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  1. Oh, and to add one more thing (to counter all that negativity) - the story probably stands up even better in context of DS3 than it did on release. It's a bit more hokey in parts, a bit more tropey (evil queens and giants and that) but with all the ideas in DS3 about the nature of the dark, the cycle of fire and undead curses, it all starts to fit together nicely. And it makes Vendrick and Nashandra's stories easier to piece together, which is good because they are reet good
  2. I was a huge DS2 apologist (?) back in the day. But another recent playthrough (of SOTFS) after Bloodborne and DS3 was very hard going. I don't subscribe to any of the real hate: I know it's a cliche but it's still an absolutely fantastic game by any other measure. Some of the additions and improvements have clearly influenced the later games as well. The multiplayer stuff most notably: especially the amazing auto-summon covenants. And as others have said, the atmosphere - and especially sound design - is so memorable and distinct in some places, like the twinkly Majula melody, the howling wind at the top of the dragon shrine, the discordant hum that plays though Aldia's keep. I sort of wish I'd not gone back to it really: as @K said before, I have lovely memories of it. I keep trying to figure out what made it so painful to go back to. One thing is the SOTFS remix: it's interesting for a return player, lots of weird dead-end bits are tidied up, and some stuff (like Heide's) works well. But the new placements overall probably do hurt it. It was always quite a you-vs-the-numbers game, and it's even worse now. Iron Keep is the worst example, but I did find myself fighting off the frustration a few times when I just wanted to make a run to a boss. The enemies stopping spawning after 10 kills feels like it was a sticking plaster for this: it should never have been necessary really. Probably the main issue is the changes to the combat system. I think it might be the rolling in particular. All other games had standard dodge/roll mechanics, that only changed with weight limits in 1 and 3: so players would have one of 3 roll types depending on their load. This is the only game where your roll distance and iframes are intimately tied to your build: I believe it's less weight, longer distance, more ADP, more iframes? Which sounds interesting on paper, but I think gave the designers a nasty challenge in terms of balancing enemy attacks. They presumably had to ensure that enemies weren't a walkover for player builds with high ADP and low weight, and so added in attacks that track the player, use more challenging delays/timing in combo strings, and have slightly area damage/effects. The smelter demon is again maybe the worst offender (because he does all those things) and it's not as if he's impossible: I just remember feeling uncomfortable not knowing whether I was struggling with my build or my timing. So I think that could be the issue: the other souls games perhaps benefit from roll/dodge timing and invincibility being fairly set in stone. It makes the combat just seem slightly more fuzzy, and for some reason I rarely had that souls thing of feeling great after mastering and beating a boss. I always felt as though I'd either cheesed it, or struggled through. There's other little things: like, stiff enemy animations, weaker sound effects in combat. I don't care much about the lack of interconnectedness of the world (someone on here once said it was dreamlike, and that's lovely and kind of ties into the story themes), but the general design standard is a bit off. So many greeny-brown flat textures, and great wide featureless flat hallways. And so many pointless bits and dead ends! Those 'Pointless?' messages are one of my overriding memories of the whole thing. And I don't want to get into too much moaning but I was also struck at the lack of polish in boss fights: most of them take place in largely featureless round rooms, and with atrocious music to boot. It's absolutely true that the DLC is a massive step up though. Fume Knight, Sinh and Alonne all seemed to avoid the issues that bugged me through the main game: amazing settings, a real sense of spectacle and a feeling of accomplishment on beating them. Alonne in particular feels like he could have come out of BB/DS3.
  3. This is an amazing thread @dumpster! Loads of good info in here. Yes, and it works really well. I -think- that the current situation is one of two options. Either you can use an exploitable game to hack the vWii on its own, as described here: https://www.lifewire.com/install-the-homebrew-channel-into-the-wii-us-wii-mode-2498643 OR you can go through the full process of hacking the Wii U itself and installing the vWii hacks easily after that. This is a good guide: https://wiiu.guide/ There are a few different ways of doing this, but with a bit of work you can actually get the Wii U to boot to a custom firmware running off an SD card. At the moment the Wii U-native emulation situation hasn't caught up with those for the Wii, but it's getting there. Retroarch is being ported, there are working Snes (and I think some arcade and GB/GAB?) emulators
  4. Has Colin got a gouken-esque parry-grab thing? It looks a bit like one.
  5. I was just wondering if there would be an explanation for why the lead character has her pants on her head, and then I bloody well remembered that the chap in the first game had his pants on his head as well! It's a series motif. If I remember correctly in the first game there was this narrative jump where, beforehand, he didn't have any pants on his head - like, none at all - and then we cut back to him and he had his pants on his head. Did the game ever provide an explanation for why he had his pants on the head?
