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  1. Have you guys heard about Sure Shot? https://sureshotbrew.com/ Ex Cloudwater head brewer, pop culture references on the beer cans. I had a box from them a month or so ago after I saw them recommended on Twitter and they had a sale on at the time. It's all been pretty good but I quite enjoyed the Small Man's Wetsuit and Succulent Chinese Meal. There's a black friday mixed case on https://sureshotbrew.com/shop/black-friday-mixed-case/
  2. It was certainly a spectacle! I did look out for you Brad but I didn't pick you out of the crowd. That game was quite different to most of the games I've seen Reading play this season - Liverpool came with a plan and executed it really well in the main, I am surprised it ended 3-3 but if there's one thing Reading do have it's tenacity. Because of the way Liverpool were set up we got to see a lot more of Reading in possession and some nice individual skills but it really highlighted their lack of cutting edge in attack. Liverpool, by contrast, were clinical with their chances in the box.
  3. if you have a Heron Foods near you they have the Heinz Vegan Mayo for 50p. Heron foods is actually fantastic for cheap vegan stuff. Home Bargains had the Hellmans vegan chipotle mayo for 50p recently too. It's ridiculous that they mark it up to £2.50 in the supermarkets.
  4. We're in Y22 but it's only half of a stand open for the games so we might see you on the concourse. As far as I can tell you can pretty much sit anywhere if you can find an empty seat - just watch out for the leaks if it's raining.
  5. Reading's captain scored two own goals to give Man City a very flattering lead in a game that eventually ended up 0-3. Lauren Hemp caused chaos in the box for both of them and had a fantastic game all round, Bunny Shaw was a massive handful to deal with and deserved her goal to kill off the game. I'd say City were the best team we've seen this season and looked very dangerous going forwards.
  6. You'll need to shorten the cooking time to avoid mushyness but frozen broccoli is fine.
  7. Will do! Here's the screamer that won the game for Reading in injury time.
  8. Yeah, we've got season tickets. I hadn't realised it had been rearranged as an evening game - that will be a bit of a change in atmosphere.
  9. Reading came back from a goal down to beat Leicester today and the crowd went wild. It's interesting watching women's football because the crowd is largely kids and everyone is mixed in together. Against Arsenal, where they were unlucky to have lost 1-0 there were so many arsenal fans it felt like being in the home end at an away game and the efforts by small groups of kids to get chants going for Reading were not really catching on. In this game the kids were a lot more persistent and they were really trying their best to gee the team on despite a fairly disappointing performance and they got the rewards for it with two late goals. Man City next weekend might bring things back to earth but I'm buzzing at the moment and you could see how much it meant to the team after struggling so far this season.
  10. The decisions I've seen so far over a few matches in the women's game have been questionable. I was at Wembley and even without a replay it was clear that offside was nonsense. At the other end of the scale, I was at Reading Vs Tottenham in the cup and spurs were given a goal that was several miles offside. Both still enjoyable games but it's disappointing to see decisions going the wrong way, with or without VAR. Reading have Arsenal at home tonight, and they have opened loads more parts of the stand, it isn't going to be the 78,000 at Wembley but I'm hoping a big crowd behind them gives Reading a bit of a boost, they are going to need it.
  11. I bought a block of this and blind tasted it against a block of mature cheddar and you could 100% pick out the vegan one, it's texture is just slightly powdery and there's a hint of that coconut based fake cheese taste to it. The difference is very slight though, I can understand why people have been excited, it's much better than the Violife stuff.
  12. The Ben & Jerry's Tony Chocolonely collab vegan Ice Cream is incredibly rich and decadent and you'd have no idea it wasn't made with dairy.
  13. Somehow West Brom have managed to strengthen Cardiff City more than themselves this transfer window, sending them the spine of a decent Championship team while failing to sign anyone of note. The fans have got their bedsheets ready and are meeting up to plan protests while the club are refusing to acknowledge any questions about how two signings that were due to come in ended up missing the deadline. It's going to be a long season playing 2 games a week with a squad of 19 players.
  14. Gigga

    Women's EURO 2022

    She said that last time she was at Wembley was for a QPR play off final and this was her "Bobby Zamora Moment" Taking the shirt off seemed to be a nod to her football idols, celebrating a winning goal in the closing minutes of extra time in the way people often do celebrate a goal of that magnitude.
  15. Gigga

    Women's EURO 2022

    extra final tickets got released at 10am - after joining the queue to get into the site at 9:35 when I got the email, I was finally given access to the site at 11:15ish, about half an hour after they sold out. It's good news really that the women's team have sold out Wembley!
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