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  1. The gift card is on sale now for £48 and you can get 5% off that with the code BLACK https://www.gauthierwines.co.uk/collections/vegan/products/les-plantes-vegan-lunch-tasting-menu-for-two If you use this link we both get £10 in points for the store http://gauthierwines.refr.cc/garethlangston They are also doing a vegan tasting menu that you heat up yourself at home at the moment, I've yet to try it but the menus they send me sound wonderful.
  2. The Aldi ones are called Oaties too - and it looks like they are basically the same. On the subject of M&S - these peach & passionfruit jaffa cakes are really great. https://www.ocado.com/products/m-s-peach-passion-fruit-jaffa-cakes-514975011
  3. Currently I'm getting through far too many packs of Aldi's fake chocolate hob nobs and recently I polished off a pack of their fake Leibniz which has returned a joy to my life which I had denied myself since the owner of Bahlsen outed themselves as a nazi.
  4. I had some "crowlers" delivered from the local brewdog. Sour Thymes and Frog gone Rouge were both great.
  5. Just outright bullshit. Clearly Albion should have had a penalty, then the other end no foul given on the edge of the box again before utd are given two chances to score their penalty.
  6. I've had the moving mountains sausage patty, it's probably fine as a burger replacement but it's far too big and lacks that herby flavour that defines the maccies sausage.
  7. This season has felt a bit like they wanted to avoid criticism from the gammons, either that or Paul & Pru need some of that unconscious bias training. The judging decisions, from the first week, have been odd and they haven't even followed their own logic - with the justifications used in previous rounds not applied subsequently.
  8. Has anyone found a vegetarian sausage pattie that compares to the mighty Quorn which has sadly been discontinued?
  9. You know how when people are playing games on TV they make obvious mistakes that you recognise, such as playing an N64 game with a Playstation Pad or whatever? You probably don't notice when they do all sorts of other things wrong, people in sitcoms probably misrepresent everything else to the same extent that they do gaming. Well, journalism is pretty much the same. If you aren't seeing why they are getting it wrong, maybe that's a sign that you don't have the knowledge to understand why it's wrong.
  10. Gaz


    The cheapest way to get into it, but perhaps the most finicky to get good results would be a simple V60 or Chemex (the Bodum version of a Chemex, which has a re-usable filter is on sale here ) You'll get a brighter, cleaner cup with pour over than with cafetière - but if you want to just carry on using the cafetière you could use James Hoffmans method which I find gives me the best results - what he does is just bloom for a minute, then brew the coffee for 4 minutes as usual but wait for all the grains to settle and pour without plunging - it keeps all the sludge and particles out of your c
  11. Does it taste like hops? I just make sours with everything so I'd probably start by just using it with some lime and probably a clear spirit but you could look for a template where it might fit and sub it in for a different ingredient. If it's a bit herbal and bitter, it might work in place of Chartreuse in a Last Word. If it's more piney and resinous I'd use it in place of Absinthe in a Death in the Afternoon. Incidentally I've got some hops about to turn on the vine outside so maybe I should try and make up a batch myself.
  12. Gaz

    Sous Vide

    Bergamot is great but, don't try to make Bergamocello because it tastes like soap. This is a fantastic cocktail using Bergamot Syrup. I've made it with the fresh juice too, and that works. BUONGIORNO 1 oz St. George Terroir Gin 1 oz Aperol 1 oz lemon juice 1 oz bergamot simple syrup 1 oz egg white
  13. Gaz

