so happy to use. It's weird: maybe it's a combination of the sound and the animation, but I'm getting a real feeling of weight from some of the attacks that 4 (and to some extent 3) was missing. Combofiend mentioned on the last excellent adventures that they'd spent time trying to get that feeling right, so, er, well done mates.
  12. Oh, that's good. I noticed that my OG 360 tournament stick only partially worked: buttons fine, but the stick wouldn't work while the selector switch was on d-pad input. It did work when turned to left-stick input, but I felt like that was causing some weirdness.
  13. I chucked down some scattered thoughts about input complexity and Street Fighter: I suspect others have written about this more elegantly and I'm a bit removed from fighting games these days, but I'm really interested in whether this supposed shift to strategy over technical prowess (or, at least, without needing so much prowess) will pay off in SFV. As in, whether it will actually be the case once we scrach the surface, and whether people will buy into it. (Most of the article is about trying to lay out how complex even the much simpler SFII though.) https://medium.com/@garethlloyd/holy-controllers-40a2ffa95d64#.6exaa2i5h (PS - massive thanks to Alistarr for the PC beta code and getting me excited about street fighter again whooooo)
  14. These are real good so far. Does anyone else use Zotero for managing references? I was thinking of starting a shared library on there, but a few gaming related ones exist already: https://www.zotero.org/search/q/gaming/type/group (you may need to be logged in for this to work) None of them seem particularly large or well-managed from a glance, though.
  15. Green, lighting attacks, Brazil.. sexy blanka. FINALLY
  16. There was a wider context to this of course. Not that walking away isn't a physical option, but that turning the computer off and walking away doesn't prevent those messages from having an impact on your life. It's a good counterpoint to the "it's just an internet" argument I guess.
  17. And in turn that's a wonderful distillation of one of the core problems that started all this. Feminists can talk about their sexism and what have you, but I don't want it getting in the way of my videogames and my web browsins. Quiet woman! You'll just encourage them.
  18. When one of your main points of contention is the 'feminist propaganda movement' wading in, my recommendation is to probably keep ignoring it, at least until your balls drop.
  19. Whether you're joking or whatever, well done there on feeding into the idiotic fucking mindset that lays the groundwork for all this shit.
  20. I'm a bit.. yes and no in response to this (and your previous reply to me). I partly agree, but to me it's important that it's been used in anger against Gamergaters. The arguments against them would have probably been perfectly sufficient without the insults, but then again, hey, it's heated. My view is that however you think the nerds, neckbeards and fedoras fit into this, it doesn't affect the core issues raised by this whole thing in any significant way. As an aside: I can't speak for what other have seen and read, but I would have said there was less use of 'nerd' and 'geek' as pejorative terms against gamergaters, and a lot more about fedoras, neckbeards, and even a bit of the occasional jemble. Who doesn't love a jemble? j/k, everyone, they're awful. This is - I think - slightly different. These seem to me to be stereotypes of the angry, misanthropic type who thinks that they're really the Nice Guy. And those are the ones who are a step away from becoming MRAs. I don't know, what am I saying here? Is it derailing? Maybe. But as that video posted above by MDY (which is absolutely ace, so thank you) shows this kind of chat can be useful in looking at how the gamergate thing has come out of channels and modes of thinking that have been around for -years-, and that it's not just an issue for the games industry either.
  21. Ha! Imagine the conversation between a cinéaste and someone who calls themself a film buff because they write "I'm equally happy going out and having a rave up as I am staying in with a bottle of wine and netflix" on their OKcupid profile. #cinéastegate
  22. Yeah, no, I don't accept for a second that identifying as a gamer = 'something seriously wrong with your life.' It gets slightly into the territory of people who play games versus people who depend on them, but the more acceptable and widespread games become the more of a false distinction that is. More likely, the only reason that 'gamer' even exists as a term of self identification is embattlement. People feeling like the image of a person who plays videogames is so, so negative that the only option is to dig your heels in and adopt a group mentality. I keep thinking that this would never apply to people who watch films, and enjoy watching films. But then I wonder if in the early days of cinema there was a group of aficionados for whom going to watch moving images was 'their thing', and how they felt in later days when it became everyone's thing. And it became a bit embarrassing to call yourself a cinemaphile or whatever, because films have become an integrated part of everyday life. This, for me, was the - fairly accurate - point of all that 'gamers are dead' stuff. It's not an insult: it's amazing, though maybe not for the existing in-group. The other related point discussed over the last few pages: nerds, neckbeards, etc. There's a part of me that would prefer to see any anti-gamergate stuff refrain from using these terms, because it doesn't need it (the actions of the gamergaters are enough - you don't need to comment on their characteristics) but that's got an element of tone-policing about it. These words might play on stereotypes, but they're meant as insults. And I'm okay with them being used as insults in this context because people are fucking angry. I don't see an argument for 'nerds' or similar to be a group that's afforded any kind of special protection, and I say that as someone who was called one at school. That's an important distinction for me: the difference between understanding why they act the way that they do (fine) and arguing for any kind of equivalence with structurally disadvantaged groups (not fine). You can't just define nerds or similar as 'people who have a bad life for multiple unspecified reasons' and have that act as any kind of mitigating factor for the behaviour we've seen against women during gamergate. You just can't. Doing so completely sidesteps the problem and plunges you into a weird cultural nihilism that reminds me of this bit from Bojack Horseman: "So what you're saying is, everything is society's fault, and we as individuals never need to take responsibility for anything? Yeah, I like that. I didn't do anything wrong because I can't do anything wrong because we're all just products of our environment, bouncing around like marbles in the game of Hungry-Hungry Hippos that is our random and cruel universe. Yeah, it's not my fault. It's society. Everything is because of society! Hooray! Everything is meaningless! Nothing I do has consequence!"
  23. I'm finding those mentions of trial and error a bit infuriating, especially with regard to interactions with the alien, because.. it's.. not trial error? Not really. Trial and error is systematic testing of available options, each one equally likely to lead to death. Trial and error is two bottomless pits, one of which leads to death and the other to progress. The alien's behaviour is the opposite of trial and error in this context, because it doesn't do the same thing twice, presumably due to a slightly random element. Taking the same route on separate reloads can lead to success on one occasion, and death another. On one hand I can see why this annoys people. On another it's almost certainly a contributing factor to why the game is so frightening, so balls to those people. So: are the other (non-AI interaction) gameplay elements trial and error? Is the navigation trial and error? Are the objectives trial and error? Maybe there's a slightly stronger argument for this. It's not always obvious where you need to go, and how you fulfil an objective. For example, many objectives tell you that 'something' needs to be done in an area or room, usually interacting with equipment or finding an item there. However, again, it's not as if you have three consoles in front of you, and if you touch either of the wrong ones the alien gets you. You have to figure out what to do in that space, and in that time you are vulnerable. And while you're vulnerable, it's scary. And you make mistakes. And that will raise the likelihood of you getting into unwinnable situations. It isn't nice. But as to whether it's trial and error: perhaps it can be if you choose it to be. If you hare about the areas, looking for the magic console or button or keycard, the alien (or something else) IS going to get you. So you learn a bit, die, learn a bit, die, and so on. This doesn't sound like a fun way to play it to me - better to try and get a handle on avoiding the threats, which I think is completely possible - but I understand why people might feel that way.
  24. Yep, they're basically the same word. On an unrelated note, how are the agencies in this game? Are they pretty intuitive? I'm so excited about this game that I can hardly agency myself!
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