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  1. Serious eats Yorkshire puds are the best
  2. Gigga


    I've got a cheap temp controlled gooseneck and as long as you are aware that you need to set it to a lower temperature than you actually want, and that how much lower very much depends on how much water you are boiling, it works to provide a stable temperature. James Hoffman suggests just using water as close to boiling as possible, but I don't really get on with Hoffman's method for pourover and I prefer to set my kettle to 85, it will reach about 92 when I start pouring. if you are using a water source where the water is coming out at a constant temperature you'll possibly be having different results to someone who is using a kettle that's cooling down from the time it clicks off. I think the suggestion is that cooler water gives you more acidity (lower extraction) and hotter gives you more extraction but you can dial that in with the grind size as well, so if you know you are using boiling water use a coarser grind. My pourover grind is one click below the filter setting on the Wilfa, which works for me to give me the extraction I want (on the acidic side) from the temperature I'm using.
  3. Gigga


    I found all Pact's stuff to be fairly bland but in general I was feeling the same way as you. I've found that I'm getting loads better results from coffee flavour since I changed my pourover method. I now pour at 45g intervals and let it completely drawn down between each pour. I don't know if it's possible to do this in the clever but it's worth a try. I got a better grinder around the same time that's helped me dial in the grind, too, but the method has got me better results out of supermarket pre-ground too. The beans I'm really enjoying at the moment are these Natural Ethiopian. They have a funky, almost agricole rum like aroma that carries over into the flavour and they have quite a fruity, citrussy note to them.
  4. Well like, I don't know about you but I'd always thought blenders were shit and now I've got a vitamix I realise that it's just standard blenders that are shit. The vitamix will happily chew through ice so you can make proper smooth frappe cocktails. If you want to make a nice puree the vitamix obviously will let you do that too, I often use mine to make really nice smooth sauces, mayonaise etc. You can do that with a stick blender but it's just so convenient to pop it in the vitamix which is next to the hob and then back into the pot to simmer. Where it comes into it's own for me is when I'm making stupid cocktail things, I can blend up all the fruit/nuts or whatever, seperate the solids with a nut milk bag and then get super smooth liquid to make into a syrup, or if I want to make seitan and it's got beans or tofu or whatever as part of the "wet" ingredients everything just gets thrown in the blender and comes out homogenous. Then there's your pudding type things, like if you want to make a set jelly you can whizz up your ingredients and your agar or whatever and it all comes out perfectly mixed. If you think you need a stand mixer or a food processor ahead of the vitamix then get that and a stick blender, the stick blender will do your puree stuff with a bit of elbow grease, but I've got a stand mixer and I don't use it as much - maybe I'd use the food processor in place of the blender for some stuff, I don't know.. I kind of like doing most of the chopping and stuff that a food processor would be used for myself. Oh, I also used my vitamix to smash apples into mush when I was making cider, I wouldn't recommend it as a method but it worked, apart from when I stuck the dabber thing in without the top on and it hit the blades and and explosion of apple pulp covered me and my entire kitchen. As far as a workhorse goes, it's pretty bulletproof. I don't think I've found anything it wouldn't cut through and despite the various abuses it's still going strong. The only kitchen gadget that get's nearly as much use is the sous vide wand (ignoring the coffee grinder I use every morning because it's not got any other uses)
  5. I find Sazerac a bit sweet. The good thing about old overholt is that it's actually one of a number of brands made in the same place, with the same mash bill, so most cheap rye is exactly the same. It's disappeared from supermarket shelves recently but Jim Beam Rye was basically the same, for example. George dickel, redemption, knob creek rye etc.. all basically the same stuff aged for different lengths, filtered or not etc but it's the same whiskey.
  6. The best thing I bought for my kitchen was a Vitamix. It opened up so many possibilities I didn't have before.
  7. If the chillis you used were frozen then you probably won't get any fermentation. If you give it another go, throw a handful of fresh chillis in. How come you went for 5% brine btw? I generally use 2% for lacto fermentation.
  8. I've recently bought a decent camera (OMD-II) and I grabbed a few vintage lenses from my Dad's collection including a Pentacon 30mm, Hanimex Wide 35mm, Super Takumar 55mm and a few other bits and pieces. Some of these lenses take really good photos with great depth of field and bokeh but to actually get nice photos of people with them I need to know how to adjust for lighting, position people in the right place, frame the shot etc. So I thought it might be nice to start a thread for this and maybe people could share their photos and what went into them?
  9. The only critique would be they are a bit pale. I don't really like roasting potatos in a glass tray, they seem to get crispier in a steel sheet pan. I actually went to the effort of making proper roast potatos this weekend, I dont' have a picture because they were munched down in seconds but they were par-boiled at breakfast time with a bit of bicarb to fluff up the outside, left to cool for the whole day and then cooked in a mix of ground nut oil and butter. They were perfectly golden and crispy all over and like mashed potato in the middle.
  10. I had a tequila advent calendar one year and then came down with a stinking cold at the start of december so couldn't even have a shot of an evening. I ended up treating it like a giant tasting flight kit and picking either 3 blancos or 3 from one producer or whatever at the weekend which was quite enjoyable and it lasted far beyond christmas.
  11. There's been loads of ads for these on TikTok recently so I assume they have hit the UK now.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48286383 https://www.thebahlsenfamily.com/?id=554
  13. A month later and I'm back to complain about the same issue. I did all the rest things, I reinstalled the xbox app, re-installed the game etc and no dice. After about a week or two it just started working again by itself. I did another windows update yesterday and boom - it's gone again. It seems to be a common problem with Windows update killing Football Manager specifically https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/gamepass-pc-error-code-0x80004005/70361030-0fe0-4038-9f17-030845a551fd?page=2
  14. The better way to do this is to get an entire bar of dark chocolate and smear a thick layer of biscoff over the top and then eat it like a slice of toast.
  15. There's a bunch of new blended options now that are supposedly better for coffee or other applications, I don't think you need the special barista stuff if you are just adding a splash of milk but you do for foaming and stuff. Apparently pea milk is really good but I've not really tried it, I've got some hemp milk to try which I will report back on. The main ones you'll find around though I've been drinking for the last decade or so and I've basically gone from Soy, to Almond and now I've settled on Oat. I get Aldi's own brand which is around 85p a bottle. Soy Milk + available everywhere and usually affordable + tastes good - Flavour can be a bit overpowering in cooking - Only lasts a few days in the fridge - When it goes bad it turns really lumpy/grainy - Can split when added to hot drinks Nut Milks + Best flavour + Lasts a decent amount of time in the fridge + When it does go bad, it starts to taste sour - Usually pretty expensive - Generally bad for the environment - Flavour can be overpowering in drinks/cooking Oat Milk + Tastes good + Versitile for cooking + Lasts ages in the fridge - Tastes really sour when it starts to turn - Can be expensive in major supermarkets
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