    Sous Vide

    I have a vacuum sealer but as I use mine mostly for liquid it's pretty much useless anyway. What you can do is use a long bag and each time you cut the top off just clean it out and re-use it by sealing it again, you lose a bit of the length but it's fine. The best thing I've made in the sous vide is a rhubarb and dill syrup which is just rhubarb and dill macerated in water at 50 degrees for an hour and then mixed with sugar, but it pulls all this delicious flavour out and it tastes fantastic just with sparkling water. You can pretty much use the sous vide for any sort of maceration wher
  14. I thought she was funny too, it was a great episode for entertainment if not the actual menu. There must be some truth to it though, you don't just make up entirely that you are repulsed by water, or maybe you do I don't know. The other memorable one for me was the woman who didn't like starters or desserts which quite frankly is the opposite of how things should be.
  15. It was so utterly baffling to listen to. The podcast unveils some quite odd opinions on food at the best of times, but thinking that the entire world has been conned into thinking water is important and being repulsed by the wet mouths of water drinkers is a completely new one for me.
  16. Just posting to myself now I know but I made another big batch of the passion fruit liqueur because it turned out so well, and I made a drink with it this evening which was absolutely delicious and just carried the passion fruit flavour better than I could have hoped.
  17. The one thing I've learned with adjucts is that if you want it to taste amazing after it comes out of the bottle, it needs to be too much before it goes in. I bottled a white stout with coffee, vanilla and cacao nibs which tasted like tiramisu when it went in the bottle but the flavours were dialled right down after conditioning. It's still nice, and I've got a few bottles around but next time I brew it I'm doubling everything.
  18. I'm still messing around with new ingredients. a little local shop had prickly pears in stock, and having enjoyed Bajtra before, I decided to make myself up a batch of liqueur. I'm expecting this to go into spritzes and maybe margaritas, but I'll have to find out where it fits after I've tasted it. The process of making it was actually a bit of a ball ache, these things are covered in little hairs that stick into your skin like splinters.
  19. You could try making a "ginger bug" to ferment your own ginger beer, it's just ginger, sugar and water. youtube.com/watch?v=LqPko6a3Wh4 I really like Cucumber and Celery bitters in tonic, but if you want something darker you could try Amargo Chuncho, or Mexican Mole.
  20. Have you tried admundsen's pastry sours? That's probably the closest thing to wander beyond in terms of the fruit content. https://www.craftmetropolis.co.uk/brewery/amundsen-bryggeri/ Craft metropolis is great for those sort of beers.
  21. They've only gone and bloody done it, the madheads.
  22. Keeping up my attempts to widen my cocktail repertoire, and aided by Aldi having Passion Fruit for 45p - I made up a bottle of passionfruit liquer over the weekend. It's really simple to do, and it tastes amazing. Recipe is in the video below but it's as simple as macerating the pulp of 4 passion fruit and the shell of one in 250ml of vodka, after straining through a nut milk bag and a coffee filter this gave me about 280ml of clear, pink passionfruit vodka. I made up a sugar syrup which was about 140ml water with 100g of sugar and then mixed that with the vodka to make the liqueur. I'
  23. The best beer I have ever had, in my entire life, was Mikellers Spontanyuzu. The second best might be Baladin's Xyauyu Fume, served directly from the barrel which was just, ridiculous. I had both of those at festivals with my mate, and he's going to come over and taste the yuzu juice by itself and mixed with the beer before it goes into bottles. I have heard that citrus juice can ferment out to be vomity and I guess the solution to that is to use zest in the boil, which is what I think Mikeller did for the spontanyuzu, but that was also wild fermented and aged in oak so I'm unlikely to g
  24. My beers sit on the shelves in the cupboard my water tank is in, which seems to hold a fairly stable temperature. I've got 3 boxes that take 24 bottles which are stacked up in a weird little alcove behind my beer fridge for empties. I don't do labels either, I just have a system of coloured caps and stickers that makes sense to nobody except me and relies heavily on my memory. My latest brew should be ready to go tomorrow and I've got my next one souring at the moment. Has anyone had any experience with adding fruit juice, specifically citrus, at bottling? It's a commercial yuzu juice
  25. When the world goes back to normal, LHG's tap room in bristol is worth a visit. I was deathly hungover when I was there so barely managed a half and a few slices of pizza but it's a lovely place to spend a warm summer evening.
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