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  1. There are three options that are shelf stable. Fee Foamer, which is impossible to get in the UK Ms. Better's Miraculous Foamer, which is ridiculously expensive Soy Lecithin, which is a powder as you wanted, but you would probably want to mix it up with water for use in cocktails. You could also drop in a little bit of pineapple juice, or honey, which are naturally foamy
  2. I know this is an old thread but if anyone is interested in egg nog, George Washington's Egg Nog is phenomenal. https://www.almanac.com/content/george-washingtons-christmas-eggnog Not only does it have a shit ton of eggs in it, you leave it to age for weeks.
  3. I was perhaps overly ambitious in trying to do two loaves this weekend in the first place and I've ended up having an unexpectedly upsetting/emotional day or two which threw off all the timings and organisation. Both of these were done in one big batch and I ended up leaving them too long for the bulk ferment and then when I tried to shape them they were impossible to work with, so I dusted them down and started over but ran out of time to bake them. I shaped one and left the other in the box in the fridge overnight and then that ended up being for far too long too as my hope for getting up
  4. Looks good. I made some milk bread rolls recently and they were really good. The dough was super easy to work with. I've got a loaf in process with a mix of the ends of bags of flour and topped up with some chapati flour, so we'll see how that goes.
  5. The Spelt was sort of a necessity because I bought two bags for 50p before the lockdown but I only had about 250g of bread flour left. It's basically whole wheat flour with less moisture retention so I modified the recipe you posted above to bring down the water ratio a little bit. It's not doughy, I think it could have taken 5-10 minutes more in the oven but it's very bouncy and chewy and the crust is great, loads of flavour. This might be a redundant suggestion if you've already looked into it but there are catering suppliers who have excess stock they are struggling to shift so t
  6. Thanks to @cowfields post above, and some reading here I've just baked my first sourdough loaf. It was half bread flour and half spelt. It's not quite as light and airy as some but it tastes fantastic.
  7. I play with Redbloodcel quite often so I can rope him in. Getting over a migraine at the moment but should be on later in the week.
  8. I've never actually done a raid on Destiny 2 and now I'm furloughed so I can basically play anytime - does anyone fancy getting together on xbox?
  9. I don't have any NeoGeo stuff, but I'm sure I can find some.
  10. I'm at home, as I suppose most of you are, I've got one of those megadrive usb pads and retroarch on my pc. What should I play? Single Player Some longevity No beat em ups or vertical shooters Preferably 16-bit era I'm tempted just to get into Quackshot again, but give me your recommendations and feel free to use this thread to ask for your own.
  11. To be 100% clear I wasn't on my own for this, but the whole point of going was to order them all. Me and a couple of friends will go to a cocktail bar and have the whole menu (usually 3 drinks each) so we just did the same with desserts. It really is amazing and great value. The only place that matches it is Relae in Copenhagen but that was many times the cost (and took months to pay off) - they had a dish there that was rainbow carrots super thinly sliced and stacked up in a roast carrot broth that was beautiful and a portobello mushroom "pasta" in a hazelnut cream which
  12. oh man this is difficult. Still water. Sourdough Bread - with a whipped compound butter, something with a little flavour, perhaps artichoke or anchovy Starter Possibly this pea dish from Gauthier's vegan menu. Peas, with pea volute and crispy peas or something, the whole thing was just made of peas prepared in different ways. I don't even especially like peas but this was such a perfect dish. Main I'm not sure where to start with this. I think I would probably go for some sort of sharing platter. Maybe the Terre a terre Tapas sharing plate
  13. Dunno why but I've got a real hankering for fizzy drinks at the moment. I used to drink bundy root beer and the San pelligrino lemon/orange and Fanta lemon and I really like chinotto although I'm never gonna get that here. But now they all taste of sweeteners. What could I realistically get that's gonna scratch the itch?
  14. Gaz

    Pancake Day 2020

    I made spelt pancakes, american style and before I flipped them I grated in a load of vegan cheese which sunk into the batter and made a kind of cheese volcano then served them stacked up with veggie sausages and black garlic ketchup.
  15. Gaz


    I made my first espresso today, using some "Monsoon Malabar" beans I got from waitrose for 89p a bag in clearance. It came out nice, lovely sweet, smooth espresso but I ended up with a lot of extra water because it was leaking over the edge of the basket. Presumably either too fine a grind, or tamped too hard?
  16. Gaz


    Finally taken apart the entire Gaggia and descaled the solenoid as well as replacing all the seals and now it's running nicely. Now I get to start the fun of dialling in all the settings and working out how to make a decent espresso
  17. Yes, you absolutely can! I've got a fermented hot sauce in my fridge that's hot as fuck and very tasty. Chilli Chump on Youtube is good on this but it's basically as easy as cutting up the chillis and leaving them in brine for a week. Give it a week and you might change your mind
  18. Gaz


    I'm still at war with the Gaggia and I'm pretty sure this is the problem. If anyone is going to take apart their gaggia, make sure you have all the right tools before you start. It's not complicated, but what I need to do, which is descale the solenoid, isn't possible because I needed two small wrenches to remove the magnet part. The boiler is leaking now, but still no water, so I'm going to order a new gasket and get the tools I need to pull the solenoid out then run de-scaler through the machine, which I probably should have done before I took everything apart and made it leak!
  19. Gaz


    Getting good filter coffee is hard work. I'm not a big pact fan tbh, so you might want to try some other brands. I get better results from Union's supermarket stuff. I make a v60 twice a day and while at home I have a grinder, scales and a gooseneck and all sorts of shit. At work where I'm using the same pre ground stuff and a basic method I end up with a more consistent cup of coffee. - wet the filter and discard the water - bloom the grounds with some water and let it sit for a minute - use off boiling water, 90 degrees rather than 100 and don't use water
  20. I just use the Cauldren Tofu, but the one from Holland & Barrett is fine too. The key is the freezing and thawing which gives a nicer texture. Tofoo smoked is really tasty, but it's more expensive for a smaller amount.
  21. I'm not sure if I posted about this at the time but I've made a banging "chicken" burger with tofu. If you freeze/thaw the tofu a couple of times you get a more chicken like texture, then batter it and deep fry. Add some nutritional yeast and paprika to the batter, it tastes great. Then toss it in hot sauce / vegan butter mix.
  22. Just had the meatless marinara at Subway and I'm really disappointed. The meatballs themselves are bland soy protein, there's absolutely no excuse at all for them to be so lacking in flavour and cardboardy and the sauce is overly sweet. I had heard good reviews so this was a real shame and a total waste of money.
  23. Gaz


    I use filtered water with a special brita filter which adds calcium and magnesium or something. This Gaggia was £40 in a British Heart Foundation Furniture store and it worked, just about, when I got it but stopped after a few weeks, I have no idea how it was treated before. I've tried to take it apart and it's currently in several pieces on my worktop but I can't actually get into the boiler, I think this might have to wait until the weekend.
  24. Gaz


    Thanks. I think the steam bit works, I'll check later. I've cleaned the whole group head already before I put it away so next stop is looking at the boiler, given the state of the water round here and the scale around the water tank I expect its limescale.
  25. Gaz


    I've just re-claimed my Gaggia Baby Class from storage, where it was put because it wasn't working and I couldn't be bothered to fix it. There's no water flow so I'm going to have to strip the whole thing down and probably de-scale it. Anyone done this? Any tips before I start pulling it all apart?
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