  6. Oh, interesting. Ta! The loot element is.. well, something different to Soulsborne, at least. I just worry that the fine-tuning that allows you to make a good stab at any challenge at any level won't be there in Nioh: but willing to give it a shot. There's enough atmosphere in it to get me interested: loved the shrine in the main level, and the setting of the Tachibana fight is mmmm good.
  7. This demo was the first I'd played of it: really enjoyed it. Some of the Souls 'influence' was a bit flagrant (even the weapon buffing animation!) but I think there was enough added to make it stand out. I guess the lack of handholding was a carryover as well: I didn't click for ages that you could level up at the shrines, and I still have no idea what money does. The controls take a bit of getting used to as well, and I think it'll be a while before I'm confident switching stances in the middle of combat. I was slightly concerned about some of the balancing of enemy attacks as well. A few had damaging attacks that came out immediately and with little or no warning, and as has been said the boss's jump attack does some very odd tracking and causes camera weirdness. This isn't a massive problem but I found myself relying more on blocking than I wanted to. Or perhaps I was missing something . I did however give up at Muneshige: not sure if I was underlevelled or under equipped or just not good enough, but I was being stunlocked to death from full health from attacks that came out super-fast! Which I complain about.. but it's also great. He's an incredible boss. Just not sure if I could see myself ever beating him without levelling up! Which was the thing that the Souls games managed to always avoid. Anyway, I'm almost certainly in for it.
  8. Cheers! Talk me through number 1: any idea how a modern day DAW would interpret that information? Or would it just ignore it? 2 is really useful as well: I know Live does a good job of separating out instrument and bank/program change info, but no idea about other bits of software. I wonder: is there some kind of inspector application for midi files that would tell you metadata, bank changes, etc? Might be handy..
  9. Here's what you need to do: Grab a midi file for a gaming tune you love from one of the many sites out there (e.g...) Drop the file into your favourite DAW or whatever you like to use (Live for example will assign a track to each channel in the file) Assign instruments to each track Tweak it until you're happy with it (drum tracks/samples in particular may need a bit of editing) Profit I think this is more fun with tracks from 8 or 16 bit systems, but it's up to you. Either keep it in the style of the original or do something weird with it! It's easier with some files than others: I tried a couple that took me ages to work out what each instrument was supposed to be, but with others it's more obvious. Here is one I did a while back (and just realised I'd like to hear what others might come up with)..
  10. Having just had a little, er, play with him, that non-CH link from lariat into s.mp is bloody wonderful. His pokey pokey game seems a little worse with some of those medium changes though.
  11. Alllllll the anti-air jabs gone too apparently. One of the weirder changes was also that rog's upper screw is just.. gone? Speculating that the headbutt might be coming back as a command special to replace it, though he'd need a new v-reversal..
  12. I feel like the player's temperament can be a barrier to enjoying EGGTR. That's not trying to be snarky or having a go at those people for not putting the effort in: it's super slow and the story is obtuse. I think this is more than just player preferences, even. It's not as simple as just saying "well, you're a online shooter kind of gamer, so I can understand why you wouldn't like this intricate strategy game, because it's just not made for you." However, I get a bit more irked when those people start talking about how the game didn't deserve all the awards, or needed a run button, or to be different in one of a hundred ways. The game contains decisions that have been made to make you play it a certain way - even the superficially irritating aspects of it like the walk speed - and for the people for whom it clicks, it really clicks. I feel weird saying this because I generally prefer my games to be as open and accessible to as wide a range of people as possible. But maybe this is the difference: there are no hard skill or genuine accessibility barriers to enjoying the game. Just barriers of temperament. And that is fine, because it would probably be a fundamentally different game if it appealed to everyone.
  13. Hello! I thought I'd show some cheek and post this in here: not sure if it's anyone's sort of thing, but I just put out a new little poppy electronic track on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. If you like it, shares etc appreciated! I'll stick it up on spotify at some point as well. https://lumieres.bandcamp.com/track/a-stationary-audit
  14. The game runs fine for me (with a 1070) but I'm getting crashes to desktop every half an hour or so. Kinda takes you out of it. Was running the experimental branch yesterday, but it happened a couple of times before I switched over (it was why i switched over). Anyone else having similar issues?
  15. I can confirm that in the shiny world of ultra-bronze-level play Ibuki is a monster. She has gifted me with two casual match RQs already. There's a lot of talk about how she's one of the most high execution characters, but she has a good few tricks that aren't too difficult. I think the hardest thing is adapting to the mindset of finding an opening and continuing to press it. She is also making me think that I should put the time in and learn some of those EX kunai resets that use the QCF-HK jump dash thing. Interesting move putting her out at the same time as boxer, too: if she's one of the least Street Fightery of the cast, he feels Very Street Fightery. Like playing HDR sometimes. No idea how any of it translates to high level play of course.
