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  1. I had their BFG (Black Forest Gose) and really enjoyed it. A lot of those pastry sour type things are disappointing but this hits all of the black forest notes and the salt really elevates it.
  2. Sea Buckthorn is great, I had it in a cocktail and a sorbet at Ginfest a few years ago and ended up buying a few bottles of juice from a tiny provider in Scotland but I never got through it all as I wasn't sure what to do with it. A big trend that's been driven by Tik Tok and Youtube is the 15hr potato. Basically confit thin slices of potato in olive oil and then press them into a loaf tin and leave it in the fridge overnight. Slice it into cubes and deep fry so you get this crunchy, multi-layered potato.
  3. It's a plant which has leaves that tastes of lemon.
  4. You could get a growler with a tap and then have your local fill it up off the keg lines, or even buy those little 5l kegs some breweries are doing rather than locking yourself into a proprietary system. https://www.wildbeerco.com/browse/c-Mini-Kegs-51 https://www.sirencraftbrew.com/browse/c-Mini-Kegs-58
  5. Allardyce has been such a fucking disaster.
  6. Gaz


    Dehydrators are used a lot in raw/vegan cooking so that might be a good place to start for ideas. Personally, I'd be looking to make things I could dehydrate and then turn into a powder for homemade crisp flavourings.
  7. The other stock seeing attention is AMC - it went from $5 to $20 yesterday. Blackberry and Nokia were also seeing activity but not to the same level.
  8. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/2846542/quorn-shortage-could-hit-supermarkets-as-factory-workers-plan-strikes/ 60 workers. They have been working through the pandemic and obviously quorn's sales have been up. Seems a bit stupid to be shitty to workers when you're customer base is mostly left leaning.
  9. Just an FYI - Quorn staff are going on strike in Feb because the company won't give them a pay rise.
  10. If the Mega CD is going to be up for sale I could be interested.
  11. I'm in the same boat so it looks like I need to send an email. Bit of an odd way to do business but maybe the demand took them by surprise.
  12. Clays is fantastic, the actual restaurant isn't much to look at - it's a small, windowless place - but the service is fantastic and there are some stand out dishes that haven't made it onto the delivery service - paneer majestic is like nothing I've ever tasted before, and the kodi chips are incredibly morish. If you are local to the area, Orwells do a tasting menu which I'm eager to try too but it's collection only. I've eaten at the restaurant and it was great, far better than the much more expensive L'ortalan. https://www.theorwellscommunityshop.co.uk/theorwellsexperience
  13. Which ones have you had? I keep looking but there's nothing that's really grabbed me yet. I'm waiting for Gautier to re-start their vegan tasting menu again as that looked fantastic but I was skint at the back end of the year. I've only had the meals from my local indian restaurant which have been fantastic. It's a slightly higher end experience, focused on Hyderabadi cuisine and they deliver nationwide now.
  14. The place I've managed to experiment and be creative with most is drinks - I've come up with a few original recipes which have been a big success and made a bunch of new ingredients. Some of the things I've made myself to give new ingredients to work with have been ideal for sours, as that's mostly what I drink. Dale Degroff Triple Syrup - a blend of Simple Syrup, Honey Syrup and Agave - adds complexity and depth Dead Rabbit Lemon Sherbet - Lemon Oleo Saccharum mixed with Lemon Juice - adds brightness and intensity The Cocktail Guy Yoghurt Vodka - Yoghurt Washed Spirit - for clarified
  15. How have you coped with a year without restaurants? I love going to restaurants and I get excited about trying new things, but on a day to day basis I really prefer to make stuff at home and make things myself. What I think I've realised that I'm missing is inspiration and to an extent, the artistry of an expertly made dish or cocktail. Some of that can be replicated, I can pull out recipes from a book and I can try something I haven't had before but some of it really can't be. I remember sitting up at the bar in below and being handed a cocktail that was vividly green, speaking to the b
  16. I'm not really celebrating tbh, I think we are in a bad way and I'm not particularly interested in watching a team score off set pieces while spending most of the game out of possession. It's a far cry from the last time we played Wolves, when I was rammed into the Albion Pub in London watching us scoring five.
  17. I was obviously wrong! Not sure how we managed to gain, rather than concede two penalties but those are going to be valuable points.
  18. I was really willing to give Allardyce the benefit of the doubt, I thought he was a bit unfairly maligned at West Ham and I didn't think there was a chance of him being worse than Pulis but so far it seems like all the complaints about shit football are true and it's not even getting the results. The board really have to take the responsibility for what is almost certainly going to be a relegation season. One of the biggest issues was their hesitance to spend money which ended up with huddersfield benching our new £15m striker for 3 months while we sorted out negotiations and our defensive
  19. To beat anyone we'd need to overcome the own goal we score, and somehow do so with 10 men, if recent performances are anything to go by.
  20. Bilic must be laughing. West Brom have absolutely fell apart after sacking him and have been averaging one shot a game while letting in loads. Stupid decision.
  21. This may seem like an odd thread idea but I thought we could use a place to ask what supermarkets carry certain items, especially at a time when touring the supermarkets is a bad idea. I'm trying to find radicchio - not for me to eat but for a very fussy lizard. There's a couple of salad mixes that have it in, aldi have one and morrisons do one that's good but he'll pick out the radicchio and leave the rest. Where could I look to find a whole head of it?
  22. There's a new Flora Butter which is great. Flora Margarine is also vegan. https://www.flora.com/en-us/floraplant/our-products Be aware that the salted is actually in the blue pack.
  23. The Mind is the most fun I've had 2 player and it's under a tenner https://www.board-game.co.uk/product/the-mind/
  24. I think they pre-date the craft beer scene and that's probably why they come across that way but their beers, even the super market ones, are solid. On the N/A Beers, Small Beer Co & Big Drop seem good, Brooklyn's Special Effect is nice, Erdinger is good and I've always enjoyed Bavaria. It doesn't seem easy to get them here but there are a bunch of really good low alcohol mikkeller beers Drinkin in the sun is 0.3% and it's a lovely session style pale ale https://drydrinker.com/product/mikkeller-drinkin-sun/ They have a 0.3% version of their oatmeal coffee stout too which I'd lo
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