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  1. This game is just . Been playing it with a couple of mates (I’m subbing and they’re on free trials) and it’s just the most chill experience. We’re all sitting at around 45 level-wise and about 35 in the main scenario quests. Done a few of the duties and am very pleasant surprised by how nice the community is when it comes to teaching newbies like us the ropes. The level sync is a godsend as well as one of my mates can play waaaaay more than than the rest of us and yet he can’t steamroll content for us thankfully.
  2. PS5 here. Absolutely love it. Load times are practically a thing of the past. Demon’s Souls was incredible as were Astroboy and Miles. The DualSense is also a great controller although the battery life isn’t wowing me. I’m now playing FFXIV on my living room TV from the comfort of my sofa with practically no load times. Marvellous! I’m such a sucker for new gadgets that I was always going to be a day one purchase anyway so NO RAGRETS!
  3. Well that was pretty much everything I wanted from the main card apart from the awful Weidman incident. Was really looking forward to that bout and was always hoping for a Hall win but definitely not like that. Can’t imagine Weidman has much of a career left now
  4. I’ll be playing with a mate so we just ended up picking Omega as it was open.
  5. Yeah, I’ve always found it quite odd that any lapsed subscription (mine lapsed in 2015) is completely ineligible for the now expanded trial and a PSN account can only ever be linked to a single SEN account.
  6. Just tried to redownload this and give it a go since there’s now a PS5 version. I subscribed once a long time ago on PS4 so I know I’m not eligible for the trial. I’ve downloaded the PS5 beta client and when I try to log in I’m presented with the “I already have a square enix account” option only. So, it knows I’m not a new user (tested this with a brand new PSN account and it gives you the option of creating an account then). When I do log in it just tells me that I’m not eligible for the trial. No option to subscribe. Just back to the login screen.
  7. Koi is fantastic. Literally had the intro as my ringtone for the past couple of years.
  8. Patch is out for PS version already. 350mb
  9. Still in stock so seems like the accessories side of things is reaching normality.
  10. Ooof, the matchmaking gods have decided that my mate and I should be matched against the creme de la creme. Quite the jump in skill level!
  11. After popping my battle royale cherry on Fortnite a few weeks ago I decided to give this a try. I absolutely love it. Been playing for a few days now and managed my first win with randoms this morning. My only criticism is that visually there’s a lot to digest. Fortnite, due to its much simpler art style, is very clean and quick to pick up. Apex on the other hand was quite overwhelming at first and now that I know what I’m doing I still wish they’d make the menus a little simpler... and that’s my only real criticism. Gameplay-wise I love it.
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