  16. A Capcom USA community manager fella has been posting some fairly positive stuff on Reddit in the last couple of days: https://www.reddit.com/r/StreetFighter/comments/4n2e7u/we_plan_to_communicate_more_in_the_coming_weeks/ But, well, you know, that's the purpose of community managers. Whether you believe the messages he's putting out or not, it's a bit of a reminder that there's a dev team working their arses off behind the scenes.
  17. Whaaaa, I didn't know this had started up again! Did a few back in the day and it was great fun. Do we have a listing of people who are in bands or make music?
  18. Aaaaand I've just managed to figure out what Discord actually is. Ta! I'll hang around it one of these evenings.
  19. I would love to get in on some of this forum lobbie/lobsy action! I think that's something I'm missing: I had a Local Play Bud when SF4 came out, but I don't know any people in the real actual world who are playing now. Even in FT2 matches, it's sometimes still wonderful when you get matched up with someone who you click with come the second match and it turns into a real contest. Last night I was paired with the same player 3 times in a row, and by the end it was magic.
  20. Something else that fascinates me about playing this online is that you get such a narrow window into the personality of the person that you're playing against - you get their name, some limited info about them, and then two avatar blobs fighting one another on a 2D plane - and even in those narrow boundaries, you still see some weird shit. The super silver ranked player who does nothing but jump at you. The player who RQs after losing the first match in a 2/3 casual, then not getting the first hit in the second match. The people who just.. play.. weirdly? Not, like, badly, like it's their first time. Ryus who jump back into the corner then sit there doing lp DPs. Chuns who spend the WHOLE match trying to air throw. I like to think they're setting themselves personal challenges. Voice chat would probably kill the mystique for me, because they can't be any weirder in real life than I'm imagining them to be.. CAN THEY?
  21. I'm still character-hopping, but enjoying doing it. I've taken some random reddit person's advice that the best way to counter a character who you can't deal with is to try them out, hence I'm giving Nash a go. I was put off him by his trial combos, which seemed a bit awkward in terms of timing and movement, but he has a couple of manageable b'n'bs to rely on. (Actually that's something I love about this game: most characters have a couple of solid go-to combos that aren't exactly dialled in but that you can bring into online play after half an hour in training.) I like how he can go to controlling space with booms and pokes to being completely aggo: and my favourite thing is that he teaches you to remember v-trigger and v-reversal. For everyone else it's been a bit of a struggle to remember that I'm playing SFV and that these tools are crucial; with Nash you're really looking for them. Guile is fun, but those flashy exhibition combos aside, I'm just playing him like Guile with a couple of extra tricks. He was a good choice for a DLC character at this stage I think; it's fun seeing how a character that can be played with a proper, pure charge style interacts with all the new stuff that the game brings.
  22. So, if I'm understanding this all correctly, Nintendo's reasoning behind Rapp being sacked is her moonlighting, which they say is not allowed, and she says is allowed. This part of it seems fairly straightforward; if her contract explicitly stated that she was not allowed to do so, then I can understand at least how something of a compromise has been reached between her and Nintendo. What happened to her was shitty, and I think in the circumstances I'd have preferred them to have kept her on a statement to the harassers out there and as a message of good faith to Rapp. Without knowing all the discussions that went on between her and Nintendo however, it's still pretty hard to avoid Alex W's point above that however you look at it, and whatever breach of contract happened, it still only came to light because of abuse and doxxing. Not a good look for Nintendo at all. On the other hand, if there was no explicit prohibition of moonlighting in her contract (and given that there's conflicting information from different sources on this, I suspect that even if it's in there, it's not exactly clearly stated) then this feels like a terrible decision, especially if it was based on information scrounged up about the nature of her second job (which I don't want to look into, but Nintendo's stuff about her being 'out of line with their corporate image' does not sound positive). If this is the case I hope she fights it; easy for me to say when I'm not the person who would be jeopardising their chance at further industry work, as well as opening themselves up to months or years of abuse from 'gaters, though.
  23. @dood Lovely. Bafael's combo list from reddit has these strings for Ryu; I'm thinking I might sit in training for an hour or so and see if I can get anywhere with the first two. When my ding-donged old PC is fixed, that is. cr. LK, st. LP, st. LK xx MK tatsu (141, 329) - a 3 lights confirm, somewhat rare among the cast. Shoryu won't reach here cr. LK, cr. LP xx HP shoryu (159, 293) - Higher damage but less reaction time cr. LK, st. LP, st. LK xx LK tatsu, CA (307, 329) - super version of first combo cr. LK, cr. LP xx HP shoryu xx CA (369, 293) - super version of second combo
  24. This is *the* bit of technique that I have never ever managed to get close to mastering. How would you train for it: something like random guard in training mode? A (much more basic) bit of learning I've had in the last week is simply to stop getting mad about being thrown, especially on wakeup. A throw isn't so bad. Even being thrown twice in a row isn't massive damage. But being scared of a throw is much worse than actually being thrown, because you're liable to do something stupid and eat a massive punish.
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