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  1. Yeah, Epic give away an absolutely insane amount of games for free. Rumour has it that they will be repeating their Christmas giveaway this year so keep your eyes in their store for some potentially good freebies.
  2. Jeez, I was not expecting almost my entire wishlist to be in sale. Literally 13/15 of the games. Thankfully one of those was the Endwalker expansion for FFXIV which I’ve been debating purchasing for quite a while!
  3. Because it’s £3 and addictive as hell! Edit: omg, that’s £2 and looks great!
  4. They’re powered by the deck right? Is it a bit drain on the battery? Are you using some sort of passthrough dongle to allow charging at the same time?
  5. Anybody notice any difference on consoles with FSR 2.1 now added?
  6. Really really hoping my wife is happy with me ignoring her for most of the evening for the next week or two whilst hogging the main TV. How many weeks of Strictly Come Dancing are left?
  7. Started Disco Elysium on the Deck this afternoon. Perfect device for it. Glad that something has finally managed to distract me from Vampire Survivors…
  8. So true. I’d been ignoring it because everyone just kept going on about it. Watched a video of it and thought it looked pretty meh. Last night though, I was bored and decided that for £3 there’s really no harm in giving it a punt. Played it for 3 hours non stop. It’s just so satisfying! An absolute bargain and perfectly suited to a handheld format.
  9. I don’t think so. I think it uses the same slot so you’ll have to reinstall the OS using a USB drive/dock
  10. Started the Roadwarden demo and I’m now seriously considering purchasing yet ANOTHER game. The pile of shame is real!
  11. Cyberpunk ran like arse for me on the newest patch but that was using the GOG version so YMMV
  12. An OLED screen by default. Online functionality that is designed and implemented by someone who hasn’t been involved in any of Nintendo’s previous attempts. Decent voice chat. A docked mode like the Switch. Some sort of Nvidia DLSS magic.
  13. Okay, I’d settle for current console ray tracing @ 1440p 60fps then. I just want some ray tracing without 30fps blur-o-vision
  14. I’m praying that CD Projeckt RED add in a 1440p 60fps Ray Tracing AMD FSR 2.1 all bells and whistles mode in the console versions when the DLC drops. Is that too much to ask?
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