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  1. I think I'm def gonna make use of the freezer so some of these ideas are great. There was a garlic in there too and so many carrots, a big batch of soup seems ideal. Pickle is a really good shout, the cucumbers are like little gherkin looking things and I've got some fresh dill in the fridge so maybe that works out nicely. I think the aubergine is going to be made into a Palestinian dish where its confit in loads of oil with garlic and chilli. Might make up a load of hash browns with the potato too. Betroot I'm tempted to smoke a
  2. OK so I ordered a veg box, because I've been subsiding on bread based lunches for far too long. I've got all this to get through and I would welcome your recipes! - wild garlic - potatos (3 different varieties) - beetroot - aubergine - cucumber - courgette - cabbage - spinach - carrots - onions - leeks - a yam? Idk it's a big purple root of some kind - a huge cauliflower - brocolli
  3. I'm not sure that's exactly how it works - sure I recognise the drop in quality in Beavertown and Brewdog since they entered supermarkets, but that's also aligned with them growing and in Beavertowns case selling half the business to a big manufacturer. I think it was inevitable at some point that craft beer would cross over fully into the mainstream and that instead of having loads of shit, low quality lagers we'd have loads of shit, low quality pale ales but I think that's to do with breweries growing and taking on investment money and needing to show different figures and results. If
  4. I think the switch is hackable, it's XAJ70002 serial code but it's likely on a recent firmware. Reading the guides it seems like quite a complicated process to actually hack it. I want to set up the Wii U for wii bowling anyway so I'll see how easy that looks for hacking.
  5. Gaz


    It looks like a dapper robot. What is my purpose? You brew coffee.
  6. I think the point is that the Non Alcoholic Beer costs less but the higher abv beer costs more so you've come out even on the four pack. I quite like a N/A beer in between the higher ABVs or if I'm driving so it's no problem for me. It's a real shame that N/A beer in this country is really focussed on shit lagers and flavourless pale ales when if you go to a supermarket in Sweden you can pick up all sorts of stuff between 0.5% - 2% that's interesting and flavourful. They are highlighting the work done by a lesser known brewery that is making those more interesting low ABV beers and I thi
  7. Cloud water are putting 8 beers in tesco, contract brewed at brewdog. A 4 pack of collabs with minority owned businesses with cloud water and brewdog not taking a profit. Then their core range is being discontinued and a replaced by new recipes for tesco. I think it's a good thing, obviously supermarkets are bad but they are also inevitable. Raising the profile of queer and black owned breweries and shielding them from the supermarkets bullshit is a really good way for cloud water and brewdog to use their position to help the industry. It als
  8. I thought about starting a new thread for this but it seems to fit here. I want to choose a system for playing retro games, mostly SNES/MD and MAME stuff. I bought a PS Classic for this but never managed to get it working and didn't want to spend more money on the "correct" memory stick for it. I've got a PSP on Custom Firmware, I have a Wii U, I've got an original Xbox with a mod chip, there's a Wii somewhere if I can find the cables and I have a Switch. I do like the idea of something that's handheld, but with the option of playing it on the TV - so the Wii U is seeming like a decen
  9. Now seems the absolute worst time to go to restaurants or anywhere really. In a few weeks, when people have calmed down a bit but before cases have started shooting up again would possibly be alright but I'd be strictly limiting it to pubs/taprooms with large outdoor spaces & food trucks or country pubs in the middle of nowhere.
  10. Oh I've been meaning to update this thread with a couple of at home things I had recently. The first one was a bit of a treat so it cost a fair bit - Nutshell at Home Iranian fine dining with cocktails. This one was 7 courses at £60 and then another £30 for cocktails, which honestly were the best bit. The presentation on this was fairly basic and one of the plastic pots split in postage - sadly a quite common thing with the kits I've had so far. It started with "bazaar bread" with an olive tapenade, some mushroom croquettes and then the stand out dish for me was the Beetroot
  11. I've done a couple of loaves since and I'm starting to see better results, so thanks for this! My latest one is much more airy and bubbly inside but it also tastes watery somehow - maybe underbaked or too much starter? I let it bulk ferment overnight in the fridge and then shaped it up and let it rise on the counter until lunch time. I baked it without the cast iron so I didn't have to try and get it into the pot which I think threw the times off. I'm pretty sure I didn't bake it for long enough and judging by the bit of the dough I put to one side, I could have let it rise a bit longer.
  12. Freezing won't do much - you'll want to pasteurise, which is pretty easy to do if you have a sous vide wand - just stick it to 60 degrees and throw the bag in for an hour. It could also be that the preservatives in the fruit have inhibited the yeast, or created the off flavours. I do a lot of fruited beers and the only time I've had a bad infection was when I left some wort for a couple of days and it ended up reeking of vomit. Because I'm mostly doing sour beers they are already protected against the worst stuff so any infection I get just saves me pitching the yeast.
  13. Spaghetti and Cheese Balls. Deep Fried Panko Cheese & Jalepeno Balls atop a plate of cacio e pepe.
  14. I just go to the shop and buy stuff. There's no real plan, I just buy what I fancy to last me a few days. I tend to have stuff in the house that's long life or frozen to make sure I can always make a meal, and then I go through phases of eating different things so I'll be buying a lot of avocados for a few months, things like that. If I've always got garlic, canned tomatoes, pasta & basil I can always make dinner. I've been making cacio e pepe a lot recently too, it's super quick and all stuff I keep in. I've got tofu in the f
  15. Gaz


    Don't be put off making espresso at home because a man on youtube says so! I've got a Gaggia Baby Classic which I picked up for £40 and a Gaggia Grinder which I was given and I can make espresso which tastes, to me, better than I'd get from Costa or Starbucks. But then, that's because I'm selecting beans, taking time and care to prepare it and dialling it in to my exact tastes. Yeah, It's not going to be amazing for someone who is used to putting that same time and effort in with the freshest beans and the most expensive equipment but it's still a world away from an aeropress or a mok
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