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  1. keeping someone near the flag is perfectly acceptable, but in this case the person near the flag was underneath the level the flag was on, so not actualy near the flag at all. note the in the first post. Im not complaining, but it does seem like a glitch.
  2. dubious, because it was impossible to get the timer to run out, from the position of the flag, each time someone spawned the counter reset, and although it counted down to zero on three occasions it stayed live allowing you to get away with the flag. Granted it was our own poor defending that left us losing, as we should have stopped the flag capture, but it was a very cheeky tactic to use in my opinion.
  3. Well done to EVT, you played well against us (Pro-G, I was playing under ma3lstr0m as its easy to say than "toostoned" apparently) Overall I think we were the better team, but you played the CTFs well, especialy on ivory tower, although the technique of keeping the sudden death alive with a man under the flag was slightly dubious You did managed to battle back in the slayer, which was impressive, although had I not spent most of the game shouting at my housemates to stop bitching in my ear, I think the game would have been ours (I only managed 3 kills) The draw game at the end, Im pretty sure
  4. Gaz

    Quiche Uk

    myself, raider and ma3lstr0m may have issues tonight due to our ntl connection dropping out seemingly every 3 mins.. its working now, but ive no idea how long for.. so if we are not online, thats why..
  5. Ive played against quite a few girls.. there were a couple of 17yr old girls on my old friends list.. My girlfriend has just signed up her own gamertag too, after playing on mine and my housemates for a while..
  6. Gaz


    Sorry to butt in.. From what I saw last night our team (PRO-G) played well, I dont think your team played badly, we just had the edge in the slayers.. and we excelled ourselves on ascention to grab the win. Its unfortunate that the flag got stuck on collosus, personaly I think you would have won both the CTFs and that would have put the pressure on us to chase, rather than yourselves. I think that made all the difference really, obviously when chasing a win you take more risks, we had the luxury of holding on and playing safe, which did give us an advantage in the later games.
  7. my gf and housemate both play.. and theres a couple f american girls n my friends list.. It seems there are a few girls who have played halo1 and are now doing pretty well online..
  8. Is lidl actualy cheap though? I found on alot of stuff asda was cheaper.. perhaps i should actualy make a list of what is and isnt cheaper.. would certainly help.. im liking the recipies here.. my current fav is spag bol.. Tesco/asda value mince Big bag of pasta cheap pasta sauce + garlic, tomato, bbq sauce
  9. Has it finished? Ive seen up to ep12 iirc..
  10. I could only find one person online, and it lagged to fuck when I tried to play yesterday..
  11. Adding a million people isnt much use to me, would be easier to get people who are actualy playing the game i am, when i am, you get me?
  12. more a case of nobody on my friends list ever being online when I am.. so trying to find people who are to add..
  13. Simple idea.. times when you are usualy online, the games you like to play + gamertags so that its easier for peolpe to get games going.. Usualy online: Daytime between 2pm - 6pm Evening between 10pm - 4am Usualy playing: Rumble pit if im on my own, or training grounds if my flatmates join in. I generaly prefer slayer if im on my own, but wouldnt mind getting into some decent sized team games with my housemates rather than being stuck in the training grounds. Gamertag: Gaz RW
  14. I played on normal first, because I was expecting a bigger game than the first and because I dont actualy have all that much time to play games (aswell as not having my own tv so having to find time when I can actualy use the main tv) Im not entirely sure that point is relevant though, as the game structure isnt going to change with difficulty.
  15. Im not saying its a bad game, infact, its still a good game, and I enjoyed it, I just felt dissapointed. the biggest problem is there just isnt enough of it.. every sextion just seemed ot be over too quickly, it seemed rushed, and I thought that this rushed feeling was because the game was going to be big, but it wasnt.. so i just felt that everything as over too quickly. I'll be going back to play it through again, but not just yet..
  16. well, games are individual, and then its over, you cant play again with the same people, also you dont actualy have much choice over the game that is played. If you wish to play with a guest, you are stuck to playing mainly CTF and Assault, you can't just get into a straight off game of slayer, infact there seems to be very little opportunity to play slayer as a whole. you also cant join friends in matchmaking, you have to come out and then start a party, and then re-enter matchmaking, and from my experience that doesnt actualy work, we had a party, but couldnt find any games to enter.
  17. I didnt want to sit it out, infact I tried many many times not to, while i was being told by onlookers to just wait.. Im obviously not good enough to do it (if im not, id say quite a few others wont be) I got it down to one last guy a few times, but by then i was a dead man.. and I didnt feel I was actualy enjoying it, it just seemed like a big room full of people all out to kill me that I would need a massive amount of luck to avoid.
  18. You come to expect what you are promised. to be honest all I wanted from halo2 was more of the same, but I dont feel I have got it, The game seems like a chore at times, the tension is gone in all but a few of the levels, and as I explained, i didnt feel like I had achieved anything at the end of it all, whereas completing halo1 gave a massive sense of relief after battling through it. The changes that were made have been mostly to the detriment of the game, yes I enjoyed parts of it, but the overall feeling was "what? how can that be the end?!?!!" I wanted more. I wanted to keep on playing, I
  19. These points are especialy valid, firstly.. playing as an ellite i find it highly confusing, that some covenant were on my team, and some were not(obvious for brutes/elites, but not the rest), and I had very little way of distinguishing when things got hectic (you dont really have time to check if your crosshair is red or green) the second point i think is ilustrated most with the large battle where cortana suggests that you "sit this one out" it seemed the only way to handle this battle was to actualy leave the room and wait for it to finish, before re-entering and finishing off the final few
  20. I was pretty sure I couldnt be the only one feeling this way, yet I havnt seen any negative discussion online at all, I really think pressure needs to be put onto bungie to expand the single player game, maybe releasing more singleplayer plot as a download over xboxlive, or as an add on disk (assuming that we wont see halo3 till XBOX2 Launch, theres plenty of time to fill, and keeping people interested can't be a bad thing) Is halo2 actualy bigger than halo1, it certainly didnt seem that way, maybhe thats because it lacked the tension of the first, or because very little plot development actua
  21. Am I ? The overall feeling when I finished the game was of dissapointment, I felt really cheated.. Its been a regular occurance recently for film sequels to be fillers, for another sequel.. i.e. having a small amount of story and then using the rest of the time laying the path for yet another sequel, something which I find irritatting, sitting through 1.5 hrs of film to see 30mins worth of plot development and an hour of pointless dialogue and special effects.. I didnt expect the same kind of thing from halo, I got to the end, and im thinking, YES back to earth.. but no, it just finishes.. and
  22. so this is actualy on suprnova now.. anyone managed to watch it? I can't actualy get the first cd to unzip :S is it worth my time downloading the vcd?
  23. can't watch any lotr films now.. fallen asleep watching each one.. always about an hour in.. so ive seen the first hour too many times..
  24. Gaz

    Download This Album.

    the idea was day by day suggestions (makes for faster downloads, essential if your jsut trying something to see if you like it.) already got the gemma hayes album, had it for ages.. tis wicked.. liking the new jew album aswell.. but i got that one anyway.. not brilliant though.. wouldnt buy it.
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