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  1. Yep. Anyone who's tried a Go for an extended period of time is going to be worried about that strap!
  2. VR pundits are notoriously over enthusiastic I find. So the problems raised by the AT review are worth keeping an eye on: heavier controllers with poorer tracking, shorter battery life and a rubbish default strap are concerns. The latter two are addressed by accessories, but then the low price starts to become less attractive. I suspect that the core hardware - resolution and processor - will be enough to make it worthwhile, but I'm getting a whiff of interim hardware revision in 6 months.
  3. Perhaps there are alternatives in the pipeline, but this really limits (as in fucks over) the potential for using Oculus VR in learning environments. That includes VR development courses but also potentially any use of Oculus headsets in school or learning settings. Facebook integration is just a flat no policy-wise in a lot of these environments. It's purposefully exciting a growth market and I find it baffling.
  4. I have a particular soft spot for games where navigating/understanding/battling the UI is a core part of the game, so I liked Observation a lot. But the bit you've mentioned there really should have been caught in testing, the internet is full of people giving up thanks to those bloody clamps or whatever they are.
  5. I'm guessing 343 will have access to the xcloud infrastructure for this, but even then, it's risky. Studios often aren't keen on letting games out of their onsite test labs for fear of leaks: even though NDAs generally aren't worth much whether they apply in the lab or at home, I think there's an assumption that they can impress the downsides of leaking more effectively when onsite. Of course, it's much easier for players to leak get images or footage from remote testing, too. There are watermarking methods (they used interesting ones for Flight Sim recently) but users can presumab
  6. My main point of contact with game development is playtesting, and in cases where it's possible to do safely and with confidentiality, it's much slower than it was pre-covid (with some exceptions: remote unmoderated testing is an easier option, and there are solutions for mobile platforms).
  7. I think you were right! I've put 9L or so into a mini pressure keg and the rest in bottles about a week ago, and tried a bit from the keg last night. It's already pretty great!
  8. Me too! Malt Miller sell recipe kits for a 20L batch of it here: https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/tiny-rebel-urban-ipa-jon-finch/ That seems to be taken from Jon Finch's book, which has a whole Tiny Rebel section!
  9. I've attempted my first all grain brew: just about to bottle an IPA made to a Tiny Rebel recipe. And holy cow I think I've fucked it up royally. I know bottle conditioning can fix a lot of ills, but giving it a taste after 12 days in the fermenter, it's overly bitter and a bit soapy. I have a horrid feeling I didn't get the temperature down quick enough! Ah well, into the bottles it'll go, and let's see.
  10. Yep, exactly this. The research - and conversation around games in general - needs to have a better understanding of the types of benefit: the shared-experience type socialising you've described here, the online socialising that's going to become more prevalent as the world changes, direct learning (eg maths skills, learning facts), indirect learning (creative skills from Minecraft, problem solving, etc), relaxation and mood benefits, etc. The Speedball 2 case is probably crucial as well! Frustration and anger as a negative outcome. Should we shield younger players from those? Obvi
  11. So a couple of things here: with my interests coming from working in health and cognitive psych, and more recently working as a UX researcher in games. I've recently done some work that was focused on kids gaming activities during lockdown. If I had to comment on the general body of research on screen time, I'd say two main things: the negative effects they are showing are small (and I mean that formally - as in, the effect sizes are small. Way too much focus on showing significance at the moment without considering the practical impact, but that's early days research for you), and
  12. Thanks! I went for the path of least resistance with an RG350. Looking forward to getting it!
  13. I'm taking myself in circles here: I'd like a small, comfy little handheld to play pre-ps1 era games. But whenever I find one that seems about right I spot some drawback - tiny battery, terrible d-pad, etc. (And then end up looking at more expensive ones that pack more power then I might need) Is there any any one device that's well regarded for 16-bit and earlier and not too expensive?
  14. Just popping in if that's okay! Will leave a little something-something behind Nook's..
  15. This is even better considering it appears to be happening at Terminator Leia and Tricolour's Space Wedding, replete with stormtrooper ushers and a floating Space Vicar with no legs
  16. Maybe a better approach to that plea would be to not use idiotic terms like 'the woke-as-fuck brigade'.
  17. Yep, same on both. Great fun in the cinema, feeling less sure the second I stepped out of there. We should give JJ credit here, because there's definitively an art to making film that can maintain breakneck exposition and action in the way that he can. That's not a small thing, and it's one reason that there's no question that the sequels are better overall than the prequels, which just draaaaag. But I'm feeling less and less satisfied with it as time goes on.
  18. At least we got confirmation on one important thing: Apart from lots of the other issues, something that raised an eyebrow: I had a great time watching it, but I had a great time watching Star Trek Into Darkness as well.
  19. I think they get a bit of a pass for this one given that electric cars were introduced much earlier in the Watchmen world - I think even by the time the original comic is set - due to Dr. M's speeding up of tech. I'm almost certain it's covered in the original run.
  20. Holy cow K, read the stuff about Fogdancing, you'll fucking love it.
  21. Finished Reach on the One S yesterday - some scattered thoughts.. First time round on the 360 I thought that the invincible allies broke the Halo formula - this time, no issues with it at all. Most of the time, I hardly noticed. Elites having armour lock negates one of my favourite tools - the needler burst. Bit odd, when.. The needle rifle is Brute poison. Wipes the floor with them! I can't handle Legendary any more. That's gone. Even heroic had me stumped a few times. Speaking of which, there were a few too many choke-points where I felt I was funnelled i
  22. Shit, I just rewatched and realised the significance of Eli saying "close your eyes, honey."
  23. I went a bit mad and did the buy-2-years-of-live-and-convert-into-GP thing yesterday, despite not owning an XB1. Ended up with a subscription that runs out in April 2022 for £65 - so thanks to everyone on here who posted the method! Any good console-only deals likely to pop up for Black Friday? I don't have a 4k TV, so am guessing that the S is the best option given that the all digital seems to be weirdly overpriced..
  24. To focus on just one thing here, I think something like a dynamic boss-skip in a SB game would be a problematic half-way house solution. They're all about teaching patience and how to approach bosses and situations, etc - enable a boss skip and you just end up ferrying them to the next challenge which they'll find even more difficult because they didn't build up the experience from the last one. So presumably you'd end up in a situation where players were dying continually to bosses until they enabled the skip. We're coming back to some of the issues that were covered in the Sekiro
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