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  1. They are never going to be able to see each other in that one.
  2. Why go booting? Every street I went down yesterday had at least one box of stuff out on the street for people to take away.
  3. Gaz


    How much coffee is in the filter? I swirl mine when it's at the highest point and it doesn't have anywhere near as much stuck to the sides, but I'm never using more than 20g The Brita Filter thing is shit, I'm not going to boil my kettle with the water that comes out of our taps because it will be crusted over with barnacles within a week but the brita strips out all the stuff that carries the extraction. I did have some of those filters that put magnesium and calcium into the water but I'm not sure that gave as much benefit as using bottled water. I'm still using the brita and I can
  4. I'm not sure if it's just the stuff that my local hardware store stocks, but look out for bits of rope and plastic in those blue bags.
  5. I made soup again. I'm blaming either the bread flour I bought, or the stand mixer for this because this time I didn't autolyse overnight. After it turned to soup I managed to knead it back into a smooth dough, did my stretch and folds, got it shaped but at this point it was like a water baloon. I've just cut into it and despite being a little flat shaped it's the first loaf I've done with big holes in the crumb.
  6. Try a bottle of Bols Genever and make an Improved Holland Gin Cocktail - it's a delicious drink, somewhere between an old fashioned and a martini.
  7. Pineapple and Rosemary Smash 5 dashes Rosemary Tincture 3/4oz Lemon Sherbet 2oz Genever 1/2oz Green Chartreuse 3/4oz Lemon Juice 3/4oz Pineapple Juice 6-8 mint leaves Garnish with grated nutmeg ( I didn't have this) This one was really good, again I'm not sure I'm getting the balance right - it feels like there's a really really good drink there that I'm not doing justice to. It's complex and multi-layered. The zing from the sherbet makes way for the herbal flavours from the chartreuse and rosemary and then you get a really fresh finish from the mint. I think I'
  8. I think the restaurant grade charcoal does a much better job than briquettes. I get mine from Oxford Charcoal. I've been using some coconut briquettes I got cheap from a supermarket at the end of last summer and they just aren't as easy to control and you seem to need far more to do a long cook. I managed to cook my brisket and ribs today but it took 6kg of briquettes and I had to keep faffing with the grates to keep the temperature stable. Completely useless post without pictures but I was pretty eager to dig in after 8 hours of cooking, sat in the garden with the smell wafting past my
  9. I'm meant to be cooking a brisket point and a rack of st louis ribs tomorrow, but I didn't think to check the weather before I ordered the meat and now it's going to be raining and thunderstorms
  10. I had a nightmare with bread this weekend and it really pissed me off. The source of all this stress, I think, was copying something I saw on youtube. Someone rested their flour and water mix overnight before making the bread, so I thought, ok.. I'll make the "sponge" and the rest of the dough at the same time, leave them both overnight and see what happens. This was good, and the dough at first was, while sticky, easy to work with but then I threw it in the stand mixer and it kneaded it into soup. I managed to get it back into some sort of dough texture and started all the stretch an
  11. I've just tried this one https://www.wineandspiritsmagazine.com/recipes/entry/whiskey-fix-a-la-stuart ¾ ounce Pineapple Cordial 3 dashes Chamomile Tincture ½ ounce fresh lemon juice ¾ ounce Aalborg Aquavit ¾ ounce Barbadillo Fino Sherry 1½ ounces Great King Street Blended Scotch Fresh nutmeg, grated, for garnish I had to make the ingredients in bold. The Pineapple Cordial was simple enough, blend some pineapple chunks, strain into a pot and then gently heat to incorporate a shit ton of sugar. The Chamomile even easier, just throw some chamomile into some vodka and leave it
  12. Really want one of these shirts, but it's $85 + shipping
  13. Kindred, which I linked to above has quite a detailed recipe search. You could just try the potato head method for substitutions, or fit what you have into a template. I think re-creating bar menu drinks at home can be a bit of a challenge but there are plenty that don't require any ingredient prep, some of my go to's The Last Word https://kindredcocktails.com/cocktail/last-word This is one of my go-to drinks and I re-use the template all the time. Notable variations would be Pete's Word (with peaty scotch), Naked and Famous (Mezcal & Aperol), Intro to Aperol https:/
  14. I think I've felt pretty much the same which is why I've decided to prep a bunch of the ingredients while I'm on lock down and can take the time. I choose a few that are common to several drinks I liked the sound of (lemon sherbet, pineapple cordial, chamomile tincture, pistachio syrup) - you can make these fairly easily and the last a few weeks if you have room in the fridge. Once I've mixed up a couple I'll share here. The Death & Co book is a lot more approachable if you are looking for something similar, or you can look up recipes from cocktail books on Kindred https://kindredc
  15. I made "Lemon Sherbet" from the Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual to be able to try a few of their recipes and I'm bowled over by it. You make an oleo saccharum from lemon peels and then dissolve this into the juice - you end up with an intense, zingy, lemon syrup which basically tastes like lemon sherbet.
  16. You are absolutely right, but sometimes you don't have an egg. I splashed out on the Mrs Betters Foamer, because I was doing an order at Master of Malt, and I'm quite dissapointed with it. Maybe I need to work harder to emulsify it but it creates a sort of stiff foam that sits on top of the drink, it doesnt' feel like it's part of the drink.
  17. can I give an anti-recommendation? White lines is utter, utter shit.
  18. This guy has found aquafaba powder, and the video tells you how to make your own.
  19. The trick to good cookies is to leave the batter to rest for 36hrs or so in the fridge. I've generally used the New York Times recipe and been happy with them. I quite like chopping up chocolate bars to go in instead of chips, especially when you get little pools of caramel.
  20. Next time I go to the supermarket I'll see if the little holland & barratt has Rye in and give that a go. My white loaf came out looking lovely but when I came back to it this morning the crust had gone a bit rubbery. It had really good oven spring but the crumb is uneven and it's a bit dense. It tastes good but it's not really very sour, I don't think it fermented enough. The seeded one hasn't risen as much but it really looks great and has that bubbly crust thing going on. That one had some time overnight in the fridge so I'm hoping it's developed some good flavour. I didn't put a
  21. I finally managed to get some flour, the local co-op had loads in last night so I picked up two bags of plain flour and I realised I had wheat gluten in the cupboard so I've made my own bread flour. Two experiments today, one 100% white with the "home made" bread flour which I'm going to try shaping into a sandwich loaf sort of thing, and one 30% spelt with seeds which could end up being a disaster.
  22. The netflix series is great, but it's not instructional in terms of how to cook as much as an exploration of what food would taste like if capitalism hadn't sucked the joy out of it through mass production techniques and corner cutting.
  23. I cook a lot and I still use cheap knives and a cheap non stick pan for all my cooking without any issues. I've got a cast iron pan but the time for it to heat up on my electric hobs, which are the biggest hindrance to my cooking, makes it not worth using. Two chicken breasts in a medium pan would be fine, and they will keep in the fridge for 2/3 days. If I want to cook a bunch of chicken I find it easier just to put thighs in the oven though, personally.
  24. Sours are great without foam, too, but pisco sour is the king of egg white sours. Try some rye too, I make a rye sour with quince syrup and aquafaba that's amazing. When you chop up your pineapple to get the juice, throw the rinds in a jar and make tepache, it's lovely for a sunny day
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